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Self-Restraint is Nine-Tenth of Worship

September 15, 2013

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If the Ten Commandments are any indication,
nine-tenth of worshiping God depends on
what we won't do.

"A man may conquer a million men in battle but one who conquers himself is, indeed, the greatest of conquerors."  Buddha
"Rule your mind or it will rule you." - Horace

The Illuminati Satanists spin self-restraint as "repression," that causes "neurosis."  They champion "sexual liberation" i.e. promiscuity and debauchery.

by Henry Makow, Ph.D.

(Slightly revised from Nov 24, 2011)

Have you noticed that nine of the Ten Commandments are proscriptions?

They tell us what we shalt NOT do.

Surely this is an important clue.
We worship God by disciplining and controlling our lower nature.

The only affirmative Commandment is to "honor your father and mother."  The other nine are concerned with obeying, i.e. self-discipline:

You shall have no other Gods; not make idols; not take His name in vain; not work on the Sabbath; not commit murder; not commit adultery; not steal; not bear false witness (lie) and finally, not covet your neighbor's wife or possessions.


It's important to realize that both religion and civilization are based on a dualistic view of man, as matter and spirit. Man is seen as a wild animal (matter) who contains a spark of the Divine, his soul (spirit.)   

Our souls comprehend and crave God, who is perfection. ("Be ye therefore perfect as your Father who art in heaven is perfect." Mathew 5:48)

Our souls can distinguish between good and evil, truth and lie, beauty and ugliness, love and hate.

Our souls (higher self) are required to hold our primitive instincts (lower self) in check. This is what defines us as human. 

Gradually, the satanist (Illuminati) bankers have erased this distinction. They have made "God" a dirty word, which cannot be mentioned in polite company.  They deny that we have a soul and define man in terms of our animal appetites and whims, no matter how perverse or degrading.
These are also the assumptions of naturalism - man is an animal without a Divine soul.

Poisioned.jpg"Do as thou wilt shall be the whole of the law," is the Satanist credo.

They call self-restraint "repression," causing "neurosis."  They champion "liberation" i.e. debauchery.

With the decline of religion, the only thing to restrain the primitive drives are social norms (laws.) But with Satanists in control, social mores are changing, and things which were forbidden are now permissible.

Satanists invert good and evil. In modern society, man's lower nature is glorified and held up for emulation.


The mass media is the instrument for our induction into Satanism. What is considered edgy and courageous is not confronting the perpetrators of 9-11 but "adults" mentioning embarrassing toilet accidents in public.

I was channel surfing recently when I saw talk-show host Chelsea Lately and her guests discussing incidents when they felt like vomiting from other peoples' farts.

Every city has a give-away entertainment paper, and every paper has a sex-advice column specializing in airing the obscene and disgusting in public.
In Winnipeg where I live, this paper ("Uptown") is owned by the Winnipeg Free Press, supposedly a family newspaper. One recent question involved a sex partner who defecated on the sheets. Another was from a woman whose vagina emitted a foul stench. 

A new TV commercial for Alexander Keith beer: Rude man gives his girlfriend a long lascivious kiss before introducing her to a friend, who also locks lips with her. Edgy! As Nike says, Just do it!

I could fill a column with examples of this race-to-the-bottom, social engineering designed to make us indulge our every impulse, and broadcast our every toilet accident.

Instead of aspiring for what is truly beautiful and refined, modern culture aspires to degrade humanity.  We have no culture because culture is based on aspiring to genuine ideals, not denying them.

Don't kid yourself. This is how Satanism works. It is deliberate.


We think of enslavement in terms of limitations to our freedom, repressive laws, surveillance and concentration camps.

Satanists use our primitive instincts to enchain us. For example, by making sex and romance the Holy Grail, and then shoving sex in our faces 24-7, they turn us into sniveling sex-addicts. 

If an alien visited this planet, he would report that humanity's number one preoccupation was "who is doing whom?" and can people watch?

And if it isn't sex, it's money. We dance to this tune daily, dedicating our lives to protecting our little stash.


How do we protect and liberate our souls?

Recognize that society has been subverted by Satanists devoted to degrading us to the level of domestic animals.

Climb our personal Mount Sinai and write our personal "Commandments."

These are our principles. Things we will not do. This way we will recognize and reject temptation immediately instead of wrestling with it. 

We feel powerless but a spiritual war can be won with spiritual weapons. We can defeat Satan by what we won't do. 


Comments for "Self-Restraint is Nine-Tenth of Worship "

Mike said (September 16, 2013):

You are so correct. I’ve spent a number of years now studying the elites, goals, etc. Not until I stumbled on your site, did I get the truly big picture of what is going on. Thanks to your site, I now am closer to being able to worship a higher power and I also kicked my porn addiction (anger at being such a tool of the Satanist…I don’t want to be a rube) I had struggled with for years. I wish your message got out to more people.

Duncan said (September 16, 2013):

Great Henry

Charlotte Crosby won Celebrity Big Brother UK 12 (2013) and a perfect example of what your saying in this article.

Have a look

James T said (September 16, 2013):

I am surprised that the protocols were so easily dismissed as unverifiable by Hoffman, when clearly the psychopathic world-dominating mentality can be easily seen in the talmud, indeed a person could even call the talmud the source text from which the protocols were distilled, which I think is a key point to consider in all this. I wonder if he has checked the link one may have to the other, perhaps looked at what one says and compared the wording? I do very much appreciate Hoffman's work in exposing the satanism that is
Judaism, perhaps the protocols are used as a canard for psy-ops and anti-semitic claims (and certainly for trying to discredit people),
but it by no means removes their legitimacy.

Perhaps if he is vacationing sometime, and wants to look into it, he may want to give
their origins a good looking at.

Dan said (September 16, 2013):

In the New Testament, Jesus of Nazareth abbreviated all the Mosaic Commandments from ten to two. The first is to reverence and love the Creator of life, and to love our neighbor as ourselves - even your enemies. It's in John, Chap. 22, verses 34-39.

When you think about it, if we appreciate and love of the Creator of life, and recognize everyone we encounter as a fellow creature of God - even those who mean us harm - it becomes impossible to break the remaining eight Mosaic commandments.

Gwen said (November 24, 2011):

Thanks again for another great article in reference to God. I so appreciate the encouragement you give with the stark realization (in my mind )being (bottom line) that Jesus came 'to destroy the work of the devil' (or, Satan).

I believe that worship is walking humbly with the Lord and obeying Him- including those laws! He does give us the ability to use our brains and to stand firm against the temptation ~ in fact we are truly meant to do greater things than Christ but with all of the erroneous teachings and moneychanging going on not to mention the false interpretations of scripture it's a difficult road for many whether they realize it or not. And of course most people wont question a thing- they're already in a snare and don't even know it! Don't question them unless you want to get yourself in a big fight either. Sometime when you have a moment go to I think you'll "get it."

Steve said (November 24, 2011):

The ten commandments were written to Israel. Jesus Christ, while here on Earth, "reduced" those down to loving God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength, and then your neighbor as yourself.

After the giving of the gift of holy spirit in Acts 2, things shifted again as men and women could become born again children by the new birth spirit and our relationship with God is truly one of son and Father.

Remarkably, the apostle Paul, who previously had lived as a Pharisee, was chosen by God to deliver the gospel of grace. The opening verses of Romans 8 touch on this.

If we walk as a loving child of God we will not go around breaking the 10 commandments. But if we do do things contrary to the will of our Father, we can ask and receive His forgiveness.

Leon said (September 10, 2011):

Keep the Sabbath!

The 4th Commandment (read as part of a personal reminder at Sinai) reminds us that the 7th day (sunset Friday to sunset Saturday) was made holy (set aside) by God,

"Made holy" means set aside for a special purpose.

In this case, the day had already been set aside from everything which does not involve God.

What that means is: deliberately participating in this time period by remaining focussed on God & His works is actually a form of worship. A fairly direct form.

Constantine the Great in his huge religious/political amalgamation of about 300AD wanted us to focus on "the venerable day of the Sun" instead. The vast majority of Christian groups have evidently "bought' that, along with the annual festival of Eostre/Semiramis/Aphrodite/Astarte/Venus (the fertility goddess) & of the re-birth of Tammuz/Adonis/Dumuzu/Apollo/Dagon (the Sun god, son of Zeus/Wodan/Baal/Horus/Kronus/Mars) at the Winter solstice. As we count days, there's actually a gap between them (sunset Saturday to midnight Saturday/Sunday).

At first glance, it may not seem to be a huge issue, however there is Romans 6:16 to consider.

Rick said (July 12, 2011):

Once I got out of the Army back in 1969, I proceeded to do every imaginable drug on the planet. It was the roaring 60's, EVERYBODY was doing drugs and one night stands were very popular. For the next 25 years, I was in cloud nine.

Today, I do not have any recollection of my 20's-30's or even my 40's. One night driving home on I95 from Miami to Hollywood, I just looked out the windshield and I asked God for help. I said:" Dear God, in the name of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, I ask you to please help me, I can' go on like this anymore". That same night, 18 years ago, He cleansed me thoroughly, completely.I have NOT had a drink, drug nor sex since that day and believe me sir, I do NOT miss any of them. I have a clear head now, I became a better father, a better friend and a much better human being.Thank you Lord, Thank you Jesus..

Today, I am 65 years old, I do volunteer work for a Church here in Naples Florida and waiting any day for His return. This planet has become a cesspool of depravity, a nasty place to be in and controlled by very evil and wicked people.

Charles said (July 12, 2011):

Have you read The Three Hermits by Tolstoy? I attach a link for your perusal:

Edgar said (July 12, 2011):

Greetings, Henry !

Most true and most profound !

Sometimes some ultra-basic facts are overlooked because they appear to be "banal".

The conditioning that follows from a negation has repercussions that estrange people even more from any original true symbolism. As symbols and/or archetypal non-verbal intuition - our higher intellectual perception and "mental action" - precede the spoken and written expression, the proscription in place of affirmation is subliminally devastating.

No wonder everything is out of synch. No wonder a small clique can train, control and deviate individuals on a global scale. The deviation is built in, the fools' house of lies can develop easily in such falsity. Bravo !

Henrique said (July 12, 2011):

The problem with dualism is that everything in history happens according to it and there's a dialectic ready-made for every eventual incident caused by it prepared by the secret societies. For example, in the Middle Ages the Catholic Church monopolized the interpretation of the Bible, which of course may sound abusive but kept the Scriptures from mob-like opportunistic degeneration ( like these Neoprotestant/Hollywood Empires of today) . With Martin Luther ( every man his own priest ) a lot of "instinctive energy" was released ( lower instincts/nature ) and the stigmas on money ( something still felt as dirty in many traditionally catholic areas ) and free interpretation vanished. Then you had a free path to link the Scriptures to anything you wanted, following the interests of now de-stigmatized money ( when Eugenics as at it's peak, Protestants were told that Jesus was eugenicist himself ). I think the Protestants were an outgrowth of Rosacrucianism ( Alan Watt also has interesting information on that ) . Max Weber, maybe the only honest sociologist in history, linked material affluence in Protestant countries to their view and attitude before money. Not defending the Catholic church, by the way, just an example of how the dualism in human nature is played with throughout history by the Insiders.

Chris said (July 12, 2011):

About 15 years ago I was fasting and praying and an Angel in my dream said to me, and I won't apologize to the scornful atheists reading this, "GOD HAS INITIATED THROUGH PRAYER". The words made no sense to me at all. Later I went to this crazy church I seen on TV and this Indian guy repeated the same words and explained that when Solomon was SINGING PRAISES of thanksgiving, (The) God struck the altar sacrifice from the sky with fire. It cooked. Solomon did not nag or beg for anything but instead he just gave his Maker thanks! WORSHIP IS PRAYER. I repeat. WORSHIP = PRAYER. If you are not worshiping then you are not praying. The highest forms of worship are MUSIC AND DANCE. When we truly pray, Angels boogie and things happen, spiritually and physically. Churches are not teaching people how to pray. When people sit around with their eyes closed saying, "blah blah blah" like someone died, that's SUPPLICATION, not prayer.

Satan/Lucifer before he got fired from his previous employer was a MUSICIAN that prayed though WORSHIP; But now Satan/Lucifer wishes to be God himself. The whole world worships Satan and his army with: X-mas trees for Mithra, easter eggs for Ishtar, MTV, Lady GaGa, gushing over Royals, gushing over Obama the freemason, the Olympics, money, power, vanity, sexual lust, divination, witchcraft, sorcery(drugs), addictions, sicknesses, bullshit etc.. Bars are churches for him and witches rely on music to cast spells. All we need to do is stop DANCING and SINGING for Satan and start doing it for his previous employer. The world bends over backwards to pray to Satan and leaves (The) true God of compassion, the scraps. If you wonder why the world is such a mess it's because we asked for it and prayed to Satan for it. We initiate the world we live in, spiritually and phsyically, by our prayers of praise to either our compassionate Maker or a host of evil spirits. It is our choice. True Love can not exsist without true free will.

Debra said (July 12, 2011):

God the Father in Heaven is oft forgiving and merciful. Many souls aren't willing to do what it takes to have Christ His Son want to come and live within their soul. It's a painful process of repentance many times more heartbreaking than heartaches from lost loved ones by death or abandonment. Most would like to skip the process and revel in the thoughts of how forgiving Father and His Son are, then go about their merry way.
Following The Commandments is by repentance and humility.

We defeat Satan by turning to God with humility and truly saying we're sorry and feeling what that is.

Robert said (July 12, 2011):

The starting-point for healthy human life was described by G.K. Chesterton:

"Man is a creature; all his happiness
consists in being a creature; or, as the Great Voice commanded us, in becoming a child. All his fun is in having a
gift or present, which the child, with profound understanding, values because it is 'a surprise.' But surprise implies
that a thing came from outside ourselves; and gratitude that it comes from someone other than ourselves. It is
thrust through the letter-box; it is thrown in at the window; it is thrown over the wall. Those limits are the lines of
the very plan of human pleasure."

One can only feel sorry for the generations who have no notion of this, our true and satisfying (because it is the
proof of love) place in Creation, and are trying to find happiness through the vagaries of ego.

Dan said (July 12, 2011):

Speaking of the seismic shift in urban free press does anybody still remember when the weekend section was called "Home & Family"? Then it became "Home & Leisure", now it's just "Lifestyles & Sex". It won't be much longer till it's just a section called "F**king".

Here's the Dublin Ireland equivalent of the Winnipeg Free Press, the Dublin Hot Press. Here's this weeks "LIfestyles and Sex" Top Story: "Some enchanted evening You will see a stranger across a crowded room. Sometimes the sexual spark ignites immediately. Other times, it takes longer before it erupts into a weekend-long, private orgy…... READ MORE" This, in the country about which Bono of U2 once said, "there was no sex in Ireland before MTV".

Among the usual vices I was a chain smoker for 40 years. I started smoking when I was fifteen in 1970. My literary influences that year included Jerry Rubin's "If It Feels Good - DO IT", and Clockwork Orange. Whenever a concerned adult would tell me I should stop smoking, I'd flip them off defiantly and say, "It's my life". That was my standard answer through the years when anybody close to me suggested the same.

I liked smoking back then, but I soon found that I couldn't go for half a day without cigarettes. Lots of them. I tried repeatedly to quit in all imaginable ways, but to no avail. I found that rather than being liberated through vices, I'd become enslaved to addictions of the senses.

A few years ago those decades of self indulgence caught up with my health.. Long story short, I thought I was going to die. Not in a few years, but soon. Suddenly I really understood that I'd the healthy young body I'd thought was my property to use for a carnal amusement park wasn't mine alone. I didn't create it, nor could I undo the damage by my own will alone.

The the most amazing thing happened. When I realized that life is given to us by the Creator and not my toy to abuse - I didn't need a cigarette anymore. It just left me.

Dan Abshear said (July 11, 2011):

've questioned the existence of God since my life has been destroyed in the past few years. I'm arm wrestling with God presently, because I'm angry I'm' still alive at times.

Soon after my wife and I got married, we were told by a few doctors, after extensive diagnostic tests, that we would never have children. They determined that my wife lacked the ability to ovulate. We were crushed.

We rarely prayed at least together, my wife and I. However, one night in the Summer of 1997, we did pray together one night after making love. We prayed for a child, and my daughter was conceived that night. We never had any more children after my daughter, and we never used birth control. We never prayed together again, either.

Also, I had an astral projection, as a child. At about the age of twelve, I traveled outside of myself one morning, and into my front yard, to witness a mouse chewing on what appeared to be a stick. Upon returning to my body, I awakened to discover that same mouse chewing on the stick several feet away from my house, from a distance.

Outside of my body, I was sitting next to this mouse, observing it's actions, and I was invisible. This was the only time this ever happened in my life so far, but it made me realize that I have a soul. I forgot about this incident up until only a few years ago.

Since I have a soul, and I should have died by now, I have to conclude that there must be some sort of God. I feel I do a lot of good for the people I encounter, at times.. There is a reason or two I am still here, I feel.

"How about this positive one? Try to encourage someone every day."

Absolutely, Henry

Austin said (July 11, 2011):

'm told by those who are knowledgable of such things, that as a newly inducted serious witch/satanist, one of the very first things one must do, is to go out and deliberately break each one of the Ten Commandments, in turn. This would include adultery, theft and murder. These things are not just 'sins' - two of the three are also regarded as serious crimes. Maybe this is one reason for the higher crime rates we've been seeing of late, in that a certain % of crime is committed by initiated occult practitioners, as more and more people turn to some materialistic belief system in order to ensure their powerbase and/or survival in the coming hard times?

Certainly the internet with its online "services" provides much opportunity for evil to be implanted in the human psyche. The ancient Greeks understood that the body (soma), soul (psuche), and spirit (pneuma), were seperate parts or our tripartite being called 'man', but they also had the concept of what the Bible calls the "flesh" (sarx) and that this 'sarx' was the lower base nature - that which contains our 'animal instincts' - lusts, and that we as Christian people, must overcome it.

It gets right down to a basic choice of how we are going to live each moment of each day, but starts with the choice of embracing the saving grace of Jesus Christ - and that's no religious speel from me - we can't do it without the power of God in our lives. The Ten Commandments were given to Moses, partly to allow people to see that they couldn't keep them with their own human strength, so I urge your readers to seek a relationship with God through His Son Jesus, as the means to achieving this.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at