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Jailed Christian Activist Refusing to Eat

March 22, 2012

oconnell.jpeg(left, Brendon O'Connell, age 40)

Brendon O'Connell, the first person jailed under Australian "hate laws," is in the third week of a hunger strike. 

Brendon O'Connell is an Australian activist who was sentenced to three years in jail for posting a video online vilifying Jews. He is seen insulting two Jews in May 2009 at a demonstration against the sale of fruit grown on the Occupied West Bank by Israelis.

O'Connell called a Jew who challenged him, a "racist, homicidal maniac". "You have a religion of racism, hate, homicide and ethnic cleansing," he said.

At his 2011 trial for "inciting hate," he was unrepentant and scornful of the judge. While I do not agree with all of O'Connell's views or tactics, I don't believe in thought crimes or "hate speech."   To imprison someone for expressing their convictions is reminiscent of Soviet Russia and underlines the Communist (Masonic) Jewish nature of the New World Order.

"Hate Crime" enforcement is selective. If a Christian is beaten, it is ignored.
But if a Jew or homosexual is merely offended, the law is enforced.  

by Mark Glenn


I received a very welcome phone call Wednesday from Brendon O'Connell who is currently one year into serving a 3-year prison sentence. In effect, he is in jail for his anti-Zionist activism.

As reported here a week ago, Brendon is on a hunger strike until his case is reheard. He alleges that the Australian government--due to pressure from powerful Jewish interests--denied him the right to a free trial and has broken every rule of judicial procedure possible in doing so.

As of this evening, he is into his 15th day of not eating. It is clearly taking a toll on him as his speech and mental activity are slower than usual, which, anyone who has spoken to Brendon can attest, is saying a lot, as he normally has the mental energy of a micro-nuke. He has lost over 25 lbs in the process.

He said he is holding up well and intends to take this to the end if necessary. He is in solitary confinement, which he prefers for the silence it offers. He says he has his pictures of Jesus and Mary and spends much of his time in prayer and just realized the other day that it is Lent, and that this is the best Lent he has ever passed.

We are calling upon any and all major news agencies to dispatch their correspondents in Australia to the prison in Casuarina and bring some attention to this situation.


From Professor Kevin MacDonald's Brief on Behalf of Brendon--

"Finally, readers should realize that O'Connell is not at all a White advocate and, as he wrote in an email, has "zero ties with 'neo-nazi' or other such groups." He describes himself as a Christian -- "Catholic but with strong ties to the Russian Orthodox Christian Church." Interestingly, he writes that "If I was in Ireland I would most definitely be a White Nationalist of some type. However, I still feel a stranger in this land -- 3 generations on -- I cannot bring myself to feel I have a right to this land while my fellow Australians refuse to acknowledge the injustices done to the native people's. That being said...THANK GOD FOR THE BRITISH EMPIRE" (his emphasis). This relates to his political views: "My political bent is actually Monarchist/Constitutionalist with a great love for the British Empire and Parliamentary Democracy -- Magna Carta, Common Law etc. ... The best description would be 'Conservative Liberal'."

Mr. O'Connell also has a very blunt, street-fighter style that doubtless makes his statements offensive and unappealing to educated people. For example, in the video, he repeatedly calls his accuser "a racist, homicidal maniac." Nevertheless, a careful perusal of Mr. O'Connell's work shows that he is well-informed on the issues.

As I write at the end of my brief, we need more people like him -- people willing to be assertive and in-your-face about the outrages surrounding us. Most White Americans would rather munch on snack food while watching TV and then move away when the neighborhood gets overrun by non-Whites. They cower in fear at the thought of offending the powers that be. Of course, Brendon is living proof that those fears are well founded."

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Comments for "Jailed Christian Activist Refusing to Eat"

B said (March 24, 2012):

When Mr. O'Connell made the statement, "You have a religion of racism, hate, homicide and ethnic cleansing," he was being absolutely correct when in reference to Talmudic Judaism. It is no exaggeration or other enhancement of the facts.

He did not say anything that the Talmud itself does not teach. Elizabeth Dilling, a Christian woman, spent a great deal of time studying The Soncino Talmud and put together a very revealing book which is available free for on-line study here: . Go over it and see for yourself if what Mr O'Connell said was "hate" or simply making a
statement of fact based upon Talmudic teachings. The darkness hates the light and will not come to it lest its deeds be exposed. This is not the first time Australia has jailed a Christian under false pretext.

Doug said (March 23, 2012):

You and I both know that - unfortunately - we really are in the end times. When God is the outcast, the Hunger Games are children's entertainment, and the person taking away my trash is a woman (how silly... a man's job), we can't possibly expect anyone - other than this, our tiny minority- to care that a Christian is wrongfully imprisoned and on a hunger strike. Its only going to get worse. I fear for my kids.

Matt said (March 22, 2012):

I was shocked, but not surprised to read your article about Brendon O'Connell. The atmosphere in this socialist (formerly free) country of Australia is absolutely stifling. It runs through the whole of society -education, media, government, corporations, etc, and I'm sure it is like you have said about the NWO, been done by a top-down approach, and backed by useful idiots.

A large portion of Australians are too lazy to do anything at all, a certain percentage want to but are probably fearful, and a tiny portion do something, as in the battle against the carbon tax, but are side-lined and ostracised. The fact that Brendon has taken this to a hunger-strike level reminds me of Peter Spencer and his fight to maintain his own freedom and property. I had no idea about Brendon O'Connell and most people haven't heard about Peter Spencer, because the media gives at best a brushing reference to freedom-fighters and then moves onto "more important" stories like the footy and lost pups.

Words like 'racism' have become misconstrued and lost meaning over time - to attack a religion for instance, is now called racism. Racism is only a crime that can be perpetrated by whites (non-Jews of European origin), and whites are explicitly or subtly attacked 24/7 in a kind-of-a propaganda war.

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