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Catholic Church Always Crypto Jewish

August 27, 2012


"England before the so-called Reformation period was a superstitious time, with those who objected to the heathen practices of the Roman Catholic Church subjected to all manner of persecution."

Edward Hendrie, author of "Solving the Mystery of Babylon the Great" takes issue with Tony Blizzard's view that the Catholic Church was a bulwark against Talmudist/Cabalists. 

"The Roman Catholic Church was established by crypto-Jews as a false "Christian" front for their Babylonian religion. Both Judaism and Catholicism are based upon Babylonian mysteries."

by Edward Hendrie

Tony Blizzard's article, Catholic Church Was Bulwark Against Cabalists, begins with a disputable premise. Blizzard claims that "England which, before Protestantism, was known as Merrie ol' England and was about the most contented, happiest land on Earth."

Blizzard's opinion, however, seems to be based to a large extent on mythology. Roy Judge, an expert on English folklore, has stated that Merrie ol' England is a mythical world that never actually existed. Not all agree with Judge. Why is there disagreement? Because, one's view of history is completely based upon the point of perception.

I am sure that the priests, bishops, and cardinals, from their point of view, had fond memories of their stay at the Vatican in the pre-Reformation period. There were 6,800 registered prostitutes in Rome in 1490 to service, for the most part, the clerics of Rome. Keep in mind, that was in a city with a population of only 90,000, and the figure does not include clandestine prostitutes.

If, however, you looked at the Vatican from the perspective of the prostitutes or their illegitimate offspring, you would get a less favorable view of the Vatican.

While some illegitimate children actually became future popes, others were not so lucky. In 655, the Ninth Council of Toledo decreed that the children of priests who had remained neither celibate nor chaste would become permanent slaves of the Catholic Church.

In 1548, Pope Paul III issued the address, motu proprio, which stated that anyone in Rome "may freely and lawfully buy and sell publicly any slaves whatsoever of either sex." It is, therefore, not surprising to find that during the U.S. Civil War, the Vatican was the only nation to recognize the sovereignty of the Southern Confederate States.

I am sure that the former plantation owners in the antebellum southern states would remember fondly their experience on their plantations. The former slaves, however, would have a different, less-fond, memory of the plantations.

Getting back to the topic of feudal England, certainly the aristocracy and the Roman clerics viewed that period as idyllic and may even describe it as "Merrie ol' England."

What about the Christians who wanted to follow biblical Christianity? Was England merry for them? The answer is unequivocally no. How could it be merry, when there was no true freedom of conscience? England before the so-called Reformation period was a superstitious time, with those who objected to the heathen practices of the Roman Catholic Church subjected to all manner of persecution.

I would refer readers to Acts and Monuments by John Foxe, which gives an authoritative account of the oppressive Roman Catholic reign in England before the Protestant Reformation. The massive work is available online at . Any disagreement with the Roman Catholic theology at that time was met with swift and sure punishment.

The persecution of biblical Christians by the Roman Church in "Merrie ol' England" did not stop at the grave. For example, in 1415 Englishman John Wycliffe (1328-1384), was deemed a "heretic" 30 years after his death by the Catholic Council of Constance. Pope Martin V ordered that Wycliffe's body to be exhumed, burned, and his ashes thrown in a river. It was done as ordered in "Merrie ol' England." The pope also ordered that Wycliffe's books be burned.


Blizzard states that Talmudists viewed "that Christ-instituted Church" as its only real enemy. Certainly biblical Christianity is the principal enemy of the Talmudists.

Blizzard, however, presumably intended "that Christ-instituted Church" to be a description of the Roman Catholic Church. The Roman Church is anything but a "Christ-instituted Church." Indeed, let me state bluntly that the Roman Catholic Church is not a Christian church at all. The Roman Catholic Church has almost no doctrinal agreement with biblical Christianity.

Talmudic Jews, over the years, have been in conflict with the Roman Church; but periodic conflict does not change the historical synergy between the two in their fight against their common enemy: biblical Christianity. The synergy between the Vatican and Talmudic Jews is in part explained by the fact that the Roman Catholic Church was established by crypto-Jews as a false "Christian" front for their Babylonian religion. Both Judaism and Catholicism are based upon Babylonian mysteries.

From the beginning, the Christian church was in a spiritual struggle against Judaism. Judaism could not win in a head-to-head spiritual contest against Christianity. It was necessary for the Jews to throw their efforts behind undermining the Christian church by injecting it with a Judaic contagion. Their long-term strategy was to change the Christian church from the inside-out, to align more closely with their Judaic/Babylonian theosophy.

The Judaizing strategy resulted ultimately in the establishment of the Catholic Church. There is historical evidence for the common Babylonian lineage between Judaism and Roman Catholicism.

After the fall of Jerusalem, Cabalistic Jews migrated to Alexandria where they synthesized their Chaldean witchcraft with Neo-Platonic philosophy and cloaked that religion in Christian terminology.

They then tried to introduce this new heathen gnostic philosophy into the fledgling Christian Church. The penetration of the true spiritual church of Christ was futile. What this Jewish gnosticism did accomplish was the creation of a new ersatz "Christian" church, which grew into what we know today as the Roman Catholic Church. Those facts have been concealed from the historical accounts of the Catholic Church.


We can see the Judeo/Babylonian influence in the organization of the Roman Catholic Church. The Vatican College of Cardinals is the Roman Catholic version of the Jewish Sanhedrin. The College of Cardinals, like the Sanhedrin, has traditionally had 71 members. However, that number has been expanded in modern times. The members of the College of Cardinals are called Cardinals for a reason. Cardinal means chief, principal, preeminent, or fundamental. The Catholic Cardinals fill the office of the Jewish "Chief" Priests who, along with the scribes and elders, were members of the Sanhedrin.

The Sanhedrin selected the High Priest who was the head of the Sanhedrin, just as the Cardinals select a Pope who is the head of the College of Cardinals. The seventy-first member of the Sahehdrin is the High Priest. The Catholic corollary to the High Priest is the Pope, who as head has traditionally been the seventy-first member of the College of Cardinals.

Another example of the Talmudic influence over the Roman Catholic Church is the worship of Mary. The Mary of the Catholic Church is not the Mary of the bible. She is in fact the Jews' queen of heaven. Athol Bloomer reveals that Mary is equivalent to the Sabbath Queen in Judaism. The Kabbalah also has a warrior queen called Matronita who commands the hosts of heaven on behalf of Israel against its enemies.

Bloomer states that "Matronita is an image of both Mother Church and the Mother of God." Bloomer equates Matronita with Shekinah and Mary. Daniel Matt in his book Zohar, The Book of Enlightenment reveals that the Sabbath Queen and Shekinah are one and the same.

The Catholic goddess Mary is the "queen of heaven" in the Kabbalah, to whom the Jews have been making cake and drink offerings since the time of Jeremiah. "And when we burned incense to the queen of heaven, and poured out drink offerings unto her, did we make her cakes to worship her, and pour out drink offerings unto her, without our men?" (Jeremiah 44:19)

The Catholic Mary (as distinguished from the biblical Mary) is a heathen goddess, who in 1950 was "infallibly" declared by Pope Pius XII to have been assumed body and soul into heaven and crowned "Queen over all things."

The problem with that "infallible" pronouncement of the pope is that it is impossible for Mary to be "queen over all things." The Bible states unequivocally that Jesus Christ "is the blessed and only Potentate, the Lord of lords and King of kings." 1 Timothy 6:15. A potentate is a sovereign monarch. Jesus Christ is the "only Potentate." Only means only! There is not room in heaven for another Potentate. Mary, therefore, cannot be "queen over all things." Jesus is the "only Potentate" over all things!

The Catholic Church has a series of ritualistic mysteries that are recited after each of 15 Catholic "stations of the cross." These "mysteries" are said while counting beads that are called the rosary. The primary focus of the Catholic Rosary is not Jesus, it is Mary. Mary's roles in Christ's birth, death, and resurrection are highlighted, exaggerated, and in some instances fabricated in 12 of the 15 "mysteries." In fact, the formal title of the Rosary is: "The Roses of Prayer for the Queen of Heaven." One of the "mysteries" recited during the Catholic rosary is called "the Fifth Glorious Mystery - The Coronation." In that mystery it is claimed by the Catholic Church that "Mary is the Queen of Heaven."One of the final prayers of the Rosary is a prayer to the Catholic goddess "Mary" called "Hail Holy Queen."

The Mary of the bible is not a goddess, she was a woman elected by God to be the mother of Jesus. She died like everyone else and any attempt to communicate with her through prayer is the sin of necromancy. Deuteronomy 18:10-12. "For there is one God, and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus; (1 Timothy 2:5).

What does God think of this Catholic goddess, Mary? "Thou shalt worship the Lord thy God, and him only shalt thou serve." (Luke 4:8)


Blizzard claims that the doctrine of the Protestants was corrupted by Talmudists. There is no doubt that factions within the Protestant Reformation were undermined by Judaic/Babylonian religious beliefs.

However, Blizzard has it backwards. The Judaic/Babylonian corruption flowed from Rome. For example, Augustus Toplady (1740-1778), the author of the famous hymn Rock of Ages, concluded that Jacobus Arminius (1560-1609) was a secret agent of the Jesuits. Arminius' purpose was to infect the Christian church with heathen Catholic doctrine. Arminius was not the only Roman Catholic agent of deception sent to undermine Christian doctrine; there have been many others.

Toplady's conclusion about Arminius was not just based upon circumstantial inference. The Jesuits themselves have revealed that Arminius was their secret agent sent to poison the doctrine of the Protestant churches. William Laud (1573-1645), the Archbishop of Canterbury, was working secretly with the Jesuits to infect the Church of England (Anglican Church) with Roman Catholic doctrine, including Arminianism. Laud was executed for treason.

 A secret Jesuit correspondence found after Laud's death confirmed Arminianism was a "soveraigne drugge" designed to undermine the Church of England. The Jesuit reiterated in the letter for emphasis the importance of Arminianism: "But, to return unto the maine fabricke:--our foundation is Arminianisme."  As we see today the Jesuits have been largely successful. There are only slight differences today in the doctrines of the Anglican Church and those of Rome.  The Anglican Church today has completely gone over to Arminianism.


For more information on the Judaic/Babylonian foundations of the Roman Catholic Church, you can read my book, Solving the Mystery of BABYLON THE GREAT. . For information on the corrupt Arminian gospel being preached in nominal "Christian" Churches today, you can read my book, The Anti-Gospel.  .

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Comments for "Catholic Church Always Crypto Jewish "

Jim Condit Jr said (October 22, 2012):

I consider Michael A. Hoffman II a long time friend, and I've learned much from his -- but he is profoundly wrong on this.

Infiltration attempts aside, the essential fact is that the true Popes of the Catholic (means universal) Church, or Christian Church (as another friend says, "We only call the Protestants 'Christians' to be polite") maintained doctrine and discipline from 2000 years. These two things have kept the Talmudic Jews/Freemasonry at bay since the 13th century -- until they began to make massive progress after 1913 (FED) and 1917 (grabbing the land mass of Russia).

The takeover of the Vatican by the Rothschild/Talmudic/Masonic forces happened in 1958.

Let's consider:

* Talmud on Index throughout Middle Ages until modern times when the printing press made listing all books that should be on the Index - impossible.

* Pope St. Pius X tells Theodore Herzl, "founder" of Zionism in 1903: "Since you do not support our Savior, we cannot support your enterprise." This is confirmed by writers present for the meeting on both sides.

* Legion of Decency up to 1958; anti-pope crypto-Jew Paul VI (Montini) gives Judeo-Masonry in USA green light for bad movies in 1965, birth control earlier than that, and abortion in 1967.

* All doctrine and worship maintained in practice until 1958 -- afterwords complete collapse, progressively, with ALL changes away from Catholicism and towards Protestantism and Judaism;

*. Vatican II in 1965, run by Jews, especially Paul VI, contradicts past teachings and councils of the true Popes; this has never happened in the previous 1932 years, i.e., since 33 AD.

* Esoteric and Kabbalistic writers, including HG Wells and and woman author that escapes me, says Vatican must be bombed (Wells said nuked after Hiroshima and before he died in 1946) if they didn't get into line with the New World Order powers (paraphrase).

* The disciplines and dogma upheld by the true Popes -- kept back the forces of evil for centuries -- and will do so again after great trauma -- in the lifetime of many on this list, if you survive the coming chastisement. Down the right hand side of -- see "Letter to my Brothers and Sisters" -- and this page:

*. Does anyone care to explain the Fatima miracle in 1917 if not of Divine stamp? Do you want to go in the direction of "the aliens did Fatima -- they we're just practicing" ??? I hope not.

Philip said (August 28, 2012):

The Vatican HAS gone off the right path of Christianity. They separated from the true Christian Church in 1054. Eastern Orthodoxy has faithfully kept the Faith through all the centuries since the Apostles. And Mary IS NOT WORSHIPED. She is VENERATED!!! There is a difference. And why do we Russian Orthodox venerate Mary? From her own words Luke 1:48 " ...For BEHOLD, henceforth all generations will call me blessed." And who do you think put the final Canon of the New Testament together? The Orthodox Church, which has been faithful to its mission to this day. So I think this Church knows a thing or more about Christian History than the average "Protestant". Does nobody carry a photo of a deceased loved one in their wallet. Would one not give reverent memory to that deceased loved one. Is that Worship or Veneration?

I find it highly disrespectful of those who do not know the true History of the Christian Church to cast stones at their believers. Even Catholic man-in-the-street believers are entitled to their manner of worship. Who appointed this Edward Hendrie to be "God" to judge others beliefs? Yes, I myself as a practicing Russian Orthodox Christian do not agree with what the Vatican believes or espouses.

But show respect where respect is due! And this Edward Hendrie shows his ignorance of the early Church. " The circumstances of the Falling-Asleep or Dormition of the Mother of God were known in the Orthodox Church from times apostolic. Already in the I Century, the Priest Martyr Dionysios the Areopagite wrote about Her "Falling-Asleep". In the II Century, the account about the bodily Assumption of the Most Holy Virgin Mary to Heaven is found in the works of Meliton, Bishop of Sardis. In the IV Century, Saint Epiphanios of Cyprus refers to the tradition about the "Falling-Asleep" of the Mother of God. In the V Century Sainted Juvenal, Patriarch of Jerusalem, told the holy Byzantine empress Pulcheria: "Although in Holy Scripture there be no account about the circumstances of Her end, we know about them otherwise from the most ancient and credible tradition". This tradition in detail was gathered and expounded in the Church history of Nicephoros Kallistos during the XIV Century." (See Full Story of the Church's Belief on this matter here:

God does not use and abuse people. Mary was chosen by God the Father to be the mother of his Holy Son, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. And she was charged with His upbringing. And Who was her Son? God Incarnate! What does that make her - THE MOTHER OF GOD!!! Should God to whom all things belong, not then in His Infinite Providence grant her a special place in memory and in Heaven. Remember that Jesus told that the places on His left and right were reserved by his Father for some special people. We were not told for whom they were reserved, but, they must be very deserving Beings.
Every one is entitled to their opinions on this, but all must give account before our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ the Righteous Judge on that Great and Fearful day.

So what I'm saying is, be careful of what you start saying about early Christianity before publishing your opinion.

In the love of Christ Jesus our Savior,

Ralph said (August 28, 2012):

I think you have neglected other very important parts of the Roman Empire. As you know, I am sure, Rome is the fourth kingdom of Daniel chapter 2, and the fourth beast kingdom of Daniel 7. Daniel is given prophecies concerning the earthly kingdoms and their dominion. I was a member of a church that understood a great deal about the Roman Empire and focused on the Latin city of Rome almost exclusively. That church was the Worldwide Church of God under Herbert W. Armstrong. Your book seems to have the same focus. However, have you considered that Rome was divided into 3 cities? These cities still exist in today's world and each has been a major player in the heathenistic religions, e.g. Roman Catholicism; Greek Orthodoxy; Russian Orthodoxy.

One of the major keys to focusing on, and identifying this Rome is found in the Scriptures, of course, and secular history. Constantine and his successors are the ones that should be focused on because he abolished the government at Old Rome and moved it to Constantinople (Byzantium/Roma Nova/ the Second Rome). When Constantinople was conquered by the Ottoman Turks, the headquarters was transferred to Moscow, Russia (the Third Rome).

Asim said (August 28, 2012):

I can believe the Roman Catholic Church being crpytic jewish to the core. England was conquered by the Catholic Normans from Normandy under William the Conquerer in 1066. Butchered the native peace loving anglo-saxons and brought with them the vile aristocracy, class system to the English. French was the official langauage of England for the next 600 years. 33 masonic years later, in 1099, the Catholics under guidance from Pope Urban 11 calls for a crusade against the heathen muslims to liberate jewish homeland -Israel????? Sounds like a jewish master plan from top to bottom guised as a catholic christian crusade. The rest as we know is history. The Catholic church is woefully in denial of its complete domination by the talmudists. Why did the new pope openly and ashamedly refer to Islam as a religion of violence and war??? Who benefits and speaks like this also??? The Vatican and Israel are bedfellows, always have been, always will be.

Fire said (August 28, 2012):

The very fact that the Roman Catholic Church has had such
outlandish problems and has stood the test of time confirms its
claim as the one true faith.

Catholic bashers love to start history around 1500 with Luther
(a former Catholic Priest) the trouble is that the Church
Jesus started (with all its problems) had been around 1500 years
at that point.

And finally, what really prompted this note:

The 14 year old girl from Jerusalem. If a Catholic 'worships' Mary
then they are not Catholic, they have entered what some have
called 'Fatimism' a dangerous schismatic sect. (just like
protestantism) The Medugorje phenomenon is a prime example.

True Catholics 'venerate' the Blessed Virgin Mary. As followers of the one true God made flesh through the incarnation and willful and profound action of this sweet The 14 year old girl from Jerusalem we follow the 4th commandment. We honor our Mother.

After all - What would Jesus do?

John said (August 28, 2012):

What are we to think about the article "Catholic Church Always Crypto Jewish?" In Henry's article of the past, a secret meeting of the Paris Lodge of B'nai Brith was exposed. They revealed their main opponent: the Catholic Church.

After that statement, their main enemy "the Catholic Church" is named no less than sixteen times, and no other church. Is what appears to be crypto-Judaism from the outside really the final battle between Christ and Satan, and is it the result of tactics described as "we have blackened the Catholic Church with the most ignominious calumnies, we have stained Her history and disgraced even Her noblest activities. We have imputed To Her the wrongs of Her enemies..." What are we to think when Sister Lucy of Fatima asked Our Lord Himself why He would not convert Russia without the Holy Father consecrating that nation to His Mother's Immaculate Heart and Our Lord replied: "Because I want My whole Church to acknowledge that consecration as a triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary so that It may extend Its cult later, and put the devotion of the Immaculate Heart beside the devotion to My Sacred Heart"? What I see is the need for a real Catholic at the top of the Catholic Church, not a stooge.


John's reference is to this article

Catholics Unveiled Masonic Jewish Plot in 1936

Andrew said (August 28, 2012):

Mr. Hendrie, you would get an F from my former high school English teacher for this garbage. You make claims as if they are fact without providing any support or evidence.

The fact is that the Catholic Church was started by St. Peter who is the rock that Christ built his church upon. Do not pass go, do not collect $100, go directly to jail. The End.

V said (August 28, 2012):

After doing lots of reading and research I can say that Edward Hendrie has it half right.

The Holy Roman Catholic Church was established by the former slaves of the Babylonian kingdoms that Rome conquered. Eventually they (former slaves of the Babylonian
kingdoms) got there freedom and got into Roman politics and Roman banking. Eventually they replaced the "Roman" stock and in due time created their own pseudo-religion,
The Holy Roman Catholic Church, which in reality was the old Babylonian religion with a thin veneer of Christianity. They also changed the names of the 'pagan' Roman gods and
gave them Christianized names.

The Jews being crafty devils and the arch enemy of biblical Christianity at every turn have infused (as Hendrie says) Judaism into Babylonian 'Catholicism'. There has been many
Jewish popes over the years. In the end you have a Babylonian-Judaic religion masquerading as a so-called Christian religion. A volatile mix.

I base my thoughts on many books including (mainly) "The People That History Forgot" by Ernest L. Martin, and to a lesser degree Rulers of Evil by F. Tupper Saussy.

Edward Hendrie is a great author and I bought and read both of his books. His insight and research is great. keep up the good work Edward.

Tony said (August 28, 2012):

2 stories on the church, so which is closer to the truth ?
Jesus and his disciples Peter, Paul, ... constantly warned that the church would be under attack from without and within..he.Mr. Blizzard's story about a church under attack is exactly in line with this

Mr. Henrie acts as if a church under successful attack from within is a is not.
Folks like Mr. Henrie are just a continuation of the protestant attacks that are not about taking back the church...but are about breaking it up.

The satanic bankers constantly try to recast what is black and white....but the bankers don't try to assassinate or destroy those that are useful to when so called truth tellers claim that Andrew Jackson, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, JFK, and the Catholic church were evil....i don't believe them, but i know them by their fruits.
The purpose of an education should be to filter the truth from the lies.
Sounds simple, but it is anything but.

Moses said (August 27, 2012):

The Alexander Hislop theory of reconceptualizing the early church IE eastern orthodox has been proven historically false and denied as false by former authors quoting hislop, the catholic has fallen in error by separating from the historic Eastern Orthodox church , the one true church that stands historicity, anyway please look at or provide the links babylondebunked:
Protestant worship is just a reaction to catholic heresy that just makes it a disagreement that stems from heresy when the unchanged church was in the east for over before there was even a Latin church a 1000yrs till today and babylon free and has been teaching what Henry has been saying for 2000 yrs, the christ=ra theory is from freemasonry reconceptualizing art for their benefit protestant catholic is dialectics satisfaction ie god killed Christ to pay for man's sin is heretical and based on pagan German law and was not introduced till Anselm of Canterbury. Orthodoxy focuses on the love of Christ for man that man might be like God loving.

Joe said (August 27, 2012):

The Vatican's deception goes even further. They were the force behind the creation of both the Nazi and Communist parties. Take a look at "The Godfathers" comic by ex-jesuit Alberto Rivera.

This one too: Nazi Germany - A Creation of the Vatican and Jesuits

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