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"The Avengers" Signals Illuminati Intentions

May 21, 2012

avengers.jpgThe Avengers is the highest grossing movie of all time, making $1.1 billion in just two weeks. According to Aspen, it describes the Illuminati (i.e. Cabalist/Masonic Jewish) intention to produce the chaos and destruction necessary for the return of the Messiah (i.e. Green Hulk) and to bring about Illuminati dictatorship.

(Editor's Note: I reserve judgment and present this for discussion.) 

by Aspen

At its heart, The Avengers reflects the Illuminati's hatred of humanity, and their intention to kill it off.

The ultimate hero featured in Avengers is the Incredible Hulk, Dr. David Banner, a man whose inner rage allows him to transform into an enormous green-hued muscular beast of unstoppable power at will.

The Hulk states that he simply cannot be killed, and is credited for saving the Human Race. This is Illuminati self-representation.

Luciferian themes of Will and Vengeance (hence the title) characterize and define this film. While the dialogue ("You were born to be ruled!") and certain choice scenes are relevant to a complete understanding of the film, it is more basic symbols and characters that deserve immediate attention.

Synopsis: The Norse trickster god Loki, banished from Asgard, forms an alliance with a race known as the Chitauri. Loki offers the Chitauri easy subjugation of Earth, and in exchange he requires governorship of the planet. An organization designated S.H.I.E.L.D., led by a man named Nick FURY, collects a band of super-human defenders to meet the Chitauri invasion.

Who are the Chitauri?

In Marvel Comics lore, the Chitauri are a race of shapeshifters who seek to subjugate the universe by eliminating Free Will.

hulk.jpeg(left, the Messiah)

In the comics, as well as the Avengers film version, it is the Green Hulk who proves to be the final, unbeatable defender of Humanity.

The Hulk's skin is green. Green is the color of hope, new life, sexuality, and Pure Will Realized. This is Luciferian philosophy.

This was laid out pointedly in the recent release "The Green Lantern", a film about an ordinary man named Hal Jordan who discovers the extraordinary power made possible by committing himself to Green Power.

Once he marries himself to Green Power (by putting on an actual wedding ring), he finds himself transported to an exclusive location of like-minded beings who tell him, "Whatever you can visualize will be made real." Pure Will, realized. Not God's will. Human Will. INDIVIDUAL Human Will. Check the Satanic Bible.

Message: The Man of Green saves the world, by Pure Individual Will alone
He is the Messiah of the Cabalist's satanist lore, which posits that evil and destruction are necessary to the process of creation.

That is precisely what happens both in Green Lantern, and Avengers.


Names are important in Illuminati-sponsored projects.

The Hulk is the final, unstoppable "hero" of the film. The name of the "normal" human character is David Banner. This name means, literally, "the man who carries the banner of the House of David". David was the King of Israel, from whom Jesus of Nazareth was said to descend. Does this mean that the Hulk is a Christian? Hardly.

This is a reference to the rumor that the Illuminati have kept in wait a scion of the House of David. This scion will emerge as a fighting hero and the elect leader of the New World Order. The Savior of Humanity against invaders, a planned false invasion, likely.

Going back to Green Lantern, consider the name of the main character "Hal Jordan". "Hal" is a shortened form of the name "Henry", with the associated meanings "chief", "ruler of the house", "commander", etc. "Jordan" refers to the River Jordan in Israel. We're back to the Banner of the House of David, and the Illuminati in general.

Who are the "Chitauri"?

"Tauri" is a term meaning "Earth Human", used in the extremely popular and decade-long sci-fi series Stargate SG-1 (also Stargate: Atlantis). "Chi" is the English (Hanyu-Pinyin) transliteration of the Mandarin word meaning "to eat or devour". The Chitauri, enemies of total freedom, aim to devour Humanity by removing Will from the species.


The Controlling Elite have plans in the works. They have long seeded the mind of the general population with expectations; they have long directed the weak-minded towards their designs.

Many questions remain:

Why Norse mythology? Why Loki and Thor?
Why war?
Why invasion? Why not commerce, and negotiation?
Why isn't everything going okay?

Norse mythology can wait. As for the coming need for war, the answer is that Humanity is at war with itself, and it will not cease to be at war with itself until it confronts its own demons.

The Illuminati intend to create chaos and hell, then "remove" it. That is why, in Iron Man 2, they said two things:

"If you make God bleed, people will no longer believe. There will be blood."

"I have successfully privatized world peace."


Koran Regards Kabala as Apostasy  by David Livingstone

also by D. Livingstone - "Progress" = Satanic Possession of Humanity

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First comment from Andrew:

This is one of Aspen's best submissions. We are indebted to him for taking time to watch this retched movie and reporting his understanding of the symbols employed. He offers his observations as speculations, so why criticize his interpretations as though he is misleading us. He is explaining why we do NOT want our children to see this movie for the same reason we wouldn't want them to watch a bang rape in progress.

In The Republic, Plato expounds at length why LIFE IMITATES ART. People (particularly young people) learn mostly by imitation. Obviously REVENGE is not a lesson we want our children to learn, because it is counter to Buddhism, Christianity and practically every benevolent philosophy and religion in the world.

manleg.jpg(l. Manitoba legislature)

Aspen notes, "Loki offers the Chitauri easy subjugation of Earth, and in exchange he requires governorship of the planet." is dedicated to the proposition that the enemies of the everyday man are right here on planet Earth. This movie misdirects young minds to look into outer space for evil. The "quiet elite" don't want us to notice them.

Henry~~the next time you drive down Broadway look up at the stature in front of the Manitoba Legislative Building. That is all the evil the everyday people of Winnipeg needs to notice. But, thanks to The Avenger, the kids will think about evil from another world. Aspen is right on.


Koran Regards Kabala as Apostasy  by David Livingstone

also by D. Livingstone - "Progress" = Satanic Possession of Humanity

Related? Our Gods Wear Spandex - Secret History of Comic Book Heroes


Aspen replies to Troy below:

The reader's challenge, "Do you really think 50-year-old names, generated in earlier generations of comic books, can be held as evidence of Controlling Elite conspiracy in recent films?", deserves first a "YES", and then, a fuller response.

The Elite, or the Illuminati, did not begin monitoring and influencing popular media in the 1980's, the 1950's, or the 1830's. This is a process that has been building upon itself for centuries and even millennia.

Sometimes, the Elite generate material on their own. They pinpoint sources of talent and bring people in, to greater or lesser degrees, and recommend projects. They subsequently support those projects. The "Talent" enjoys success, and the ball rolls forward.

Sometimes, individual persons appear who display a particular aptitude for generating the sort of material that the Elite can use to their own ends. Nietzsche would be a good example. Kierkegaard is another; Freud as well. These thinkers were not fooled by the rote mechanisms of mundane society, and they sought to discover the deeper laws that move Humanity through time and space. Their systems were hijacked, and used to Elite ends. They were NOT, of themselves, Illuminati creations.

Nietzsche's philosophy was ripe for hijacking and subversion. He had used the Jews as an example of semiotic shifts in moral thought, in his Genealogy of Morality. He had also generated the energetically subversive statement "God is dead". These things, in conjunction with his passionate vision of the Ubermensch ("superman") provided an opportunity for his own sister to subvert and re-focus his philosophy towards anti-Semitism and fascism. Nietzsche himself hated racists and proto-fascists.

The point is that Nietzsche was talented and unique, and new, and his very original material was ready to be set upon by the Elite.

The same cannot be said of Stan Lee. Stan Lee was charged with a project, that of generating a new generation and a new breed of superhero. He delivered brilliantly, but this theme wasn't his original idea. It did not come from him. He was selected to deliver a product.

Going back to the beginning of the Superhero comic book era, let me remind everyone that Superman was an explicitly Jewish creation. It was an explicitly Illuminist creation, conceived of and written by influential American Jews, and it was based on the Nietzschean Ubermensch. The Superman craze took off just as WWII was getting underway and persecution of the Jews was aiming towards the creation of Zionism. This was not an accident of Nature. It was the Elite testing out a new venue of cultural influence:  How to introduce bastardized Nietzscheism into the minds of youth? How to introduce the idea of a lonely and "different" being who possesses ultimate power? Use pretty pictures and involving stories, and create real-world victims. 

By the time Stan Lee got seriously involved, Elite control of the comic book world was well established. Lee's own creative aptitude got him noticed. He was tapped; he was assigned projects; and look what we have today:  the complete success of those projects. We

Lee "created" the Hulk, Iron Man, Thor, X-Men, the Fantastic Four, Spiderman... He had help. He was guided. He was part of a larger project. So has been Alan Moore, of "Watchmen" fame.

These have been LONG-TERM CULTURAL INFLUENCE INVESTMENTS. That is what the Controlling Elite do. It's what they have always done. 

Again, the answer to your question is "YES, when Stan Lee 'came up' with these names decades ago, there was even at that time an eventual agenda in play"

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for ""The Avengers" Signals Illuminati Intentions "

Christina said (May 23, 2012):

I saw the movie,liked it very much because of the special effects which I´m very fond of.I think the people in charge did a great job.

On the other hand, I think exactly the same of these people ASPEN, in spite of not knowing who they are,(please,remember
I´m from Argentina).

Illuminati from Hollywood are continuously showing us that portals will be opened (Star Gates,The Inmortals etcetc) releasing demons (not aliens) from another dimension in order to exterminate mankind. If they are telling this in the movies, I think that in fact they are going to do it.They´ve got the technology. (LHC?)

By the way I´m thinking of the olimpics in London as a "very special" place to go on with their plans.

Dan P said (May 22, 2012):

When Aspen states hu-manity does he mean men, women and children or does he mean hu-manity?

It might be that we want hu-manity to be killed off?

Noah takes a back seat to his wife, because the bible really doesn’t make a big deal about her. Since the Druid version of Noah is “Hu”, essentially Druid Priests are “God Men” because one will notice the bible says “man was made in the image and likeness of God” not Hu-man. Today, we call them “Humanists” because they provide laws absent God. Living during the time of the flood, Hu was known as the founder of sacred and civil institutes, the founder of cities and farming, emperor of the seas, and god of drinking (Noah was the first vineyard planter). For occultists, Hu was a Titan who escaped the flood (Chinese Emperors sometimes assumed the title Huan after Hu) as well as evoking similarity to the biblical Nimrod, the first “King of the world”.- The Druids by Howard Ratcliffe

Anonymous said (May 22, 2012):

I saw this movie by a fluke and would make the following comment. At a simplistic level, it insinuates into the mind (especially the minds of young people) the concept that a population just going about its mundane activities will be saved by unknown superheroes should a threat arise to their limited, materialistic lives.

In other words, the message is that non-involvement in politics is normal and acceptable, because Superman, Batman, Captain America, the Incredible Hulk, and Mighty Mouse are always keeping an eye on things for you, constantly prepared to intervene and thwart the plans of the evil-doers.

Paul said (May 22, 2012):

I'm rapidly coming around to the viewpoint that we should stop referring to these psychopaths as "Illuminati" or "elite" or any other such laudatory term of praise. They actually L-O-V-E being referred to as "Illuminati", meaning "God-enlightened", when in fact they are just about as far from that as is possible to get.

A better term for them and their agenda is simply "psychopathic" .. which describes them and their mindset perfectly.

I've recently discovered the work of Thomas Sheridan, an Irish researcher into the occult, psychopathy and related issues.

You might want to google some of his works. It's extensive and can very healing.

We're N-O-T dealing w/ some "god-race" of mythical men from planet Pop-Tart. We're just dealing w/ criminal psychopaths w/ massively inflated egos, that's all. Prescott Bush, grand-father of the most recent Bush to sit in the White House, wasn't some mythical "god-king" descended from the pharaohs of Egypt: he was a used tire salesman from Cleveland Ohio, nothing more.. and with nothing more in his family background than a general tendency towards psychopathy and organized crime.

We need to stop elevating these criminals onto fake pedestals .. treat them for what they are: psychopathic criminals and nothing more.

Read David Icke's "Biggest Secret", but everyplace where it says "Illuminated reptilian lizard men from the planet Pop-Tar", simply scratch that phrase out and write in, in pencil, above it the word "psychopath" or "criminal psychopath", and you'll have a far, far more accurate picture of what's happening on this planet.

btw, as we discussed earlier, Fozdyke had been bragging (bragging, btw, is a signature trait of psychopathy) that an invasion of Iran was "set in stone" for early March, 2012. We're coming up on June and still no war. Just saying.. :-)

Dick said (May 22, 2012):

Aspen is basically right, and would give him the benefit of
the doubt based on past articles. One correction is that the Hulk
is named Bruce Banner, which throws the whole David thing out the window.

Marvel comics was acquired by Disney in 2009 when it couldn't
afford to finance the production of this series of superhero
movies. I'm not a huge comic buff, but it seems like these occult
themes have become more prominent since the Disney takeover,
compared to early efforts like The Hulk (directed by Ang Lee) or
Spiderman. One researcher who has explored these topics in some depth is Freeman (, who has talked a lot about Disney's "princess/warrior" programming to push the worship of dark anti-heroes instead of traditional "good guys".

Even though comics started coming out during WW2, they have always been rife with occult themes, names and plot-lines (starting with Superman). Go to your library and flip through one of the DC or Marvel encyclopedias that have come out. Just the character names would lead me to believe many comic writers are well-versed in occult doctrine. Some more recent writers/artists like Alan Moore make no attempts to hide their devotion.

Here's an interesting article about satanic themes from Stan Lee's heyday at Marvel:

A quick read of Lee's bio (
will suggest that comic books have always been a Jewish domain,
including Lee himself. But I think maybe Aspen went too far afield
grasping for Jewish symbolism in the plot – the occult is not
"Jewish". The plot of The Avengers is basically the Ragnarok, which has central importance in occult mythology, and predates the written kabbalah by several centuries:


Aspen replies:

You said,

"One correction is that the Hulk is named Bruce Banner, which throws the whole David thing out the window."

Sorry, but you're not correct.

The name "Bruce" was replaced by the name "David", for the Hulk TV series. The Controlling Elite could not fit "Bruce Banner" into a context where they already had "Bruce Wayne" (Batman). To be sure, the TV series reached a far larger audience than that of the comic books.

"Bruce" is Scottish-Norman. Mel Gibson produced "Braveheart" with specific attention to "the Bruce". That was the POINT.


"Aspen went too far afield grasping for Jewish symbolism in the plot – the occult is not 'Jewish'.

"The plot of The Avengers is basically the Ragnarok, which has central importance in occult mythology, and predates the written kabbalah by several centuries."


Thank you for bringing up Ragnarok, the day the gods are assassinated, e.g. per Jorge Borges.

Where have I EVER suggested that the "occult" is "Jewish"? I have never suggested that. The Illuminati have "killed" the "gods" in multiple films this year.

Adam said (May 22, 2012):

Yes, Troy,[ below] the Illuminati are far sighted -- one of the reasons they make you look like dumb sheep.

A key to comprehending these movies is to recognize the use of inverted themes (inverted from the bible) as well as archetypes, metaphors, and parallels to biblical stories. Often, hardly recognizable because the they invert good and evil -- calling good evil and evil good.

The goal is to defeat the “One” who comes from the heavens with his army. To understand these movies look at how, though inverted, the story lines parallel bible prophecies:

Matthew 24:30 "At that time the sign of the Son of Man will appear in the sky, and all the nations of the earth will mourn. they will see the Son of Man coming on the clouds of the sky, with power and great glory.

Jude 1:14 Enoch, the seventh from Adam, prophesied about these men: "See, the Lord is coming with thousands upon thousands of his holy ones to judge everyone, and to convict all the ungodly of all the ungodly acts they have done in the ungodly way, and of all the harsh words ungodly sinners have spoken against him."
Revelation 19

11 I saw heaven standing open and there before me was a white horse, whose rider is called Faithful and True. With justice he judges and wages war. 12 His eyes are like blazing fire, and on his head are many crowns. He has a name written on him that no one knows but he himself. 13 He is dressed in a robe dipped in blood, and his name is the Word of God. 14 The armies of heaven were following him, riding on white horses and dressed in fine linen, white and clean. 15 Coming out of his mouth is a sharp sword with which to strike down the nations. “He will rule them with an iron scepter.”

Do you recall in the “Avengers” they were attacking an enemy and his armies from the ‘heavens’? And note that all these movies (including the Matrix) have a death and resurrection scene...sometimes very subtle (implied in the script) like in the “Avengers” they alluded to the fact that the hulk had received enough gamma radiation to kill him -- he died and resurrected as the hulk (the examples are many so you need to pay attention for the replete death and resurrection themes) . The death and resurrection of the superhero is evident for anyone paying attention and that is because the Illuminati is waiting for their superhero who will die and be resurrected: (Revelation 13:3)

Something to ponder: Avengers, V for Vendetta: Who has a Vendetta against whom? The one who was cast out of heaven? The one who has been defeated and is awaiting sentencing? The same one that the Illuminati identifies as their god?

Jack said (May 22, 2012):

Let me offer another interpretation of the ‘avenger’ gods.
All these comic book and movie superheroes represent the gods of yesteryear. They and their hybrid descendants, the Nephilim, were were responsible for the violence that filled the pre-Flood world of man....and that which fills this post-Flood age. When they materialize again it will during a future cosmic convulsion when earth weather will be unimaginably violent (the 1980's Superman movies, starring Christopher Reeves, illustrates a cosmic hiccup that triggers a release of 3 creatures from a tartarus-like heavenly incarceration. The 3 typifiy the nature of all the demon spirits, especially the brutality they will again bring to man's world).

In the pre-Flood earth the demon ‘sons of God’ materialized through a then visible vortex phenomenon. Jacob inferred that its invisible post-Flood remains at Luz was a’ gateway to heaven’ (Genesis 28:17). Call it a stargate if you will, but it was unlike the Hollywood version of a stargate.

The ‘sons of God’, now called demon spirits and unable to materialize permanently, will again in the future materialize permanently when the ‘stargate’ again becomes visible. History revisiting and the gods materializing for a final battle is what the Nordic tales are about .

The Quest is for the search for the science and technology to aid the gods to materialize. Historically the demon spirits have been able to possess the willing, and have ephemerally assumed visibilty through substances like ectoplasm. Already there has been some success of demon materializations in proximity of remote modern military laboratories. The gods are deathless and cannot be killed, save by God’s hand.

Green is the color of the planet Venus, aka Bright Son of Dawn (Heyleyl Ben Shakhar in Hebrew and Lucifer in Latin). Biblically speaking, Lucifer originally was neither a spirit nor human was a destructive object. (However, the lord Christ has appropriated the title Lucifer unto himself...and this because of the future destruction as Ha.Mashkheet that he'll execute on behalf of his God).

The tale of Superman, is one of a demon spirit hero whose home was at the north pole stargate attachment of Hyperborea. The original north pole is no longer in the regions of the Arctic; it lies submerged in coastal waters closer to the equator.

Bjorn said (May 22, 2012):

Aspen asks the questions why Norse mythology and why Thor and Loki? I think it is because the people that you talk about have a special thing against the Germanic population of Northern Europe. I believe they see the Northern Europeans as their hardest people to conquer and destroy their societies from within. The place where their descisive battles will stand and are standing are in Northern Europe. It is what I call "heir enemy".

Another theory could be that the Norse mythology is involved because there is still a significant scar and fear left over from WW2. That would again contribute to solidify seeing the Germanics as their worst enemy.

Guy said (May 22, 2012):

Don’t watch Hollywood movies so won’t be catching this, but at least The Hulk is male. By Hollywood standards that is positively subversive. More typically illuminati I’d have thought would be the uber-promoted ‘Snow White and the Huntsman’, where the archetypal female is now apparently rendered as the usual failed skinny hybrid male beating up men twice her size – not that I will bother seeing that, either, just assumin’.

I kind of like the idea of ‘whatever you visualise can be made real’ in the cosmic sense – one’s reading of Near Death Experiences tend to confirm that. Howsomever, imposing your insanely subjective idea of what is real on this Earth and making the Hard Working pay for it – that is Socialism.

So, Heaven may be a place where you can create whatever you visualise, and there aren’t any Socialists.

Just thinking aloud!

Troy said (May 22, 2012):

Are you smoking crack? I'm not a comic book fan, but are you saying Stan Lee made all these names up 40-50 years ago specifically with your explanation in mind.

Dude you're reaching. The overall premise you speak of makes sense, but breaking down these names for meaning is ridiculous. Come on guy.

Duane said (May 22, 2012):

o look at what the avengers are about, you only have to look at the ancient greeks.

Hercules, Perseus, Theseus etc ......

And to understand how the Greek hegemony used them.

The greek kings all claimed to be descendants of these mythical heroes or of the "Gods" which apparently sired them.... from this we get much of our mythology wether it be Artemis, Diana, Nimrod, Semrianis, Hurn, Hecate, Osiris, Isis or any of the other man made gods.

To the ordinary man, the message was simple,... "you cant compare to these heroes and therefore cant touch us because we claim to be their decendants from the gods who created them...... bow slave".

Thats what the superhero story is about. Its to remind you .... little man, that you cant change the world around you because you are fragile and weak and anly those with godlike powers can ease your pain. In the modern media new heroes have been created and injected into our mindsets to remind us that unless we are like them we can do nothing.

I have known a few great people in my life .... some from special forces.... and they were not huge muscular juggernauts. They were simply very gifted people who had the will and wit to withstand the events which opposed the objectives that they were asked to achieve. Some of them were ugly bastards.... and not the pretty greek theseus which the women (and probably many homosexual men) would lust after. However they would probably be capable of doing more that a cartoon thor!

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