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The Agenda Behind Gender Bending

December 3, 2012

(Lord Carey, a former Archbishop of Canterbury, is smeared for opposing gay marriage.) 

Homosexuality,  transgenderism and the  attack on m/f are steps in a long-term satanic plan to make human reproduction a function of the State, like education. They want to breed us like cattle (i.e goyim).

"We are entering a realm of gender chaos where people can decide what gender they are independent of their genital organs. This is a not-so-subtle attack at heterosexuals, as in cases where, for example, the transgendered male demands to use female washrooms."

by GB


We are now familiar with pro-homosexual bias both in the western media, and in the Anglo-American political elite. In the UK, increasingly media personalities and politicians openly promote the homosexual agenda.

The stated aim is for society to accept that the homosexual lifestyle is on a par with the traditional family paradigm. Anyone daring to question this assumption is attacked and branded as being "outdated, hateful, and offensive".  

The former Archbishop of Canterbury, Lord Carey is the latest victim of such homosexual swarming. Even his former college (Kings College, London) is being pressured to remove his photograph from their famous alumni display. (Sounds like Stalin's Russia doesn't it?)

Thomas Clayton, the Student Union President, said in The London Evening Standard:

"The implication that homosexual relationships are in any way inferior to heterosexual ones is one we believe to be deeply offensive, archaic and something the College should seek to distance itself from immediately."

Treating defenders of society as pariahs who have breached fundamental standard of decency is a long time tactic of Communists, Masons and Satanist (Cabalist) Jews. They resort to smears because they cannot justify their policies. 

Forcing humanity to accept sodomy has little to do with homosexual rights. Rather, it is part of a wider campaign to undermine the very fabric of society itself.

Let's be clear, without the traditional family paradigm, none of us would be here, and without a family upbringing, few of us would be well adjusted, responsible, functioning members of what remains of society.

The male-female and extended family model has been the blueprint from the beginning, and both society and the newborn child rely on it to be strong, secure, and stable.

The homosexual lifestyle is portrayed as being cool, fun, and contemporary, as opposed to the traditional family paradigm which is seen as being prosaic and boring.

In particular homosexual sex (sodomy) is being portrayed as a somehow "purer", as in a more distilled, rarefied version of sex. It is only a matter of time before these ideas work their way into the mainstream.


Another aspect of the homosexual agenda is the promotion of transgenderism. TV shows such as My Transsexual Summer and Transsexual Beauty Queen are aired by mainstream channels and given  media fanfare. Such programs are carefully edited to portray the protagonists as courageous and deserving of our sympathy and support in their sex-change quest.

 My Transsexual Summer   is touted as "A series that follows seven people who are undertaking a range of gender affirmation procedures as they make the journey to realize their true identities"

The protagonists are seen as being on a kind of quest from being unhappy in one gender, to being happy in another. Also, interestingly enough, gender realignment is usually male to female.

People struggling with gender issues are deserving of our sympathy. However this is entirely different from actively promoting gender realignment as part of a wider attack on gender itself which is already wreaking havoc among western youth. 

A friend recently told me about a twenty-something girl she knows who is in a relationship with a twenty-something man. The girl has decided to reclassify herself as a homosexual man while not having any gender realignment surgery. The reasons for her doing this are unclear, other than the fact that she sees being a homosexual man as being 'cooler' than a straight woman?

(left. Jennifer Braly won right to use female bathrooms.) 

We are entering a realm of gender chaos where people can decide what gender they are independent of their genital organs. This is a not so subtle attack at heterosexuals, as in cases where, for example, the transgendered male demands to use female washrooms.

There is a "bathroom bill" that will allow any man who dresses like a woman to spy on them being introduced in Canada right now. 

Another aspect of this heterophobic attack has been unisex bathrooms in university residences and at other public institutions. 


The website is an interesting resource . Walt Heyer  changed his sex from male to female and then back to male after experiencing regret. He set out to discover if he was just an isolated case of misdiagnosis, which of course he wasn't! Far from it.

After writing two books on the subject Walt concluded that sex-change surgery "will not fix the underlying delusional psychological behaviour that caused the request for surgery."

A 2003 long term study of sex reassigned persons by the Department of Clinical Neuroscience, Division of Psychiatry, Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm, Sweden concluded:

"Persons with transsexualism, after sex reassignment, have considerably higher risks for mortality, suicidal behaviour, and psychiatric morbidity [diseased state] than the general population. Our findings suggest that sex reassignment, although alleviating gender dysphoria, may not suffice as treatment for transsexualism."

A 2004 article The Guardian article states: "Sex changes are not effective say researchers."

"There is no conclusive evidence that sex change operations improve the lives of transexuals, with many people remaining severely depressed and even suicidal after the operation."

We wonder if such an article would be published today.  

The promotion of gender confusion should not come as any surprise. Our personal identity and purpose is bound up in our gender. The attack on gender is a big part of the Illuminati's psychological  war.

The promotion of homosexuality and transgenderism was never intended to help anyone. Instead, it is designed to undermine marriage and family and to create as much chaos as possible.

From Real Women of Canada dated Dec. 5/2012:

December is a busy time as we prepare to celebrate the Christmas season. However, it is urgent that we all take a few minutes to express our opposition to Bill C-279, the transgender bill.

A third reading of the bill and a final vote is expected any day.

Bill C-279 proposes to add gender identity and gender expression as prohibited grounds of discrimination in both the Human Rights Act and the hate crime provisions in the Criminal Code.

The bill is confusing and dangerous since it does not define the meaning of the words, "gender identity" and "gender expression." The meaning and implications of such legislation is unknown.

Often referred to as the 'bathroom bill', the passage of Bill C-279 would allow all individuals to enter washrooms, change rooms, locker rooms, etc of the opposite sex. Furthermore, the bill has far reaching ramifications for law and public policy.

NDP MP Randall Garrison, who introduced the bill, has indicated he would accept an amendment to remove "gender expression" from the bill as it is covered by the term "gender identity". This was confirmed by NDP MP Philip Toone who defined "gender expression" as how a person's gender identity is communicated to others through emphasizing, de-emphasizing or changing behaviour, dress, speech and/or mannerisms." Consequently, removing "gender expression" from the bill would not change the impact of this legislation.

The major effect of this bill is that transgendered, transsexual and sexually confused individuals will be given full protection in employment, services, housing in public institutions under federal jurisdiction. These behaviours will be "normalized", accepted and protected.

Attitude, behaviour, dress, speech or mannerisms are subjective personal characteristics unlike race and sex which are objective categories that everyone has. Bill C-279 is not necessary. All Canadians are already equal before and under the law.

Please ASAP fax, email or phone your MP, the Justice Minister and the Prime Minister to politely request they oppose Bill C-279, with or without amendments.

The Hon Prime Minister Stephen Harper: Tel 613-992-4211 Fax 613-941-6900
The Hon Justice Minister Rob Nicholson: Tel 613-995-1547, Fax 613- 992-7910
Your MP: Contact information at:

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Comments for "The Agenda Behind Gender Bending"

Christine said (December 5, 2012):

If a man decides that he is a butterly, what would we think of a surgeon who gave him butterfly wings at the patient's request? Isn't such a doctor a quack who preys upon the mentally ill?

Sodomy used to be classified as a mental disorder. That our leadership is favorable to it does not speak well of them. Or the future of our society.

Let us pray the rosary everyday that God will return us to sanity before it is too late and our society collapses from within.

Kristine said (December 5, 2012):

Elitist religion (talmudism/mormonism/freemasonry) is essentially phallic worship. The ubiquitously universal theme of sodomy and homosexuality we are experiencing is forced induction into this cult.

Parents with school-aged children should teach their kids at home. Otherwise their kids will have homosexuality shoved down their throats. Of course, the method will be carried out incrementally and sublimely, like everything else they do.

Here in Germany the homo-marriage issue is pressing at the moment. Homo marriages are allowed. BUT, if you dare to question the validity of homo-marriage partners getting the perks of NORMAL married people (I man a man and his wife) such as tax breaks etc., you will be met with scathing criticism.

EVEN if you say that the extra “protection” provided under German law is EXCLUSIVELY for married people with children, the homos will try to overrule you. But the FACT is, gays can´t get pregnant and that they cannot live with. Since they cannot get around this law of nature, they use bullying to get best results. With obvious success.

Disgusting but true.

Peter said (December 5, 2012):

The transgendered should be obliged to make use of the disabled
persons toilet to perform their bodily ablutions since they cannot
occupy either of the two other toilets without upsetting the normal
people of the world and by their own choices have become de facto

Lets all stand up for "Normal Rights"

Scott said (December 4, 2012):

A Canadian-based TV show, "Degrassi," is perhaps the best example. This program is an off-shoot of the original ground-breaking "Degrassi" series, which presented very realistic situations of teens. The newer version has been on for over a decade, with now almost no connection with the original. According to its Wiki page, it was the highest rated cable TV series in the US during '06. Ratings have plummeted ever since.

Part of that decline could be attributed to the revolving door of the cast. Some of it might be for other reasons. For the most of its run, story lines always included a gay character. More recently, it's gone overboard with half the story lines have been about lesbian, bi, gay and transgender issues (yes, there's a pre-surgery, trans high school student as a central character). You don't even have to predict how the sympathy and blame for stories and characters are presented. Hint: it meets with great approval from LBGT organizations.

Bottom line - it's propaganda over entertainment. This is just another attempt to convince youth that it's all "safe, healthy and normal," while making them believe that anybody, thinking otherwise, it's "wrong-headed," "homophobic" or a "bigot." The producers and networks have to realize that older viewers, who had connections with the original series, were going to view it more critically. These viewers were probably among the first to stop watching.

O said (December 4, 2012):

There is a concerted, organized, and very literal "war on manhood" being advanced by the media in partnership with some very powerful forces. But there are some subtleties we should be aware of. Any "immorality" related to healthy male sexuality is brought out, blown out of proportion, trumpeted on megaphones from every direction, and fed to the public as the pinnacle of human evil.

Male sexual infidelity is vilified to such an extreme, that every personality trait, accomplishment, and essential character forming reality of any male is thrown out to the garbage so long as he commits a HETERO-sexual sin.

This is very insidious and subtle. A healthy male will look at any
fertile female and be aroused (whether he acts on this etc., is a
separate topic and relates to character development, and understanding the personal power of delayed gratification). The media wishes to VILIFY this. This natural, normal, manhood is being warped into something evil.

They only solution to countering this insidious war is to not judge, but humbly uphold our values.

So long as we partake in the lynch mobbing of those like Petreaus, Woods, etc., men who slipped and fell, we play our parts in the war on manhood.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at