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Jeff Rense's 1st Wife Describes his Cheating

May 27, 2012

left, First wife Janet was a 19-yr-old UCSB cheerleader. (This isn't her.)

"I got an STD from Jeff because of his cheating."

"I had post-traumatic stress disorder due to the marriage and wish I had gotten some counseling."

[Editor's Note: Janet, the first of Jeff Rense's seven-plus wives,* (married in 1969) is the fourth wife to speak publicly about a pattern of exploitation & abuse spanning over 40 years

Jeff advertises for women in the following terms: "Jeff Rense is truly an American Treasure...known as a consummate journalist and patriot and equally known for his kindness, loyalty, sensitivity, compassion and intelligence.
You believe in his values and admire his courage and sacrifice."

Jeff Rense is a fraud, a ticking time bomb for the "Truth movement" and everyone associated with him. He poses as a Christian and hosts exemplary Christian pastors like Ted Pike, Texe Marrs & Brother Nathaniel. 

He poses as a champion of free speech while siccing his LA lawyers on web hosts that post the truth about him. If you can't handle the truth or if, like Jeff Rense, you can't tell the difference, do not read this.]

by Janet

My name is Janet, and I was Jeff Rense's first wife.
I received a phone call from "Megan," Jeff's latest ex-wife, on Mother's Day.  What a shock to be reminded of Jeff and the horrible devastation he wreaked upon me over 40 years ago.
I had no idea I was merely the first in a long line of Jeff's devastated ex-wives and girlfriends.  When I told Megan my story, she was surprised to learn how little he has changed over the years.

I was only 19-years-old, a student at the University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB) when I met Jeff, who was a 23-year-old UCSB graduate. 

He had told Megan that he married me to avoid the draft; that I was just a "marriage of convenience."  But that is a lie.  He married me because he loved me, or so he said.

Jeff was very handsome and charming.  It was 1969; there were riots happening in the student community (Isla Vista) adjacent to the UCSB campus.  Students had burned down the bank, and the community was filled with police cars and tear gas. 

Jeff was reporting on the riots for a local radio station.  He was also doing live sports reporting for the UCSB basketball games, and he was an after-school sports coach for 6th grade girls.


Before meeting Jeff, I was a happy person.  I was slightly shy, but I was  a cheerleader and had many good friends.

But that all changed.  Jeff would tell me repeatedly that my friends were   against me, and I could trust him.  He succeeded in isolating me.  (Megan said he does the same thing to her.)

I was very innocent when we married.  I thought our marriage would be monogamous, and that Jeff only loved and wanted me.  But instead he was very interested in sex with other women, and he told me about it. 

He showed me a pornographic picture he had taken of his last girlfriend before our marriage.  He told me of his plans for his 6th grade girls' sports team that he coached.  He was choosing the most attractive ones and waiting until they were old enough, 17 or 18 years old for sex.  He called them his "farm team."

While married to me, Jeff signed up for an art class at UCSB, even though he had already graduated.  He went to a class in which the students would draw pictures of nude models.  I found out from my friends that Jeff was having sex with the nude models.   I was distraught and inconsolable.  I got an STD from Jeff because of his cheating.


Jeff was also a "cheat" in other ways.  He spent most of his years in Isla Vista in a house he rented which was located right on the cliffs overlooking the Pacific Ocean.  But he never paid any rent.  That is because he overcharged his roommates.  Not only did he never pay rent but he would make a $250 profit each month - that is how much he overcharged.

He also took advantage of his knee injury by suing the school he was working for when the injury occurred (this is the school where he coached his "farm team"). 

He won a few thousand dollars from them, and used this money to start a small deli in Isla Vista, upstairs from the general store.  He called this deli "Mario's" after Mario Lanza.  He was a huge fan of Mario Lanza.

I was very unhappy after learning that Jeff was cheating on me.   Jeff then pressured me to end the marriage and got us an annulment.   I did not receive anything; there was no settlement.  He kept our dog, Teddy.


I was a very different person after Jeff.  In looking back, I believe I had post traumatic stress disorder due to the marriage and wish I had gotten some counseling. 

I had completely lost all of my self-esteem.   I was out of contact with my friends.  I was so devastated that I would not leave the house.

I had gone from a happy cheerleader to being agoraphobic.  I dropped out of UCSB, and ultimately finished my degree at a much less prestigious school.  It took me years to recover from my experience with Jeff Rense.

I met Jeff's stepmother (Paige Rense) while we were married. It was very sad; they had a very poor relationship.  I think that may be part of the reason he cannot have a happy relationship with a woman.

It is very hard for me to revisit this period.   I do not want to think of it.  I am telling my story in solidarity with the other women who were abused by Jeff, and to prevent there being any future victims.


Ex wife #3 -- I Knew JR as a Predator

Rense was legally married seven times, and had one legally binding common law marriage and at least one fiancee, all of whom confirm the same story. 


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Comments for "Jeff Rense's 1st Wife Describes his Cheating"

Nicole said (May 28, 2012):

I have to agree with Henry's points about the women's side of this. From my own experience with an online predator, no one wanted

or asked for my side of things, I was automatically guilty, because a manipulative psychopath said so.

Jeff Rense is exploiting the "Truth Movement" and using it to prey on women, just like my stalker does.

Exposure is the only way to deal with a psychopath.

Please refer to:

Labyrinth of the Psychopath

Keep going Henry and Ladies!

Mike P said (May 27, 2012):

OK, I've got to ask. How does Rense do it?

Given the conditions in domestic courts over the last half century and their incredible bias against men, how does he manage to find nine consecutive women, none of whom has sense enough to get a competent attorney and clean his clock?

KP said (May 27, 2012):

Good God. Were it 1 or maybe 2 women coming forward with these horrific memories of their time spent together with Jeff, one might be able to argue that they are simply jilted wives, unable to face the fact that Jeffery has moved on without them. But by this point we're up to wife # 4?? ALL with similar stories of being alienated from friends and family, of being psychologically abused, of being lied to in the courting stage, of having their personal property stolen by Jeff... and on and on.

I'd ask any of Jeffery's defenders (if any remain are rational) this simple question: Would you be pleased to be told that either your mother or sister or daughter had recently responded to Jeffery's plea for a new woman (with traditional values) to possibly become wife #10 ( )?

Jeff Rense's balloon has popped. And the needle was wielded by Jeff himself.

Amy said (May 27, 2012):

I completely agree with your 4 points at the end of Chris's
comments.Keep it going, it does matter.

Mike said (May 27, 2012):

Awesome Henry, I just find it incredible that there aren't many truthers on the world wide web like you. You expose EVERYTHING. The web should be FILLED with this content. Instead there are people who find your content(TRUTH) disrespectful. It is amazing.

Take care man, many blessings, keep it coming.

Al Thompson said (May 27, 2012):

Adultery and fornication is a form of lying. The sexual act appears to say: "I love you....", but the real message is: "I'm going to use your body and your mind, and then I'm going to dump your ass when you don't serve a useful purpose to me." This form of lying gets right into the mind and the soul and it is extremely destructive.

Lying is extremely destructive because it gives one impression, when something else is intended. Once the hearer's mind accepts the lie, then wrong decisions are made.

As far as Rense is concerned, if he is going to cheat on his wife, just think what he's going to do to the rest of us. I don't think any of his "wives" deserve this kind of treatment, but everyone can see just how damaging a liar can be. If he loved his wife, he wouldn't do any of those things to her.

Bernd Hauck said (May 27, 2012):

Are you nuts?

you peace of shit!

KJ said (May 27, 2012):

I love your site, I feel like it's one of the only sites that really cover the truth about how this world is controlled. I am emailing you to tell you that you need to relax with the Jeff Rense articles. It is getting ridiculous, we get it, he is a fraud. Go back to focusing on more important stuff.

Thanks KJ

Where have you been? I post 1-2 JR stories a month. That leaves 28 other stories.

Obviously, I do think this is important.


Chris said (May 27, 2012):

I really like your stories except those about Jeff Rense. While I conclude they all seem to be true, especially after analyzing Rense's radio personality in light of your commentary it nonetheless sullies your other timely and important analysis.

I recall back in August 2008, after the Russian invasion of Georgia, you posted an article about Russian Leader, Putin, and how he was just as compromised as President Bush. You were the only one to claim this - backed up with detailed analysis of Putin's background - and it made me realize that the entire world and all the world leaders were part of the matrix and unfolding, well-orchestrated play.

Yes, I have you to thank for unearthing this sobering truth and that there is no escape from this slow motion train wreck. Furthermore, you continue to present timely analysis on the breakdown of the family unit and the forces behind this. Once again, this analysis is unique on many fronts. You are perceptive and introspective as well and it is reflected in your articles. You have shown that nobody, except God almighty himself will save us and that salvation lies from within for those who understand the matrix.

So, keep the high road and forget about Rense. People already know who the personal man is and the damage is done.



Thanks for the recognition and the advice.

1. I'm surprised how little sympathy I hear for the women whose lives JR damaged and almost ruined. If these women have the courage to tell their stories, I think they have a right to be heard.

2. JR is an ongoing liability to the Truth Movement. He could admit that the charges are true and that he is a fraud. He could make a 180 turn, apologize to all concerned and seek treatment. Instead he continues to confirm the original diagnosis and behave more irrationally than ever.

3. Some people treat this as a vendetta and ask me to take the "high road." This is another way of sweeping the problem under the carpet. You cannot separate the anti-NWO message from the messenger. In this case, the messenger has to come clean.

4. Journalism is about presenting information people want. There are still people who are interested in this fascinating story. I asked the rest to ignore it.

Maria said (May 27, 2012):

Bravo, Henry, for your latest expose of Jeff Rense -- but even more for standing firm and refusing to be intimidated by Rense's attempt to silence you by siccing his $550/hour L.A. attorney on you with threat of a lawsuit:

Keep up the good work exposing this malignant narcissist -- fraud, bully, and user-and-abuser of women!

Pat said (May 27, 2012):

You're stirring up a hornet's nest. This man is not right in the head.

R said (May 27, 2012):

You are doing vital work in exposing Rense for the fraud he is. He's fooled a lot of people and although I only had a strong 'gut feeling' about the guy I had little to substantiate it.

However, these ongoing revealations from his ex-wives confirm my worst suspicions and will hopefully open a few more eyes to the real Jeff Rense.

He needs to be exposed before he does further harm.


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