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"Annuit Coeptis" - The Cosmic Perspective

October 23, 2011

ac.jpg(left. Great Seal of the United States, also on one dollars bills.)

Having trashed this planet and reduced its few human survivors to slaves, their artificial intelligence (AI) forces the NWO to displace towards and conquer other planets and star systems. That is, after all, where they themselves - the alien masters of the NWO - pretend to originate.

[Editor's Note: I do not need extraterrestrial influence to explain what is happening, but I am willing to provide Mr. Portisch with a venue for his insights.]

by Edgar Portisch

Should there ever be a redesign of US 1 $ bills, we may expect a very different set of terms than those employed since 1933.

Annuit Coeptis translates as "He Has Approved of our undertaking." A new dollar or amero is likely to maintain the "annuit" and "novus ordo" themes, yet "coeptis", "seclorum" and "e pluribus" will be deemed to have succeeded.

Something "stellar" and "galactic" will replace them, for the New World Order (NWO) is directed outward, towards leaving the planet.

The perspective of having trashed this planet and reduced its few human survivors to slaves, their artificial intelligence (AI) forces the NWO to displace towards and conquer other planets and star systems. That is, after all, where they themselves - the alien masters of the NWO - pretend to originate.

To substantiate this argument and prove their alien, even reptilian and wholly daemonic-evil existence, we would do well to analyze the actual slogans.

ANNUIT has been rendered as "undertaking", an enterprise, a common goal. Apart from being plebeian and superficial Latin, this is false.

Anu (Annu), in Sumerian-Babylonean, is the word given to the wandering pole of the ecliptic; the pole as seen from the equator was called Bil.

Through the movement of both we find repeating spirals, intersecting at the points when the precession of the equinoxes begin a new era.

The Egyptian calendar stone of Dendera marks each such transition of cosmic influences, every 2.160 years, leading to the 'Great Year' of 25,920 earthly years. From this it is evident that the oldest "proven" civilizations were well aware of the great cosmic cycles.

Anu is also the name given to the ruler of the so-called 'Annunaki' of Sumer - taken by many as "God himself".

An(n)u is also the name for the capital of Lower Egypt, later called Heliopolis by the Greeks. This city took over as capital of the lower Nile region from the previous Memphis. Memphis was replaced by An or Annu.

The Greek naming of the same town - Heliopolis - may offer a second meaning to An / Annu : the "City of the Sun".

We now come to the whole phrasing, which is Annuit.

Nuit or Nut is the female goddess, empress of the universe, ancient even in pre-dynastic Egyptian times, "Goddess of Heaven", consort of Geb, the creative force of this solar system and of earth. As a stellar entity, she is always depicted as stretching over all of Creation, covered with stars, "the night sky".
AnnuiT, is a posturing of adoration, of evocation, of seeking the blessings of the All-Creator.

What is evoked here is a combining of eternal forces - Nuit - with the Annunaki overlord An(n)u, to achieve mastery within the solar system.


Coeptis is no beseeching or praying for higher powers to assist in whatever 'endeavor' may have been surreptitiously introduced into the meaning of Annuit.

Coeptis corresponds to a movement in space and time, from past to future, from a beginning to a goal. In a superficial way, it simply means marriage and joining, unity to be achieved.

In vulgar words - as this also is of plebeian, vulgar Latin origin - this word points to the unfinished top of the pyramid, the "truncated pyramid" of Masonry.

The numeric code here is 54, which boils down to 9, the "human endeavour creating a dynamic principle" in order to install the pyramidal shape of an elitist society. This corresponds to the Masonic "Great Architect" and as such is totally materialist.

I did not want to include the numeric analysis of Annuit, because it is highly complex, pertaining to some very ancient conceptions of "God" or Liquid Light or Fluid Akasha, all of which are benign expressions of what is fundamentally divine.

Even An has at least a neutral aspect as representative of the sun. Coeptis is different in that the human element intrudes where divine principles should reign supreme.

The number 54 is understood globally, and is deeply affiliated with 666 and 720 : it corresponds to human beings looked upon as a herd, an instectoid hive, because it views human beings as intrinsically locked - by their herd-like acceptance of 'fate' - into cyclic evolutionary developments whose deeper meaning and implications they will never grasp. And that is the view of the self-proclaimed "elite" and their hybrid offspring.

Therefore, we can imagine the roots of such a formula : when the "Imperial Court of the Royal Dragon" was created in about 5.400 BC. That is also the origin of Masonry, the origin of an elitist class of  "beseechers of Nuit through the powers of Anu", the overlord of the Annunaki.

The global understanding of the symbolic number 54 stems from 2 x 54 = 108, the number of the moon. By associating Annu with the Sun and Coeptis with the Moon, any elitist force upon this planet paves the way for total domination - for these are the main powers of attraction and repulsion, the binary polar aspect, that act upon the planet as a whole.

By saying, simply by "Annuit Coeptis", that "we" are in the position to interact and influence these forces, "we" would also be saying : "Beware of our supreme powers, bow down and follow our directives."

Through the basic meaning of Annuit Coeptis, if the gist for having applied such an almost pre-Masonic slogan to the symbolism of a bank-note is understood, we may perhaps more easily be able to see what the future holds.

Edgar Portisch, 60, is an Austrian researcher living in Madagascar. He has a website and book  on the Tarot.

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Comments for ""Annuit Coeptis" - The Cosmic Perspective "

Jack said (October 26, 2011):

The idea that the Dark Masters intend to abscond the planet is propaganda.

However, the reverse is closer to the truth. The "Benai Elohim" and their giant Nephilim offspring of Genesis fame is a precedent for a future time when the Eden 'stargate' will re-open and the demon spirits will again materialize as they did in that pre-Flood Golden Age. The two 1980s Superman movies starring Christopher Reeves illustrates well what is anticipated by the Dark Masters in this regard.

The Eden 'stargate' in a way is a misnomer for it was more than a visible portal which pemitted spirit creatures to materialize, and it was nothing akin to the Hollywood version. Quantum physics itself has been the quest to find the science and technology for permanent spirit materialization. The trials have been very limiting spirit materializations near military plasma laboratories around the globe.

Robert said (October 24, 2011):

If our NWO overlords wish to leave the planet, there's no need to subjugate the rest of us. If they would just make their desire known, I'm sure all of us peons would gladly pitch in to build the rocket.

BG said (October 24, 2011):

It is hard not to laugh at the kooks described by your guest author, Edgar Portisch, in his "Annuit Coeptis" - The Cosmic Perspective:

He well describes the kooks here (caps added for emphasis):
"...Something "stellar" and "galactic" will replace them, for the New World Order (NWO) is directed OUTWARD, TOWARDS LEAVING THE PLANET."
"...their artificial intelligence (AI) forces the NWO to displace towards and CONQUER OTHER PLANETS AND STAR SYSTEMS. That is, after all, where they themselves - the alien masters of the NWO - PRETEND to originate."
End Quotes.

All very true! Their galactic plans are not science fiction but are occult (Satanic) reality in-the-making. The joke is that, Yes, THEY actually think THEY will be able to ESCAPE God's Judgments during the Tribulation by "LEAVING THE PLANET" to outer-Space Stations & other star realms. They also plan to take some of us non-compliant (non-duped) types with them as cosmic guinea pigs. To top off their blind arrogance, THEY also think THEY can actually fight the Lord Jesus Christ & His heavenly armies at His Second Coming with their Star Wars program! That is the biggest joke of all & is what makes me laugh.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at