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Man Revaluates Romance and Finds Himself

April 22, 2011

French-Academic-Painter-Gustave-Boulanger-Hercules-at-the-Feet-of-Omphale-Oil-Painting.jpg"Men must ignore the social programming [which is] turning us into effeminate little wimps ... Women are ... just people like you and me. They hold as much mystery as a Twinkie."

John Luceno

Why was my life being destroyed? I believed I needed female love to be successful in life. I believed I was nothing without a girl at my side.

Like most males my age, I had been sold a lie. Liberals have been telling us that women are goddesses on a pedestal to be worshiped by all men without restraint.

You don't need to make money, find enlightenment or  success in your chosen field. No, all you needed was an attractive woman to complete you.

You must chase them or you are less than a man. You are unworthy compared to them. You are a dumb slob who is only kept around by benevolent women for your seed.

You can see this social dynamic shoved down our throats every day in television ads. The man sitting on the couch with dead beady eyes and mouth open wide with a thin bead of spittle running down his shirt.

He is always in the wrong; his stupidity is unmatched. Comparing him to a caveman is unfair to cavemen. 

The woman comes in and sets the man straight. She is standing erect like a statue. Her eyes blaze with intelligence and infinite understanding.

 Her bosom is proportional with the rest of her body; perfect symmetry. She rules the roost. She is Athena re-born. Who would you listen to?

Men must ignore the social programming. It is  turning us into effeminate little wimps who will always be stamped on by ruby red high heels.

Women are not glowing pieces of flesh with mysteries to be decoded. They are just people like you and me. They, like everyone else on this Earth, hold as much mystery as a Twinkie.

If men spent as much energy making money, on their writing or on their politics, this world would be a paradise. Poverty would be irrelevant, books rivaling the Odyssey would be published on a daily basis and men like Barack Obama would be lucky making a living sucking quarters out of vending machines.

My life after I broke the social programming has not been perfect but it is better than it was before. My head is not clouded with conflicting thoughts of violence and ennui. I feel better, I eat better, I sleep better and I work better.

The results speak for themselves. I am as happy as I can be and my ex, my "goddess," has made a turn for the worse. She is living in a backwards-mutant trailer park town on the ass end of Long Island with a fat troglodyte with fat rolls that undulate like the tides of the ocean.

One day I will be living happy and rich, both financially and emotionally. She will be poverty-stricken living in a trailer with five-cracker spawn that she breast feeds until they are twenty.

There is life outside of the liberal sexual paradigm. Nor is there just life but there is good living.


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Comments for "Man Revaluates Romance and Finds Himself "

EVANGELINE said (April 24, 2011):

Women "hold as much mystery as a Twinkie." Hahahaha! That is so funny, I can't laugh enough! Poor guy. It's about time somebody spoke up for the men! My husband and I have long shared dismay over the way men are portrayed in tv commercials and shows--not to mention the degrading headlines about men on the various "women's" (more like sluts') magazines lined up at the grocery store checkout counter.

We have a teenage son, and what message are the popular media sending him by portraying men as useless buffoons? He needs good role models in the form of strong, smart men, as well as smart, appreciative women who stand by their men.

A "smart" woman is one who realizes what a prize she has in a good husband or significant other and shows him appreciation, while supporting his role as provider and final authority in the family (if he is, indeed, a good man who assumes such roles). Does such an idea make me "old-fashioned?" I don't give a flying four-letter-word what I'm labeled for having common sense and the best interests of my family in mind.

I would add this, though, in response to Mr. Luceno: For years, girls have been fed such overly romantic tripe about men--that they are to be adored no matter what, with the wife enduring with long suffering all the faults of the male, with no complaints. Romantic fantasy has been peddled on both sides of the fence. People need to reject the social programming that drives a wedge even further between the sexes by seeking to define "proper" sexual roles, instead of letting people think for themselves and establish a good relationship with their mates that will promote the best environment for their own homes and families.

P.S. Thanks for the good site. I enjoy it very much. :)

Roxana said (April 24, 2011):

Okay, you talk about the breakdown of family by the Illuminati and the romance crap, loosey-goosey women, no women should be on pedestals, women are bad (and some are, but then, so are some men), men don't need women, etc, etc, ad nauseum, fine, I got that. But really, when you have somebody like John Luceno and others like him who are so contemptuous and despises women and would rather find himself (which is fine as well), but here's what I have to say (which applies to you as well).

Please don't complain about women concentrating on having careers themselves (we have to support ourselves since these men have so much animosty towards women -and with our horrible economy, it takes just about everybody to work now-regardless of the family situation) or bemoan that we wear blue jeans instead of cute dresses. Cute dresses would be completely lost on somebody like John Luceno and others who feel like him.

These men should indeed concentrate on finding themselves and their careers, etc. If they are so hateful, they have no business having a family and if so inclined, they should get a dog or a good doormat and women should likewise concentrate on careers, finding themselves, etc, because what's the point of trying to attract males like that or have families when there's people like John Luceno around? ?

I just find you contradictory sometimes. You say family should be valued but at the same time, you and others who share the same sentiment of the family being important and it's bad that the Illuminati want to destoy the family, but then, women get constantly trashed on your website. (you don't like it when the media presents men badly and you are correct, but when you constantly bash women, I feel the same way you do about the media and bad presentation of males except in reverse).

Again, I get your point that romance is bad, no women should be on a pedestal, ect, ect, (fine, you're right-we're nothing special), but I don't think your viewpoints necessarily indicate that family is actually important, despite what you claim (and I certainly wouldn't go out of my way to wear cute dresses if this is the way a lot of men actually feel). It would be pointless and Luceno's article makes me feel like I would be better off learning defense tactics and karate lessons more than anything else.



Please don't assume that I agree with every word of everything I post. I like to show how other people feel or think. My views are under articles signed "by Henry Makow"

Men have been targets of social engineering too, and John is reacting to what he calls his "social programming."

I think you'll agree that beautiful young women, sex and romance, are idealized in the movies and TV. This inhibits healthy relationships from developing.


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