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Hetero-phobes Want to "Desegregate" Toilets

June 3, 2008


by Henry Makow Ph.D.

The State of Colorado took a giant step toward abolishing gender last week by ordering that toilets and locker rooms be unisex.

According to Bill SB 200, passed May 29, business owners and managers of restaurants, gyms, barber shops, massage parlors and managers of public facilities cannot deny a person employment or access to a facility based on gender or "perception" of gender.

"...The Colorado state legislature and its governor have made it fully legal for men to enter and use women's restrooms and locker-room facilities without notice or explanation.." said James Dobson, founder of Focus on the Family, the Christian publishing and broadcast ministry in Colorado Springs.

"Henceforth, every woman and little girl will have to fear that a predator, bisexual, cross-dresser or even a homosexual or heterosexual male might walk in and relieve himself in their presence," Dobson said. "Those who would attempt to protect females from this intrusion are subject to a fine of up to $5,000 and up to one year behind bars."

Dobson warned the Colorado bill now will be "coming to every state in the country."

In Maryland ,citizens are fighting a similar law which allows a male to use the toilet or shower with women merely by insisting he is a transvestite or "a woman inside."  The law includes  "restaurants, hotels and motels, retail stores, hospitals, swimming pools."

Perverse elite social engineers are using the "rights" of  a handful of transvestites as an excuse to attack the modesty, dignity and identity of hundreds of millions of heterosexuals who apparently have no human rights.

The goal is to erase masculine and feminine distinctions as a step toward abolishing the family and retooling the human race as androgynous worker-consumer serfs.  This is the future found in Aldous Huxley's   Brave New World.


Toilet and locker room are the last bastion of gender distinction and a tempting target for   advocates of one-world, one-religion, one-race and now, one-sex. They want to equate gender with race and "desegregate" facilities. Can you hear the melody of "We shall overcome?"

The toilet is a a sanctuary where women can attend to their make-up etc. away from the prying eyes of men. It is a pit stop for men. In a civilized society, heterosexual strangers are not physically intimate in public.

But some homosexuals are.  Bathrooms are a scene of homosexual activity. Again, we are being pressured to behave like homosexuals.

Heterosexual attraction requires that men and women maintain their dignity, modesty and mystery. Nothing damages this allure more than listening to each others' sounds and inhaling each others' fumes. 

Civilization is predicated on asserting man's spiritual nature and ideals over his physical lusts and functions. Modern society has been subverted by occultists and perverts who affirm man's physical nature while denying his soul altogether.

Increasingly on TV and in movies, there is a adolescent obsession with bodily functions and sex characteristic of arrested development.  The Luciferian assumption is that outraging and destroying civilized norms equates with being courageous and funny.

In "Scary Movie IV" a beautiful blind woman, dressed in a sexy corset, defecates at a public meeting, in a parody of "The Village."  In Seinfeld, women are portrayed not sharing toilet paper in a bathroom. In  "Ally McBeal" there was a unisex bathroom.  This is a hateful  assault on femininity and heterosexual norms.

It is disconcerting when someone I respect like Michael Rivero doesn't get it. He interpreted Dobson's remarks cited above as "male-bashing." (Hardly.) He said unisex bathrooms in Italy were "a very pleasant social environment." (Not how I want to meet women.) He implied that segregated locker rooms and showers promote homosexuality. (If you are already gay.)

It's about time we considered the big picture. Ninety six percent  of the population is heterosexual and does not want to share public toilets and showers with the opposite sex. With the promotion of the homosexual "lifestyle alternative" , gay marriage, feminism, porn and promiscuity, heterosexuals are under siege and don't even know it.


The pretend-concern about homosexual or transsexual rights is nothing but a pretext to extend this attack on gender.  If this toilet nonsense doesn't convince you we are under occult assault from elite social engineers, nothing will. As I wrote before:

"God's Creative Force enters humanity through a man's love for his wife and desire to raise his family in a secure and wholesome environment. It is reciprocated by a woman receiving her husband's seed (which symbolizes his spirit) and nurturing it. We get our values, identity  meaning and love from family.

Thus, the Cabalist central bankers are keen to neutralize the male-female (active-passive)  dynamo  by making women usurp the male role. The bankers want to destroy family and ultimately assume the initiating male or "God" role themselves.

According to the book, "Light bearers of Darkness" the Jewish Cabala is a powerful system for gaining control over people by harnessing and perverting sexual energies. (20)

In Studies in Occultism, (Quoted in "Lightbearers of Darkness")  Henri de Guilbert says the Cabalist Jew "looks upon himself as the sun of humanity, the male, opposed to which other peoples are but the female, manifesting and assuring the coming of the Messianic era. In order to realize this sociological manifestation, the Jew organically extends his influence by means of secret societies, created by him in order to spread everywhere his initiating force...(hoping to realize ) the universal republic controlled by the god of humanity, the Jew of the Cabala." (21)

We need to take the example of movements like PAC,    Ex-gays and Mass Resistance and angrily oppose this unconscionable social engineering. We need to stand up and be heard--loud and clear.

See my  Humanity is Under Occult Attack

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Comments for "Hetero-phobes Want to "Desegregate" Toilets"

James said (June 7, 2008):

Dr. Makow; you've commented on your website how many in the gay rights movement despise ex-homosexuals. You are definitely right on that one.

Rock star David Bowie was a well-known bisexual for many years. He was known for his wild sex parties, as well as being a heavy narcotics user. That was then, this is now. He doesn't touch drugs at all now, is happily married (to a female), has a family, & is totally hetero. The gay rights activists hate David Bowie's guts, I hear. How DARE he stop doing guys! From what I read, AIDS got his attention; apparently, Mr, Bowie believes in using his brains.
He looks great, his health & finances are top-notch..can't have that, I guess. Naw, dying of an STD would have made him a hero.

Tidy Woman said (June 6, 2008):

Why not have a third toilet classification for gender-benders? We can have the Ladies, Gents and Shigs rooms. Shigs are those of dubious gender she, him, it, gay, and everything in between.

This topic is so gross!

John said (June 6, 2008):

Good Day Henry

I am from South Africa, I used to read your website, but it has since been filtered under "rascism and hate" by websense. Im glad rense is still up and running.

Anyway, I read your article on the same sex bathrooms, and I couldn't explain how angry that got me! If this ever happens in South Africa, you can rest assured I will be standing guard outside the restroom while my finace is inside, and I hope all men do the same! The gay agenda is being fast tracked here in SA. Gay "marriage" is on the verge of being legalised, and television is taking a decidedly anti-heterosexual slant. Women are being groomed as feminists, with the resulting breakdown in marriages and homes. I have always believed, that a family is the backbone of any nation! When the family fails, the nation fails!

On another topic, I would like the world to know what is happening to my beautiful it is being utterly destroyed by the banking cabal funded ANC government. If you look at any of the South African newspaper (, etc) you will find that there are some very serious things wrong with my country. I will highlight a few points below:

Crime - We have the highest crime rate in the world, around 20 000 murders every year. Similar to a war zone. Yet our president (Thabo Mbeki) claims that there is no crime problem! When I look at this situation, I strongly believe, our population is being reduced via crime! If you shoot a robber in your own home, you will be charged with murder, even if it is in self defense.

Education - We have dabbled in numerous curriculi over the decade, and finally settled on the failed American OBE system. Our schools are producing brain dead consumers, not educated critical thinkers! Violence in schools is now the norm.

Borders - Our borders are open. There are approximately 5 million illegal aliens in SA. This equates to roughly 10 % of our population. We were told by our president that we "have to get used to living with the foreigners"! Also the whole region is moving towards a Nafta type scenario (Ours is called SADC). This explains our lax border controls. The people in SA were not too happy about up on the recent xenophobia in SA.

Health - Our health minister and president dont believe HIV causes AIDS. In fact rights groups had to take the government to court to get anti-retrovirals from being administered in public hospitals. People would rather die than go to a state hospital. They refuse to acknowledge the HIV deaths in the country. It seems that this is another population control mechanism!

When I look at the US and other western countries, I see the same scenario played out here in South Africa. Some of the decisions by our government will make a child ask what the hell these guys are smoking. It makes no sense, until you see the bigger picture. Remember, our country is the wealthiest in Africa (mineral wealth, etc), and we presented Africa with hope. But a strong united Africa goes against all the bankers' plans. That is why our country had to be destroyed. There are a lot more issues affecting SA, but I think I highlighted the most important ones...

If I have opened at least one persons eyes with this email, then it was worth it.

Once again, thanks for keeping up the fight Henry, we need more brave souls in this world!


Angie said (June 5, 2008):

I currently have a membership to a local gym and without hesitation I would cancel that in ONE HOT SECOND were the gym to ever allow men into the women's locker room. This is sick!! I will NOT use a public unisex restroom. "Powdering my nose" is a very private affair and I will not tolerate men invading this private sanctuary. I have nothing against men, they just have no place being in OUR restroom and vice versa. The sheep need to wake up before it is too late. I am no longer shocked by how devious and disgusting the elite social engineers are and how twisted and abhorrent their plans really are.

Geoff said (June 4, 2008):

I walk for exercise at a local park. Last summer as it was getting dark I noticed that the restroom in a secluded part of the park was getting an awful lot of business from men.Lots of guys waiting in parked cars with license numbers from both sides of the state.By the time I finished my third lap it was obvious what was going on. This went on for several weeks. The police started driving through on a regular basis and the traffic stopped. Never found out what alerted the cops,but I imagine a someone from a family barbecue walked in on a perverted scene while taking a child to the bathroom. The women's bathroom was separated from the men's only by a thin wall.

Truth seeker said (June 4, 2008):

I thought I'd mention that the nightclub in "Eastenders" – one of Britain’s most popular TV soaps – unveiled unisex toilets last week......coincidence?

Tina said (June 4, 2008):

I read a few months ago that some states were going to legislate unisex public toilets. Now I read it on your site that the State of Colorodo has set a precedent which most likely will spread like a forest fire. I won’t be surprise to hear that Vancouver, BC will be the first Canadian province to legislate such erroneous law.

A bathroom or public toilet is a sanctuary for most women. I do not believe that any women want any men near an all female public toilet. In fact, it is disrespectful and disgusting to even have men sharing public toilets with women. I for one, if and when it becomes law in Canada, won’t use public toilets because quite frankly there are enough to worry about and we all know that many weirdoes will make the laws work for them.

There is so many things going wrong and it does not appear as though people are taking a stand with any of it.

Brandon in Denver said (June 4, 2008):

In reference to your latest article, all I can say is, my state is turning into a shitpile. Governor Bill Ritter and his cronies are destroying the last vestiges of liberty and making Colorado safe for being raped by the New World Order.

Pearl said (June 3, 2008):


My only comment - GOOD GRIEF!!!!

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