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I was Scammed But Aren't We All?

April 22, 2012

Fritz2.jpgAnd that got me to thinking, WHO hasn't been deceived by the Illuminati, the Powers that Be at some time or another???

Springmeier believes bride scams are tied to Western intelligence services and the Illuminati

by Fritz Springmeier

I have now had some time to reflect upon how I was scammed as well as observing the reactions of those who read my article about the scam.  We are all interpreting situations. That is what humans love to do. We try to figure out what is happening. We are always asking questions like WHY?

Fritz's fiancee.jpgI was responding to someone who had daily communicated with me that she loved me (in fact, the transcripts of just our chatting stretches 2,400 pages not to mention telephone conversations and mail) with my interpretation of what was going on and I was terribly mistaken.

In turn I read the responses to my article, and I noticed how again part of being human is to make interpretations about things. Again, nobody came close to interpreting what had happened correctly.

People understood me no better than I understood my fiancée. For instance, some thought I was out to get an Asian woman because I am incapable of forming a relationship with American women and wanted a doormat to boss around.

How silly. And all this made me realize how important it is that we don't jump to conclusions but that we find an accurate framework to create a valid interpretation so that we can respond to life correctly.

And how do we find an accurate framework? We are told that the quality of love for our fellow man is an indicator of how we love God.  Do we show favoritism?  Do we avoid the truth?  Do we gossip about others?  Are we able to come along side others and help them? What agendas and soul ties shape our perceptions? Who built our frames of references and our world-views?

And then I began to see that my situation with my fiancee in many ways mirrored the struggles that people face in interpreting the kind of articles that Henry Makow posts about the Illuminati and "Saving the Males."

If the interpretations of the article I posted were so far off the mark, just how do we gain the wisdom to correctly interpret events around us??

I noticed that in terms of myself, I certainly met some of the various criteria of a fool described throughout the Book of Proverbs: I was right in my own eyes and I wasted money.

But in many other ways I don't fit the various criteria. For instance, I haven't been angry, raging, and hotheaded.

Still my own biological sister called me a "fool". But the website that exposes the scams warns people that these scams are so slick everyone is vulnerable and that people should not look down on those who have told their stories of how they were deceived, because it could happen to anyone.


Thanks to my article, I was informed by an honest Filipina, that women in the Philippines volunteer to work for crime companies that write the scripts for their scams and guide these women.

That makes a great deal of sense considering what I experienced. One reason I trusted is that I couldn't picture one person having the audacity, the moxey and skill to carry out a scam on the level that hit me.

An individual doing it would have tensed up somewhere in the process. The women are in a sense pimped out in these scams and make for themselves little of what is sent to them.

These companies are suspected of being part of an international network of black ops by western intelligence agencies. Interesting, so the entire thing circles back to our country!

Wow. And this illustrates to me the importance of websites like Henry's, where vital information is disseminated to help us cut through the deceptions so we can respond to life correctly!

Also as a postscript, thanks to the article Henry posted, I got information on how my lady was also scamming other men!! which helped me to follow up with the Internet Crime unit.

Comments for "I was Scammed But Aren't We All? "

Vanessa said (April 23, 2012):

I think the bride-scam business is, like many of the other scams, a way of transferring wealth out of America. It doesn't matter who or how much; it is simply part of the greater siphoning-off of American cash with another formulaic systematic way to do this.

It plays very cleverly on the growing disillusionment of American men with American women, and the well-publicized longing of disadvantaged foreigners to "become American." The scamming blends nicely into the global multicultural recipe whether it works or not: If it fails early on in the game the man may try to find an "honest" foreigner, and if it succeeds he will become even more embittered toward women, this time foreigners as well as those from his own country.

It's a dilution/separation agenda that keeps going: If the man succeeds in finding an honest Filipina (or other foreigner) he will bring her to America, marry her and they will have multicultural or bi-racial children.

As we know, ethnic/racial interbreeding succeeds in creating people who quickly lose their heritage and conform to what is modeled around them (robotic modern culture with pigeon brains), so that's a score for the PTB. Some men who are not scammed from the get-go and import foreign brides find themselves divorced in due time with sizeable support obligations. This too drains American cash, which pays for the ex-wives to bring in friends and family, adding more dilution.

I knew a Russian woman who was waiting for the right time to divorce her aged millionaire husband, start a cash stream and get herself a lovely McMansion in America for her Russian friends to live in.

I knew an American man who imported a new European wife who brought her several children and took over his home, forcing him into a stuffy apartment with rented furniture while he continued to pay her bills and bail her now-teenagers out of their messes. She refused to divorce him -- exile from the house was better.

I hear American men wailing, "They've ruined American women!" and I hear American women wailing, "They've ruined American men!" And "they" are rubbing their hands with glee and laughing their asses off, their sights set on all the world's women and all the world's men as we move toward same-sex pairing and the eventual genderless human of the future.

Rebecca said (April 23, 2012):

re Mr. Springmeier's case: My truck driver friend who is approaching his first anniversary with his Filipina was first scammed, but dropped her early on when things did not smell right. We were already suspicious because she would only communicate by email, and when she began asking for money, he had her address and alleged employer checked out as I advised him to do.

He eventually found another, sincere girl, who did not hesitate to communicate via live, vid link. After 6 months, during which she did not ask for money, he again took my advice and flew over to meet her, even though he had never flown on a plane in his life.

I wanted to go along and visit some of the places where my father fought, but was unable to travel then. His time there with her was very pleasant and after another year of waiting for visas & immigration hassles, she arrived last Spring.

This young guy is a nice, hard-working fellow who is frugal in nature, is half the age & probably has half the IQ of Mr. Springmeier, but he was aware of the scams, used a bit of common sense and was willing to listen to a mature person's analysis of his situation.

I warned him that all of these women would send some money back home, and he seemed to accept that since in his Hispanic culture that is common. She has recently started her first job here, working at Target.

I have another friend who is a Jewish lawyer who has 2 very successful half Filipino kids in their 30's, both college grads, and one an attorney..

My advice for a white American man is to take a tip from Rebecca(Rivka) and find a wife from among your own people, and expect to obtain a spouse within less than 10 years of your own age.

White American women are largely screwed up, selfish, neurotic, and spoiled, but you will have no more trouble sifting out a good one than you would trying to sift out a good one on the other side of the world.

Any woman who comes to the US will be subject to the same propaganda from the jewspapers & talmud-vision..Foreign brides appeal to those who seek instant gratification, but there is never anything instant about the process and often any gratification is temporary.

I frequently see American men bringing over brides from the former S Union with varying degrees of success, but seldom hear of many brides or husbands being for Americans from S Africa where there are many educated, English-speaking white Christians who need to find a new home but are effectively barred from emigrating to most white nations.

Jeff said (April 23, 2012):

Fritz, There are plenty of nice filipinas looking for a good guy like you. While you may have had a bad experience, you are now enlightened to what is out there. You and I have a few things in common. I too was a guest with Uncle Sam. Upon coming home in December of 2006 I found myself having a hard time meeting someone local, and then 9 months later unexpectedly connected with a filipina online. My PO allowed me to travel, and 60 days after meeting her online I visited her in the Philippines. I decided to meet quickly because I preferred to know asap if it was right. After meeting her we decided to apply for a fiance visa, and 4 months later she arrived in Florida. I never sent her a nickel before meeting her, and only sent her $ after meeting her for fees and travel expenses to Manila towards getting her visa application complete (physical exam, etc). If you do try to meet another filipina, my advice is be sure u talk to her often on video chat while she is home. All girls have at least a computer in their home with webcam. She will be proud to show you her family, and home life. And you will know if it's right. Also, girls from the provinces are often much nicer (excluding Pampanga as it's too close to Clark AFB and the hustle is often on there). My wife and I married in September 2008 and she is due to give birth to our 2nd daughter in May. I highly recommend you have an open mind to think of giving it another try. My brother had a similar experience as you, gave it a 2nd try and is now happily married to a nice filipina. If you ever want to chat you are welcome to get my contact info from Henry. Best wishes to you. Jeff B.

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