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Illuminati Use "Magick" Against Us

December 2, 2009

Magick1_253.jpgBy L.C. Vincent



The Illuminati and their minions enjoy the certain knowledge that the spiritual realm not only exists and at all times interpenetrates our phenomenal world; they also know how to manipulate elements of these spiritual dimensions to make things occur at a given place and time according to their wishes.

On the more mundane level, they know how, through the manipulation of words, sounds and symbols, to change people and the flow of events of the world in which we all move.

If Magick can be defined as "The Art and Science of causing change (in our world) to occur in conformity with Will" , then the Illuminati, who know with a certainty that the spiritual realm exists as a part of our "ordinary" sensory reality, have also learned how to bend, shape and manipulate that reality and the people within it to affect change which will benefit them.

They may do this through elaborate ritual, or by simply imposing their Will upon another through the strength of their thoughts.  However, it is often desirable, and sometimes even necessary, to acquire the actual physical excreta of a person they wish to control.  Therefore, strands of hair, one's fingernail clippings or a jot of blood will provide the "physical-spiritual link" between the one they wish to influence, and the controller. 

In the case of the late Philip John Jones, the Illuminati may well have sent an agent or agents to gather the physical linkage they needed.  For as surely as an insulated electrical wire will deliver its current to whatever is tethered at the other end, the direct physical link to the subject of their manipulation and attack will provide the most direct path for their influence. 

Aware of his vulnerabilities, they used a "damsel in distress" to gain access to his personal space, and his personal castoffs (hair, nails, etc. found in his bathroom) in order to directly manipulate his health.  And more than likely, to ensure the probability of their success, a mixture of home made "vitamins" compounded by his Inamorata of the moment were added to seal his fate.

As we sleepwalk through our daily lives, most of us rarely think how the spiritual world ALWAYS interpenetrates our own. We rarely question what may be happening in the World of Manifestation, the Spiritual world, where what is to become real begins to form and take shape before it actually appears in our Phenomenal World of physical reality.

We think of time as linear; we think of people and events as isolated, and yet quantum theory has proven that all things, all people, all events, are interconnected.  This perpetual interconnection of all people and events in the continuum of time provide the Illuminati with the certainty that future events can be manipulated by the manipulation of signs, symbols, words, music, ritual and spells.  This is Magick.

In the spiritual realm, the realm where "good" and "evil" coexist as readily as they do in the typically mundane sphere of our five senses, those with Wisdom of such things know that nothing happens by accident, nothing happens by chance, and that there is a design and purpose to everything, whether or not our intellect can perceive it; and that all things are interconnected, in both space and time, both from the past thru the present to the future.  

And it is in that future, the pliable, plastic World of Becoming, the world of manifestation hardening into the reality of direct sensory experience, which can be changed and bent and shaped by those adroit at using the living symbols of these arcane arts to tamper with the destinies of a man, of men, and of mankind, as they see fit. 

None of the Illuminati's manipulations enjoy a foregone conclusion of success; they only become successful because they brook no strong, knowledgeable resistance in our world to their operations on the planes of manifestation which interlock with our planes of physical reality.

It is not simply the ignorance of the Laws of the World of the Spirit -- which have nothing to do with "good" or "evil" since both reside in the spiritual realm as easily as they do in our sensory world --  which preclude us from challenging the Illuminati at their own game; it is the fact that our feeble, rational mind, (which bears as much relationship to full spectrum reality as our puny egos bear to the power and capacity of our total mind), cannot bear to admit that it does not have all the answers, or all the knowledge of all things in Heaven and Earth.

And it is from this arrogance of rational ego that The Illuminati will continue to be able to manipulate those who refuse to grasp and admit that their knowledge and use of the Laws of the Realm of the Sprit will continue to provide them with an unassailable advantage --- until we, too, fine tune our spiritual perceptions and learn to fight back and reverse the forces they have unleashed upon us to cause them the havoc they wish to inflict upon our world.

Until that time when we learn to become spiritual warriors for Truth, and learn the operational Laws of the Spiritual World; until we admit that the Spiritual World is an eternal part of our "normal" waking reality, we will continue to be blinded to the powers and abilities The Illuminati wield against an ignorant populace, separated from their heritage of Spiritual Divinity and Power.


Makow Comment: This article alerts us to the use of "magick" by the Illuminati.

For that, we are grateful. But, apart from poisoning Philip Jones, it is short on examples. IMO, the Illuminati regard deception (propaganda) as a form of magick. As such, the education system, the news media, entertainment (movies, music) etc. are all forms of magick--anything that allows them to control us through lies and misdirection. I look forward to hearing more from Mr. Vincent  on this subject, as well as on methods of resisting magick.

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Comments for "Illuminati Use "Magick" Against Us"

Bruno said (December 4, 2009):

Your post on 'Magick' is quite accurate and equally astonishing in that you - again - are the first one to notice and publish a reality, which should have been common knowledge among us so-called Christians.

But you know we have become the worst rationalists over the centuries that one could say anything about angels in a church although the whole Bible is full of them. What a sorry bunch we have become and quite agnostic and arrogant as well.

It is the same Luciferian pride that makes us think we can get along without them. Apparently, the devil worshipers are far more clever and humble than we are. At least they acknowledge that their leader, Satan, is of a higher intelligence than they are and worth invoking and listening to.

Think about this for a while. It is scary, our Christian ignorance and hubris. And our leaders are no different because they were supposed to be teaching us about angels. All you hear is their lame Tomism at best and their childish 'oh be nice to each other' baloney. But it is written that the children of this world are more clever in dealing with their own realities than are the children of light. It is an unbelievable indictment of our whole so called Christian culture.

The truth is, though, that if we had a devotion to say St. Michael the archangel not to mention the myriads and myriads of other ones, then we would most assuredly not be in our present predicament. One of the warrior angels under the out-date and superseded dispensation (Old Testament) managed to easily defeat an army of 180,000 Assyrians in a single night.

Not only are they holy, intelligent, powerful, always victorious, prescient (relative to humans anyway) they are also spirits like our counterpart angels of darkness. If we would treat and entreat our angels like the Illuminati treat theirs then they would not have been so successful. And not only that, these most powerful angels have come to us all through New Testament history, yet every single time we treat them shamefully and with the greatest of doubt. So often now and in the past I am ashamed of my so-called brothers and sisters just in regard to angels. If we have to look to the devil worshipers to learn how to treat angels properly, then there is something terribly wrong with our Christianity. Of course we always advance "reason" for our insanity.

But perhaps our reason is equally corrupt along with our faith because we have no humility. Everyone wants to run right to the big boss not because of any necessity but because of our own self importance. The truth is that God created the angels and quite a lot of them for our guidance. And we pay not only no attention but treat them with disdain as something like idolatry. Yet the most lamentable idolatry that I see is the idolatry of our inflated ego. But tell that to our boastful generation - yeah boastful like Lucifer.

But there are a few people who really know. And I for one would not live without my guardian angel nor without the company of many others. They are the best of friends and fabulous teachers and most reliable guides through this age of darkness. This is not to mention the formidable battles they help us win. It is foremost a battle of the mind to discern the treacheries of the dark ones before they trick us into moral and spiritual failure. The dark ones are liars like so many of our politicians these days. But the angels of light always tell the truth even if rather not hear it. But Truth is splendor. And you Henry did tell us many thing in truth.

Runar said (December 2, 2009):


Yes, that’s how we ARE love.
That’s how God lives through everybody and “can see everything” we do.. It’s with OUR eyes!

This is what the Illuminati doesn’t want anybody to realize/remember ever again.
So the “Great Architect”/Lucifer/Odin/Osiris is denying that we are the frequency of two spirits,
and is trying to convince us we are only dead meat.. Just a physical body.. That Life is worth nothing.

Awareness of that simplest truth, how we are love, physiologically, is the key to seeing
the great value in all forms of life and consciousness.

So when you pray to God,
you’re asking the unconditional Love between
the Light and Sound waves that makes up your body and soul to strengthen and heal.

You’re basically asking your oldest “parents” for protection.
Now how simple and adorable and innocent isn’t THAT??

So the only difference between US and THEM is that if we let God live through us… God is us!
While they are the opposite, the think they themselves are God.


And that’s the definition of Satanism.

Why the hell do you think executioners used to wear a hood that covers the face??

So that the one getting murdered doesn’t register his face and take it with him to God and through Karma..

Don’t think you are God. God created you so that God could see, touch, smell, hear and taste things, and grip things with the hands and run with the feet.

The mistake is to believe that You are God though.. See the difference? It’s the complete opposite! Simply hence the inverted pentagram.

The best reason to be clean inside and out. Remember that the word Satan was just a common word for sickness.

Cleanse your body. Let God have a great temple. The temple for the two pure spirits, Light and Sound, you “soul”.

And your soul are your thoughts, so please, for “your own” sake, think clean as well and all will be swell. You could also say that it is a case of; The Ego vs. The All.

MA said (December 2, 2009):

as a Muslim we are told clearly that it exists in the koran especially the scene described to us when moses pbuh confronted the pharaoh and his magicians.

i would like to tell all readers here that in my line of work, we are told that access to our frontal lobes is restricted by adding on a aluminum foil on our foreheads, why this is because all spiritual energy manifesting from our thoughts as a pattern of energy comes from this area! an energetic thought pattern will link to who or whatever in the universe instantaneously.

if anyone practicing magic was to get hold of your bodys clothing,hair,nails etc he/she would be able to direct negative energy(magic) as those items record your bodies frequencies unique to you hence the effect on you only!

also you have a jinn in you called a kareen from the time of your birth which if not overcome by good actions/ faith in Allah he will lead you to destruction and make you susceptible to harm in various ways magic being one of them!

i hope this helps as a brief to all readers!

GS said (December 2, 2009):

I have started reading your site about a month ago, and I truly appreciate your view and opinions on what is going on in the world,
and the depth of corruption stemming all the way back to the sexual revolution; it's really opened my eyes to what the true cause of society's moral decay.

As for the article regarding "Magick", I see a lot of respondents talking about the spiritual realm, but very few mention God in their
discussion. How do we combat this evil? Through the weapon God has given to us, prayer, and specifically prayer for the conversion of
sinners. We are at war, one between Heaven and Hell, and human souls are the reward. There is no greater triumph than the conversion of
the most wicked person to the service and glory of God, and no bigger blow to Satan than a loss from his "legion" of agents.

Please consider adding this short prayer to your daily prayers:

Holy Trinity, through the intercession of the most Blessed Virgin Mary, your mother, daughter, and spouse, show mercy to the wicked and
touch their hearts. Bring them to true remorse and repentance. Guide them to a life of goodness and virtue in service of your Holy Catholic

Steve said (December 2, 2009):

The spirit world exists, the question is what is the source of the spirit. Since I am Christian I believe in God, the father of Jesus Christ and the gift of holy spirit (Acts 1:5, Romans 10:9, 10) -- and Satan and his army of devil spirits. Satan possesses, but God must rely on people motivated by love, and does not possess.

One time someone tried to put a hex on me (my supervisor at work actually), and I told them it wouldn't work because I was a son of God, and quoted him I John 4:4. He was physically drained all week, the hex didn't work, and soon after he quit his job.

Flesh and blood have no chance against devil spirits, and evil people run the governments. However, Romans tells us (those who have holy spirit and exercise it) that we can "reign in life" in spite of this.

April said (December 2, 2009):

My name is April Danann and I wanted to provide some thoughts from the perspective of an Intuitive especially as most of us 'feel' and 'know' things that we are trying to back up with other more concrete information.

I also felt that I needed to shed a different light on the death of Phillip John
Jones and what I feel happened to him.

As an Intuitive I work in the multi-dimensional spaces and I wanted to alert you to another MOST important aspect of life that constantly gets overlooked and this is the microscopic level. The war against consciousness (ie Mr. Jones' death) is being fought with viruses (manmade), yeasts and molds as well as 'their' drugs and so-called supplements.

Humans have 32 dimensions (ie. we are able to access and we exist on 32 levels) this attribute is according to the number of teeth we have. As in all species some of these dimensions are unseen.

When we take the other aspect of life- that is what is inside is also outside then we can start to equate or find parallels with the rest of the world. Actually it all falls nicely into place and there is NO mystery.

The 'NWO' or 'they' have gone and continue to go to great lengths to keep us in the dark about MOLDS and YEASTS, and the fact that these 2 organisms are responsible for ALL illness including mental, emotional, and spiritual disease.

The chief yeasts, so to speak are the Arch Angels- and we have an ENTIRE industry built up around these ANGELS where people are welcoming them into there lives as if they are benign beings.

Thus, IF you believe in the Dark Arts and Black Magic, I implore you to think equally about this aspect of life as this is its SOURCE.

There are many who also have reached these same conclusions about illness and disease- the Doctors are usually put out of business and stripped of their license if they voice this in any way.

Remember the medications, antibiotics and drugs are ALL mold and fungal based......Consciousness has been infiltrated by these molds on all human
dimensions, while those doing the infiltrating are NOT human, but are
some kind of beast actually living in the suits of the humans they prey on.

Thus they need US in order to survive.




Co. Louth Ireland

+353 (0)87 236 1616

T said (December 2, 2009):

Wow, I studied Cabala for years, simultaneously the brain/physics...I learned the connection this writer relays and this is right on! Awesome article...Thank You

Laura said (December 2, 2009):

I have been advocating for years that this world is being run by black magick and the way to take it back is ….not by guns ….. not by storming the white house and other official buildings ….. but by Counter Magick!

Education into what is REALLY going on is the first step, but education in counter magick is the solution. The challenge is that they literally have all the money in the world to enslave us, and those who have the ability to stand up to them are so broken physically, mentally, psychically and financially, putting them in constant survival mode. This keeps them in such a spin that it renders them darned near useless to band together an stand up to the tyrants. A perfect plan that has worked for centuries. I know for a fact that they employ people to do their magickal bidding and dirty work. Most of the “Powers That Be,” by themselves, have very little psychic and magick abilities so they have to “outsource” it. Since they have endless money supplies at their disposal, they reign supreme.

Thank you for this article, it helps me to breathe easier and I will indeed sleep better tonight knowing that there are others out there who really “get it!”

Calvin said (December 2, 2009):

In my opinion any and all conscious magic is doomed to be the undoing of its practitioner due to the fact that it represents a metaphorical eating of the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, which results in our exile from the garden of God's grace. This is because he is rebelliously affirming that he (or she) will partake of the fruit in order to acquire something he believes that he wants.

Should one, on the other hand, accept within their psyche the understanding that, whatever they seemed to believe that they knew, they might not know (by virtue of the fact that God might be the only one who knows anything) perhaps they would, once again be welcomed back into the garden.

Farbeit for me to ascribe any motive to existence, or any explanations to account for behavior exhibited by those most of us seem to consider evil, though this seems to be our self-imposed burden, indeed in many cases our very raison d'etre.

It seems elementary that any seriously thoughtful person must eventually arrive at the conclusion that there is a God, though we may not in any way know him, except perhaps on a quantum mechanical level in which the verb "knowing" means something more than what it is commonly believed to mean, perhaps by virtue of the fact that we may be a part of what we seem to believe in.

David said (December 2, 2009):

Magick is the most pervasive evil on Earth. All the wars and bloodletting is for that purpose mainly. Evil deeds along with blood gives power to the evil within hence the initiation rituals and 'black mass' of secret societies. The Illuminati are not the most numerous magicians: Big sorcerers are everywhere, often directly employed by the rich. Ordinary-looking people are members of covens found everywhere. It is as if people who have too much money and too little money resort to magick.

Olden witchcraft or tantric rituals all depended on the power of the sorcerer and his dark side tribe. When a job is to be put down all the dark side energies in people (and those summoned from beyond) focus on the target. No end of things can be done including heart attack or stroke. They can cause accidents and send you mad. I know because I am a target.

One should not fear this type of attack. They can only affect you by working on your own dark side. This was told to me by a Tantric sorcerer. If you defeat and control your own dark side, they can't hurt you. They have to build your dark side to attack you. Hence the need for people close in with you ... to feed you blood and other pollutants. Women use menstrual blood along with vaginal discharges and unwashed mouth fluids as a means of building male dark sides to suppress or affect souls. Sorcerers use ashes from cremation grounds. These build on the weaknesses created by acidic diets of starch, meat and toxic additives. One as to monitor everything ingested. Store-bought food is one of the greatest sources of internal pollution. Cook your own meals.

If you understand how it works you can defeat magick. Any attack on the soul has to be directed through the dark side within. The body is an interface where the evil world can interact with soul. Conquer your dark side and there is nothing they can do. Soul and dark side are 2 distinct invisible substances, like oil and water. Remove pollutants, kill anerobic germs and become slightly alkaline. Maintain the integrity of the vascular systems and organs. Fight the 'thought' inputs to your head. If you don't will something, it should not be there.

There is modern magick which utilizes radionics and will power. These use orgone or positive energy from the vacuum to accomplish tasks at a distance. These can be used for helping and hindering purposes. It is not good or evil in the sense that it is utilizing the natural science of creation. Scalar weapons operate the same way. When evil people use science to do wrong things, it is evil. It is not that the Illuminati is blessed with spiritual knowledge. They have stolen the works of people like Tesla, Reich and Raymond Rife. It is the knowledge brought down by good people that they are calling their own. The magick technology is expensive but it works. Good people should use radionics. They will have great success because of their greater willpower. It takes phenomenal willpower to remain a good guy.

So the secret is to become SOUL. Then no evil can defeat you though you body can be killed. Soul has its own entourage of invisible good guys, culminating with God. So, who or what is there to fear? In fact, the soul operates from a world that writes the blueprints for manifestations on Earth. By blessing or cursing, we bind or free. This is honored in heaven...the home base of the soul.

Moe said (December 2, 2009):

Magick used against us. It's all in the Book of Revelation.

Marcos said (December 2, 2009):

The "elements of spiritual dimension" that Vincent mentions are simply evil spirits, known from immemorial times in the Bible and other religious texts, not to mention from direct experience from many people who deal with exorcism and spiritual healing.

Even though I agree that materialist people in the developed countries should be more aware of the spiritual dimension, there is a great temptation to use so-called "white magick" to counter attack black magick. There is no such thing as good magic. Both simply use the powers of evil spirits to accomplish its goals. Even powerful wizards are really given power only while they are useful to the demons, especially in their task to send people away from God and mesmerize people with cheap tricks. Once they are not useful anymore, they are discarded, just like Aleister Crowley, who died crazy and miserable. Wizzards don't control demons, they are controlled by them.

The only way to protect yourself from spiritual magick is through the power of God and especially Jesus name. The only way to protect oneself from "mental magick" (propaganda and lies) is through rationality and the discerning power of the Holy Spirit.

Gary said (December 2, 2009):

I have just read the article posted on your website. For one place to start to look for evidence of the power of spirituality (from a scientific approach, and from a scientist who is opposed to what he calls the High Cabal) go to:

I see that one commentator [below] is attacking 'the Darwin drivel'. It is not that simple. Darwinian evolution and intelligent design can be reconciled in a manner pointed out by Tom Bearden. The link is through the concept
of 'negative entropy' which is not accepted in mainstream science, but as he shows that is a shambles, with real science suppressed.

Max said (December 2, 2009):

Understanding Magick or the science and ability to move energy and emotions is the key to taking back this planet and restoring Truth and Justice.

This topic has been deliberately ''ridiculed'' and ''hidden'' by the Powers that Be. Just the superstition that the number 13 is an un-lucky number is a very good example of the propaganda by the Illuminati to keep the ''ordinary'' people scared and suspicious of Magick, so they can be the only ones using it and controlling the rest of the populace.

They use the number 13 extensively in their rituals. I see the wisdom behind Philip Jones's death now.

Without his death and him writing about his encounter with this woman and suspecting that she was his downfall this information would have never gone public and people would not woken up to the true reality of this world and the game the Illuminati play. Even in his death he did all of us a huge service, this is true honor and what defines a true Knight in my opinion. Thank you for making sure his efforts and his legacy is not forgotten.

Mark said (December 2, 2009):

I liked your piece on Makow's site. One thing is for sure. Darwinism is the great myth that the ruling clique can count on to keep the masses trapped in a physical universe with no divine origins and no spiritual dimensions. The world was created; it did not come about by pure physical chance. But most people believe the great Darwinian drivel.

That said, the lynchpin is banking. If the world's central bankers were stopped from loaning money into existence at interest to hog-tie governments and the peoples of the world, all this crap would stop. The governments HAVE TO once again create the people's money and credit interest-free and the central bankers have to be treated like the enemy combatants they are in economic warfare against the people.

At some point in some nation, the bankers' hands must be handcuffed and the sovereign power of money-creation returned to a democratic construct. It MUST be made to happen. Once it does in one nation; it will follow in others.

What must be done with these bankers cannot be printed here. It's punishment beyond comprehension.

Haji said (December 2, 2009):

This is a Muslim scholar who has been giving lectures as to the anti-Christ/gog and magog system based on the Holy Qur'an.
As a Muslim we have been warned to protect ourselves from the anti-Christ who is real and will appear at a certain time "A day like a year- when Britain ruled
A year like a month - when US ruled
A month like a week- when the rule goes to Israel
Then A week like a day - appearance of the ant-Christ ruling from Israel.
He explains the reason for the anti-Christ, and God Most High, Knows Best.
I hope you might find his site insightful.
I have been reading your articles for a while. You have also been helpful in understanding the world we live in.
God keep the truthtellers safe and their families and friends and neighbors. Amen.

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