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Hollywood Hypes Lesbian Jewish Parable

February 13, 2011

leskiss.jpgLeft, director Lisa Cholodenko (left) takes advantage of actress Julianne Moore (right) at Berlin opening of her home movie, "The Kids Are All Right."

Despite her commitment to lesbian marriage and family, Cholodenko presents many of its shortcomings. For everyone, homosexuality is definitely second best. The "moms" want husbands. The children want fathers. 

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

"We have already contrived to possess of the minds of the goy communities...[they are] looking through the spectacles we are setting astride their noses." (Protocols of Zion, 12)   

Jews scratch their heads trying to understand anti-Semitism. Perhaps I can help.

Anti-Semitism is caused by many things. Foremost is the Jewish cultural monopoly. Certain Jews are in a position to impose their values, or lack of them, on the Gentile majority while at the same time thwarting Gentile expression. This is because Illuminati Jews and their allies control Hollywood and the mass media. Of course, there's no shortage of Gentiles who agree and are willing to  cooperate.

Often (but not always) this Jewish influence is Illuminati or Luciferian. This means that what is sick is presented as healthy, and what is evil is presented as good (and the inverse.)  The goal is to turn the natural and spiritual order of reality on its head, with the Illuminati banker at its apex instead of God. This is the essence of the occult NWO conspiracy against mankind.

Take Lisa Cholodenko's home movie "The Kids Are All Right"  for example. A  lesbian couple have two kids by the same sperm donor. When the older child reaches age 18, they contact the sperm donor, which leads to complications.

This mediocre effort, shot in 23 days, has won Golden Globes for Best Picture and Best Actress. It has been nominated for Oscars in these categories as well as Best Supporting Actor and Best Original Screenplay.

The movie has received a 95% approval rating from critics. "Funny, smart and sexy," says Lena Schwartzbaum, of Entertainment Weekly.

"A generous, nearly note-perfect portrait of a modern family," Manohia Dargis raved in The New York Times echoing numerous other critics who think two lesbians and a vial of sperm now define family.

Illuminati Jews have been trying to destroy the family every since they made it a plank in their Communist Manifesto (1848.) The wreckage of the nuclear family is now called the "modern family."

"We must introduce into their system all those principles which have so brilliantly broken up their order." ( Protocols of Zion, 16) They are still at it.


According to Wikipedia, Lisa Cholodenko, 37, is from a "liberal Jewish" family and came out as a lesbian in the 11th grade. Her grandparents emigrated from Ukraine. She is in a relationship with musician Wendy Melvoin. While writing the script, Cholodenko gave birth to their son, Calder, by way of an anonymous sperm donor.

The movie was made by Universal Pictures. The logo of Universal Pictures features  the occult/ Illuminati "thousand points of light" popularized by George H.W. Bush.  The film cost $4 million and grossed $30 million in 2010.

Lisa-Cholodenko-and-Stuart-Blumberg.jpgThe movie is written by Cholodenko and Stuart Blumberg (left.) Their feelings about lesbian families are no secret. The "male" lesbian played by Annette Bening is named "Nicole (Nic) Allgood." The femme partner played by Julianne Moore is Jules Allgood. Yes, she takes Nicole's last name! Nik is a doctor while Jules was a stay-at-home mom who is becoming a landscaper. Homosexuals seem to mimic  heterosexual role models.

The children are Joni, Nic's daughter, 18, and Laser, Jules' son, 15. Laser is a Jewish name (Eliezar.) Paul Hatfield's sperm was used by both women. He is played by actor Mark Ruffalo.


Despite her commitment to lesbian marriage and family, Cholodenko presents many of its shortcomings. For everyone, homosexuality is definitely second best. The women want husbands. The children want fathers.

Can Cholendenko be any more explicit than her portrayal of how they make love?  Nic watches gay male porn while the landscaper is under the sheet mowing her lawn. Yes, Bening is watching gay male porn. (She didn't get her Best Actress nominations for this scene.)  

Another example of lesbian penis envy is Jules' squeal of relief and delight on first glimpsing Paul's erect penis.  

To their credit, the women do not raise their children as homosexuals. But when they have suspicions about Laser's friend Dan, the "moms" let their 15-year-old know that it is perfectly OK to be experimenting sexually.

On the other hand, the film pours scorn on Joni's teenage friend who sexualizes everyone she meets. Joni and Laser come across as serious and chaste.

bening-moore in bed1.jpgMISSING HUSBAND AND FATHER

Initially the sperm donor, Paul Hatfield, is the lesbian family's idealized vision of the missing husband and father. An organic gardener and owner of a successful restaurant, he is unrealistically willing to meet his offspring and their mothers and form a relationship with them. (After all, he must have hundreds of offspring.) He is handsome, sensitive, easy-going and cool.

There are some heart-rending scenes where the children are saying good bye to their biological father who is essentially a stranger. They are his flesh and blood and it seems unnatural and cruel that he can only take a passing interest in them. Jules remarks how her son has many of his physical mannerisms.

Paul gives Jules work landscaping and they soon end up in bed. This part is totally lesbian since he is seen dumping a hot young employee to bed Jules who is definitely past her prime. Implausible turns to incredible when -- despite her prosaic character -- he declares his love for her. (Moore was too old for this role.) 

In any case, inevitably Paul must become the villain. To lesbians, he represents the lost promise of the nuclear family.  Despite the fact that the sex was more than consensual,
Jules is forgiven. The film puts all the blame on Paul. The children reject him. Joni wishes he were "better." Nic calls him an "interloper."   

Cholodenko said: "We knew that our priority was the unity of the family, that we were invested in them as writers, and our hope is that they land on their feet."

So the film ends with a feel-good affirmation of the lesbian family that contradicts much of what went before.

This is what I mean by presenting the sick as though it were healthy and turning what is natural upside down. All through nature, the male-female formula predominates. The male-female division of labor makes sense. But the Illuminati bankers will change all that now that they are God.


evanhandler.jpgLast Thursday, Feb 11, Annette Bening was on TV (ABC Nightline) saying that kissing Julianne Moore was better than most of her leading men. She is married to Warren Beatty.  Then, I flick channels and Rob Lowe is telling Jay Leno that kissing Evan Handler (left) beats most women. Is this coincidence? Or is it more Illuminati subversion of the goyim?

The mass media as well as government, education and business are controlled by a satanic cult, the Illuminati, who are bent on re engineering humanity.

I have compassion for homosexuals. I am talking about an insidious assault on heterosexuals masquerading as homosexual rights. 

Similarly, most Jews have no more role in this Illuminati conspiracy than ordinary Freemasons, but they will be tarred unless they speak out against it.   

The nuclear family, based on monogamy, is the key to our identity as human beings.  Our children represent our organic growth. They are our flesh and blood, a great part of our purpose and meaning.  The way to dislodge humanity from its moorings is to make homosexuality and homosexual families seem healthy and normal. This is what "The Kids are All Right" tries to do.


NOTE:  Cholodenko's  breakthrough movie "High Art" (1998) is one of the best written, best directed and best acted movies I have ever seen. It presents intimacy, albeit lesbian intimacy, more convincingly than 99.9% of heterosexual movies. Performances by Radha Mitchell, Ally Sheedy, Tammy Grimes and especially Patricia Clarkson are superb. I highly recommend this movie.   


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Comments for "Hollywood Hypes Lesbian Jewish Parable "

Steve said (February 16, 2011):

Henry, this article is another piece in the jigsaw - this evening my 17 year old daughter discussed her discomfort at being told out of the blue, by a friend (girl) at college, that she was hot and she would like to f**k her. My daughter walked away in shock.

She tells me that every day almost, she hears of yet another coming out as bisexual. I asked how many in total - almost 25% of her friends. I dont know if this is an exaggeration brought on by shock, but I asked if these children (for that is what they are) are with single partners - Oh no, they get off with anyone at parties, but it all starts when they get drunk and don't even know what happened - when they are told the morning after, what they did, they say, "oh, I guess I must be bi then..". Movies like this only direct this sickness into deeper disorder, normalizing the abnormal.

Glenn said (February 15, 2011):

Bottom line Mike [below], homosexuality is a developmental disorder. Period. It has always been, is now, and always will be.

If you saw two males Monkeys screwing each other, what would you honesty think. Honestly ?

Lest be honest here.

Mike said (February 14, 2011):

Great work, as usual. Funny thing, my sister has leaped back and forth between men and women for several years now. While reading the description of characters I couldn't help but think of what the homosexual/lesbian community is trying to accomplish by these role reversals. I remember one afternoon when one of my sister's lesbian friends came over to the house (she was the "guy") and she actually acted and assumed the role of a female; however, a few days later when she had her "girl" with her, her attitude and actions changed to assume the role of 'a male' (she could never be a male, but could only assume the role of a male)...he chin was held high, she had a sort of "strut" about her and she assumed an air of 'cool' about her. Although, she excused herself to hit the restroom...where she still had to sit down to use the bathroom. Go figure.

I suppose my point is, no matter how many laws are passed, no matter how many marches are done and no matter how the Secret Brotherhood (Illuminati) twists the arms of those of us who resist, they will still be women whether they accept it or not.

Robert said (February 14, 2011):

This assault on the concept of wholesome family normalcy has been going on for a long time, especially in Europe. Louis Malle's film A Murmur of the Heart came out in 1971. Its culmination was a teenage boy having sex with his mother, which is presented as a sweet and basically inevitable development. The really disturbing thing is the viewer commentaries on IMDB, nearly all of which praise the movie as a beautiful and touching "coming of age" story. Even for an artsy crowd, the absence of moral bearings is dismaying.

Julie said (February 14, 2011):

Awesome article about "The Kids are All Right" - my husband and I could not agree with you more.

Here is the review I posted on Netflix on 12/28/2010:
The Kids Are All Right is horrible--vile is more like it. First of all, Kids injects shots of gay porn. Gay porn, even in short screen shots, should never be seen anywhere on mainstream film or television. This movie is poorly done with little plot and has a pro-lesbian agenda which vilifies fathers/men. Hollywood has produced another horrible film. As time goes on ,I cannot help but believe that the men and women who run our media have two things in mind: remaking movies which should not be remade and exposing us to impropriety in order to lessen society's already calloused convictions.

Tony N said (February 14, 2011):

Great handling of some delicate issues Henry...and thanks for the excellent clarifications on how defending traditional families and morals is NOT hating on those who choose alternatives. My love for my wife and belief that our marriage is a special relationship does not diminish my other relationships or loves, in fact it makes them that much stronger. Thanks for helping us to be as wise as serpents and gentle as doves.

Michael said (February 14, 2011):

I watched this movie last night, and I think it actually is meant to paint the lifestyle in the negative overall. Also, I think this movie is intended specifically for homosexual women.
I mean, just look at it. the son is definitely not happy in the "Family" Im sure he loves his moms but the movies makes it clear. He is unhappy. As for the lesbian moms...for Jules to latch on in an to the sperm donor father so easily translates, in my mind, as an element that homosexual women deny.

I see that as a positive even if the relationship seems unlikely given her age, his affections, etc. The doughter is definitely "Oh so glad to get the hell out of the house" and I felt that it was made clear why. It is also made clear that the masculine lesbian character has it in for men, and this is clearly indicated by her remark to Jules saying " You did it with the sperm donor. You couldn't have found a better way to hurt me" .

Not the exact quote, but it's what I recall. They make good use of the sons relationship issues with other males, and I was glad to see him save the dog from his bully friend. By saving the dog, the boy has stood up fro himself in a positive manner. I don't think it is unrealistic to think that the donor father would want to have anything to do with his kids, I mean, not all would I guess, but I think I would if had done giving my sperm (which I would never do).

Finally, I think the last scene makes it clear that the lesbians relationships are lacking, and that Jules especially is very unhappy.Personally, I believe this film makes for the perfect argument as to why homosexual parenting is not ideal, and with being said I think they should not allow lesbians to receive sperm, and actually sperm donation should be stopped. It's only empowering them. Adopt for gods sake. Now I say say all this being homosexual myself, and I think if two people want to have a family that its fine, do the best you can, but when it comes to kids they deserve a Mother and a Father. I should know : )

Dan said (February 14, 2011):

This is an LGBT network propaganda piece with massive Illuminati 'must be' support across the board, from 'concept' script to NLP script doctors and all the way down to the brainwashed army of useful idiot finger puppet who will promote it on campuses, in classrooms - the massive 'tweets' - newspapers. Already, since last summer the Gay blitzkrieg of 2010 has acquiesced an overwhelming majority of the heterosexual pubic to think of lesbian 'moms' as normal -- even superior.

I guess everybody saw the cover of that old queen Elton John with his butt boy "husband" and their new adopted male infant. How could anybody miss seeing that cover? It was displayed at eye level in every checkout line in America last month. Not so prominently spoken is that queers call 2011 "The Year of the Gaybie"

Children are not toys. Madonna treats her adopted children like accessories for a multicultural diversity photo-op. I remember well when I was Leftist in American art circles with a heavy LGBT presence none of the lesbians would have dreamed of adopting children or coming into contact with anything male to 'make' one. The only mention of babies I remember from lesbians I knew in the 70's and 80's was about exterminating them in heterosexual women's wombs. One lesbian house I knew on Halloween 1982 displayed a giant rope spider web with dozens of plastic baby dolls attached. On another occasion a bull dyke I knew wore a necklace of plastic toy human fetuses as a sick joke.

Of total abortions 66% abortions are registered as Christians. Of total abortions 40% are black. Meanwhile white nuclear family birth rate has fallen below negative population growth. "Childless by Choice Project" useful idiot Laura Scott, has written that "lack of maternal/paternal instinct" rated in the top six reasons that respondents gave for their decision, along with reasons such as we "love our life [or] our relationship, as it is" and we "do not want to take on the responsibility."

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at