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Obama Receives Brazil's Ex-Terrorist President

April 9, 2012

Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff arrived Monday for a two-day visit.

Why is Obama consorting with a Marxist who has US blood on her hands?

News this week in Brazil is that Dilma will challenge Obama about the Cuba embargo in her private meeting at the White House. She will say that the Organization of the States of America demands that Cuba be reintegrated into the group. 

We wonder how could possibly benefit Brazil ? Why not deal about Brazilian issues ? On the contrary, this can only hurt the country, but Dilma works more for the Marxist branch of the globalists than for her own nation. Recently Dilma funded a US$ 1 BI project for a harbor in Cuba, while infrastructure in Brazil is falling apart.

by Marcos

Would Obama receive
Bin Laden in the White House if the terrorist had been elected President of Saudi Arabia?

Of course not. But this week, he is hosting this week a terrorist who is just as anti-American as Bin laden was, the head of a government that employs former terrorists who committed crimes against American citizens. Her name is Dilma Rousseff, President of Brazil.

brazil_dilma.jpg(Left, Police mugshot 1970)

Dilma was part of a terrorist communist organization known as VAR-Palmares, whose goal was the establishment of a Marxist dictatorship in Brazil, funded and controlled by Fidel Castro.

Dilma confessed to keeping machine guns and plastic bombs under her bed for use by her buddies.  Among other crimes, her organization robbed banks, exploded bombs on the street and killed people in cold blood. Most of the terrorists are now employed as ministers, heads of large state companies or influential politicians.

They also killed foreigners such as Major Edward Ernest Tito Otto Maximilian Von Westernhagen and a 19-year-old British sailor named David Cuthberg, besides dozens of Brazilians.

But their most heinous crime was perhaps the murder of American Captain Charles Rodney Chandler. Hero of the Vietnam War, he came to Brazil to study Sociology and Politics at the Alvares Penteado Foundation, Sao Paulo.

At the beginning of October 1968, a "Revolucionary" court, composed of the chiefs of the Revolutionary Vanguard Palmares (Palmares-VAR), Onofre Young (August), João Carlos Kfouri Quartin de Morais (Manéco) and Ladislas Dowbor (Jamil), condemned Captain Chandler to death, because it "he may be an agent of the CIA".

chandler_morto.jpg(left. Chandler, slumped over dead.)

The Vietnam hero was murdered when he was leaving home for college, in front of his wife Joan and his three kids. The kids were aged 4 (Jeffrey), 3 (Todd), and a 3 month-old baby (Luanne). Chandler was in his car, waiting for his son to open the gate so he could drive away, when he was surprised by machine gun fire, without warning. His son says that to this day he could not overcome the horror of what happened.

Amazingly, the current Minister of Industry, Fernando Pimentel, recently involved in a corruption scandal, was a Palmares-VAR member and is now part of the delegation in the visit to the US.

Another important crime was the kidnapping of US Ambassador Charles Burke Elbrick, in 1969 in Rio de Janeiro, this time by a sister group MR-8.

He was ambushed on his way to work by several terrorists and was later liberated in exchange for the release of several terrorists who were in jail. Amazingly, one of the terrorists, Franklin Martins, became Minister in the Lula government, and another, Fernando Gabeira, became a Congressman by Dilma's party.

During a recent television interview, Martins was asked if he would have killed the Ambassador. He answered with a laugh: "of course".

That's the way it is in Brazil, the terrorists who wanted a bloody communist revolution all became important people and are now all millionaires involved in corruption. Martins also says he is very proud of what he did and that it is something he wants to tell his grandchildren. Youtube  of the interview. Transcript in English .
One may say that this is all in the past, but this is not so. Dilma's party is a founding partner of the Forum of Sao Paulo, a multinational Communist organization comprised of the governments of Venezuela, Cuba, Bolivia, Paraguay, the Sandinistas in Nicaragua, as well as many terrorist organizations such as the Colombian FARC. Their objective is the Marxist take over of Latin America.

Remember: terrorists don't want to stay clandestine forever; they want to eventually take power as a political force.

What Americans may not know is that the Forum would love to embrace the US. They have been caught selling drugs from the FARC in the US.  Recently a Venezuelan diplomat has been expelled from the US, and there is talk of opening a formal Florida Branch soon. They have already engaged the help of Jimmy Carter as a good old friend in order to support the Cuban dictatorship.

Dilma may not have brought down the World Trade Center, but her group is just as dangerous as Al-Qaeda. Maybe that's the way Obama likes it.


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Comments for "Obama Receives Brazil's Ex-Terrorist President "

Alex said (April 10, 2012):

I just want to thank you for posting the latest Marcos article on Dilma Rousseff.

As usual, Marcos hit the nail on the head.

Now, please, allow me to highlight the tragic most aspect of the whole story here, from the USA standpoint: Dilma Rousseff belonged to a terrorist organization (VAR-Palmares) that killed (cold blooded and in a cowardly fashion) an innocent American citzen, right before his wife and their three children, and yet she is now received with state honors by the US President at the very White House !!!

Is it not outrageous ?

Now, Dilma Rousseff has never repented nor apologized for the killing of Mr. Chandler, much to the contrary.

Well, okay, I know that even Yasser Arafat, that KGB-trained terrorist, was received in the White House, but at least that was in the interest of brokering a peace agreement.

Were I the USA president, I would at least find a way to embarrass Dilma Rousseff for her cowardly killing of an American citizen (though she did not pull the trigger herself, she gave full support to those who did it, and that is that). But then again, there is nothing lower than a Democrat, is there ?

Henrique said (April 9, 2012):

The Left only gained the moral upper-hand in Brazil because the supposed "Right" or "the conservatives" here were always elitists and self-centered exuberant pricks ( extremely rare exceptions ) without any identification with the people whatsoever; not mentioning the strong religious quasi-fanatical aspect of the culture pushed down to the rabble.

Brazil's disgrace is the absolute lack of a strong, secular, healthy intellectual tradition with support from the common man in the street ( exactly what guaranteed America's early success ) to counter the Left's distortions, mind-jobs and utopias.

While the higher classes dream of Europe, the lower people stay in the hands of opportunistic religious charlatans and Marxist One-Worlder demagogues. I'm anxious to see the next abomination here - the Rio + 20 Enviro-Fascist Conference, and it's outcome.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at