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October 24, 2011

Maori Contact with ET's

Album Jacket.jpg

RE: Today's "alien" article.

20 years ago I was a Hollywood music professional (songwriter and industry executive) and we had a New Zeland Maori woman working for us doing computer imput. She returned from a vacation to NZ which was in fact a family reunion. She was/is of Maori royalty and brought back an album (remember those? :-) by her people.

[Listen to this album here]

I photocopied the album and these are a few of the pics from it. The album's theme was "When our ancestors could fly."

If you notice, the left side of the jacket has a modern building with a steel ramp and a crashed ship in front and one up above in the "attic" space. "Guards" hover there. On the left side the "captives" are reptillian. All the drawings came from their history.

Interesting hey?

I also make slide shows of various subjects from 9/11 to crop circles and ufo stuff. Here's one on UFO's that are untouched and right off various Internet sites. Something is out there for sure, what it is is the big question of course...terrestrial or extra??

UFO's over the world.pdf

Left Close up.jpg

R. Side, Captives Close up.jpg


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