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Wear Them Out With Passive Resistance

January 9, 2012

cats.jpegEverything costs something.  It's a fact of life.  Freedom has a cost too

Making them fight for ever inch they take.  You sandbag.  You drag your heels.  You absolutely wear them out with passive resistance.  It's called, "herding cats."

by Bernard Grover

Wasn't all that long ago that someone was crazy as a loon if they spouted off about martial law coming to America.  Now they've got armed TSA agents frisking old ladies at the Social Security office.  And that's OK.

Not even a decade ago, you were a tin foiler if you dared to mention black helicopters.  I was, even though I had a sworn statement from an air traffic controller at Miami-Dade who had seen them and knew that they had the required N-numbers painted in IR paint on the tails.  Now there's black helicopters in the movies and drones over the house.  And that's OK.

It was just a while back that a guy was completely 'round the bend for suggesting the US government was building stalags all over the freakin' place.  I even had photos of one in Hockley, TX that I posted on the Internet.  But I was half-a-dozen sandwiches short of a picnic.  Now they're posting bid tenders on fed websites for vendors to build and staff them in five regions around the country.  And that's OK.

Chemtrails?  No problem.  Police gunning down grade schoolers?  Go for it.  Assassinating American citizens without trial or conviction?  Yee-haw!  Indefinite detention because they don't like the way you smile and kiss ass?  Yeah baby!  That's the way I like it!  Waco?  Love it!  Ruby Ridge?  More more!  Elian Gonzales?  He deserved it!  Murder...mayhem...utter disregard for the rule of law and centuries of jurisprudence?  YES YES YES!!!

I wasn't the only one out there blowing the whistle on this stuff.  There were thousands of us.  We wrote.  We protested.  We fought in court.  We went to jail.  A lot.   

Jesse Ventura's gone to Mexico, along with a lot of other folks I know.  Several people have moved to Panama.  I'm in Indonesia.  Others are scattered across the globe.  We gave up and got out.

After they impoverish you, destroy your family, kill your wife, and shit-can anything that's left, ain't no use sticking around.  All those good folks who laughed and ridiculed and they are the ones complaining.  No sympathy here, folks.  Sorry.

This is what people do when they are serious about changing things.  They fight.  I don't mean shooting, I mean filing paper, running the courts in circles.  Making them fight for ever inch they take.  You sandbag.  You drag your heels.  You absolutely wear them out with passive resistance.  It's called, "herding cats."

I went to jail for contempt of court because I brought my copy of Civil Procedures and dared to tell the judge she was wrong and showed her the proof.  I went to jail for refusing to follow unconstitutional laws (see Thomas Jefferson).  I went to jail for exercising my rights, as clearly defined and delineated in the Texas and US Code (they call it a Code because you aren't supposed to figure it out).  I went to jail for refusing to identify myself to cops when I was in my house doing dishes and not bothering a soul.  They were illegally sweeping for warrants and I turned the tables on them.

I filed lawsuits.  I demanded they follow their own laws and regulations.  I filed aggravated kidnapping charges for false arrest.

This is what people do when they are serious about defending their freedom and their country from invasion, whether internal or external.

Living in fear, hoping you won't draw their attention, is the coward's way out.  Eventually, they come after you, no matter what.  Not fighting for your family and your freedom because you might miss the playoffs is the slave's chorus.  Not fighting because you don't know the law is the lazy man's excuse.  It's all at your fingertips right here on the internet.

I know guys who will invest inordinate numbers of hours studying stats for their favorite steroid abusers.  They'll spend their bottom dollar on a bigger TeeVee, but not a penny for their right to free information to watch on it. 

Some guys will spend half their life buying, pimping and caring for their car, but not one second on learning that they don't have to have a license, or inspection, or insurance, or plates.  They know their car inside and out, but they don't know the law regarding travel and transportation.

What are your afraid of?  Losing your stuff?  It's not yours to begin with.  You just rent it from the government, and in any event, it's gone when you die.  You afraid of being uncomfortable, or spending a night in jail, or talking back to a judge who bought the chair?  Think of what the people did who bought your freedom.  What did they lose so you could sit on your ass and watch mindless garbage for a third of your life?

Everything costs something.  It's a fact of life.  Freedom has a cost too.  You can't skate through life stuffing your face, swilling beer and watching football without paying some price for the freedom to make those choices.

Americans have become a race of 'free lunchers.'  They want all the cream and none of the teat-squeezing. 

You want the right to privacy?  Then learn where that concept comes from.  How did it appear in our law?  How can you defend it by investing a few hours each week to keep and expand it?

You like the freedom to travel?  Then learn the difference between travel and transport, between a car and a vehicle, between going about your business on your roads, and engaging in commerce on them.

You want free speech?  Then start speaking freely.  You want to keep and bear arms?  Then start keeping AND bearing them.  You want a free press?  Then stop watching the freaking mass media and start supporting real, steely-eyed reporting.

Most of all, don't ever be afraid to go to jail for what's right.  It makes the right all the sweeter when you fight for it, and it makes you a real soldier.  You are on the front lines of the War on Liberty.  You can hold your head up and say you've fought for your family, like a real man does.

Men used to say, "It's better to die standing than live on my knees."  Now they just say, "Honey, bring me another beer wouldja?  I don't wanna miss this play."

What have you achieved with your life?  What have you done that will outlive you, besides breed?  What have you taught your children about the world and how to keep their rights?

If you have to think about it, then the answer is, "Not much."

Want to change the world?  Then start with yourself.  Get over your fear and stop cowering.  Then stand up like a real man and defend your family.  You don't have to fire a shot, or even throw a punch.  This war is for the mind.  It's a battle of wits and their only weapons are shadows and fog.

Learn.  Grow.  Fight.  Educate.  And for God's sake, turn off the TeeVee!


Bernard Grover is an award-winning freelance writer/producer/director living in self-imposed exile in Indonesia.  His articles appear on various websites, and his blog can be found at

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Comments for "Wear Them Out With Passive Resistance "

Dave said (January 11, 2012):

I enjoyed your article about wearing them down,some years ago i had a problem here in new zealand with an employer wanting my fingerprints for clocking in at work,this didnt sit well with me so i got a petition going around the 160 employees i worked with to get it thrown out,i was the only one that stood up and so no way ,the rest folded under company pressure and now its legal for any employer in new zealand to take any body information they want.some may say i lost the case,but i was the only one that didnt get fingerprinted.
you might want to read the case as it has some interesting pionts in it.anyway you have a great day and keep writing good articles .below is the link for the info.

Gene said (January 10, 2012):

Although a lot of his observations are accurate, Mr. Grover has rotten advice. Anyone with half a brain knows that you cannot win when you play a man (or the government) at his own game. So what did he accomplish with his legal efforts before he split the scene? Obviously, not much since nothing changed. Mr. Grover deserted the ship rather than hanging around for the real fight and doing his part. He has the gall to accuse others of being a coward.

Tony said (January 10, 2012):

I don't go along 100% anymore on Glover's concept of how to fight but you can't help loving his way of expressing it. It's how I always wanted my articles to appear in The Spotlight and American Free Press but that wasn't "proper journalism." This guy is much better than me in shaming Americans into getting off their fat asses and DOING SOMETHING. And he doesn't even mention 9/11 here.

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