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Easy Women = Male Arrested Development

November 16, 2012


Once, the only way for a 22-year-old man to have regular sex was to get married. That required he become economically and socially desirable. Now he just has to be buff. 

"Civilization is built on blocked, redirected and channeled sexual impulse, because men will work for sex." -- Mark Regnerus

By Margaret Wente
(Abridge & Edited by
Crooners Jan and Dean would be right at home on  campuses today. "Two girls for every boy!" 
For guys, life is a paradise of sexual opportunity. For women, it's a wasteland. The old-fashioned custom known as "dating" (as in: guy calls up girl and asks her out next Friday, takes her to a movie and a meal, picks up the cheque, takes her home, kisses her goodnight and, if he's lucky, gets to third base) is something their grandparents did. Today, people just hook up.

What explains the campus hookup culture?

One widely overlooked factor is the scarcity of men. As buyers in a buyers' market, they're on the right side of supply and demand. The price they have to pay for sex - in terms of commitment, time and money - is at a record low. 

Plus, women are more inclined than ever to say yes.

 "Today's young man faces a sex life that probably would have exceeded the most optimistic imagination of most men throughout history," Roy Baumeister says in his book Is There Anything Good About Men?

Dr. Baumeister, a social psychologist, says our unequal desire for sex means that, men are the buyers and women are the sellers. 

Until recently, the price was steep, up to and including a wedding ring and a promise of lifetime commitment.

In my parents' generation, the only way for a 22-year-old guy to have a lot of sex was to get married. Today, plenty of 22-year-olds can get all the sex they want for the cost of a pack of condoms.

Dr. Baumeister argues that, throughout history, it was to women's advantage to keep the supply of sex restricted. "Sex was the main thing they had to offer men in order to get a piece of society's wealth, and so they restricted sexual access as much as they could, to maintain a high price," he says in his essay Sexual Economics, Culture, Men and Modern Sexual Trends (with Kathleen Vohs). 

But as women began to gain power and opportunity, that began to change. Women can now get wealth on their own. And life for everyone is a lot more fun, because it turns out that, wherever women have more autonomy, people have more sex.


But this bargain is having some unexpected consequences. Young men are in no hurry to get married.

A lot of women are in no hurry to get married, either. But it might not work out so well for them. They've watched too much Sex in the City. They think they'll still have the same choices at 35 and 40 that they had at 25. They have no idea that men's choices will get better with age (especially if they're successful), but theirs will get worse. Believe me, this sucks. But it's the truth.

Dr. Baumeister's argument is that "men will do whatever is required in order to obtain sex" - and that, historically, society has made them do quite a lot.

To qualify as good marriage material, a young man used to have to show he could work hard, compete successfully, commit to family life, be a good provider and gain respect in the community. "The fact that men became useful members of society as a result of their efforts to obtain sex is not trivial," he says.

But now, young men don't have to do those things. Sex is readily available. According to sociologist Mark Regnerus, 30 per cent of young men's sexual relationships today involve no romance at all - no hearts, no flowers, not even "Hey, what's your name again?"

As he wrote in an essay on Slate

"Don't forget your Freud: Civilization is built on blocked, redirected and channeled sexual impulse, because men will work for sex." 

Which may help to explain why women outnumber men in university and so many guys in their 20's are in an arrested state of adolescence.

 University is hard. Work is hard. Being an adult is hard. And if what young men want most of all is sex, then why work hard if they don't have to?


Comments for "Easy Women = Male Arrested Development"

Marcos said (November 17, 2012):

Why are men in a state of under-development ?
Because they don't want to marry sluts? This should be considered a mature and intelligent decision.

There are so many errors in this view that it is hard to know where to begin.

First, not all men are playboys: only a minority of players are getting all the girls, because of the essencial hypergamous nature of women, meaning that women look for the best male. They don't date the nerds, the shy, the common guy, they like the jocks and the popular alpha types. Most alphas get dozens of girls, 90% of the beta guys don't get any.

Second, this situation was created by women. They want to have fun, travel and have slut sex with high value alpha guys until they are 30. Then they expect that the common guy whom she despised for 15 years will marry her and do everything she wants at home.

Third, men who see the absurdity of this situation are focusing on themselves, on their careers and vocations. Why should this be considered arrested development ? Because they won't marry these horrible women ?

It is no wonder some men are waking up and avoiding this trap altogether.

Vivian said (November 16, 2012):

Its also a combination of young men of a certain generation hating their fathers. There was a certain generation of men that were too grand to live up to or too mean to emulate. The men who were in WWI, WWII,Korean War survived and made sure their families survived during the depression and beyond. The kinda guy who could work in any town USA because he had the skills of a machinist, lumber yard worker or farm hand(by 15 / 16 years of age). The kind of guy who didn't need to go to the store for furniture because he could build it himself. Sadly this was also the kinda guy who would sometimes hit his family, verbally threaten and be emotionally unavailable (hardly saying thanks or I love you because he doesn't know how).

My brother was emasculated and the hands of this type of father. My brother was told he would never amount to anything by my dad and sadly that's exactly what happened. My brother never heard words of encouragement, didn't have a patient male figure showing him the way, he was bullied by the man. So my brother grew up with a role model he despised and feared, but a lot of these fathers don't know any other way. Then they hide behind their drinks to bury the shame.

So if this kind of man scared my brother, imagine what a picture he painted to us what us girls were in store for in the institution of marriage. I stayed hopeful and married a wonderful man, my sister married a man with all the abuse factors, but non of the "head of the family" skills.

So think about the links in the chain. What choice did us women have in all this, do you think we just got a wild hair up our butts and decided to fear the unknown??

I think for well to do families, this may not be such an issue. But if you grew up poor in early America, I bet you can relate.

Robbie said (November 16, 2012):

Young girls sit in their bedroom at home, and receive their moral teachings from Madonna, Britney Spears, Beyonce, Katy Perry and others of their kind.

These performers are obviously used by the ruling elite, to effect the mindset of young females, to encourage them to be more sexually promiscuous, not for the sake of the young female, but rather, to destroy western society from within.

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