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Dutch Zionist Tells Canadians: "Islam a Threat"

May 10, 2011

24697_Geert_Wilders.jpg"Islam represents a threat to Western freedom," Geert Wilders, leader of the third largest party in Holland, told a Toronto audience yesterday.

Normally, The National Post, a mainstream Zionist newspaper is busy pumping "diversity" but apparently the Illuminati Jewish "clash of civilizations" takes precedence. Imagine saying "Judaism represents a threat to Western freedom." That would be "hate" even if it were more truthful.   

Today the Post reports:

"The presence of Muslims in Canada threatens the country's freedoms and democracy, and only if immigration from Islamic countries is suspended can the cultural deterioration of the country be stopped, controversial Dutch politician Geert Wilders told a packed house Monday night in Toronto.

 "Our Western culture is far superior to Islamic culture," Mr. Wilders said. "And only once we are convinced of this will we be able to defend our civilization."

The event, held at the Canadian Christian College in north Toronto, marked Mr. Wilders' second stop on a three-city tour. The visit, his first to Canada, is sponsored by the International Free Press Society."


From Anthony Migchels
( March 14 2010)

You're right about Geert. He is indeed a Zionist pawn. He  supports Israel totally in its "existential" war against barbarous and terrorist Islam. He has been there over forty times and spent a year in a kibbutz when he was younger.

Surprisingly enough, he opposed the continuation of the Afghanistan mission, which led to the fall of the cabinet here a couple of weeks ago. But no doubt this was because the mission is deeply unpopular here.

There has been some debate on who finances him. He doesn't disclose this, but he is very popular with the AIPAC/ADL crowd in the US and there are strong reasons to believe  they do at least part of the financing.

He has been on Dutch television exclaiming 'we are all Israel' to his Zionist backers in the US. (Click 'bekijk uitzending', go to 3:57). In fact, another party is introducing new legislation to force him to disclose who is behind him.

He likes yelling about the so called 'left' elite that runs the Netherlands. Wouter Bos, Labor Leader, is ex Shell, but these kinds of little details are beyond Geert. He will never question who started importing these Turks and Moroccans in the late sixties, early seventies. They were brought here, because the Dutch were apparently no longer willing to do the dirty jobs: we had full employment in those days. However, price elasticity suggests that when you can get no worker you must raise wages, and that is what our corporate boys did not want to do back then.

Geert is just another agent provocateur, useful idiot hired to lead popular dissent into a blind alley. The Muslims are his bogey men. He foments a race/religion conflict in the Netherlands, for which there is some support, because large scale immigration is facing mounting resentment.

He totally ignores the bankers, even in this time of the Great Crunch.

In this way he clearly supports the NeoCon WW3 agenda, and takes the heat off the bankers.


He seems to have a solid base of between 15 and 20% of the populace. Not bad, but not quite enough to get real power. In our system, parties are forced to form coalitions to get majorities in Paliament (the "tweede kamer"). He will have to work with the Christian Democrats, who will allow him all sorts of nasty goodies (like forbidding head scarfs for your Muslim girls), but won't make any concessions regarding the EU, NATO, the Police State (which he backs, of course, as a necessary measure to stop the bearded hooligans) etc.

He has a nice style, calling his political opponents 'total idiots'. He has shown himself to be a good survivor, because he gets lambasted by the press here. The main 'quality' newspapers here are brain dead liberal outlets, always so civilized and nuanced. They play their role in declaring him an insult to civilization.

His main merit is, that he has made it politically correct to claim importing foreigners ('multiculturalism') is a farce. It is now reasonable to suggest that the newcomers must adapt and integrate. The day he invites his friends of  Jewish Persuasion to do the same would mark the zenith of his political career.

The British did everything they could to give him standing by not allowing him to enter the country a few months back.

Geert is prosecuted for the 'hate crime' of comparing the Q'uran to Mein Kampf. This, of course, only serves to increase his popularity. Even I feel for him when confronted with such nonsense. Whether he is aware of the paradox that his Zionist/ADL/Political Correct masters are behind that bizarre institution is unclear to me.


The fact that Geert is now a real contender for Prime Minister in the coming June elections, is not so much his strength, but reflects the rot of the traditional powerhouses, the Christian Democrats (CDA) and Labor (PvdA), whose bases have been eroding severely over the last 15 years and who were almost destroyed by Pim Fortuyn, nine years back.

PvdA and CDA usually have some 35 and 45 seats each, of a total of 150 seats. They will both be dropping below the critical 30 seats, apparently, in the next election. Chances are Geert will get some 30 seats too. The biggest party gets the initiative in the coalition talks and delivers the PM if a coalition can be formed.

When this happens, Geert will be quickly bogged down in the political snake pit that is The Hague, with its endless compromises. As long as he doesn't need to compromise, he has this great Macho allure, but when he gets to wield the axe in the national budget (150 billion for the bankers here, the sick, old and unemployed will have to pay), and is facing all the political infighting related to this nightmare, he will quickly start looking ordinary.

In short: our Geert is not a Jorg Haider (who had an auto "accident" after promising on Austrian TV to smoke out the Ziobankers) and he will enjoy his pension on the shores of Tel Aviv, unless his handlers find it more expedient to have him slaughtered like a pig for public relations purposes. This is what happened to his equally highly intelligent, but simple minded predecessors Pim Fortuyn and Theo van Gogh.


Anthony Migchels is author of "Dutch Barter System Challenges Bankers"

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Comments for "Dutch Zionist Tells Canadians: "Islam a Threat" "

Anthony (Author) said (May 12, 2011):

Here's an Update: The elections were held almost a year back. He came in third, closely behind Mark Rutte, who is now prime minister.

The amazing thing is that we now have minority cabinet, with Wilders allowing it to proceed. He has signed a 'government contract'. He basically is the powerful kingmaker. CDA and VVD (Rutte is VVD) are the two partners in this unholy trinity. Wilder is not part of the cabinet, he 'condones' it.

This gives him a very special and profitable position. He does not formally share responsibility, but nothing happens without his approval. So he can still say whatever he likes and come to Canada to spread his message of enlightenment, without having ministerial responsibility, with all the limitations that brings.

It is simply unbelievable that he has been given this position. In the Dutch construct of power a similar position was given to Bolkenstein (also VVD, later to become a powerful EU commissar). It won him a couple of elections at the time and the other parties MUST have learned their lessons. But 'apparently' not so.

If you're paranoid you might be looking for a conspiracy to make him stronger!

We'll see where this Wilders saga will lead. My hunch: he will continue to confuse people for some time, but he's lacking the kind of personal power needed for a real breakthrough.

PS: his latest stunt is calling for funding for a Jerusalem - Tel Aviv railroad! I kid you not!

I follow the local tabloid here, the Telegraaf, to hear 'the voice of the people', but even his own supporters are disgusted by the idea. In fact, the reactions on the Telegraaf, which is an utterly zionist outlet, were deploring both Israel and the idea!

To be honest, I'm amazed, and happy about the way people are reacting. It was the same with the libya excursion ('we' sent a couple of hundred military and a squad of F16's.)
People are just not buying it, even the simple people reading the Telegraaf.

Our bosses are in real trouble Henry, I've been sensing that ever since the swine flu jab fiasco.

Skeptic said (May 11, 2011):

I want to congratulate the commenter below me SS, for a wonderful & ACCURATE comment. Well-said, SS!!

Islamophobia is just another shaming term intended to stifle legitimate critique. I was raised in a SUnni tradition but of course I son't practise it. Islam is thoroughly contaminated with Orthodox Jewish tradition & is VERY anti-progressive & inhumane.

I'd like to share these links with your readers: - Muslim rape in Sweden - Muslim rape in Norway

Brits hid Muslim paedophile due to PC-

That Wilder is a Zionist DOES NOT automatically invalidate his critique. His points are good ones though I don't support his Zio-mongering. It is ridiculous to dismiss it as Muslim bashing. Should the Dutch & others keep quiet to avoid offending Muslims & allow themselves to be genocided?

Muslims employ force & barbarism to deal with everyday problems. There are reasons WHY no free thought is allowed in the religion.... dissent is not allowed, as it is in the West. They will not hesitate to take over Europe & impose Sharia law on everyone...look at the nations where it is practised & you'll see why European nationalism is rising.

I wish them luck. This has absolutely NOTHING to do with Jewish imperialism waged from the West. It doesn't give a green light for Muslim thugs to invade Britain etc & bully people into accepting their way of life. Ironic how it is the Zio-politicians who let the Muslims in & allowed them special status like the Jews, so they're immune to criticism, under the "hate" laws.

To the poster who says Muslims & Christians are the same, are you smoking? Christians are the most persecuted in the West, NOT Muslims.
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Dan said (May 10, 2011):

"They were brought here, because the Dutch were apparently no longer willing to do the dirty jobs."

I've heard Americans say this so much about Mexican immigrants, I have to point out that no, there are always people poor and unskilled enough to need dirty jobs in any country. The politicians and media told the public "immigration is your fault." No, poor people worked those jobs - I worked those jobs now and then in my youth myself and went to college. The rest of the sentence is the Dutch weren't willing to work for half their minimum wage and live a dozen to 2 room slum apartment.

In the 70's and 80's, I saw the packing plants and box factories and poultry slaughter houses employing poor uneducated whites and blacks. Where are those people now? The truth is millions ended up homeless during the years since the 80's as they were displaced by labor that could be made to work for half the minimum wage.

Now we know there's a more insidious agenda behind it than keeping the perennial wage slaves down. See the pattern of human displacements on the global maps. African or Malaysian, or Indian generational farmers have been systematically displaced for the global agriculture monopolies to acquire millions of acres. The displaced peasants in turn are forced to accept promises of work in other countries which turn out to be indentured servitude traps or outright slavery. For women and children it's actually sex slavery. Slavery and human trafficking on a Biblical scale has quietly re-established on earth during the last 25 years.

Peter said (May 10, 2011):

Now i am from Holland and like to give a short comment on G. Wilders

The story is in a fact very simple.
Wilders is a Zionist and a hatemonger who's goal is to divide the small country of Holland
The ultimate goal of the Zionist is to keep the world divided in hate, Muslims and Christians should unite because we are all brothers and sisters. There is no difference between Christianity or Islam, even the Muslims believe that Jesus will return

Wilders got NWO written all over him.
After they murdered Pim Fortyun(he was murdered because he was not one of them and a threat to the European project, like the murder on Jörg Haider) suddenly this guy appeared on the Dutch political scene as Hollands "Saviour"

This man is the worse thing that could happen to Holland and unfortunately 20% of the Dutch are following this guy blindly His party the PVV is totally undemocratic and does not allow membership, he is the only "member"
The case of Afghanistan is just smoking mirrors, to make everybody believe that he is only concerned about Holland

It is all a set-up and it makes me sad that so many Dutch are deceived and ignorant.

The whole political scene in Holland, like elsewhere in the world, is rotten to the core and deeply corrupt'

Manu said (March 15, 2010):

This a clear case of problem, reaction, solution. The jewish left wing agenteurs create the grounds for massive immigration to occur ( especially Muslim). Then they give the Muslim immigrants social advantages and keep the citizens from complaining though political correctness social oppression( with the help of the media). When things are ready to explode they introduce the anti Muslim pro Israel lackey to bring Europe closer to the Israeli agenda, of course later on asking for support and financing will be much easier for the Zionists.

SS said (March 15, 2010):

I've been visiting and working in Holland for 18 of the last 25 years and have seen the progression from exceeding tolerance to " enough-is-enough" intolerance..politically when it comes to all sorts of things..most especially immigration.

And by that I mean largely Muslim immigration. one here is upset with "immigration" per se'' ..not even Wilders.

The problem is NON integration..and the extremely high crime rate among muslim youth...the spate of honor killings, gang-rapes, and death to the infidel rallies we've all been made aware of..non-stop, from the local media here for about a decade.

This coupled with a lot of fathers kidnapping children and taking them back to arab lands,
the fact that 2nd and 3rd generations of immigrants here STILL cannot or will not speak Dutch...

and the blatant attempts and loudly stated ambitions of muslim radicals to use "democracy" to
introduce Sharia law I said, even the tolerant Dutch are screaming enough is enough!

They are angry..and not just with the situation, but with the established parties who have been aggravating the situation by ignoring it, or using patronizing, tch-tch tactics to play down the seriousness, not just of the complaints
but the complainers.

And of all the parties here..of all the leaders, at least Wilders is willing to say in public and in the " tweede kamer" and on TV, what a great many Dutch are matter how NON-PC it is to say it.

In short..the average Dutch person believes that one should not come here, asking for asylum, or seeking citizenship if they do not agree with and support Dutch existing cultural equality for women..starting with their own.

If their country was so bad that they wanted to come here to get away from it..well, the Dutch say welcome. IF, however, once you get here you still want to think, act, dress, speak and behave the way you did in the old country, replace our cultural norms with yours.....well...then Go Back to the Old Country..[and take your relatives with you!]

Now..when it comes to these hot-button issues like head-scarves. I say let the women wear scarves if they want to..

that is nothing to get upset about...BUT..Burqa's and Nigabs?......not in schools..public buildings, court-houses not anyplace but the stage or in a mosque or an arab embassy...not here in Holland.

Think that is unfair? If I would travel to Mecca or Bahrain or Yemen or Rabat will I not also encounter a different culture
and different laws I must obey as a GUEST or resident in that land?

They tell women to cover themselves in those countries..segregate them..ban them from driving ..alcohol is a no-no, kissing in public gets you a jail sentence and a caning....and it is not uncommon to see brides as young as 13 and 14.

If you complain you get deported or detained,,or worse..and that is THEIR right since it is their country.

No one seems to have an issue with it.

So why is it wrong for the Dutch to feel the same way....? If you don't respect our customs, Dutch values, Dutch laws Dutch culture then don't expect the Dutch to remain forever " tolerant". Patience has its end..and the Dutch are absolutely at the end of their patience.

Even the much-esteemed Job Cohen, [the great " left" hope of Dutch mainstream politics and new PvdA leader] is known for being pragmatic
and " right-wing" when it comes to tackling the evident problems of NON-integration by immigrants...and showing a willingness to at least
hear the complaints of the voters who don't want Wilders, but don't want wahabi-schooled imams preaching Sharia on the streets of Amsterdam
and Rotterdam either.

The only saving grace of that might have an effect and help assuage the barely containable socio-ethnic-religious riot that many see here as inevitable as the local economy continues to the new Fatwah against terrorism being touted as the Muslim scholars attempt to take break the jihadist fever gripping much of the muslim youth this last 20 years.

But that's just has taken decades to get anything like a proper, theological condemnation from any Muslim Imam of stature..why so long and why so few? And why are we not allowed to be historically critical of the Prophet, and/or his personal life...Why is it off-limits to critique Mohammed as we do Jesus or Buddha or the Pope?

These are issues talked about around the kitchen tables of Dutch families and it is about time someone in Den Haag started speaking in the same terms ON camera and in parliament about the same issues and fears that everyone else in Holland...especially the native "Christian" are speaking about and blogging about.

As for zionism...stop with labels and isms already.....Wilders is first and foremost pro-Dutch..not pro-Israel [as is evidenced by his refusal to support NWO policies in Afghanistan
...and as far as I can tell he is not a least not in the classic sense..He IS anti-Islam, anti-Shariah, and anti-non-integration.

And he is very likely going to be premiere or vice-premier of Holland come this time next year.

Chris said (March 15, 2010):

It's a long story but the Far-Eastern British Empire expanded under the British East India Company initially, which was modeled on the VOC
(Dutch East India Company); a company mentioned by Mannaseh ben Israel in his letter to Cromwell; this company had many Jewish investors and
the way the VOC did business in the Dutch East Indies (currently called Indonesia) is in some sense a reflection of the values and
business acumen of these so called Zionists.

It was convenient for them to secure Islam there in muted form; the full support of Islam
and the races from Indonesia who were brought to Malaya and nativized there as natives with special rights over others was pioneered by the
British; the intentions were many, but probably related to using them to control the other more ancient groups from India and China and
elsewhere who brought in most of the money and labor for the Empire; another reason was the psychology and work ethic that this strain of
Islam had was conducive to British patronage and subjugation, in addition to the divide and rule standard operations.

So in Holland and Europe in general, Islam is covertly reviled, but here in these
parts jealously protected and upheld by the same influential forces.

The conclusion I seem to make is that one is dealing with a bunch of elite ragamuffins who do not operate on the basis of principles and
law guaranteed to all through an advanced civilization, but on arbitrary arrangements designed to bring in the bacon. That so much of
the world can fall for such street-urchins may imply that most of us who have succumbed have done so because we worship the god of the

Ralph said (March 15, 2010):

Yes, it's absolutely clear Wilders is a Zionist and Muslim basher, but what else is new? To these so called illuminati, that are put in positions of power by their "great master", the whole world is one giant chess game, so Wilders is a just another pawn.

We are being played off against each other over and over again. While i'm writing this, the Dutch news in the background reports about fake news broadcast in Georgia, about a second invasion of the Russians, people panicking in the streets....I mean, everything is a giant HOAX! People are being treated like cattle. Unbelievable.

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