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Feminists-Traitors to Society

September 15, 2014

gary.jpgGary attended a men's group called "Evolve"  to learn to "deal with his anger." 
They said he needed to control his "evil demon" and follow his wife. 

Power is a zero-sum game. Giving it to women means
taking it from men. Since masculinity is defined by power,
the aim is to destroy gender and thereby marriage and family.
The plight of a friend, Gary, illustrated this.


Society has been subverted by the Illuminati (Masonic) Jewish satanic cult, i.e. Communism. Women
(and men like Gary)  are brainwashed to accept "feminism" and become traitors to society and themselves. 

The mutual relations between the two sexes seems to us to be at least as important as the mutual relations of any two governments in the world." - Thomas Babington Macaulay - Historian & British Secretary of State for War, 1840  

by Henry Makow, Ph.D. 
Formerly-Illuminati Use Women to Destroy Men
(Revised from July 12, 2010)

When I was young, there was a saying: "Behind every successful man is a woman."

Women used to empower men. How? By accepting their leadership. By being First Mate to their Captain.

My mother was proud to be "Mrs. David Makow," wife of a successful scientist. 

The Illuminati realized that this process can work both ways. Instead of empowering men, women can emasculate them by challenging their power.

By teaching women to usurp male power, the Illuminati created a new breed of feckless males incapable of leading families and taking political action. 

Recently, I saw an example of how this works. A friend, "Gary," was broken up because his common-law wife left him. The split came after a "domestic assault." She
 became very argumentative after drinking.  He pushed her. She wasn't hurt but she called the police. 

As a result, they were physically separated by law, and the relationship ended. I don't like this policy but it does end a lot of dysfunctional relationships.


She had the power in the relationship. He felt resentful and angry. 
She had insisted that her 20-something daughter live with them over Gary's objections. This daughter made sure everyone was miserable if she was, which was most of the time.  It was Gary's house. The woman and daughter lived rent-free.  

Gary had needed to be firm at the outset. Instead he conceded, then smouldered with resentment, then felt guilty for feeling this way.

He had attended a men's group called "Evolve."  There it was all "shame and blame" the man.  They said he needed to be more accommodating.   

foot.jpgHe was so impressed that he got his ex to attend the women's chapter of the same government-funded agency. There the message was designed to empower women. 

"Women are an oppressed minority.  Rise up against those evil males." (This is typical Communist 'consciousness raising' i.e. indoctrination.)  

He was sorry for pushing her and thought his anger was a terrible thing. 

He recalled a Jane Goodall documentary about chimpanzees. The male chimps sometime go haywire, screaming and yelling and throwing things. The women and children cower in fear. Then the storm passes and the males are all nurturing and welcoming again. He felt that as a male, he was like the chimps. He had let his "evil demon" get the better of him.


"You've got it all wrong," I said. "Those male chimps were asserting their dominance. Once they did that, they could go back to being loving husbands and fathers. Don't believe what the counselors tell you. You're not dangerous. A man has a right to be master of his domain. Quit beating yourself up."

To her credit, his ex eventually moved out. But all the furniture was hers. (She had forced him to get rid of his.) Now he's rattling around an empty house trying to rebuild his life.  He had let his friendships lapse.

Gary is a mild mannered and capable 55-year-old man. But when he related what his ex had done, his body language was that of a child. Any man who is ruled by a woman becomes a child or a woman.   


cover_big.jpgYou probably know someone like Gary. If you don't, get a movie called "Flannel Pajamas."    The writer-director Jeff Lipsky tells the story of his own marriage. Compare Jeff at the beginning and the end. At the beginning, he is powerful and generous. 

At the end, he is a mouse. He gave away his power to a woman and now she didn't love him any more. Women lose interest in men who try to buy their love, or love them in a self-negating way. 

Women trade power for love. When men do it, they become feminine and women are repulsed. 

Heterosexual union is about the exchange of female (worldly) power for male power expressed as love. Men want power. Women want love. Marriage is the exchange of the two, sealed by the bond of sexual exclusivity.

The Illuminati have sabotaged this exchange by exaggerating woman's power and diminishing man's. 

pedestal.jpgMen are brainwashed by society to think romance and sex are the sin qua non for happiness. They put women in a pedestal and are paralyzed by a desirable woman. Too late they learn the real benefits of any woman are exaggerated by a factor of five. Paradoxically, a dose of realism would enable a man to secure a female. Woman naturally are attracted to men with self respect. 


Heterosexual relationships are about a man getting a woman to do what he wants. This is called "courtship" i.e. proving that his aims are worth supporting, that he will protect and nurture her.

When he earns this trust (tantamount to love,) she surrenders her worldly power to him. This is the heterosexual contract: power for love. (Of course, the contract is voided if he doesn't keep his end of the bargain. i.e. love. Thus he will consult her. (Depending on mutual rapport and competence, power might be divided or delegated.)

Men should project power and never show weakness. They should establish their authority from the get-go. A woman can have power or love. But she can't have both. This is the litmus test. If she doesn't agree, move on. You'll save yourself a lifetime of grief.


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Comments for "Feminists-Traitors to Society "

Linda said (January 14, 2014):

Hey Henry - I don't know if you are familiar with the series Downton Abbey but I just read a quote from an article that I thought was quite telling - particularly because it was made from the entertainment editor of Cosmopolitan (!!!).
Here is the quote - the last sentence in particular:

Jacqui Meddings, entertainment editor of Cosmopolitan, has attributed the success of period dramas such as Downton to old-fashioned success and ‘pure escapism’.

‘If the emails and tweets we receive every Sunday evening are anything to go by, life at Downton definitely appeals to the modern woman,’ she wrote in Reader’s Digest.

‘Men are gentlemen, relationships are openly romantic and everyone dresses beautifully for dinner. What’s not to like? ‘What’s really interesting is how women react to archetypal Edwardian men like the valet Mr Bates. ‘Even in 2013, we’re hard-wired to be attracted to that kind of noble, charming, devoted alpha male.

Hardwired? How about created that way, yet we women have been brainwashed to think otherwise.
BTW - Mr. Bates is one of my favorite characters and in the last episode that aired he will soon be required to defend his beloved Anna.
Sweet justice.

PS. Another show, Call the Midwife, is absolutely fantastic. Even my 18 year old son loves that show.

Randall said (January 14, 2014):

Hillbillies Have it Right

This Ivan Illich material titled "The Sad Loss of Gender" might help some readers to understand the what has been lost. I live in the U.S. in a part of the country where people are described by outsiders as "Hillbillies." I've lived as an outsider among these people now for five years. What I found--after the five years it took to overcome my outsider bias--was that these people naturally embrace, without having to think about it, Illich's concepts of clear and separate gender identities and the accompanying natural divisions of labor. Nearly everyone up here in these hills is married and have never been divorced and won't be. I think I've finally come home after decades of being lost. I've got a lot to learn and a lot to mourn.

Eliezer said (January 14, 2014):

It's interesting, the very same characteristics that describe the so-called "New World Odor," also define the most negative and predatory aspects of the female sexual persona - that of emasculation, intrusiveness, and manipulation.

Orwell's "Big Brother" has also served as a red-herring to divert attention away from what is a BIG MOTHER. Indeed, a Big Brother is a guardian and support, not an intrusive and abusive emasculator.

Picture Wally Cleaver as the Big Brother Orwell suggests. Leave It To Beaver would have given rise to an entirely different, and grossly dysfunctional character set. The damage radical feminism has caused, is incalculable.

Tony B said (January 14, 2014):

Glad to see that some women understand what is meant by the statement that Western women today are largely out of place and out of control.

Women necessarily have to be controlled to a proper extent by the men in their lives. Otherwise they go absolutely out of sane control. It's the way they are wired. Most women cannot set their own bounds concerning the material world. They will never stop "pushing the envelope" unless they are made to. Consequently, under today's laws, an endless number of lawfully untouchable women destroy themselves through their unabated selfishness. Many of the men touching their lives are also destroyed, as collateral damage if not intentionally.

Sarah said (January 13, 2014):

i do not want to preach about Islam or Islamic values, but what you write in your website, some of the things are in line with Islamic principles, that i cannot hold myself back.
There is a famous saying of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) “If I were to command anyone to prostrate to anything other than Allah, I would have commanded women to prostrate to their husbands."
Of course, because of my "westernized" environment, when i was a teenager I felt like this saying is degrading women, etc etc (whatever all the feminist would cry out when this saying is being quoted).

But now I am married myself, being older and more mature, and looking at the world around me, i begin to understand this saying, and kind of get to see the philosophy behind it - it is not about "degrading women to become unquestionably obedient" but actually reminds women of their responsibilities towards their husbands and family, and the importance of them in shaping their family. it also sends a strong message to the men - they should be strong, responsible and loving enough, in a way, internalize God's loving, nurturing, (and also powerful) nature to earn the respect of their wives....

Of course, there are many other things people would argue about what is wrong about being a Muslim women, but i think, Muslims sometimes make the mistake of confusing what practice is cultural in nature, and what practice is religious in nature, and of course, media likes to exploit these mistakes and paint a bad picture about Muslim women.In reality, most Muslim women, their intelligence are comparable to their western counterparts (the intelligent, stable ones of course), and additionally, they have strong beliefs and they understand the reason why they are Muslims, vs some successful western women that i know have no idea what religion is about and what they should believe.

Guerline said (January 13, 2014):

You must be eavesdropping on me! My friend and I were on the phone until 3am this morning.Lamenting the fact that black women in America cannot find strong black men.The black women that do have relationships rule over their men.I am worried about my three sons.How do I raise them to be the righteous leaders God created them to be.When they have no example to follow.I told my friend last night that Jesus Christ is the only answer.

Jennifer said (January 13, 2014):

I'm in my 3rd Marriage. My husbands describe me as the traditional supportive dream wife. I waited until the wedding night for each marriage. I supported my husband's goals.

Harvard lawyer Husband # 1 (49 yrs) was a secret sex addict -left me for a stripper, of course it didn't work out, now he blames me for not "waking him up" to how good he had it with me!

Top Ad executive Husband # 2 (41 yrs) turned out to have a drug/alcohol addiction that spiraled out of control. He also regrets his behavior which was intolerable/ abusive.

Now Hubby # 3 (28 yrs) is trying to be a real man and lead. I explained to him that his job was to lead but it didn't sink in until 9 months into our marriage when our Pastor told him, "You are supposed to be your wife's Spiritual Covering"

He told our Pastor and me that he did not want that responsibility thus he wanted a divorce. After months of a separation he's back and trying to fill the role of being The Man/ leader. But it's hard on him as his father was an absentee alcoholic bisexual.

Lesley said (December 10, 2010):

I take issue with what one of your readers had to say.

1. Men are supposed to love God first, and women second; keeping women under control and teaching them, by setting them a good example, as
well as by words and advice.

2. God has said repeatedly that women are NOT men's equal.

3. Men are to use their natural supremacy over women to control and teach them to be less evil and selfish.

After reading this, I must admit my hackles were up.

The words that annoy me are, CONTROL. Deborah seems to think the job of men is to control and lead women like little children.

And, that GOD has said that women are NOT men's equal.

Growing up in the 60's and 70's, I don't know how many times I have argued this NOT EQUAL status with men and women.

I finally came to the conclusion that what women really want to know and believe and SET FORTH, is not that we are necessarily EQUAL with men but as women,we are EQUALLY WORTHY.

Equally worthy in the eyes of God and Man to receive the abundance of a good life and all that comes with it.

Christine said (December 9, 2010):

Thank you for this article. As a single woman, I am sympathetic to men in a general way. And I am extremely tired of watching society emasculate men in relationships, law, TV, etc. There are women like myself who don't like watching men get kicked around and picked on.

Got any suggestions on how to reverse that trend? Enquiring minds want to know.

You're a man. There must be some positive way that we women can encourage you. Let us know.



Yes women can signal they are feminine by dressing and behaving femininely, which includes
insisting on courtship and even marriage before having sex. Their womb is to not a public utility but the foundry of their future.


Debra said (December 9, 2010):

Oddly the coincidence, John Hill, maker of the "7/7 Ripple Effect"
film is in the same prison as Julian Assange.
John Hill has much to say about women, and it's found in "The Way home or face The Fire".

1. Men are supposed to love God first, and women second; keeping women under control and teaching them, by setting them a good example, as
well as by words and advice.

2. God has said repeatedly that women are NOT men's equal.

3. Men are to use their natural supremacy over women to control and teach them to be less evil and selfish.

John Hill teaches men exactly how to be men, not put women above God, yet be gentlemen.
Humility and Compassion are (l)earned qualities. John Hill is the good example to learn from.

We know why Assange is there. Mr. Hill is there because of his work exposing governmental cover-ups regarding the 7/7 terrorist bombings
in London. The media is spouting off madly about Assange and are keeping TOTALLY silent about John Hill and his "7/7 Ripple Effect" film. Why so one-sided?

Patricia said (December 9, 2010):

I respectfully disagree with this article. This man pushed his wife- she could have fallen, been seriously injured or even killed. That's physical abuse; his wife was right to call the police- it's a shove now, perhaps it would have been a deadly blow with a fist, or use of a weapon later and then it maybe too late. He had the choice to walk away, go outside, punch a tree or kick rocks, he didn't have to physically abuse his wife and arguing with someone (as the wife did) can not be equated and should NEVER be equated with physical abuse.

I have never been married and will probably never been married; I haven't lived nor acted like a whore either. But I am not married because I refuse to be enslaved by any man. I'm willing to be a partner and that implies for me equality in the relationship as well as respect. Slavery is illegal and in Christianity (which is my belief system) it's immoral and unacceptable- I do know of other belief systems where slavery IS acceptable. If men want slaves go and be parts of those systems and leave me in peace.

Real men to me aren't afraid of respect and equality in a relationship- only insecure ones need their egos continually boosted.



No offense intended Pat but you are not marriage material. You have been permanently bent by feminism.


Twyla said (December 9, 2010):

We don't like the truth when we hear it simply because we are not walking in it and it hurts. Truth is like exercise workouts; when you're not living it, it's hard to handle.

The man works while mom stays home and educates the children. Worked for thousands of years except in 234 year young America who is coming apart at the seams literally. The grounded nuclear family is the glue of a nation and we are broken to pieces.

I am a non-feminist woman who left a $65,000 annual income career to be a stay-at-home mom and I will tell you this:

Non-feminist females who desire well-rounded and spiritually grounded men want mates who are sure of themselves and who strongly take the lead in this dance called life. I view the vast sea of effeminate, "modern-thinking" men with the popular 50/50 equality belief system as "dish rags" who will be dismal failures in adversity and will blame others for their inabilities in their failed role as husband and/or father.

These are not the pool of males suitable for making babies with because the cycle will continue producing weaklings for generations.

We are in alot of trouble as a civilization, Henry. Men have to face the music that they have been emasculated by design, and in reality, versus the big screen illusions and lies, it isn't sexy at all or desirable. Yeah, I would rather see a man beat his chest like a chimp than what I am witnessing in our society. Keep telling it like it is Henry, and thank you for the truth.

Kylie said (December 9, 2010):

I respect and revere my husband. I am behind him 100%. He supports me, and I support him. We work as a team. I agree that if a man cannot find a supportive woman, a non-supportive woman isn't going to give him what he wants. He is better off being single. I also know that if a woman cannot find a truly loving man for a partner, she too, is better off being single.

My husband has the final say in our relationship, because I trust him. I am intelligent, but I believe he is even more intelligent. I am strong, but he is stronger. Perhaps most important to me, he is an unwavering adult. He is capable of making sacrifices for the family, and expects the same from me. We each do so, with little to no complaint. That is what being a family means.

He would never, ever, ever, ever - no matter how angry or provoked he was - lay one finger on anyone in our household. He wouldn't get into or continue in a relationship with someone who didn't respect him, either. He knows how to take care of himself.

Both my husband and I were married to other people before we were married to one another. We tried other relationships and other family situations. We each, in our own way, reached a new level of self-love and self-respect before we embarked on our relationship with each other.

If we want to be treated well, we must first treat ourselves well - so goes the (true) cliche. We must make up our minds that no one may enter our lives or take our energy or gifts, if that person is not as determined (and able) to add to our happiness as we are determined (and able) to add to theirs. We must reject those whose values we do not feel comfortable with - no matter how cute, smart, successful, rich, or whatever else they may be.

Victoria said (December 9, 2010):

There seems to be a whole lot of whining from males in response to this article. Since everything is exactly 50/50, how about apportioning some of the 'blame' for our present situation to the fathers who, in the past (and increasingly, in the present) failed to set a good example of assertiveness for their sons to follow.

I had a husband who, after nearly driving him away due to my feminist indoctrination, superficially forgave me for my flawed character. I saw the error of my ways and wished him to take the leadership role in our family. Having himself, had a negative, passive father who was resentful of women, he was not happy with me being the leader, but it turned out that he did not wish the role either and our family was left as a rudderless ship which eventually ran aground in a big way.

Bill said (December 9, 2010):

Here’s how I fought THEM to a stalemate:

… and, will ultimately BEAT them.

And, I take issue with the opinion that men should be dominant. A healthy relationship (as is civilization) is based on mutual respect, division of labor and mutually agreed trade (peaceful coexistence, to MUTUAL advantage).

Dominance is on an issue by issue basis. May the best (most beneficial to group) idea win.

Bill Ross

(Electronics design engineer)

Karen said (December 9, 2010):

And you Henry, are doing a fine job of widening the divide between the sexes. Fact is, real women are attracted to real men. As for the Goodall reference, I like to think that we as a species are more highly evolved than chimpanzees, then again, reading the comments , maybe not

David said (December 9, 2010):

I may be an idealist, but there is such a thing as mutual love between male and female in which male power and leadership is secondary to the bonds of understanding, caring and trust. The examples of these do not come from dysfunctional people but from people of substance.

The latter do not share the Leader/Led or the Powerful/Less Powerful paradigm that you espouse. Its called living life together not just a separation of roles according to tradition. I have met older couples who have been married for decades. Some wished they never got married but others would do it again...the same way.

Deep bonding does not depend on considerations of power and submission. These are only different ego states. When there is understanding, there is a closeness that your paradigm cannot evolve into.

The old He-man type of husbandry is so superficial that wives would seek understanding, elsewhere! There is no doubt though, that the Illuminati has misled people into believing that relationships are about power. When this is the organizing principle in relationships, there will be power contests and all sorts of superficialities and subterfuges. Such relationships are doomed from the start.

Women, with their snake power and other energies, have pretty much listened to the Illuminati and wreaked havoc on mankind. Which is why SAVETHEMALES is such an excellent web name.



I provide a template which works. But I tip my hat to all those who can get better results in other ways.

It's just very hard to find this "mutual understanding" these days. Men used to put career first. Women focused on marriage home and family. Now both put career first. Women no longer self efface, and think they no longer have an incentive to love a man.


S said (December 9, 2010):

For me it's a little bit different. I see woman as the ultimate sheep, woman believe and follow everything they're taught. A woman doesn't have the ability for the most part to be able to see through the lies. So to be with a woman, you would have to believe everything they believe, otherwise to them you're an idiot. This also by default means that you too must also be an idiot to be with them. Furthermore, woman are an exercise in illogic; what they say and what they want are often two separate things.

But as I see it, the main problem with woman, and with men, is something called "iniquity", which is "sin", when a man sees woman posing naked, dressing like a tramp, etc, a man will lust after her, up until an "orgasm", then afterward and over time in the back of his mind he will look down upon women as being whores, and lose respect for them.

Same thing happens in the reverse for woman, they see men acting like idiots around them, lusting after them like dogs, acting stupid, spending money to get them, and women lose respect for the guys. As the Bible says, "the love of many will wax cold due to iniquity".

For me I don't like woman because I know that they all cheat, very very few woman do not cheat, I know because I've had the wives, I've had the mothers, I've seen the way woman are, and it isn't pretty.

Like King Solomon said, "I can respect 1 in a thousand men, but no woman". Woman love sex too much, and that is their drug, and a society without morals has woman running around coming into contact with men everywhere, that temptation is too much for them to handle.

As one girl put it, "men are like buses, there's always another one coming around the corner". Well for me I'm not a bus, or a "dumb man", and woman don't have the brainpower to be able to figure that out.

In fact, woman are so ignorant in life they just take everything around them for granted: the refrigerator was made by a man, an automobile was made by a man, the toilet was made by a man, the running water was made by a man, the house was built by a man, everything all around them has been built by men, and are they thankful? Of course not, men are just a bunch of pigs. Well this pig ain't playing at the pig trough anymore or ever again.

Tony said (December 9, 2010):

Henry, you write "To their credit, woman are attracted to men with self respect."

That is probably true when both are young and may be true throughout life in some places on earth. But in the U.S., when the men are older women are attracted to whatever means they may have. They want the monetary comfort and/or prestige of a man's position in the material world, the money world. They have no real interest in more important personality traits. It's as though a man past his prime who has not accumulated a million bucks or so is a failure no matter what his life is or has been. This leaves the great majority of real men, who do not cheat or "assassinate" competitors on the corporate ladder in a scramble for the big bucks, out of the "game" as undesirable.

Upside down, as usual.

V said (December 9, 2010):

I was in a two and a half year relationship with a woman who at the end of our relationship had me going to a psychotherapist for couples
counselling in September that my workplace paid for.

Before our first session with the psychotherapist the ex insisted that I was 100% at fault with our relationship and stupidly had me believing it.

During our first session with the psychotherapist she tried to present her side of the story but the psychotherapist saw right through her and pointed out that she was mostly at fault. The girlfriend (ex-know) got into an argument with the psychotherapist and days afterwards made up lies that the psychotherapist suffered a nervous breakdown a while back and should not have been practising. The psychotherapist (who was a female) was very professional and showed me how manipulative the ex was and gave me back my self respect as a male.

It's very easy to turn into a child these days with many woman if you let them.

The one I was dating told me that she was in an abusive relationship and I was the abuser even
though I never touched her or belittled her but she belittled me many times while she was drunk.

Marcos said (December 8, 2010):

Men are easily excited by women's beauty. There is no denying this fact.

The solution is, when you see a beautiful girl, to think: what would my daily life be if I were to marry her? In 90% of the cases, the scales would fall from your eyes and you would realize it would be a disaster. Imagine yourself going with her to the supermarket, Imagine yourself tending by her bed in a hospital when she is ill. Because that is what life is, mostly. And frankly, you don't want to have breakfast with most of the beautiful girls you see. There is a person, usually a very demanding one, on top of that nice ass.

The problem is that men start relationships romanticizing that they will stay in bed having sex all day. This works for a couple of a months. I don't know who said it, but it is true: in every block there is a guy tired of having sex with a beautiful woman.

It is funny to see some successful men who marry women who are known to be total whores (think Sarkozy, Mel Gibson). Then the whole house of cards come tumbling down and they don't know what happened. If you are a lost case of a sexual mind, better to have several flings then to be tied to one huge problem.

Dan said (December 8, 2010):

"Behind every successful man is a woman" is a dangerous fallacy. It implies that a young man needs a woman's support to amount to anything. I wonder when this maxim first originated. Women have always instinctively preferred successful men. A man that has his own purposes in life who pursues them with visible confidence will attract women whose interests are more compatible with his than men who are always hunting for their idea of their 'ideal' woman. For instance a man with a sincere pursuit will attract women interested in that pursuit who may see him as a leader.

Female attraction to men they perceive as leaders goes to instinctive preference for a mate with dominant traits.

Men are wise to go pursue their purposes directly and not give a thought to impressing or attracting women. The worst mistake a young man can make is pursuit of women, and this is what nearly all young men start obsessing upon from puberty on in this country. Let's be honest: the driving factor of that has been that expectation of sex became the norm by the early 1970's.

[For an excellent and unpolitical explanation of the origin of human gender instincts by an anthropologist without a feminist agenda The People of the Lake by Dr. Richard Leakey. ]

Norm said (December 8, 2010):

Excellent article tonight on the web site regarding how women destroy men's lives. It might be added that this is why a lot of men turn into fags as well. Men are not born fags (it's not innate) but rather is as a result of the Illuminati's aim to emasculate men, as you had already postulated that all porn is gay, your reference to the main's perceived "need" for a woman being five times magnified quantifying that previous insight. Women turn men into puppy dogs as well as "women" and "little children" as you noted. The men in turn turn it inward and then allow the social engineers (read: sociologists, psychologists, profs, etc) to convince them that they are "self destructive" but in reality it is the women doing the destroying, taking the "go" on the green light. Thus, they say, I am not a man" and resort to being a child, puppy dog or woman (read: fag) instead.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at