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We Don't Hear about Self-Control Anymore

April 5, 2023





We don't hear about self-control because Western society is controlled by the Illuminati, a satanic cult that believes in indulging our primitive instincts, the worse the better.

The essential difference between true religion and satanism is that religion believes in using our spiritual connection to God (soul, higher Self) to tame and control our lusts. Our animal nature must be refined in the foundry of our soul. We know God by obeying Him. The Satanist denies this duality and preaches indulgence of the animal self. "Do as thou wilt."


True religion is all about Self discipline: using the Higher Self to tame the lower self. Self-control. Self-discipline. Being the Best

we can be every minute of the day. This struggle for perfection defines life. When we stop striving, life loses its meaning and direction. We become listless and depressed.  Self-control is what defines us as human. Our higher Self is our true identity. The only respect we need to earn is our own. 



Nine out of the Ten Commandments are Do NOT's - The soul Self controlling the lower material self is nine-tenths of religion.  

Mankind has been colonized by Satanists who want to supplant God. They have tricked us into believing God does not exist

and fulfilment consists of animal indulgence. They want to cast us as animals without Divine connection or rights. In this light, I repost Is "Temptation" an Outmoded Concept? 


 "Rule your mind or it will rule you."  -- Horace

"It's all good"  -- popular expression c. 2011-2019  No it ain't.

"I can resist anything except temptation," - Oscar Wilde, Homosexualist 


(Revised from Sept. 2013 & March 4, 2019) 

Is Temptation an Outmoded Concept?

by Henry Makow PhD.


Most people act like the concept of "temptation" is a relic of a bygone era.

Yet in their hearts, they know the concept has never been more timely and urgent than it is today.

A woman asked an advice columnist recently:

"I've been in a relationship for many years with the same guy. I love him, but I've recently discovered I might be more attracted to members of the same sex. Should I tell him? Should I end it? Is there something psychologically wrong with me?"

The psychologist Dr. Joti Samra replied:

"First and foremost, there is absolutely nothing that is psychologically wrong with you for having questions about your sexual orientation... One's true sense of sexual orientation is not a choice ... If you feel that your partner is someone you could talk to openly, and without judgment, you could certainly gently raise the issue with him."


This lady has a passing fancy for other ladies. No wonder, the media is full of it. It's the latest thing. So she raises it with her boyfriend. If he isn't also brain-dead, he will not be happy to learn that his future wife, and the mother of his children, his rock and solace, is a closet lesbian.

Wouldn't it be smarter to shut up and let it pass?

Do we have to indulge every temptation we feel, even if it is destructive to us and the people we supposedly love?

Say she was attracted to other men. Should she act on that too? Discuss it with him?  Most heterosexuals are sexually attracted to many members of the opposite sex. But if they are already committed to someone they care about, they control it. They recognize it as temptation.

Suppose this woman was sexually attracted to children? Would the psychologist OK that as well? 

"One's true sense of sexual orientation is not a choice.."  Believe me, this kind of logic leads to pedophilia. After that, bestiality.

People will resist eating fats and sugars because they are unhealthy. But they think nothing of indulging toxic and self-destructive desires like porn or gambling.

True religions see man as the interface between spirit (God) and matter (animal.)  Man is like a little boy (spirit) riding an elephant (body.) He must restrain his animal instincts.  He must be able to recognize temptation and resist it.

There are two strategies. Indulge a little and show the elephant the object of desire is not that great. Or quit cold turkey. 




Our "secular" society is a stepping stone to the Illuminati's satanism. The Satanist does not recognize the dichotomy between spirit and matter. He denies the existence of spirit and sees humans as animals. He finds salvation in self-indulgence, not self-restraint. "Do what thou wilt," is the Satanist motto.

We are like Eve in the garden, subject to temptation 24/7. Money. Sex. Food. Material things. Power. Fame. TV is full of gorgeous bodies.

They have abolished the very concept of temptation. We have been disarmed and made vulnerable to all these appeals. 

We see it. We want it. We are no longer able to discern what is good and what is self-destructive. With abundant credit, some people don't understand that things need to be paid for.


We need to rediscover self-restraint. An alarm must go off in our mind every time we are tempted.

Quickly we will discover that the rewards of self-restraint far exceed self-indulgence. We will feel as much self-confidence and pride from exercising our spiritual muscles as we do from an intense physical workout.

Spiritual discipline gives life challenge and definition. We become Self-centered in terms of a constant reference to our higher Self. As we purify and exert ourselves, we begin to enter into the fourth dimension, the moral dimension. We begin to experience the person we were meant to be.

I'd like to hear your stories about recognizing and overcoming temptation.


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Comments for "We Don't Hear about Self-Control Anymore "

TN said (April 6, 2023):

Interesting article, do you notice that when men try to achieve something spiritual without God it blows up spectacularly ?
I finally understood the satan foundation of communism from Dr. Loraine Day who pointed out that communism promises paradise like Jesus promises.
However, communists take God out of the equation which is why in reality communist paradise is actual hell on earth.
It really is simple; Jesus plainly teaches He is the way, the truth, and the life.
Follow this, avoid the false teachers (especially the gnostics e.g. communists) and you will have peace beyond human understanding no matter your circumstances.
I am too far from this peace, but I trust and know it is mine to claim when I finally and fully trust Jesus to carry the load.

Wishing you God, truth, freedom, and peace with Jesus always.


Thanks Tony

I love Jesus too but I don't think he intended to compete with his Father.


VT said (April 6, 2023):

My take would be – the devil cannot deny the existence of spirit. He knows God is spirit, he himself and his evil angels are spirits, and he certainly knows that humans, the pinnacle of God’s earthly creation, are made in His image and are a mysterious amalgam of flesh and spirit, which only becomes disentangled at death.

The devil tries to destroy man’s spirit, and therefore the link between man and God (man’s spirit I believe is the ‘image of God’ in man), because the devil hates man. Man will take the place that the devil and his angels forfeited, by the side of the Almighty in Heaven, and the devil hates us for it.

Yes, he tries to reduce us to the level of animals, because in doing so, he (in his perverted rage) is saying, “look, you are not in the image of God anymore, you are not special, you are nothing, you are no better than animals. I hate you!!!”

Of course, he cannot remove God’s image from us. It is imprinted in us, in an even more indelible way than our DNA and chromosomes are. But you of course would understand that the devil is made irrational by rage, so he makes this statement, that he knows is untrue, because it is all he can do.

It’s an absolute tragedy, because every human including the one whose picture you had at the top of the page, Crowley, who rejected God in favour of satan, for the fleeting pleasures which he bestowed on them, will meet the same fate as the devil and his angels. The devil hates them just as much as he hates us, but many of them were fooled, believing that the devil will actually dethrone God and give them places around his throne. I don’t need to tell you how wrong they are.

The devil is full of hate and vengeance, although he is totally unjustified in hating or seeking revenge. It was he who rebelled, he who wronged God, he who has been the undoing of millions of souls. But “Vengeance is Mine” says the Lord (Deut 32:35 and Romans 12:19). And so it will come to pass. It is for us to stay the course as St Paul said, to fight the good fight until our eternal reward.

Thank you for being such a brave soldier in the good fight, Henry. I and many thousands are very grateful!

Elaine said (April 6, 2023):

This is one of your very best articles. Thank you for posting it. Just the good advice that I needed at this time in my life, as I reflect on
my past struggles with temptation.

John H said (March 4, 2019):

Struck by how you make a more vigorous and forthright presentation of Christianity than (we) Christians, intrepidly wading into controversial territories such as hell, self-control, and all the rest that are now more or less taboo among the believers. If preachers spoke the plain truth, as you do, instead of skating out on the thin ice of Political Correctness, I am thinking it might be hard to find a seat.

Meant many times to write and say so, and now I have.

Courage and loyalty is a large part of what a human may aspire to, IMHO. You are surely among the most fearless publishing on the web ---- hats off to you! A great service and you have little competition. Seems telling the truth is a job few want. Don't stop.

Robert K said (March 4, 2019):

The problem is the failure to instruct students about God’s creation—i.e., Natural Law—which we must seek to understand and to which, if we wish to enjoy a prosperous (not only in the material sense) life, we must conform.

Attaining this congruity is the great ceaseless adventure of human existence.

Pedro said (March 4, 2019):

I must confess, I have not read the book(s) #. Please forgive me.

Sure, the world will be (and was) a better place if people believed that there was some kind of accounting for all of it (the good, the bad, the ugly and the beautiful) in the afterlife, however, the devil is lost in the details. Good to know that even if I go to hell I will have a body to feel actual pain ( from a Jordan Maxwell anecdote). A kind of mortality I guess. And if not in good company (if not a satanist) then in like-minded company.

As for people who lie all their lives and then repent on their deathbed (rather than exercise a conscience every moment of their lives ) like Constantine or Washington* , may they go to hell in a handbasket. No,
skip the handbasket, they can walk there. (Though Freddy Mercury would like to "Ride My Bi-Cycle" up your innuendo (get it?)).

They also need a "Scared Straight" for masonic magistrates.


Omar said (November 7, 2012):

A gem. I have learned success comes through mastery over the self.
Mastery over ones desires, laziness, sexual, diet, engenders true
power, happiness, respect, and wealth.

Hardest battle I fought in my life.

Monica said (November 6, 2012):

Gee, for a minute there I was about to agree with Peter - until he mentioned YOGA! Do a little research dude - it is demonic worship. Each position is a contortion to honor one of their demon-gods who took animal forms to present themselves to humans in order to instruct them. The "meditation" is all centered towards demonic-spiritual interaction. The really "good" swamis get possessed! Great stuff, this religion of "enlightenment"!

Jessica said (November 6, 2012):

Don't know how I missed this previous article, but it really is timely and true. Thank you, Henry, for reposting!

When brought to the base of day to day survival, I've discovered that my relationship to the Father and Jesus is a great key to diminish, if not eliminate temptation.

I have spoken with many women who are in similar circumstances, but they succumb to the desires of flesh to appease their fears, loneliness, and heartbreak.

I have had no desire to sin in this respect and I know it has to be God's spirit within me, because I, too, am human. I work through my heartbreak with the Lord.

I just want to live as Christ lived.......

Michael said (November 6, 2012):

I have found the best way is as Brother Lawrence shared in "The Practice of the Presence of God." He had an intimate relationship with Jesus. Made effort as he explained "to not offend God in my thoughts or deeds and worship Him at all times." That depth of love relationship came about only because of Christ. God's love demonstrated, "Greater love hath no man than this, that a
man would lay down his life for his friends, but while we were sinners Christ died for us." Jesus said, "if you love me, you will keep my commandments" One desires to please the one he loves. The practical truth of success though, as
Brother Lawrence found out, was that it was impossible without God's grace.

Adam said (November 6, 2012):

Good article. Raises a number of issues - I will deal with two. First of all "Temptation" can only exist where there is a knowledge that what is tempting is wrong and should be refused. Unfortunately in today's society the knowledge of what is right and wrong is being fudged and blurred by the message that the entertainment media provides incessantly. In addition (number two) we human beings are not as capable as we like to think we are in determining what is right and wrong in certain situations which arise and which lead us into thinking that we should do what pleases us.

Solomon said "There is a way that seems right to a man but the end thereof is as ways of death" (Prov.14:12 and again in Prov.16:25) Stated twice for emphasis. Of course that is the sort of information that we prefer not to have since we prefer to make our own judgement as to what is right and what is wrong. There is only one source for what is right and what is wrong and that is the Word of our Makers and unless the time and effort is spent on learning what they say is right and what is wrong, how can we possibly know ?

T said (November 5, 2012):

1 Peter 5:8
Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour: 9 whom resist steadfast in the faith.....

WLW said (November 5, 2012):

Your latest article on "Temptation" made me chuckle. You sound like a Catholic priest! NO wait. May be a Catholic from fifty years ago! So when are you going to start saying the Latin Mass?

Great article!!! Haven't even heard any of that from the lips of any modern Catholic. Really, you need to be consecrated and seated in a bishopric. We need some spine from someplace.

Vicotria said (November 5, 2012):

No, I don't think temptation is an outmoded concept. People certainly believe that we have control when it comes to what we put into our mouths. Look at the disgust with which fat people are regarded these days because it is believed that it is their choices about what to put in their mouths that have made them fat; no compassion for them (unlike the 'gays').

Fat people and men are the two groups where it is still acceptable to say anything one wishes to, and about, them. Contrary to what the psychologist quoted in your article says, I also believe that sexuality is a choice.

However, that choice is usually determined by the attitudes one has developed within one's birth family towards both one's own and the opposite sex, from the time one is born. As with a freight train that has developed momentum traveling in a certain direction, it takes a lot of work to stop it and go in the opposite direction, but with a will to do so, it can be done.

How much easier it is though, to play the powerless victim and just go along for the ride. (An attitude inculcated in us by forcibly putting us - often unwillingly - into schooling at too early an age. It seems to me that someone knew exactly what they were doing by 'forcing' parents to put their defenseless children in that situation at increasingly younger ages.)

Glenn said (November 5, 2012):

Last night, I attended an Alchemy Seminar, where many of your points were raised in group discussion.

I raised the point of Morality and Ethic's. Suddenly, everything went very quiet for a moment.

In response to the title question of your article, is Temptation and outmoded concept ? Within this group of people I was with last night, I would say the answer is no.

Debra said (May 18, 2011):

As a person improves Spiritually (getting closer and closer to Christ, Spiritually), proportionally, the actions in the physical world should improve. Temptations, but proportionally one's ability to resist.

Resisting temptations is a sure sign of Spiritual strength, yet one must not get haughty, or will fall.

"Lead us not into temptation" obviously, logically applies to those who follow / getting to know God.

Succumbing to temptations are twofold: followers close to God presented with the more difficult tests, or those far from God,
lacking reason or spiritual skills to abstain from temptation and evil.

The Divine in me -

Matt said (May 18, 2011):

Temptation tends to occur when; first we have established our identity and when we are most venerable (e.g. tired and hungry). So when you say something like, ‘I am Christian,' be beware! Satan likes to challenge one's identity with God through Temptation, it is a common motif throughout the entire Bible.

Elizabeth said (May 18, 2011):

Interesting article that needs to scrutinize every psychologists in town. No wonder, despite all churches around United States, we have a
disease called "lack of self-control," that has allowed men to commit extra marital affairs, women to have relationships with other women
and same goes with men too. The entire nation is under the spell of temptations. The psychologists might have even advised the financiers to go and steal pension funds, create wars, and kill innocent people.

They have advised that pornography is healthy and so we have sex offenders running around the country creating menace in the prisons.

For God sake, let the bible be preached. The new generation are itching to hear what their sick mind want to hear. When humanity has lost touch with God, the flesh is in control. Consequently, the flesh spews out the sickness that even animals dare not.

Michael said (May 18, 2011):

A good article.

As I see it, the most seductive temptation in the modern world does not
have anything at all to do with sexual desires.

It has to do with fear:

The fear of doing what you know is right because you will stand out from
the crowd.

The fear of not going along with immorality because you will be looked
upon as a 'prude' or 'strange'.

The fear of telling the Truth because the Truth is simply too dangerous.

The Truth, for example, that the Doctrine of "resurrection" was taught by
Isaiah, Daniel, Jesus and Mohammed as a Doctrine of 'Rebirth'...

Which literally THOUSANDS of religious 'authorities' and media officials
are TERRIFIED of saying out loud or allowing to be published in ANY media...

Which forms the basis for the religious warfare between Islamic and Judaeo-
Christian civilization.

Resist the temptation of fear.

Michael Cecil

Joe said (May 18, 2011):

Now when temptation comes I utilize a different strategy…instead of trying my best to defeat it, I recognize it for what it is and remind myself that I am no longer a slave to sin and will then say to myself, “I don’t *have* to do that! Unlike those that serve the other master of this world, I have a choice and I don’t *have* to sin! Jesus steps in with incomprehensible blazing power and decisive victory is realized!

Henry, please review the following links in this order: – Paul Washer (today’s equivalent of George Muller) “Jesus Died” / 11 minutes – Paul Washer “This is War” / 14 minutes

Jesus is not standing there with hat in hand hoping for us to make the right decision – He IS The King of Glory and all depends on whether we fully choose Him as He Is…or we perish in the most unimaginable utter horror! Paul Washer reminds us that Hell is Hell because God *is* there…it is not Lucifer that rules over Hell…it is God that rules over Hell!

Marcio said (May 18, 2011):

Something that certainly helps a lot is to be watchful and prayerful as Christ said.

And a good method is through St. Ignatius of Loyola's Spiritual Exercises, a book full of meditative exercises and hints on how to fight bad tendencies. It is worth trying it. It is the jesuit's spirituality (by the way, that is why they used to be persecuted by the Illuminati: they were able to think and act better and in a more disciplined manner than the rest and to neutralize their influence; do not believe in all the crap that says they are powerful and lead the world to satanism - "universal religion" - and new world order - that is counter-propaganda, and they are not as influent as they used to be, thanks to the apostasy in Church and to the abandonment of such exercises).

Basically, all you have to do is to do the opposite your bad thoughts and feelings might lead you to. There are some rules in such book to assess if your motions, as he calls such feelings and thoughts, are divine or diabolic and it they must be obeyed or disobeyed. That leads to self-control, a balanced and disciplined personality, a clearer view of what is going on both inside and outside, better and wiser choices, and a strong desire to serve God and not our idols (=temptations). It also makes us more virtuous as we have to do the opposite that temptations want us to do. Therefore, it builds a stronger character.

Have in mind what Christ said: be prayerful and watchful in order not to be led into temptation. The Enemy is around!

Remember that a real man is a brave warrior. And every man's soul is a battlefield. Falling into temptation is for sissies.

Spiritual strength is true manhood (that is also - and principally - for true women, as they are clearly more tempted than us and more easily led astray by today's idols as well - see that Eve fell before Adam and she misled him too, which made women even more fragile in their reckoning and thus more impulsive and compulsive too).

The apothegma and sayings of the desert fathers (early christian monks) are also very helpful.

Brigitte said (May 18, 2011):

Someone must have realized that if we all kept our Christian faith and behaved according to Christian principles, it would not be good for business. Here in France I have seen many advertisements openly encouraging viewers to give in to temptation like I never saw in the United States.

In the chocolate candy aisle of a Paris supermarket there was a sign whose message was meant to be subliminal because instead of garish colors screaming the message, it was written in green on a white background, in the handwriting-style typeface. It said "la gourmandise n'est pas un vilain défaut". There is no english word for "gourmandise". It means greed for food, especially sweets. Greed is one of the 7 capital sins. As children wee were admonished that greed for food was indeed a bad defect.

Obviously the merchants of this world need to overcome our moral barriers in order to sell us their wares.

Advertising in all its form is nothing but an attempt at overcoming these resistances to temptation, it is really devilish in this respect. After all it was Satan who tempted Eve in the garden of Eden, and who tempted Jesus in the desert by promising him untold glory and riches if Jesus would only pay allegiance to him. Temptation is all around us. We need to steel ourselves against it or we're toast.

Doug said (May 18, 2011):

This is one of your best articles. Our evolution from a life in the flesh to a life in the spirit is our true raison d'etre, the meaning of life. Re-connection with your Creator and fellowship with Him is the most important thing you can do while you are here. Succeed in this and God will change you into an eternal being that millennia from now will talk of being "spiritually born" on planet Earth. Awesome really.

Jesus said ..."God is a Spirit: they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth." (John 4:24)

Indulging temptation is inimical to spirit and truth. Self discipline may have a price but it also has a reward."If a man love me, he will keep my words: and my Father will love him, and we will come unto him, and make our abode with him." - Jesus. (John 14:23)

Phil said (May 18, 2011):

Temptation, by the World, the Flesh and Satan, if indulged in leads to sin and sin leads to death.
"All unrighteousness is sin." - 1st John 5:17.
Sin separates one from God. This separation from God is death.

Sin should be confessed to God and the sinner should repent of his sin.

God will forgive the sinner and cleanse him/her.
Do not love the world but love God.

Study God's word, the Maker's manual and become like Him. Jesus Christ was God in the flesh. He is our Saviour and our Lord.

The world is going to Hell in a handbasket if you, the reader, hadn't noticed.

CV said (May 18, 2011):

Although it might not be seen as an classical temptation, to me the most vital and dangerous temptation in the modern world is to hate. If you examine hate, to a certain degree it is a healthy thing, because it means that you protect your own system of values and understanding the world from another competing view, that doesn´t fit into your system. I mean healthy because it is important to have a comprehensive system, that you don´t question everyday and undermine by to much tolerance towards things and people that really seem wrong to you.

Dan said (May 18, 2011):

This postmodern society of humanism views indulgence in temptations not so much symptomatic of mental illness, but as achievements of personal growth and liberation of the 'beast within'. Self induced permanent psychosis is dignified as "liberation of the beast within", or "be who you really are". OTO 80's punk artist "Genesis P. Oridge", author of 'Wreckers of Civilization', termed it "becoming a fully integrated human being".

But that's not the number one subversive notion undermining our culture. Most people haven't yet reached the advanced stage of self-delusion of the humanist. Before that, very early in childhood, there's a basic pre-supposition they have in common with most people today. That's the notion that we're all 'born good', or even 'loving beings'.

It is a pretty idea, though dangerously naive. It goes with the related humanist notion that there's no such thing as sin. Between these two notions, 'temptation' loses it's meaning.
Now let's make the object of your temptation relative to 'who you are'. Now we're getting into the arena of 'rights'.

The French "Enlightenment" philosopher Rousseau promoted this candy coated subversive notion that we're all born loving and fair - This, from a man (Rousseau) of whom Voltaire quipped, had dumped his children on the doorstep of an orphanage because they annoyed him.

Tom said (May 18, 2011):

Another point, that you probably are also cognisant of, is that when you live in the presence of the Divine, it is almost as though, when tempted, the Living God creates a buffer around you which has to be very deliberately and wilfully negated. It's, what I perceive as Hosts shepherding you in the right direction sometimes with human agents assisting, making it very difficult to negate God's providence.

I don't mean to make this sound grandiose, as this is an experience we can all be privileged to, if we surrender to the Divine (King Jesus). This is how powerful and detailed our Ruler is with His subjects. I'd encourage anyone, not just for this reason, but for the broader, in numerous benefits of being a subject in the Kingdom of God to join up!!!! The prayer that Henry has quoted is more that a Good starting point to consolidate on your citizenry!!

Anon said (May 18, 2011):

"A wise man should avoid unchastity as if it were a burning pit of live coals. From the contact comes sensation, from sensation thirst, from thirst clinging; by ceasing from that, the soul is delivered from all Sinful existence." - Siddhartha Gautama


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