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Japan is Dying

December 11, 2011

robots.jpgRobots may be needed to replace Japan's dying population. A 5ft-tall humanoid robot, (center) sings and dances with performers at the Digital Contents Expo in Tokyo last year. Video here.

A breakdown of male-female relations in Japan may not augur well for the rest of the world.

by Aspen

Asia has long been a site for intense social engineering experiments conducted by the Illuminati.

The ultimate goal of these experiments has been twofold:  first, to observe how far a society can be pushed into inhuman and counter-reproductive behaviors; second, to enhance applied techniques towards inducing society-wide disintegration.

An attack on heterosexuality and the family has been on the forefront: In June, 2004, USA Today wrote about the chill between the sexes in Japan:

"Nothing is happening with depressing regularity between Japanese men and women these days. Marriages, births and hanky-panky are all spiraling downward with troubling implications for the nation's future: A sagging birthrate means that fewer working-age people will be around to support a growing population of elderly; a social crisis looms.

"Only in Japan would a popular weekly news magazine deem it necessary to exhort the nation's youth to abstain from sexual abstinence: 'Young people, don't hate sex,' AERA magazine pleaded last month in a report detailing a precarious drop in sales of condoms and in business at Japan's rent-by-the-hour 'love hotels.'"

The same headline appeared again last month in the Daily Mail: "No sex please, we're Japanese: Country heads for extinction as survey reveals young people shunning marriage [published Nov. 8, 2011.]

"Japan is ... heading for extinction after researchers found that more and more of the country's young people are shunning the idea of marriage and having children.

"One in four unmarried men and women in their 30's say they have never had sex, and the majority of young women prefer the single life.

popgraph,jpg.jpg"A record 61.4 per cent of unmarried Japanese men aged between 18 and 34 have no girlfriend, up 9.2 percentage points from 2005, the National Institute of Population and Social Security Research in Japan said.

"The percentage of unmarried women with no boyfriend in the same age group also hit a record high of 49.5 per cent, up 4.8 points, while nearly half the respondents of both genders said they do not want to date anyone.

"Asked why they remain unmarried, 13.5 per cent of men and 11.6 per cent of women aged between 25 and 34 said they do not know how to be in a relationship, and 11.9 per cent of men and 7.0 per cent of women aged between 18 and 24 gave the same answer, the institute said."


Japanese society has been sexualized to such an extent that marriages are no longer viable.

"Mothers are not seen by their husbands as sexually desirable anymore. Once a child is born, the mother becomes like a relative, not a sexual partner anymore. (This may explain why so many families only have one child)....

"The Japanese sex industry is the biggest in the world (in terms of money generated). Porn magazines are available at every convenience store and read widely, even in public. Many Japanese men are obviously sexually frustrated. According to the Durex global sex survey, the Japanese are the national group that have sex the least often among the surveyed countries around the world. 37% of Japanese respondents said they had sex at least once a week (as opposed to 78% in China, 70 to 87% in southern Europe and 55 to 80% in northern Europe), and a dismal 15% admitted to being sexually satisfied.

"Extramarital affairs are an almost culturally accepted part of life in Japan. A middle-aged married man won't be in trouble at home for seeking romance with young bar hostesses, or having sex with prostitutes in a soap land or 'massage parlour'. These are accepted facets of married life in Japan."


Japanese "continuity" has been shredded. Family tradition and religious devotion have been crushed.

Within the past several years, a group of young Japanese men convicted of videotaping their gang rape of a female schoolmate were described by a high-level government figure with the words, "as least they are vigorous".

Japanese pornography is generally amongst the most violent and perverted sort, featuring horrific rapes, pedophilia, incest, invasion of restrooms, obsessions with menstrual blood, and the glorification of sexually sociopathic computerized machines.

Something has gone terribly wrong in Japan. Ownership of child pornography is not yet a criminal offense. Only international pressure has forced the Japanese government to crack down on child porn distribution.

The comparatively honorable ethics of Japanese Samurai culture (described by historians as one of Japan's greatest contributions to global culture) have been pressured in the direction of disorder, fragmentation, and sterility.

The hand of the Illuminati can be seen in all of this. This is what they do. Destroy traditional structures. Fragment. Sterilize.

This all began following the invasion of Tokyo harbor in 1854 by a tool of the American contingent of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry. Samurai culture was NEVER about pedophilia and incest. It was a culture of honor and respect. So much for that.


The Illuminati were capable of accomplishing both their short- and long-term ends in Japan for a few reasons.

Japan is a culture of silence and repression. What Westerners take for normal, outward, interpersonal communication is easily taken as a shocking affront in Japanese culture.

The Japanese do not ask direct questions, even concerning the least of things. An elaborate route of intricate behavioral and verbal rules controls and confines social exchange.

Within that sort of context, it is not difficult to produce invasions and interpositions of a very serious and profound sort, which are then permitted to grow larger and larger -- because, simply put, no one is willing to voice their open and direct objections.

For example, women who are raped or beaten often choose not to speak out, because to speak out is to become an anomaly, and to become an anomaly is to become a pariah. The last thing normal everyday Japanese individuals desire is to draw attention to themselves.

The Japanese look down upon anyone who suffers or commits errors. A woman was raped? She's an outcast because she probably set herself up for it. A family home was burglarized? They were too weak and vulnerable to prevent it. Japanese are taught to blame themselves for every mishap, crime, victimization, and miserable circumstance.

What better place to manipulate, than a land and a culture where self-blame is the automatic response to failure, and where no one is bold enough to confront the issues?

You could do anything -- even cause a nuclear disaster -- and no one of importance would speak out.

In Japan, people do not see each other as people. They see only the rules. There could be no better Illuminati stomping ground than this: control the rules, control the people. 

Cultural continuity has to do with the preservation of the family unit. The creation of a happy home can occur only if the father and mother of a family love and trust each other. A loving father-mother pair provides the fundamental condition for a stress-free accession of progeny.

But Japanese men and women don't appear to know what it means to LOVE. So much so that it's a national crisis on the level of cultural survival.

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Comments for "Japan is Dying "

Andrew said (December 13, 2011):

I have to disagree with "Ken" (below) in his response to the "Japan is Dying" article.

Japan is very lost when it comes to romantic love and heterosexuality. Most of the baby boomer mothers of todays young women had their marriages arranged for them by older relatives and have absolutely no advice to hand on to their daughters when it comes to finding a partner or indeed sex.

The young men also are awkward, reclusive and fear rejection terribly so they too have difficulty finding a wife without the help of a relative. The concept of marriage for women is boiled down to a wedding day fantasy ride and most who get married never think beyond this day.

The downside is, what happens the morning after and for the next 40 years. Japanese women become like slaves to their husbands who have no domestic inclination and are ungrateful to their wives for their hard work. The men are at their jobs (I didnt say working) for terribly long hours, see their kids only on weekends and are too bashful to ask for the holidays which are legally theirs.

As for heterosexuality, Japanese tv shows are filled with transgenders, flaming gays, sneering wimmin and multiple divorcees with fake lips and moronic advice that make your skin crawl.

The assertion that the Japanese don't see each other as people is a correct one. I am flabbergasted when I see young people ignore standing elderly people or pregnant women on the trains. It isnt a "rule" that you have to stand - just a suggestion. So it doesn't happen.

Your neighbor might be screaming out for help or being beaten in a domestic dispute and nobody will call the police - despite the walls here being paper thin. People drive cars here reading comic books and swerving around bicycles - but nobody told them not to, so it is ok.

This is one of the most socially conservative nations on earth. It is the Galapagos Islands of the Far East - if you can ignore the problem it isn't happening and so why fight it? Unmarried single daughter at 30 years of age, workplace and schoolyard bullying or nuclear disaster - just change channel.

Ken said (December 12, 2011):

This is the most absurd and ludicrous article that I have ever seen posted at, The author of this article, "Aspen" (whoever that may be), quotes one unfounded exaggeration after another as if they were facts, from "sources" with unidentifiable authors like the Daily Mail article (from which most of this bilge was regurgitated) that is written by the " Daily Mail Reporter" (who doesn't have a name) and the other
equally absurd referenced article, "Sexual issues in Japanese society : a cultural problem", Written by another one name author, "Maciamo" The Maciamo article, especially, makes one preposterous claim after another--again, as IF THEY WERE FACTS-- purportedly reflecting the nature and attitudes of Japanese people concerning sex, family, marriage, etc.

Anyone who actually lives in Japan and is familiar with daily life,
values, and mores, knows full well that Maciamo's bogus statements are ridiculous and exaggerated in the extreme.

Thankfully, Japanese society has NOT yet been poisoned and corrupted by Illuminated media influences to the same extent as the USA and Europe in destroying the cohesiveness of the nuclear family unit, and the relative innocence of young couples when it comes to romance. While the divorce rate is increasing in Japan--with the resultant disastrous effect upon the kids--it's not anywhere near the USA. And that's because of the cultural
TRADITION of the whole family unit remaining intact and inter-dependent upon each other for love and support.

Japanese girls and young women are more interested in marriage and romance than any other culture on the face of the earth, and to claim the opposite, is utter and contemptible rubbish.


Thank you for this antidote.


Vivek said (December 12, 2011):

Your latest on Japan is true and I can attest it to it with first hand experience (I was the CEO of a Japanese Mobile Software Subsidiary in India for three years).

Japan represents the pinnacle of social engineering. Which other nation would have stood for a Fukushima like they are?

I'm quoting below from a blog post of mine that you may carry in part or it's entirety:

Japan…. living a Perpetual Nuclear Sunrise in the aftermath of WWII. Supplied on the cheap by its master, nuclear energy meant the lights could stay on 24/7. The factories could produce 24/7. You could build bridges to nowhere for decades, 24/7. You could party 24/7.

Machines, even giant, electricity sucking robots on giant assembly lines, could run 24/7. Driving it to it’s current export behemoth position.

Power 24/7 ruined Japan. It became a mechanized and mechanistic nation. They exist like automatons. Hive-mind at it’s zenith. Always living in 50/60 Hz. 24/7.

Japan could choose to be in-efficient (on the big picture) and still out-sell their competition on price. Their power was virtually free. Cost is a monetary expression of embedded energy. Viola!

But Japanese people are like Machines. Except for carefully crafted social etiquette, they have no concept of spontaneous combustion. They live in their free-energy produced gadgetry and other consumer oriented wizardry, purposeless. It’s a really sad sight, especially for someone like me, who has studied and learned much from Old Japan (Zen and Budo especially). It’s gone except in an over maintained facade… Just like Japan.......

the rest can be found here:

Al said (December 12, 2011):

I find your articles on this subject very interesting and I believe that it explains why evil seems to work so well in destroying everything in its path.

And most of the time, people don't have enough time to consider what is actually happening to them. Most of us are busy trying work and provide for ourselves and our families, while the masonic leeches spend their time vomiting in the punch bowl.

If any of the religions were any good, this porn thing would never be allowed. I'm thinking that once a person gets on an evil path, anything good is offensive to him. If I'm a nice guy, and evil woman isn't going to be attracted to me. Woman who have given up on having families probably cannot find the right man because very few exist. Once someone has been so spiritually compromised, they can't enjoy anything of life which is a shame.

The two most destructive forces on earth are government and religion and there's really not much difference between them. They are both very satanic and they are making life miserable for mankind.

I'm not really interested in dating but I don't mind being just friends with a woman. My ex-wife is married to a man who is in what I would say is a satanic cult, and my ex knows what the problem is but she's with him anyway and participates in their "church." I'm really beginning to think that these people really like evil, but then complain when something bad happens to them.

I think our problem as men is that we want a good loving relationship with women, but we haven't found the proper type of woman to make that happen. I'm sure they exist somewhere on earth. I think we are looking for unconditional love but it hasn't happened for us. Well, my dog loves me. All she wants is affection and a little something to eat. We're just not living right. I feel like I'm having to unlearn a lifetime of bullshit.

Mohammed in SAfrica said (December 12, 2011):

I think the Japanese govt should offer citizenship to all foreigners and encourage other foreigners to relocate to Japan if they satisfy certain criteria like age, education & being to learn Japanese in a stipulated time frame.

there are a few other nations facing a similar situation
they need to do something like this or get their locals to start making babies like theres no tomorrow
actually, if they dont, there will be no tomorrow for them as they risk extinction.

its sad to see a nation thats so talented & hardworking fall prey to the plots & schemes of the powers that be.
the points mentioned in the article about why the Japanese mindset & culture makes it very easy for them to fall prey to these conditions are quite true.

Dave said (December 12, 2011):

I think the biggest reason for their problems is that the women now have to work and be a housewife (The Economist- Asia's Lonely Hearts and they know they will be exhausted so they don't get married. Also, I don't think they are a particularly immoral people. A lot of this degenerative behaviour in the world is increasing because we increasingly live in big cities, and cities cause alienation, and alienation causes psychopathic behavior.

Dan said (December 12, 2011):

Japanese culture was stronger by far than the Chinese. In my opinion that's why they were flooded with porn and every other corruption that could be forced upon them. It hasn't been sufficient so they've irradiated them again. It's my understanding that the Fabian Socialists behind the League of Nations decide by the 1930's the China was the 'ideal' culture because of his history of compliant, obedient masses and easily corrupted tiny elite.

Lesley said (December 12, 2011):

The article on Japan has left me profoundly sad and shocked.

Their culture seems to be the perfect breeding ground for Illuminati control.

Is there no hope for Japan?

I hope someone in the know will write in to you with some encouraging words.

What a shame.

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