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Historian Brought Freemasons to Heel

August 3, 2023

106502742-1024x1024.jpg(left, Bernard Fay during WW2; his dates 1893-1978)

Because the Allies were controlled by Freemasonry,
 Nazi Germany had to pretend to be anti-Masonic.
Bernard Fay seized this brief moment to try to 
extricate his beloved France from the Cabalist death grip.

(From Nov. 12, 2013, and Aug 28, 2018) 
by Henry Makow PhD

For a brief moment, during the Nazi occupation of France, (1940-1944), Freemasonry met its nemesis. He wasn't a mighty general but rather an intellectual.

Harvard-educated historian, Bernard Fay, a member of the College de France and Director of the National Library,
headed an investigative unit that rooted out Freemasons. 

Working for Vichy President Philippe Petain and the Gestapo, Bernard 
Fay compiled a list of 170,000 Freemasons, of whom 989 were sent to concentration camps where 549 were shot. In addition, about 3000 lost their jobs. All Freemasons were required by law to declare themselves to authorities.

Fay also seized the secret archives from the Grand Orient in Paris and from Masonic lodges throughout the country. He compiled the information at the Bibliotheque National and edited a monthly Journal, Les Documents Maconniques.
The lead articles had titles like "Freemasonry and the Corruption of Morals." "Freemasonry Against the State," and "The Masonic Lie."

f-ocultes.jpegIn 1943, Fay produced a film entitled Forces Occultes which depicted Masonic subversion worldwide. The film recounts the life of a young Depute (Congressman) who joins the Freemasons in order to relaunch his career. He thus learns of how Illuminati Jewish finance in England and the US used Freemasonry to involve France in a war against Germany. The Director Jean Mamy was executed as a collaborator in 1949.  Thanks to YouTube, the film with English subtitles can be seen online.


Of course, after France was "liberated" by the Masonic powers in 1944, the tables were turned.

Fay was arrested and sent to a concentration camp. When he finally came to trial in 1946, he was unrepentant and defiant.

"My great imprudence was to remain in France from 1940 to 1944, to dream of its regeneration, to consecrate all of my forces to it, to risk my life for it, and to believe in it, " he said.

According to Barbara Will, author of Unlikely Collaboration, "perhaps the most striking aspect of his trial was the unwillingness of prosecutors to argue with Fay about the political opinions he still freely expressed."

For example, he stated to the court that "for many years I have considered Masonry a dangerous institution, and on this point, for some twenty years I have changed neither opinion nor language. The presence of the Germans had no effect on my ideas." (p. 181)

It is a measure of the vice-like grip that Freemasonry has on the liberal mind that Barbara Will, an English professor at Dartmouth College, persists in describing Fay's views as "paranoid" and "bilious." 

Fay had access to the secret archives of the Grand Orient in Paris. If he said they were establishing a Luciferian world tyranny, he was well informed.

The French Masonic power investigated
more than 300,000 cases of collaboration between 1944 and 1949; 6783 sentences of death were handed down in France and 1600 carried out. In contrast, only 200-300 Nazis were hanged in Germany. 

Fay didn't have much faith in his trial. The judge, he noted, was an "Israelite and Freemason." Surprisingly, he was not hanged. On Dec 6, 1946, at the age of 54, he was sentenced to hard labor for life.

In 1951, while convalescing in a prison hospital, he managed to escape to Switzerland with the help of fellow anti-Masons. Two years later, he was pardoned by Charles de Gaulle. Nevertheless, he remained in Switzerland, where he continued to teach and write books until his death in 1978.


Our minds have been conditioned to shut down at the mere mention of God. However, the New World Order is ultimately an occult exercise designed to replace God (Reality) with Lucifer, who represents the Illuminati's self-serving rebellion.

This cult consists of Cabalist Jews and Freemasons who proclaim God has no form and is unknowable. They step into the breach and anoint themselves God.

They create a solipsistic man-made reality.
This is why they must control the mass media and education. We are prisoners of this matrix. Modern (i.e. Masonic) culture is a fraud dedicated to undermining marriage and family (through gender-bending and promiscuity), race, religion (God) and country (through migration and miscegenation.) It is a dead-end.

In fact, mankind is connected to God by our soul (which the Illuminati deny exists.)  God has attributes which we all crave, spiritual absolutes such as Truth, Love, Goodness, Justice, Beauty and Harmony.

These attributes ultimately are Reality. That is why we feel confused, listless and empty without them. The Illuminati is dedicated to turning Reality on its head, making what is healthy seem sick, good seem evil, true seem false and ugly seem beautiful. 

All true religions are based on this paradigm. That is why Freemasonry is dedicated to destroying them.       


Bernard Fay belongs to the France of the ancien regime, the true France of Monarch, Church and army. This France was rotted out and destroyed by Illuminati Jewish finance and their Masonic lackeys who sponsored the French Revolution and the Dreyfus Affair.

Modern history is an account of how power and wealth have been transferred from the church and aristocracy to Illuminati finance using liberal and democratic ideals as pretexts.

Nazi Germany had to make a show of being anti-Masonic since its enemies were controlled by Freemasonry.  Bernard Fay seized this brief moment to try to save his beloved France. Of course, this window closed quickly since the Nazis also were financed and controlled at the top by the Illuminati.

Modern history and culture are saturated by Masonic assumptions yet the cult is largely unknown and unmentioned. Masonic Illuminism is the (satanic) religion of mankind yet its name is never spoken.

I was channel surfing yesterday and landed on the program "Decoded." A 33-degree Freemason in Washington DC was disavowing any Masonic plot for world domination. This is another case of "listen to what we say, not what your eyes tell you."  Illuminati conspiracies always deny with their lips what they do with their hands. 

aatrumphitler (4) (1).gifIf Freemasons don't control the world, why do their symbols dominate Washington DC and other world capitals? Why are Donald Trump, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton and most politicians Freemasons?

If they were dedicated to good (as they claim), the world would be a different place.

Our society continues to be dysfunctional, corrupt and scandal-plagued. Yet it refuses to address the underlying cause: subversion and control by a pernicious satanic cult.     

This article is indebted to Barbara Will's Unlikely Collaboration (2011) for the info on Bernard Fay.

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"Nazis were Against Freemasonry" -- Masonic Ruse
"Nazis were Against Freemasonry" -- Masonic Ruse

Proofs Pope Benedict is a Freemason

Fay book described here Illuminati Created US to Advance NWO

Harrell Rhome on Bernard Fay

Excerpt from Bernard Fay,  Revolution and Freemasonry (1935.)

The new faith in the future of humanity that spread in the eighteenth century was not simply an abstract fact or mental force.  It became a social force and concrete fact through the agency of Freemasonry, which at once accepted and advocated it; the great historical importance of modern Freemasonry results from this attitude that it took then."  ...  Thus Freemasonry has become the most efficient social power of the civilized world." 

"But it has become a hidden power, difficult to trace, to describe and to define.  Consequently, most historians have avoided treating it seriously and giving it due credit."

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Comments for "Historian Brought Freemasons to Heel "

DD said (August 4, 2023):

Yeoman's effort in exposing the dark side, Doc... by yourself and Mr. Fay.

wow - a solipsistic, man-made reality is the TNT of your article

Divine Intervention. Anytime you're ready, God, we could use a hand... Please

JJ said (August 28, 2018):

Romans 16:18 says, "For such men are slaves, not of our Lord Christ but of their own appetites; and by their smooth and flattering speech they deceive the hearts of the unsuspecting." People in general are unsuspecting. They don't understand that there is a war going on. And they don't understand the actions of those who are in the battle. I'm often asked why I talk of this battle continually and what, if anything I'm doing about it. Answering either of these questions results in blank looks from listeners who live contently day to day watching TV and enjoying free socialism.

Lee said (August 28, 2018):

I really liked the article you posted Henry. It was a great read..but I cannot seem to get passed the comment "Nazi Germany had to pretend to be anti-Masonic".

I know that there is a good reason to believe that the world is just a stage and that politicians are mere actors and/or simply puppets, but still...

People who are ideologically possessed, to coin a term from Jordan Petersson (and National Socialists were most certainly that!) don't seem to be pretending at all. On the contrary, they seem deadly serious in their convictions, whether on the left or right.

You can also flip the coin; Are committed Marxists just "pretending" to hate nationalism and Christianity? Or is their hatred real?

Are they all simply actors Henry?

Having listened to many speeches by Hitler and Goebbels, their hatred towards international banking, Jewry and Freemasonry sound pretty convincing, to me at least...

And what about their hatred towards Jewry? Was that too just a pretense?

No, they acted on their beliefs/convictions and even died for them (at least Goebbels did anyway). Indeed, many top echelon Nazis died at Nuremberg...and many of them went to their deaths as both proud and defiant National Socialists.

If it was all just pretense and play-acting Henry then I have to say their performances were pretty convincing.


Most Nazis were sincere but there was an inner circle that was not, Hitler was false opposition designed to
cause war and destroy Germany.

Most followers are not pretending. They have been duped.


Dan said (November 13, 2013):

As you may know, Bernard Fay was friends with American expatriate writer Gertrude Stein [1] and her girlfriend Alice B. Tolkas, who were Jewish atheists and lesbians before that became fashionable.

Fay made sure that the Nazis and French fascists left them alone during the war, and Stein used her influence to make sure Fay was left alone after the war.

But something not many know is that it was Bernard Fay who encouraged French Catholic bishop Marcel Lefebvre to found the Society of St. Pius X (SSPX) after the Freemasonic coup d'tat of 'Vatican II'.
Had it not been for the initiative of Bishop Lefebvre there would be no preservation.

Bishop Lefebvre was independently wealthy from inheritance, so he was able to open one seminary for the purpose of ordaining a line of priests and bishops who preserved the old rites and "pre-Masonic" ... let's call it the "Old World Order" catechism (teachings, ethics, etc.)

For any who see in this connection between Bernard Fay and Bishop Lefebvre fuel to accuse the SSPX of being "Fascists!", consider who else says so.

[1] 'Unlikely Collaboration: Gertrude Stein, Bernard Fay, and the Vichy Dilemma'

O said (November 13, 2013):

I really appreciate this

"In fact, mankind is connected to God by our soul (which the Illuminati deny exists.) God has attributes which we all crave, spiritual absolutes such as Truth, Love, Goodness, Justice, Beauty and Harmony.:

That just nails it spot on.

Our souls are divine. Creativity and Beauty come from this divine source. This is why the "Devil is never a maker". This is why the most brilliant creative individuals are so compassionate. Its all connected, and we, are all connected.

Krister said (November 12, 2013):

Comment in response to Stefan [below]:

Due to the author, film maker and researcher of Freemasonry, Jyri Lina, who recently made a film on the Spanish Civil War, there were only ca. 8000 Freemasons in Spain in the summer of 1936. Several thousands of them had already fled to countries as France, Argentina and Mexico. Today there exists about 3000 Freemasons in Spain.

Charlotte said (November 18, 2011):

Wonderful article! I honestly believe that until they are rounded up and removed from government nothing will change.

I've also come to believe that those who are unwilling to face the truth of this fact are either malignantly ignorant or co-conspirators in the frauds practiced by Freemasonry.

My husband says that the only reason why you can safely say what you say is because you live in Canada and he has asked me to stop speaking out about this.

So with that said, if there is anything that you can do with the attached, be my guest.

God Bless you!

Elliot said (November 18, 2011):

Regarding this article on High Freemasonry, High Finance, High Ceremonial Magic (cabala) & High Clergy...
There's only so much room at the top...! They each serve a function in the Pyramid... & are intertwined.

I must say... the metaphysical musings and conclusions of this article resonate with me, like the articulation of a point I hadn't pondered... yet... resolved some existential conundrum of mine... by elucidating the fact of our entire post-modern iconoclastic culture is on the surface "unique"... & esoterically masonic in its symbolism and gist...

In this day & age of "days of rage" for the cause of the moment... I am protesting the protesting by not protesting...!
I am considered "old-fashioned" by my liberal-progressive friends for having a traditional understanding of Absolute Truth & Objective Reality... which has been the common consensus amongst theologians and philosophers for 4000 years, until the post-modernists "deconstructed" the definition of "truth" into "relativism"... trading in the solid bedrock of assurance in fixed definitions of terms by a community creating a living language... each term becomes more vibrant with each association...
in exchange for a post-modern-paradigm... a tinker-toy epistemology... a hodge-podge philosophy... a DIY spirituality... a syncretic religiosity... a multitude of meaningless slippery-slopes of tepid terms devoid of definition in context or content... & everybody is happy ! as long as nobody is "politically incorrect"...

What an exciting time to be alive..!

E.J. said (November 18, 2011):

There is a real danger lurking in this article.

A syllogism is as you know is a conclusion drawn from two given or assumed premises. IE: All dogs are animals; all animals have four legs; and therefore, all dogs have four legs. In this case the assumption is that people who don't believe in god must therefore be either Satanic, Masons, or evil. Not true and quite unfair.

Your link: "The word "solipsism" means a self-created reality that has little or no connection with Truth."

I would observe, how better can religion and belief in god be explained? Angels? Immaculate conception? Heaven? Hell? The Devil? etc.?? No proof anywhere but in the minds of people. Faith isn't fact, only fact is fact.

"...mankind is connected to God by our soul (which the Illuminati deny exists.)"

Again, what proof of a "soul" or god beyond some ancient books that have been re-written countless times and based on word of mouth tales. And again, syllogistically, a non-believer is now an Illuminati??

You say: "God has attributes which we all crave, spiritual absolutes such as Truth, Love, Goodness, Justice, Beauty and Harmony" and I would offer that the IDEA of a supreme being or god has those attribute. The basic nature of humans is to give thanks for their sentience and not to be organized into some business of religion. That came from the organized church state that wiped out as much sovereign goddess or tribal practices.

The danger of course for us non-believers who are decent, caring people is the "believers" will kill us:

Mark 6:11 Any city not receiving followers of Jesus will be destroyed worse than Sodom & Gomorrah.
Jude 5 Reminds us God destroys non-believers.
Romans 16:17 Shun those who disagree with your religious views.

Islam: kill all non-believers.

And Bernard Fey's actions: "...compiled a list of 170,000 Freemasons, 989 were sent to concentration camps where 549 were shot" How many of those were decent people in a social organization as are millions of Masons across the continent? Are the TSA no fly lists any different in scope?

These are indeed strange times full of murder, pedophilia, lies, and more and much can be traced to the "Synagog of Satan" or the "Cabalistic Illuminati," but that in no way indicates their beliefs bare any truth, for their thoughts create their reality, but not ours. We are only victims to their aberrant thinking, as are non-believers across the world victims.



I'll only address one of your points here. People get hungry- no one questions the existence of food. But when people have spiritual hunger, suddenly there is no such thing as peace, love, justice, truth ..the very things we hunger for.


C said (November 17, 2011):

Have just read your most recent posting. A very long time ago, a friend of mine told me that she had worked at Sion College situated by the Embankment in London. Sion College is a library for theologians ie men of the cloth - clergy, mainly the protestant church. She dealt with the membership listings. She said that she used to have to leave early on certain days and when she asked why she was told that it was because it was used by the Freemasons.

That being the case, one can see that "religion" today has been infiltrated from within. I have often wondered why our clergy do not speak out more against the erosion of our liberties and all manner of bad things which are currently being enacted around the world. Instead all we here is silence.

M said (November 17, 2011):

Great article, my father was instrumental in keeping the books and secret lists of masons in the channel islands away from German investigations in W W II.

My father was a senior mason, who resigned when he found out that sex perversion with young lads was a prerequisite for the higher orders, This was to insure Rothschild could blackmail and control people like Churchill and Aleister Crowley, both of whom my father knew. He always said W W II was a war for masons and the Jews.

My father had many threats to remain silent, and the day after he died his little home was burgled and his writings and secret papers went missing, but he did say that when the german authorities were in charge, the jersey care home abuse stopped for the wars duration, as the Germans were very against anyone committing child abuse. They would go straight to the camps.

Incidentally my father claimed that those Jews or Freemasons in Germany or the German occupied countries who registered with German authorities, and signed to say they were not practicing and would serve German interests were left in peace.

Clifford Shack said (November 17, 2011):

"But it has become a hidden power, difficult to trace, to describe and to define." - Bernard Fay

It seems to me, based on this description, that Freemasonry has become wildly successful because it had patterned itself after God Himself.

Freemasonry merely mimic the Divine. Though it has claimed the lives of more than 300 million people over the last 250 years... The Lord has taken the rest. My money,in the end is on the Almighty. In the scheme of things, the so-called Illuminati is but a drop in the bucket. A flash in the pan. Why don't we let God deal with their burden. We are riding in His train, it's OK to put our luggage onto the floor. If we allow the Illuminati to divert our minds away from our real task of self-realization, then we have indeed handed over most important victory. If indeed you cherish religious values then don't lose sight of what religion was designed to implore you to do. "Be still and know that I Am is God."

"I am that I am"

To realize the essence of these core teachings, the very core of all religion, is victory over any Satanic endeavor. Satan is the biblical Hebrew word for ignorance. The very opposite of ignorance is self-realization. Know who you are right now, in this very moment.

Dan said (November 17, 2011):

The extent to which Fascism served as a cynical dialectic response to Marxist Freemasonry hasn't been fully explored. Mussolini's Fascism purged the Italian lodges as well as purging the Sicilian Cosa Nostra. The German SA (Brownshirts) purged the German blue lodges and were in turn purged by Himmlers SS - which itself had trappings of an occult secret society. Ostensibly the 20th century nationalist fascists saw Freemasonry as a Jewish tool of cultural subversion. But I think there's a bigger picture than that.

On Steffan's comment I suggest that Franco the Fascist's purge of upper Freemasons served the same agenda as the Spanish Communists purge of the same number of Roman Catholic clergy. That's how the cynical Dialectics work.
To put it colloquially, it's both ends against the middle.

Stefan said (November 16, 2011):

Henry, you may or may not know that Franco at the end of the Spanish Civil War, rounded up Masons, I think 14th degree and above, and had them shot, a grand total of around 14,000 took a bullet. This was probably in response to the Communists murder of around the same number of Roman Catholic Religious,the only real enemy of Talmudic-Freemasonic-Communism. This is the war that started between the TWO SEEDS after the fall of Adam and Eve,one that will go on till the last day.

As for Benedict-XVl being a Freemason, well for me myself just like in the business world, a handshake is not a contract.
Nice article otherwise,though.

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