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England's Jewish Aristocracy

February 9, 2023


King-Charles-president-Zelenskyy-Buckingham-Palace-shutter-vert.jpgSpendthrift British aristocracy married for money 

Wonder why the British are "all in" for Ukrainian suicide?
The Uk is another instrument of Organized Jewry

The notion that Hitler saw the English as "racial brothers" is disingenuous.
This article and its sequel show that Jewish domination of England was well
known. If Hitler were a genuine opponent of the Rothschild syndicate,
invading their English headquarters would have been his first and only priority. 

(from June 6, 2009) 
by Henry Makow PhD

Did you know that Simon Cowell, the acerbic judge on American Idol,  is half-Jewish?

British Jews keep a low profile but they are extremely influential. Similarly, it is hardly known that the British aristocracy largely is half-Jewish too, and that, in the words of L.G. Pine, Editor of Burke's Peerage, "the Jews have made themselves so closely connected with the British peerage that the two classes are unlikely to suffer loss which is not mutual." (219)

Belloc.jpgThis is confirmed by British social critic Hilaire Belloc, left, who described the British Empire as a partnership between Jewish finance and the British aristocracy.

"After Waterloo [1815] London became the money market and the clearinghouse of the world. The interests of the Jew as a financial dealer and the interests of this great commercial polity approximated more and more. One may say that by the last third of the nineteenth century, they had become virtually identical."   ("The Jews" 1922)

The British Empire was a Masonic Jewish proxy. British & American imperialism derived its moxie from the perverse desire of Cabalist bankers to use their money-creating power to buy real assets. The Illuminati bankers (i.e. the "Crown") colonized England & the US as well as the world.  The "Jewish Conspiracy" was the British Empire now repackaged as the New World Order. Of course, now it encompasses everyone with a stake in "globalism."  


Tales.jpg May I regale you with Pine's amusing account of "Jewish infiltration into the aristocracy?" ( "The Anglo Jewish Peerage" in  "Tales of the British Aristocracy" 1956, pp.217-223.) 

Pine is outspoken in a way few people are today. He says that for every Rothschild or Disraeli, there were "10 cases of Jewish connection which are now forgotten. The reason is that in many cases "Jewish origin is concealed." (218)

The marriage of Jewish finance and British aristocracy took place literally. Spendthrift gentry married the daughters of rich Jews.

Pine is scornful of the British aristocracy: "A man is not usually thought the more of, because he has married a woman for her money...An ancient estate is likely to be sold unless some large sums are found. The sums are found from marriage with a Jewish heiress..."

An outstanding example is the marriage of the 5th Earl of Roseberry who married the only daughter and heiress of Baron Mayer de Rothschild and later became Prime Minister.  "She stayed in the Jewish religion but her children were educated as Christians...The alliances between Jewish ladies and British lords are mostly of this type, the wife providing large sums...while the aristocrat has the title and ancient estate. The children are able to look back upon a varied bag of ancestors."

xJewish-intermarriage-to-British-aristocracy (1).pngPine obviously does not approve of these parvenus: "There can be no question that the British Peerage is now very much diluted with Jewish blood and has many connections among its most ancient and august families with those who only a few generations ago were inhabitants of the Ghetto."

But he opines that England's enfeebled elite may need this protection from the "forces of revolution":

"The power of money is very great and as almost every liberal newspaper is under Jewish influence it follows that the forces of revolution when directed against the peers are likely to meet with as determined opposition from the Jewish kinfolk of the aristocracy..."

L.G. Pine needn't worry about the "forces of revolution" since they were created by Jewish finance to concentrate power and wealth in their own hands. This will find its apogee in the New World Order.


The "Jewish Conspiracy" may indeed be the British Empire, and the "Jews" may, in fact, be the Masonic British aristocracy who regard themselves as Jews, and often are. They consider themselves one of the lost tribes of Israel, the real "Chosen People."  The word "Brit" apparently derives from the Hebrew for "pact" or "covenant" ( i.e. the Jewish Covenant with God.) Members of the British royal family are circumcised by a Jewish mohel.

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Comments for "England's Jewish Aristocracy"

RH said (February 9, 2023):

This makes sense as the British Empire history appears to be one of plundering and looting other countries. I listened to an Indian PM talking about the richest country of the world before the British arrived was India and then he went on to say that India was the poorest country in the world when the British left.

When I was in elementary school (1960s) we were constantly shown pictures of starving Indian children and asked to donate our silver dimes to help feed these unfortunate souls. Which we did. They not only got our money but the silver to boot. I can only hope some children were fed.

People watch BBC shows all the time and see the mansions and huge estates of the lords and ladies and never put it together that these "castles" were probably built from illicit behavior but somehow washed cleaned from the sin of its creation. 

As Gerald Celente may say..."That's not my Christianity." because it isn't Christian behavior.

We were taught of the royal considering themselves as Blue Bloods. Well. there it you go. Its not so hard to figure out with the proper information.

Tony Blizzard said (June 9, 2009):

Ya know, Henry, in line with "Robert's" comment [below] you put up today, in the 1950s & '60s, we in the "patriot" movement of the time - basically against communism - were all well aware of a statement made by a well known Jewish spokesman (forget now who it was). He said simply, "Unless you mention the word 'Jew' you have said nothing against communism."

In the "patriot" community, that pretty much separated the men from the boys. And the infiltrators from the real deal. For example, The Birch Society was (and is) a prime example of a "gate keeper" setup, if my understanding of that term is correct.

That may be the same thing at work with Alex Jones, WorldNetDaily, et al. As I believe I mentioned to you in the past, there are more "patriotic" organizations which exist to destroy any real movement than are genuine. They expertly specialize in attacking symptom after symptom while ignoring the disease.

As you point out periodically, one also doesn't say a whole lot on the side of right order if one includes all Jews with the evil bunch. My experience has been that many of the most fearless, tireless fighters against evil are also people who call themselves "Jews."

By their words and deeds (and their results over time) is the best way to judge the integrity of people.


p.s. Another such truth of that time, which is interestingly relevant today, was the statement that "change" is the byword of communism. Link that to Obama's M.O. and it uncannily fits. Amazing how so few seem to realize that when you have something about as good as you can realistically get it, change will almost certainly make it worse. The western world has been constantly changing all my lifetime and before - for the worse. Change is even moreso the byword of Capitalism, the parent of the other isms.


What you say may be true or possibly people you call "gatekeepers" merely want to avoid the appearance of racism.


Robert (on another subject) said (June 8, 2009):

Have you heard anything about Alex Jones maybe being not quite what he seems? Or comments being censored on his site?

In reference to this article I posted a comment about how the metaphysical dimensions of the topic were discussed by Michael A. Hoffman II in his theory of the "Revelation of the Method" wherein the cryptocracy reveals exactly what it's doing to its hypnotized subjects as the ultimate form of domination, a kind of mind-rape where the victim becomes a willing participant by his own inaction:

"Revelation of the Method concerns mind control in the last stages and at a high level. When you tell someone what you are doing to them - murder, mayhem, kidnap, rape, you name it - and they do nothing to stop you or protect themselves, you have created a doubly enslaved subject."

This kind of domination is similar to the way in which occult ceremonies involving human sacrifice are made exponentially more powerful when the victim is made willing. The same principle applies whether it's an entire popualtion or a single kidnapped child in Iowa; you can do to the one body of many what you can do to any one of them. And by forcing people to undergo these veiled occult rituals all around them you get a kind of transformation by psychodrama with the world as a stage, the end result being mind control on a massive scale.

I then tried to refer other people to Hoffman's Secret Socities and Psychological Warfare for further details, hoping it would lead others to a kind of next level, but my comments were erased 5 min after they went up. And the comments I saw posted after that were just more of the same two-dimension, trite remarks. Like maybe Jone's site is doing exactly what it claims the mainstream media is doing in that article: hijacking the the opposition and directing it? Wouldn't that be sneaky as hell...

Or maybe it's just that Jones website doesn't want to be linked to someone who can be called an "anti-semite"? Perhaps their courage only goes so far.

I don't know, but it seems a bit suspicious to me.

Asim said (June 8, 2009):

Your latest article is so timely and painfully relevant to the situation in which we live in today. A famous Islamic scholar Imran Hosein, believes that as part of the end times scenario the Anti-Christ will have been present on earth in three different time dimensions. The first lasting in metaphorical terms a whole year; the second lasting for a month and the third like that of a 24 hr day. What is interesting is that the Imam interpreted the first dimension of the Anti christs existence as none other than the British Empire!

Once the British Empire was systematically dismantled; the Anti christ moved into the second dimension-this being the American Empire. Finally the Anti-christ will enter the final dimension,, that which will be like an ordinary day for us. This means that we will actually see the human form of the Anti christ emerging from the Pax Judiaca New World Order-the final phase of his existence on earth. Your article fits nicely in this grisly jigsaw puzzle.

Tony said (June 8, 2009):

Your latest on England backs up a conclusion I came to years back.

In high school I had two years of Latin and two of Spanish but am not anywhere near fluent in either. Yet they help me read a bit of the Vulgate (with an old Cassell's Latin Dictionary near at hand). That's the extent of languages other than English for me.

Early on I perused the Encyclopedia Britannica often and was satisfied with it. But later, because some of my grown children and their families became Traditionalist Catholics, I began reading the English translation of the Catholic Encyclopedia and other translated Catholic writings including the English translation of the Vulgate, "The Douay-Rheims" (full version, written in Middle English), the most accurate English language bible. Much different in detail from the politically created "King James" which most Protestants still love.

Instantly, a whole new world opened for me. I was absolutely struck by the fairness and truthfulness in these writings (by what I had been made to believe were villainous pretenders to sanctity) as compared to the Britannica and other "famous" English histories. The difference was that of night and day. For the first time in my life I found myself exposed to truthful history, giving proper credit and discredit wherever due, rather than propaganda promoting and protecting a rot too dirty to be known.

To this day, the only Protestant historian I have found who is truthful about the English past is William Cobbett, and his best book, "A History of the Protestant Reformation in England and Ireland," has been ruthlessly suppressed, seldom, if ever, mentioned in listings of his works. Probably because he recorded the mass murders throughout England of Catholic English men, women and children by Cromwell inspired Protestants simply because they refused to give up their life-long religion.

Cobbett, by the way, was "blue collar;" self taught; not the product of British higher education. The only place I ran across his book was through a Catholic re-publisher. Otherwise it is as if it never existed.

The conclusion I mentioned is that, for the most part, the worst of everything that happens on this planet, since the Protestant destruction of "merrie old" Catholic England - the land of the Magna Carta, by the way - emanates from the English speaking world. I don't like this to be so but I cannot escape the reality of events even as they unfold today.

Alan said (June 8, 2009):

I think world Jewry is very much tied into the "British" Aristocracy. I think people are starting to catch on to it also--hence the significance of the British National Party victory this weekend in getting one of their people elected along with several other "extreme" candidates throughout Europe. People are slowly realizing that all the major parties are protecting the ruling class of the Jewish Banksters and their Gentile minions and that we need a new clean slate.

Nesta Webster acknowledged the Jewish/Masonic influence in Britain in her Secret Societies book in Chapter twelve. You've probably read it but your readers might be interested also. Here is a link:

Eustace Mullins has also touched on it in his works. Both he and Webster traced it back to Babylonian occultist origins but it's manifestation in today's world is thoroughly Jewish as expressed through the behavior of the Bankers via Rothschild and Co., the existence of the zionist State of Israel, the ZOG of the USA through the Jewish AIPAC lobby and in your article of it's manifesting itself today as "British" Aristocracy. If one looks at the blatant criminality of the Chabad Lubavitchers all over the world, the Settler Movement in Palestine expanding Pan-Israel, AIPAC here in the States, the Kabalistic beliefs that drive the Messianic criminal Banksters in underwriting the State of Israel (a picture of a Rothschild is on some of their money), the common denominator to a lesser or greater degree amongst all these groups, is "Judaism" of one form or another.

Sad to say, even Rabbi Weiss, an Ashkenazic Jew of the anti-Zionist Orthodox Jewish group Neturei Karta considers Palestine his homeland even though he prays for the peaceful dismantling of the zionist state. There's that dualism again. In addition to the Torah, he too utilizes the anti-Gentile Talmud in his teachings and beliefs, but even without it, Jewish exceptionalism, which is the foundation of zionism, can be found simply by looking at the first five books of the OT. Net it all out and what are we non-Jews to think? Is it really the German Death Cult or Teutonic zionists that Alex Jones is trying to shove down our throats? Is it really the Vatican or the "Black Pope?"

At this point, we have to once again painstakingly state the obligatory disclaimer that no, not all Jews are involved. I can sometimes make the point with this analogy. Not all black people listen to or support rap music, but that doesn't change the fact that "rap music" is a product of Black Culture. Likewise, not all Mexicans like tejano music but it nonetheless is a product of Mexican Culture and that it is in fact OK to refer to rap music as "black music" or tejano music as "Mexican music. To self-censor for political correctness or to avoid being called a name is to deny reality. So, even though not all Jews are involved with the evil we vaguely refer to as the New World Order and even though there are many crypto-Jews and non-Jews who are involved with it, it is none-the-less a "Jewish" phenomena. Especially at the top with the Bankers and obviously likewise in British Aristocracy.

The real question is do we have enough time to awaken enough people in order to get enough momentum to make a change in our world so mankind of all the nations can get back on track to their own courses of self-determination?

Tom said (June 6, 2009):

I believe the jewish influence into British royalty goes back much further than we have been lead to believe..Check out this wonderful expose of the Queens coronation and the "Jewish ties" to this ancient ritual ceremony..

Dave said (June 6, 2009):

Found your article on Jewish Aristocracy very interesting, and recalled a Tel-Aviv newscast a few years ago, that claimed that the British Royal Family is a descendant of the King David line. I find that rather unique in the fact that someday a man will come to Jerusalem claiming to be the Messiah of the Jews.
Some will agree, and some will call him the anti-Christ. But while many Bible teachers claim that the anti-Christ will be a Russian or a Muslim, I think that this would be impossible, and insulting to Judaic theology, that any man other than a direct descendant of King David would be welcomed into the temple as king. Therefore, only a man with the proper credentials would be accepted.

I suppose that the most complete New World Order would be built upon the foundation of the hearts of men, and nothing would be more effective than having a Messiah/King as it’s leader to believe in. Perhaps our capable Illuminists have also considered this a part of their agenda.

Ilario said (June 6, 2009):

Jewish people was seeded in European peoples to form, shape and direct human society toward a destiny and for a purpose. In this project we all are like a flock guided by the Sheppard, the Jewish(?).

They are all over, well positioned and guiding the flock according to plan. To have an idea, that make sense, we should explore, back in history, the dawn of time. Esoteric, folkloric and religious books contains many hints, their meanings are hidden in hermetic, esoteric languages. To analyze a too small point we cannot know whether this is part of a circle or a straight line.

The project “Human Specie” society is only possible if the subject, us, is not aware of it and react spontaneously.

David said (June 6, 2009):

Did you ever read this? The letter from Manasseh Ben Israel to Cromwell. The Jews, like in many parts of Europe, had been forbidden entry into England, for over 300 years by this time. But:

Lord Alfred Douglas, who edited a weekly review known as Plain English published by the North British Publishing Company, in an article which appeared in the issue of Sept. 3rd 1921, explained that he and his friend, Mr. L.D. Van Valckert of Amsterdam, Holland, had come into possession of a missing volume of records of the Synagogue of Muljeim. This volume had been lost during the Napoleonic Wars . The volume contained records of letters written to and answered by the directors of the Synagogue.

They are written in German. One entry dated June 16th, 1647 reads : From O.C. (i.e.) Oliver Cromwell to Ebenezer Pratt.

‘In return for financial support will advocate admission ... to England ; this however impossible while Charles living . Charles cannot be executed without trial, adequate grounds for which do not at present exist . Therefore advise that Charles be assassinated, but will have nothing to do with the arrangements for procuring an assassin, though willing to help in his escape .’

In reply to this dispatch the records show E. Pratt wrote a letter dated July 12th, 1647 addressed to Oliver Cromwell.

‘Will grant financial aid as soon as Charles removed and ... admitted.(26) Assassination too dangerous . Charles should be given an opportunity to escape . His recapture will then make trial and execution possible . The support will be liberal but useless to discuss terms until trial commences.’

The entry of the Jews into England was key because their finance enabled the Industrial Revolution, and all the extremes of exploitation that it is infamous for. Excesses that were conveniently "exposed" by Marx, to rile these same exploited masses to grant further power to their hidden masters.

But they were deterred to some extent by the continuing power of the Church, which forbade interest. So they mobilized their agent, Adam Smith, to claim that government should leave "business" well enough alone. And the rest is history.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at