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Did Hitler Betray Rudolf Hess (and Germany)?

January 6, 2017

(At Hitler's side.) 

Hitler did not have to disown his trusted associate 
as a lunatic. 
He could have confirmed that he was a
peace emissary and demanded his return. 
Hitler and Churchill were in collusion.
The object was to get rid of Hess.

by Henry Makow Ph.D.
(from April  3, 2013)

According to former Nazi officials, Rudolf Hess was following Hitler's orders when he flew to Scotland in May 1941 with an offer to reverse Nazi victories in Western Europe in exchange for peace and a free hand in the East.

When Churchill rejected this offer, Hitler pretended that Hess was insane and acted on his own initiative.

 Frank Brandenburg is the author of Quest: Searching for the Truth of Germany's Nazi Past (1992).  
Around 1980, he spoke to Hess' wife Ilse, as well as many other Nazis who made a convincing case  that Hess's mission was in fact authorized by the Fuhrer. 

quest.jpg"My husband would not have acted without the Fuhrer's consent,"  Mrs. Hess said. "My husband was totally loyal to the Fuhrer." (263-264)

Her conviction was confirmed by Hitler's personal pilot Hans Baur who said Hess had been given secret map codes in Hitler's possession. (260) Hess' closest associate Ernst Wilhelm Bohle said he translated Hitler's offer into English. (271-2)

SS General Karl Wolff said Hitler's outrage was a "show."  Wolff was at a meeting with Hitler at the Berghof when the news of Hess's flight to England was brought to him. "The Fuhrer threw a terrible temper tantrum...he put on quite a show...the Fuhrer was an accomplished actor when he wanted to be..." (246)

More telling is the fact that Hitler punished many of Hess's minor associates but not his family nor Boehle. When you think about it, Hess would never have tried to usurp peace-making powers from Hitler nor left his family as hostages.

Nevertheless the Powers That Be have succeeded in making Hess out to be a lunatic rather than an idealistic peacemaker.  They have managed to bury Brandenburg's book. It was published by a tiny publisher of military books, Presidio, in Novato CA in 1990. In 2002, Presidio was bought by Random House which is owned by Bertelsmann. You can bet Bertelsmann is controlled by the Illuminati.

Louis Kilzer's "Hitler's Traitor," which outed Martin Bormann as an Illuminati agent, was also published by Presidio. Both books were hardly reviewed and are now out of print.


If Hitler authorized Hess' flight May 10, 1941 to visit the Duke of Hamilton, there are two possible interpretations.

The first is that Hitler genuinely wanted peace with England before attacking Russia 12 days later. To send the Deputy Fuhrer of the Third Reich on such a mission, Hitler must have had reasonable assurances of its success.

We know from other sources that Hess, Hitler and Churchill and the Duke of Hamilton all belonged to  a homosexual occult group -- the Thule Society in Germany and the Order of the Golden Dawn in England -- both branches of the Illuminati.  Did the English branch lead the Germans to think it was doing England's bidding by attacking Bolshevik Russia? In other words, was Hitler double-crossed and tricked into a two-front war?

If this is true, it suggests the Illuminati run their pawns at arm's length, tricking and manipulating them, as opposed to using them as conscious agents. Barack Obama should take note.

But there is a second interpretation. I suspect Hitler, being "an accomplished actor," was like Bormann, a conscious Illuminati agent.  He knew the Rothschilds (i.e. Illuminati Freemasons) ran both England and the USSR. He was probably a Rothschild himself, albeit illegitimate. There was no way England would make peace and hang Stalin out to dry. I believe Hitler deliberately led Germany into a trap when he attacked Russia. Lebensraum? Germany ruled all of Europe.

No, Hitler's loyalties were to the Fourth Reich, the New World Order.  

That's why he disowned Hess. He could have made public his generous peace offer and painted Churchill as a war-monger. He could have sued in the Court of Public Opinion for the release of a peacemaker. He could have taken or traded British high ranking prisoners.

Instead, Hitler protected the war monger Churchill and double crossed Hess. Apparently, Hitler needed to get rid of Hess.  Possibly, Hess stood in the way of Bormann's advancement to second place in the Nazi hierarchy. Bormann was a Communist (Illuminati) agent.

There are additional signs in this book that Hitler was an agent. The Russians who supposedly found Hitler's body never believed Hitler was dead. They tortured his pilot Hans Baur for eight years to reveal where he took Hitler. (49)

In the bunker, Hitler instructed one of his secretaries, Christa Schroeder, to burn secret correspondence in three safes at different locations. They were the records of his "personal intelligence network" a "far flung network of informers, advisers and confidants...powerful and knowledgeable men...Big Business. Scientists. Many important industrialists...the Fuhrer could not have built and reached the level of his power without the help, conscious or not, of such people, could he?' " (103-105)

Hitler blocked development of nuclear weapons, calling it a "Jew science."

SS General Werner Best, who ran Denmark in an enlightened fashion, told Brandenburg that he was in contact with anti-Communist leaders in Ukraine in 1939. Had Hitler promised them a degree of autonomy, they could have brought two million soldiers to the Nazi cause. (195)


215px-Rudolf_hess_portrait.jpg(Rudolf Hess, left)

Quest author Frank Brandenburg was only 20-years- old in 1978  when he decided to look up high ranking Nazis in West Germany. His youth gained him access. These Nazis trusted him and tried to recruit him to their cause. They were in desperate need of young blood.

Gen. Karl Wolff helped by giving Brandenburg his SS ring and told him that a codeword for gaining trust was the name of Hitler's third German Shepherd dog, "Muck."

It seems that Hess was not the last high ranking Nazi Hitler eliminated with British aid.

Reinhard Heydrich's wife Lina said that her husband was recovering from the assassination attempt when Hitler had his own medical staff take charge. Four days later Heydrich was dead. Lina is convinced Hitler and Himmler feared her husband. SS General Wilhelm Hottl said Heydrich had made the mistake of telling Walter Schellenberg that he thought the Fuhrer "was insane and had to be replaced." (151)

Possibly, the British dispatched the two Czech agents to kill Heydrich for this reason. They had to protect their agent, Adolf Hitler.

As for Bormann, Brandenburg spoke to dozens of high ranking Nazis and almost all implied  that Bormann escaped. Moreover Bormann led a powerful Nazi movement that intended to regain ascendancy. (This movement is part of the Illuminati.)

Medard Klapper, a member of Hitler's personal bodyguard, told Brandenburg he met Bormann in Spain in 1982. The post war Nazi movement was called Mariborsol  (from Martin Bormann & sun) and was headquartered in Madrid. It was financed by investments on a world scale, " real estate, manufacturing plants. All kinds of profitable investments and business ventures, controlled by our people..." (291)


In considering if Hitler was an agent, we should recall this passage from the Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

"De facto we have already wiped out every kind of rule except our own, although de jure there still remain a good many of them. Nowadays, if any States raise a protest against us it is only pro forma at our discretion and by our direction, for their anti-Semtism is indispensable to us in the management of our lesser brethren. I will not enter into further explanations, for this matter has formed the subject of repeated discussions amongst us." (Protocol 9)

Rudolf Hess' story is a tragic one.  He was locked away in Spandau prison until his suicide (his son says murder) in 1987. He was allowed four letters from family and one visit from his wife a month. But they were never alone. "I was never able to touch my husband," Ilse Hess said.

What was his crime? He was incarcerated in 1941 before the holocaust began. He served a man who was Time's Man of the Year in 1938.

No, his crime was knowing about the Illuminati, and the extent of "British" collaboration in the rise of Hitler. His crime was not knowing that his beloved Fuhrer was setting him and Germany up for annihilation.

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Comments for "Did Hitler Betray Rudolf Hess (and Germany)?"

Wolfgang said (November 18, 2009):

I don t believe that Hitler was in England in 1912 – 1913 because an agent trained with high cost at Tavistock should be in a more influential position avoiding premature loss as soldier in the front line. Hitler was just a simple voluntary in WW I reaching the grade of “Gefreiter” with one not so rare decoration. He was wounded by a gas attack as a runner. That Hitler was two times an English prisoner of war was never mentioned in Germany, giving that a perfect background to paint him as a war hero for escaping two times and returning to his own lines.

Based upon those suppositions a lot of facts and decisions made by Hitler and the government of that time are interpreted by the author of that book as Illuminati inspired. That is wishful thinking and a lot of fancy very difficult to sustain.

I agree that the Nazi – Movement as also the Communist one was initially Illuminati financed but I see some similarity with the changes initiated by Stalin in later years to push aside the former handlers and turn to other contexts as favored by the Illuminati.

That the way politics works. First you look from help signing up with what is offered to you, but when you reach power and your proposed position betray your earlier supporters and look not to get murdered by them if they catch you. In democracy it is just not as murderous as in dictatorships.

The World History is full of accidents not envisioned by the plans of the Illuminati. That is our hope.

Jaason said (October 22, 2009):

Sir, I read your article with interest recently. The files on Hess that the UK still have are being retained until 2017/18. Anyone can make an FOI Request to the FCO to ask for the information.If many people do this the FCO will have a meeting to discuss the retained information.The file references are: FO 1093/11/1 (FOLIO 33) and FO 181/969/12. FOI Requests can be made by email at Please publicise this information so that people act on it and we can discover the historical truth now.

Dwight said (August 6, 2009):

I enjoy your articles about Hitler. His true role as leader of Germany and his disappearance after the war are truly a mystery. Other evidence of Hitler being an agent of England and the Illuminati is that he held up the attack on Moscow for two months which allowed Stalin to reinforce his defences and bring in reinforcements from Siberia. If He had attacked, immediately after Smolensk(after resupply), he would have shattered the outnumbered, disorganized, ill equipped and ill trained forces in front of Moscow.

Plus, the winter rain and ice would not have been a problem. Even with Hitler's bungling, his troops fought to within sight of the Kremlin. A victory at Moscow would have cut Russian train supply lines and communication lines. It would have pushed their staging area behind Moscow. The Russsians would have had to retreat behind the Urals.

Also, another chance at victory was lost when the generals of Army group North failed to press the attack and break through enemy lines and sat in the bridge head, and allowed the Russians to fall back on Lenningrad. The commander of the first Tank army (Army group North) was responsible for this. He later was executed as part of the plot to kill Hitler. I wonder if he was also a British agent.

Urban said (August 3, 2009):

Hitler only reached this position (chanceller) because he made a pact with the high finance.
As we know, if puppets (for example Saddam) do not work like they should, they will be destroyed. And Hitler was a mighty puppet and developed his own will.

Hitler wanted peace with England but all german offers were rejected or ignored. For example one secret peace offer said: Germany retreats from all occupied countries also France and will help to rebuild Poland. The seriousness of this unbelievable offer was confirmed because of the popes own mediation.

Because peace was no possibility at Churchill´s agenda the British tried to delay and trap Germany.

If Hitler would have been an agent why should he do these unnecessary things?
British Pseudo negotiations were conducted. Hitler should believe that there are upper nobility exponents who want peace with Germany and perhaps would bring down Churchill.
Hitler wanted and needed peace with England.

Therefore he secretly sent Hess to clear this. When Hess was arrested there was no other possibilty for Hitler to save. Hitler had to say that Hess got mad and had no order to do this.
If you want to know more about the Hess flight I recommend Martin Allen´s book "The Hitler/Hess deception" or the documentary report "Geheimakte Rudolf Hess" (the secret file of Rudolf Hess)

Hess was most likely murdered because the British could not accept a witness who gets probably free. (Soviets thought about it)
Therefore the British will not release the documents about this periode in the near future. The file Hess is closed until 2017 and partially later.

Why should a man sitting more than 40 years in jail commit suicide when he realizes that there is a small change to get free?
A man to old and to sick to commit this sort of suicide like his male nurse said.

Joe said (August 3, 2009):

I just read your comments on the Rockefellers and Ms. Sotomayer being Illuminati Jews.

Fritz Springmeier in his early newsletters, I believe, stated for a certainty that the Rockefellers were "conversos," or Marrano Jews. These are Jews who converted to Christianity for a variety of reasons... self-preservation, infiltration for power or gain, subversion of the Catholic Church...etc. In the 19th century, much was made of the success of John D. Rockefeller due to his Southern Baptist upbringing and adherence to Christian principles. It was all whitewash... or hogwash... depending on how you like your propaganda.

The original and grand agent of the Illuminati and Rothschilds was Adam Weishaupt. Weishaupt was a "converso" Jew who was also a noted Catholic theologian. This is only the start of
such similarities.

Springmeier, in his original newsletters, maintained that the famous Rev. Billy ( William Franklin) Graham is a Frankist Jew. His family assumed the Scotch surname Graham, as I
understand, once they arrived in America. The family name was originally "Frank," which explains why his son is named "Franklin." This can explain why Rev. Graham is on such good
terms with Jewish influentia and that Rabbi Marc Tanenbaum is "one" of Billy's closest advisors. In addition, that Billy teaches
Dual Covenant theology in which Jews do not need Christ. Whenever Jewish people wish to make a decision (?) for Christ in Mr. Graham's crusades, they are not referred to Christian churches but to a Rabbi in a Jewish Synagogue. As an aside, both Pastor John Hagee and the late Jerry Falwell were Dual Covenant adherents according to the Jerusalem Post.

Very interesting article.

Louis Brandeis, Henry Morgenthau and Henry Kissinger are all known to be 20th century Frankists. How many more can be
identified ?

Scott said (August 2, 2009):

A couple of reactions:

"In other words, was Hitler double-crossed and tricked into a two-front war?"

Of course! The British pulled the same stunt on the US, albeit with different results. Enmeshing a country in a 2-front war is bound to weaken the defenses, as was the case with Germany. However, the British may have miscalculated American strength, which ultimately led to a half century of superpower status. Meanwhile, the British lost their empire and were on austerity budgets for several subsequent years. Ironic, when you consider the fact that its Asian positions had been largely abandoned, and thus to susceptible to Japanese attack.

"He was locked away in Spandau prison until his suicide (his son says murder) in 1987."
"What was his crime? He was incarcerated in 1941 before the holocaust began."

These sentences are key. This subject was revisited at the time of his death. Rumors swirled that there was even a double at Spandau Prison, where he might've been the last remaining prisoner. This doesn't really matter much, even if true since he was captured before any atrocities could've occurred. The Russians continually delayed Albert Speer's release. Speer was perceived to be a bigger threat, as former Armaments Minister. In the case of Hess, there had to have been something the British wanted concealed. Dead men tell no tales...

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