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Sex & Young Women -- Overrated

December 21, 2023

My biggest life regret  
is the time and energy I wasted on
relationships with women.

The idealization of sex, women, and
romantic love in our society
is characteristic of Satanism. 
Why? Satanism actively promotes 
false Gods, i.e. romantic love is idolatry. 
Love should be reserved for God, Perfection.

The basis of human love is mutual dependence.
The definition of a woman? A sphinx without a secret.  -Oscar Wilde 

Cabalist Jews believe that perception is realityThey are reality inventors. Thus, they have taken control of the mass media and movies to reshape perception.

 Their "reality" (e.g. denial of gender) does not correspond to God or nature.  God is Truth. Truth is the ultimate reality.  They have inducted us into their cult, cabalist Judaism, which seeks to supplant God. Satanic cults control & exploit their members by corrupting & making them sick.

Overrated- Young Women, Romance & Lobster
Updated from Nov 24, 2011, and Nov. 5, 2021

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

I am 74. Now that my sex drive has diminished, I regret that I wasted my life pursuing sex and relationships. Were it not for sex, I wonder if men and woman would see each other, given the gender bashing we have seen. 

I realize now that the young women that enthralled me were delusions. These ladies were not who I thought they were. I idealized them.  


Romantic love is our ersatz religion. We are besotted with young fertile women and sex. Intercourse is a holy sacrament.  Orgasm is a "mystical experience.
Our pagan (i.e. Cabalistic, Masonic) "culture" is a sex cult. 
Naked women are pushed in our faces. Porn is everywhere. We have been addicted to sex.

They use sex like catnip, to control us and make millions of dollars.

We were programmed by movies and music to fulfill mental concepts whether or not they correspond to reality.

We were programmed to worship movie stars -- "sex Goddesses." 

Since young women are gatekeepers of the "Holely Grail," they're elevated to the status of goddesses.

Males have a natural tendency to idealize women anyway.  We fetishized them. They could do no wrong. Men are conditioned to seek their approval.Satisfying a woman was proof of manhood. 


fire-scene.jpgAt age 12, in 1961 I saw the movie Spartacus, directed by Stanley Kubrick. In one scene, the camera focuses on Kirk Douglas' face as Jean Simmons sheds her gown. His face is full of wonderment and awe, lighted by the mystical glow seeming to emanate from her naked body but actually from the fire. The scene made a profound impression on me, a boy just entering puberty.

Star and producer Kirk Douglas and director Stanley Kubrick were both Jews. Cabalist Jews turned sex into a religion.

Brainwashed! The human being lives in a world of thought. Sexual arousal is largely in the mind. Thought is easily influenced or controlled. Convince us we are chickens and we will cluck. Convince us that the female body is desirable or that sex is the best thing life has to offer, and we will chase that. It's all in the mind.

I chased women with the best of them. But now that testosterone has relaxed its grip, I am left scratching my head and wondering why? Women are just people, as boring as men or more so. Their bodies are ridiculous or soon become so. 


Paradoxically, female entitlement and male emasculation prevent successful pairing. This is not a coincidence. As long as men idealize women, they remain children. This is how the Illuminati promotes arrested development. Masculinity is defined by power. They are giving it to women. 

The Illuminati's problems with Islam is that it does not put women on a pedestal. Quite the opposite. Islam, like Christianity, are real religions.

Men would be far more successful if they thought of women as instruments. As First Mates to their Captains.  Most women in their heart-of-hearts prefer this. 

Thus, a man must define his goals and the role he wants a woman to play. Companion? Mother?

Men, in your profile on a dating site, don't try to sell yourself. Instead, describe what you are looking for.

Women want men to give them an honorable purpose. They don't want to be his purpose. Most people, especially some women, are pretty stupid. They are looking for a man to enlist them.


The current hook-up culture is bad for women. Their sex appeal is a function of their fertility which declines rapidly after 40. That's why young women need to establish a loving marriage and family to provide love and security into old age. 

Women used to earn love by loving husbands and children.  They were loved for what they did. A girlfriend once said to me, "I want to be used," and she didn't mean sex.

Feminism has convinced many women they don't need to give love, especially to men. Eventually, that leaves them high and dry, alone and bitter.

Sex is about procreation. We are meant to marry, propagate and move on to other things. The Illuminati have arrested our development by sabotaging marriage. Sex has become a life-long obsession that has frozen society in an adolescent mold and poisoned all human relationships. 

You cannot look at a beautiful child without being taken for a pedophile.

 I advocate marriage and family. Part of my detachment is due to being happily married. My wife empowers me in many ways.

But many young women today have been re-engineered to fear, imitate and challenge men. They have been lied to and betrayed by society. 

A young male friend complained that " the girls he comes across are predatory - they expect sex on the first meeting, and are only out for one-night-stands, and how he and his friends feel confused, as though their gender role has been usurped."


If I were starting out again, I would focus on building my self-confidence.  For men, this comes from recognition and reward we get from our work. I would look for a wife that wanted to be first mate on my ship, and offer her my love and loyalty in return. With a successful marriage, all other women become redundant and sex loses its mythic quality. 

Sex without love is just masturbation. It is dehumanizing and degrading which is why Satanists promote it. 

On the other hand, sex in the context of marriage can create a powerful bond. 

The mating instinct in young men is just as powerful as in women.That's why they need to seek only women who want marriage. Study their character through patient courtship. Avoid feminists, sluts and women who had bad relationships with their fathers. Look for a dependable helpmate/ companion rather than soul mate. (Souls are too mercurial.)

Love and sex shouldn't be your first priority. These add to life but our soul mate is God, who is the personal ideal we set for ourselves. We need to realize that a man does not need a woman's love. Anything you thionk you need becomes your master

Henry David Thoreau said: "Every man is tasked to make his life, even in its details, worthy of the contemplation of his most elevated and critical hour."

God is represented by our soul. Our goal is to be in total possession of ourselves (true to our ideal self) always.

Ralph Waldo Emerson said, "A trust in yourself is the height of piety, not pride. It is unwillingness to learn from any but God Himself."

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Comments for "Sex & Young Women -- Overrated"

Tony said (December 22, 2023):

Why Henry? I'll tell you why. Romantic love and sexual attraction are for reproductive purposes only. Evidence all around us proves beyond any doubt, that we are the product of advanced beings who created us through genetic engineering for the sole purpose of exploiting us.

Humans are a slave class. All forms of religion and spirituality are ways of hiding this fact by deceiving us about the real reason for our existence, while serving as the proverbial carrot on a stick. Meanwhile, we are exploited throughout our short lives by slaving for the system and procreating, in order to bring a new generation of slaves to replace us in the farm, after which we are eliminated.

Lather, rinse, repeat, generation after generation. Those are the only two reasons for our existence, period. What kind of god would have created a world in which evil, pain, and suffering are the rule for all of its creatures? And no, its not due to Satan, whose only an invention of the church to instill fear on the slaves and divert the guilt from the reponsible parties. And as far as the theory of evolution goes, it's just another fraud to deceive and divide the masses, just like the false right-left paradigm of politics.

So there you have it Henry, the reason why testosterone has relaxed its grip on you and me, is because we are on our way out. We have served our purpose and are no longer needed to bring any new slaves to the farm, as we wouldn't have enough time left to raise them, which would pose a problem for the evil owners of the system that enslaves us all. It's that simple.

Al Thompson said (June 29, 2023):

Having relationships with women is like surviving “The Attack of the Hairy Clam.” Rodney Dangerfield said it best “When you turn them upside down, they all look the same.” If I had known what women were going to be like when I was a teenager, I think I would go into monk mode. The evil that women are capable of is indescribable. Ozzie and Harriet is a thing of the past.

This is something that must be corrected. Men are simple and just want some love, affection, respect, children, and a good meal after work. And for God’s sake, no tattoos. Above all else, neither one should cheat on his or her spouse. That’s like being a traitor.

JC said (June 28, 2023):

I just read your latest article about men and women.

How come you are so smart! Once again you are spot on the truth of the matter.

Normal human females want to be loved by their normal fathers, brothers, and husbands.

They desire to be emotionally and physically safe - accepted. Unfortunately, the culture we live in doesn’t create it.

Males, in our culture, are taught to use females, not to protect them, nor to provide emotional and physical security.

It’s no wonder there is a backlash of feminism and lesbianism.

Normal males need to step up to the plate, be the man, and protect the woman emotionally and physically.

That’s what normal females want.

Unfortunately, the dumb-shit men of our culture were never taught to do their job -

Love and protect the woman.

Al Thompson said (November 6, 2021):

Having sex before marriage doesn't get good results. The high body count in either partner will ruin the ability to properly pair bond with a prospective mate. Each man or woman should have love, respect, and loyalty to their mate; unconditional.

Sid Green said (May 9, 2017):

Even if marriage satiates human sexual desire, it is primarily spiritual.

That is because humans are primarily spiritual. So a relationship between them is necessarily spiritual. Most of marriage's problems are not sex related, they are clashes between two souls who are not yet unselfish. The satiation of the sexual "hunger" is a part of what marriage is for, but it is the lesser part.

Problems of copulation and sexual satisfaction are, one may be surprised to find, not the central problems of life. In the book of Adam, sex is shown as inevitable because of the physical nature of man, and Adam asks God to allow it, so God allows it with Eve. It's not a sacrament or anything that leads to higher consciousness, it's like having to go to the bathroom. So marriage is for sexual satisfaction and spiritual purposes. This was a good article. Following the darkster programming will mess up your life. Life is spiritual. John 6:63: "The spirit gives life, the flesh profits nothing at all"

Ironically Satanists and Occultists follow the same principle that spirit is more real than matter. "As above so below". If below is so great, than why as above? A confused occultist couldn't answer that. I feel like Alyoshous Fozdyke epitomizes the occultists mentality when he rambled on here "I just want to survive long enough to release my energy.....then I will be with satan".

Lol. Really? Does he not realize that Satan is going to be in severe agony for eternity? As Ozzy Osbourne said in his song N.I.B. about lucifer: "Your love for me has just got to be real, before you know the way I'm going to feel". How is the worm going to feel? However it feels to take a swim in the lake of Fire

AZ said (May 8, 2017):

All through my life I’ve been searching for the real fulfilling love. My youth experiences have programmed me to look for this love in the outer world. But by growing in self-consciousness I steadily learned to see that love has got nothing to do with sex and woman.

Lately I had some very overwhelming feelings concerning the love I was looking for. Although these feelings were triggered in the contact with a woman, but by closer observation I found out that this love is the core essence of my soul/being. Therefore it had nothing to do with the woman through whom I could open the door to that love. Love is an experience and a state of consciousness and not a projection.

Part 2-

Twenty years ago after the divorce from my partner and children I was deeply reflecting on my relation with woman and my male hormonal driven sex drive. Then I suddenly had a very revealing vision. It showed me very clearly a wide opened vagina that was holding inside a cosmic picture of stars and galaxies.

This vision made me aware of my unconscious drive for sex. I felt that it’s meaning was, wanting to get back into the womb through which I landed on planet earth. But actually I wanted to go back to my home between the stars. The indoctrinated confusion of my youth made me believe that I could travel back in time to that starry home by wanting to penetrate that vagina and by having an orgasm escape out of the prison of my ego. For men it seems to be the most addictive distraction that keeps him away from his real spiritual task in his life, just like you mentioned in your article.

SZ said (May 8, 2017):

If young women are worshiped, it is not necessarily because of women. The concept that is being worshiped is youth, ad youth is being seen as the "perfect sexual attraction elixir".

People say a lot of things, most of it lies or distortions of our real state of mind. Because we age, we see the process as forced, as in "nobody knows how to look like twenty or thirty as long as you want".

Now, if it is young women or young men, it is irrelevant. It is the ignorance about youth and aging that serves as a perfect layer for propaganda. And the "be young stupid childish" propaganda is the perfect weapon. I fear a democratic society of childish people who can be steered effortlessly more than anything. The perfect poison is the one you want to take.

Jon said (November 27, 2008):

Re the article on Romantic Love being overrated, my view is the biblical one, viz, that marriage is for sex and sex is for marriage. I don't buy into this claptrap about marriage being primarily a spiritual relationship. It's very foundation and raison d'etre is sexual fulfillment: "To avoid fornication, let every man have his own wife".

There is nothing base or puerile in this, so you're amiss to say that sex is primarily for procreation and that we're meant to marry, procreate and move on. Rather, the sexual urge is pressing and enduring, not just in young men (and women) and wholly right in God's sight within marriage - "the marriage bed is undefiled", the Bible says, "But whoremongers and adulterers, God will judge". Marital sex is therefore more than just about making babies while we're young; it's about fulfilling a fundamental human hunger, diverting us from fornication, bonding with our spouses and bringing pleasure for the sake of it: "Rejoice with the wife of thy youth... Let her breasts satisfy thee at all times and be thou ravished always with her love".

Chris said (November 27, 2008):

These 'Secret Societies' know how to hook on to primal and instinctual desires. To the human brain it's very alluring and, addictive. It's easy to attribute it to 'Masons', etc....'The Secret' is out, catch it on DVD.

Remember Britney Spears a few years back? She was extremely sexy, extremely alluring, but extremely fake. On film, redacted, and photoshopped, she seemed like an angel. But she was just as vulnerable and in need of her father, and family, as any.

Whenever I turn on the TV, I see images of women that are absolutely fantastic. They do whatever the 'camera' tell them to do. To women attention is marvelous, it cures their massive insecurities. Cue the camera offset after the take.

Men that think that these things are true are, in fact, not using their brains. Think through the brain on the top, not your dickhead. Once you have a child, you are obligated to 20 years of that child's life. Do it right, otherwise that kid will turn into what you fear most - yourself. Unless you raise him better. Otherwise, don't have them at all.

Men need to think about the larger picture here. They need to see the responsibility, the real effort, involved in producing children. We men are the instigators in this kind of thing.

Get real guys, women are not like Hollywood pop-starlet bullshit and have never been such. How many of you men have women that manage budgets? That keep the house clean? Try doing both as a single straight guy and see how that works out. A simple thanks to them suffices, how hard is that? In between pumping irons with your male friends?

Women have a role, a very good one, to provide. They provide temperance to us, and they provide that 'little' voice that says 'NO' on most occasions. Just take a step back from the feminists and gays to realize this. We are not the stupid animal, worthy of dominance, that we seem to be.

I do these things, daily. Henry, as I am sure, is well aware of the reduction of testerstone as you age. Maybe he sees it more clearly? I don't know. This is how I see it.

M said (November 27, 2008):

've just read your new article "Overrated--Romantic Love, Young Women, Sex, Lobster", and I have to agree with you completely...

I'm 26 years old now and until recently I never had a girlfriend nor any sex, and sometimes I was depressed because I was a virgin and girls didnt show any interest in me etc....

...but now after I had my experience I know for sure sex and "romantic love" is absolutely OVERRATED! It sure was good but I've done better more deeper and fulfilling things in my life like sitting alone in a beautiful forest during summer watching and enjoying nature all around me, Gods pure beautiful creation...

right now I'm glad to be single again and concentrate myself on more important things like fighting the NWO in this spiritual war as best I can!

also, for me knowing all about the NWO and its demonic psychopathic elite has strengthend me in a funny way, im glad "to know" and I lost my fear of death...truly the "truth sets you free"...

well thanks for your wonderful articles bro and keep up the good work...god bless!

Bob said (November 26, 2008):

I am a Dutchman and now 80 years old. I went through the occupation by the Germans in WW2 and then life was not as told in the history books now as it was in reality. I was a free mason for years but was disappointed and you are probably right that the first three degrees don’t know that the Rothchilds and the jews manipulate the world. Everybody in the world is manupulated. People need to be manupulated to fit in their societies and cultures which are determined geografically. That’s why all people are good but cultures cannot be mixed. They have to eat, live [lifestyle, climate] and think [religion] based on their environment. The jewish cabal use this to enslave us. You need not many words to understand what I mean.

I enjoyed reading your articles. Finally a man who understands life and know how to explain reality in a fascinating way. I agree with everything you write almost beforehand because it is simply true, it is almost scientific reality. For me you knitted all different things together sothat I am sure for myself that I see it like you see it.

But suddenly I you came up with God which interfere with the objectivity of your writings. I continue enjoying your insight but must be carefull now because you are indoctrinated with irrealities which are 100% realities for you. I regret this so much, although your articles gave and give me a treasure of real good information.

Don’t take me wrong with indoctrination, but if you intertwine a sacrificiun intellectus with reality then everybody has to unravel the truth from wishfull thinking. I would like that you could realize this but, as you may feel, you are not able to do that. Even the program in the brain of the most clever scientist who can invent thousands of incredible and real things is short circuited if it concerns the part which is indoctrinated religiously. He can do nothing with it, or better said, “IT” [electro chemical controlled biological object] cannot question the existance of God. This part of the program in your brain is indoctrinated in a way that there cannot be drawn a conclusion that it would be possible that there is no God. There is no way out for you but brainwashing which eliminates the problem.

So, although I admire and enjoy your very good and instructive articles, there is a component of wishfulness in it and the reader should be on his guard. Of course I cannot blame you for that for you seem 100% honest to me but I really regret your religious base.

As I regret this honestly I have to write you this letter for maybe there is a way to get the doctrine out so that your articles will become almost perfect and scientifically.


Dear Bob,

I equate God with spiritual ideals like truth and justice. I'm sure you will agree. I'll post this.

Mark said (November 26, 2008):

Henry: There is a lot truth to what you're saying here. Yes, men are prone to over-idealize women based on cultural programming; and, yes, sex and romance are not the MOST important things, perhaps. But I sometimes think you're getting a little too pious regarding these matters.

Life needs some romantic love, sensuality, etc., for these, too, are from God. (See Songs of Solomon in the Bible). Life cannot always be about what's "sensible" and purposeful each and every day. Sorry, but there is room for a little healthy romance and loving sex -- which is best, of course, within the confines of marriage. Outside of marriage it is a risky gambit indeed.

But I think we're getting a little too sanctimonious here. A little escapist entertainment and some romance in life adds flavor and mystery to what can otherwise be a drab existence. As an Irishman, I enjoy a good Guiness at times -- and sorry, but there is no PURPOSE to it when I indulge in "said drink." There is never going to be purpose and structure to everything I do, nor do lofty goals and slaying evildoers possess my every waking moment. One cannot fight the world's conspirators 24/7. Doing so will kill even the best of us. I know plenty of burned-out "activists" whose piety got the best of them. There are like old train cars that careened off the tracks -- never to roll again. Now they're frustrated, burned-out old farts that have given up -- to be totally candid. The conspirators don't care if we know about them; they only care if we genuinely try to do something about it. Will mere exposure of their sins do it? I am not sure. I want to think it will.

I fight back against the world's pirates as best I can, when I can and however I can. I try to seek the most efficient, cost-effective means to do so as a journalist and citizen. But when I recharge my batteries, I have preferred wine, women and song -- although "women" has become woman -- my sweet, devoted and very gorgeous wife. I like the gorgeous part, without apology for seeing our sensuality as a significant thing.

No other person can ever be perfect for another person; we are, in the end, alone with God.
While we're here, there are reasonable pursuits of pleasure, just as there are more meaningful pursuits. Life, to me, is more dynamic with both. Balance prevents burn-out.

Marcos from Brazil said (November 25, 2008):

Much has been said about the so-called equality that feminism gave the world. The truth, however, is different. There is no equality because men and women are very different beings.

We can see all around us what I call "slut ower". Women know that they have in lust a powerful ally. In fact, it is hard to see today even little girls dressed in modesty, they all are mimicking Britney Spears and other sexy models. Boys of 13 are all shy and insecure.
Girls of 13 are many times much more mature and savvy in the worldly arts of seduction and manipulation.

The reason is that boys must go thru an extense period of education, in order to become artists, engineers, etc. They will be in their peak
only when they are 30. It is only when they start making money and have some prestige that they become really attractive to girls. Most
women, on the other hand, know that their bodies, even at 13, is the body of a woman who can give birth and/or seduce a man. Of course
there are many exceptions to the rule, since many girls also are responsible and want to develop themselves as teachers, doctors, etc.,
but most will just stop their emotional development at 13. When they are 30, they may have a diploma, more experience, but their game is
the same as when they were teens. It is the slut power game.

This big power that the girls experience from adolescence produces a feeling of entitlement. Women now just scream and have fits of anger
when they don´t get what they want. Men, usually more rational and timid, oblige. The result is weak men we see all around us, with angry
women leading them. I have never seen an American couple where the husband leads, with exception of some very religious ones.

Don´t women know what they want? Of course they do, and it is to command, to have all their wishes fulfilled, just like the 13 year old
who used to have a group of drooling boys following her. No wonder now they are bold: they break up relationships more easily then men, they
give up jobs, they get promiscuous, they invite men for sex, they just do whatever they want. Unfortunately most of these wants are selfish
and destructive. It is easy for these women, they are used to have a man to fix it for them afterwards. They are just enjoying the slut
power we men give them, without asking for any accountability. Add to this the economic power that the job market gave them, and they are

We don´t see ugly women or men acting like princesses who deserve the world. Why?

I absolutely agree with you that the key to men´s freedom (and the freedom of healthy women too) is for boys to focus on their personal development. Let the girls chase him (there is nothing like a secure, confident man to destroy her slut power). Never go after slutty girls. Absolutely don´t get engaged until he is self assured enough in life
to calmly choose a healthy mate. I used to think that men should marry young. but now I think they should wait, until the sexual fascination
for women subsides because of maturity.

There are many interesting and mature girls. They deserve to be dated for what they are as human beings (good values, intelligence, kindness, etc) before what they are as sexual beings. When one admires and respects someone, the sex is always good.

Slut power will not go away. What we need now is to train our boys to face this reality.

Muhammed said (November 25, 2008):

Another interesting article. Thank you.

I wanted to mention something that the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon
him and all the Prophets from Adam to Jesus) said:

Muslim (narration collector) Book 008, Number 3233:
Abdullah (b. Mas'ud) (Allah be pleased with him) reported that Allah's
Messenger (may peace be upon him) said to us: Oh young men, those
among you who can support a wife should marry, for it restrains eyes
(from casting evil sexually-motivated glances) and preserves one from
immorality; but he who cannot afford it should observe fast for it is
a means of controlling the sexual desire.

In my university years I would fast Mondays and Thursdays and I found
that I had a lot more control over sexual desire. I learned through
this practice that sexual appetite is closely related to food

Jesus (peace be upon him) says in Mark:47 in the Bible:

"And if your eye causes you to sin, pluck it out. It is better for you
to enter the kingdom of God with one eye than to have two eyes and be
thrown into hell"

Where are we, and where were they? We have a long way to go.

May God have Mercy on those who follow the Guidance.

Chris said (November 25, 2008):

A lot of the Indian men have arranged marriages, where the parents choose the bride.

I firmly believe that this is a much better way. Why the hell not? This whole idea of letting women decide too is nonsense, along with men that have testosterone deluded brains being able to decide better..

I'm a 33 year old man, and yes I am successful. I meet many women that are just pure nonsense, and crazy. They like me, sure, but are they worth the trouble? They like me now, then if they marry me they want me to become exactly the opposite of who I was when they met me in the first place. I am not a player, I am not a bastard, I do not treat people badly, but this kind of thing tends to happen to women that have met such men. Hormones?

What women I've met, in essence, is for me to be some kind of submissive dog. I can't be that.

I just want a good woman to back me up. Us men like this kind of thing. We are not all politicians, and we are not doing anything that we want to hide. I don't want to be submissive, but I don't want to be overbearing either. That's not my thing. I love women too much for that kind of thing.

It's just kinda nice to come home to a nice cutie that is happy to see me, that is happy to see that I provided. Men are greatly gratified by being able to provide, and most importantly appreciated for who we are. Us men would be more than happy for this kind of thing. After a day of fighting and proving, we just want a girl that is out to help us. We would just be happy to kiss you. We are simple, men. Not nearly as complicated as some of you make us out to be. We work to work, and provide to provide.

Secret is out, that is what we want in a woman. To women - does it sound this bad to be so appreciated? Are you lesser for us wanting you to love and appreciate us for what we do, and say?

We are an aggressive lot, but real men don't hurt women. We try to 'support' them.

Rob said (November 25, 2008):

Thanks for your article which mirrors much of my experiences.

You wrote: when you have meaning and purpose, you don't need pleasure and consolation:

Mr. Makow, I agree.

If you haven't read THE PREDATORY FEMALE yet (pdf online, out of print) you may recognize more of our men's foibles in this seminal work.

ALL of your articles are valuable truths imo.

Bailey said (November 24, 2008):

"Avoid women who are feminist, sluts, and women who had bad relationships with their fathers".

I don't believe that you will find a woman who is Just one of these things, there is more to the story and compassion is a kinder way to deal with these current issues. If men and women are aware of these traits and can discuss them openly we may be able to remedy some of these issues.

I am not a feminist or a slut, I am happily married and love caring for my family. I work in social venue and see these problems with all women and men. Without social dialogue about these issue we will continue to avoid solutions. We need to effect change by talking and raising these strong points so that our children are aware of their roles in adulthood, and not living in fear, of what they may become.

Ronnie said (November 24, 2008):

Yeah yeah to the article, I mean with deep sincerity cos I've read and acquiesced with pretty much all of your work for about 5 years. But the alliteration with lobster and modern lurv is perfect. Being a simple working-class man who worked construction most of my life, I never had lobster until I was 45. It was a gift meal from a wealthy friend in a good hotel restaurant. He asked what I'd like and lobster thermador was on the menu, I knew it was the dearest meal but he told me to blow the expense. Being a lover of it's poorer relatives like prawns and shrimps, and every tiny mollusc in the deep briney, it was flipping gorgeous. I spoke about that meal for years but couldn't exactly remember the taste in my mouth, a bit like losing my wedding night with my lovely virgin wife 34 yrs. ago. Then out of the blue, 3 weeks ago she surprised me with a smallish lobster she paid £8 for ( $16 approx ). It was so precious to me that I didn't want to cook anything with it to mar the pure taste. I wanted to savour every tiny morsel, which I did when my wife went to bed. My cats were drooling as I deliberated over every nibble, not one piece did they get, unusually for me as I love them more than people. Afterwards, with the taste still in my buds, I contemplated this obsessive imagery of bliss I'd held for years that lobster was the elixir of food. Next day, my wife asked me if I'd enjoyed my lobster and I could only say in all honesty that king prawns aren't much different in taste. Of course it was lovely, but not what I'd wrongly perceived for so many years. I think Charlize Theron and Halle Berry are beautiful, so are stacks of young women in my city, but I would be terrified to take it if it was offered on a plate to me, cos today's women scare me to death. Come to think of it, shrimps aren't much different to lobster and they're much more obtainable to a blue collar guy and his dependable wife.

Rick said (November 24, 2008):

: On this one, I really have to part ways with you. You said and I quote" With a successful marriage, all other women become redundant and sex loses it's urgency". The problem here is, how do you define a successful marriage? Young married men today, turn their entire lives over to their wives and they lose their personal identity. Their weekly check is religiously given to their wives and she totally control the purse string. They have no saying on anything relevant. She wears the pants around the house. All you have to do is watch television. Programs, movies and even commercials, make a total wimp out of men.The minute he refuses to "follow her" nonsense, she files for divorce under the pretense that he "doesn't understand me and doesn't care about my needs and goals".She takes everything in the process. In short, it's ALL about her.

You, the man, are just there taking up space....her space. I am a 63 years old male. I chased them all over the globe and I came to the same conclusion Sigmund Freud did: What is it that women want?. I doubt we will ever have the answer. Furthermore, I don't think THEY will EVER have the answer themselves.Personally, I have NEVER, EVER met a married couple, after a few years of being together, who honestly told me..we are very happy together. You see them at restaurants, they rather talk to the waitress than the spouse. At movies, they sit as far apart from each other as possible. Parties? Their opportunity to "get lost" and talk to others. In bed? She has a headache...they both do or simply, they sleep in different rooms.

Finally, there is a#1 seller today that was made into a movie.The Twitelight. It's about a teenager, high school girl(my daughter's age) who falls in love with a "vampire". He, the vampire, tells her:"Can you see that ALL I want is to drink your blood and then eat your body? How could you be attracted to me? Her response is :" I don't care. You are the one I want to be with".

Later on that day, I went onto my daughter's MySpace(with her permission, of course) and she wrote:" Maybe by doing the wrong thing, we will actually be doing the right thing". It seems like I have to have a long conversation with her.

Tyson said (November 23, 2008):

I think this topic is a must for male consideration. A friend of mine went to jail for a short time over a girl and while there he asked everyone in his cell how many were there because of the combination of women and alcohol. Of the some 30 people,2/3rds raised their hands. Looking at my life in retrospect,almost all the trouble and misery I have suffered came from one area,WOMEN. From school,wanting to be "cool",to finding my early identity,later the hell of marrying a women who only wanted a "sperm bank" ,chasing my kid,child support,heart ache etc etc etc. The list seems endless and like you(as well as most men I would bet) we look back now and wonder why in the hell we were taken so easily captive to our animal instincts? How can males be so easily subdued into what seems like retardation in relation to logic and women? While it is truth youth has it role in that answer,the "powers that be" play that weakness up to ultimate.

John said (November 23, 2008):

'Conversation' by Ellen Wheeler Wilcox
God and I in Space alone...
and nobody else in view...
"And where are all of the people,
O Lord" I said,
"the earth below
and the sky overhead
and the dead that I once knew?"

"That was a dream," God smiled
and said: "The dream that seemed to
be true;
there were no people
living or dead; there was no earth,
and no sky overhead,
there was only myself in you."

"Why do I feel no fear?" I asked,
"meeting you here in this way?
For I have sinned, I know full well
and is there heaven and is there hell,
and is this Judgment Day?"

"Nay, those were but dreams"
the Great God said, "dreams that have ceased to be.
There is no such thing as fear and sin;
there is no never have been.
There is nothing at all but me.

Johnny said (November 23, 2008):

Hi Makov! Your article about sex etc. is an exact illustration to my life; I married at 21, got 3 children ,send them on their way to really good positions - and then I got time to think about it all. The result is that for the last 20 years, I am 69 now, I have resisted all attempts to control me with sexual alluring, I simply did´nt want sex because it is being used for so many other purposes than LOVE (that still exist) and having fulfilled my duties to further the human race I felt it was allright. The vedic system allso has such a possibility; in the last part of life, the man leaves everything and everyone to seek the meaning and fullfilling of life as a Sannyasi.

In the beginning it is difficult , due to the automatism of the illuminati-matrix we all are so accustomed to that we cannot see anything else, but after some years it is highly beneficial; your consciousness experience a freedom not know before, to study and develop new and more important talents than that for pro-creation. Women sense that they can not use their "skills" on you to control you (which is their aim) and leave you a peace - but respect you highly for your personality and strtength. In this way YOU are in charge of your hormones and feelings instead of the other way round. And I feel fine! Johnny

anon said (November 23, 2008):

I believe what we call romantic love can exist throughout marriage. I think it's the husband's role to sometimes surprise his wife with something extraordinary, e.g. go out to a fine restaurant or take her dancing, so the marriage consists of more than chores, work and duties. It is crucial though, that the man doesn't do everything in his power to please his woman. She derives far more satisfaction from pleasing her man, and of course receive praise for it. I don't think any man can truly love a woman who doesn't surrender and submit (not talking about just sex here), nor do I think any woman can love and trust a man that is consumed by her to the point of making her head of the family. I believe a man should pursue whatever course he is on or whatever project he has a zeal for, and make his wife second in command in that pursuit. It's important that neither man nor woman sees the other as an equal. They are one, adding to the unity their unique calling.

Asad said (November 23, 2008):

You have quoted,

"A trust in yourself is the height of piety, not pride," Emerson wrote. "It is unwillingness to learn from any but God Himself."

But do you know its essence, have you accepted it? If so then you should read (listen) the last un-changeable message from God (who is the God of Abraham, Moses, Christ and every Created Being). Do you know where that unchangeable message is? Its in the shape of with heart .......if you have any.

Thanks for your efforts to save the humanity from a satanic cult in this life but its also your duty (and all of us, collectively and individually) to save yourself and all the humanity from the torment of the life hereafter and to find the ever greatest reward therein for those who surrender their head before the will of God.

Dan said (November 23, 2008):

Henry, I think you may be getting some 'trolls' . [Richard-below] Here's another pompous ass - it's not their ideas that set me off so much, it's the ad hominem insults to you personally that precede their exposition of their pet conditioning. You push buttons.

"Which brings me to tantric love (love, not sex). Tantric love occurs wherein the two beloveds recognize, honor, and surrender to the unitary divine embodied within each "other", the One of which we are but like facets of one great encompassing jewel, or aspects of one being, if you will. Indeed otherness disappears and is replaced by union. This is tantric yoga. It is very rare, and a blessing. But the sexual aspect of it is entirely dependent on there being a pre-existing tantric relationship."

Sounds like a pedestal to me!

Man isn't woman and woman isn't man. Male and female natures complement each other. we don't swirl around in fairly dust 'merging' into each other till we're 'one' blissed out hermaphrodite.
The spiritual union manifests as offspring - not some dissolution of the male and female into one androgynous being.
The other attracts because they're opposite, one's 'other half'. There's the big 'mystery'.

Richard said (November 23, 2008):

You are alternately and simultaneously endearing, maddening, exasperating, intellectually on target, emotionally stunted, beautifully abstract, horrifically concrete, utterly self-contradictory, liberatingly lucid, and dully opaque, at times well-guided, and at others fantastically misled and misleading.......

Yes, we should love God and take God's instruction above any other's and all else. But that hardly means we cannot learn from other human beings.

If your wife is on "[your] ship" then she has no ownership and thus it can never be a partnership, by definition.

Love and sex are two different entities. Did you know that? If love precedes sex, and if that love endures beyond sex, indeed exist without it, then sex with the beloved becomes an aspect of love, ie. making love. Making love is highly under-rated, as opposed to sex, which is vastly over-rated. Sex without love is potentially soul poison. Love is quite another thing entirely.

Which brings me to tantric love (love, not sex). Tantric love occurs wherein the two beloveds recognize, honor, and surrender to the unitary divine embodied within each "other", the One of which we are but like facets of one great encompassing jewel, or aspects of one being, if you will. Indeed otherness disappears and is replaced by union. This is tantric yoga. It is very rare, and a blessing. But the sexual aspect of it is entirely dependent on there being a pre-existing tantric relationship.

But Elizabeth Haich? The numerologically obsessed "reincarnated daughter of Pharoah". Puh-lease........

And "seeking truth" in the Babylonian Talmud?????????????????

As if.

Wash your mouth out with soap and drown your pen in a vat of acid.

As for lobster versus shrimp.......two completely different flavors, and not all shrimp come shelled before you cook them. But I guess you wouldn't know that if your first mate does that for you!

Emerson was a mason, and he and Thoreau were Transcendentalists, precursors of the New Age. Trust in God, not trust in oneself, is the height of piety. In Islam it is called tawakkul.

Dan said (November 23, 2008):

Happy 59th Henry.

'Romantic love' flourished during the 19th and early 20th centuries. It declined parallel to the public perception shifts of 'sex revolution' and feminism. That, we know.

Like puppy love, romantic love doesn't last. The peak of public belief that romantic love was essential to marriage happened parallel to pulp romance novels and Hollywood movies. That was new. The Hollywood paradigm said only 'love at first sight', aka 'being swept off one's feet' foretold a good marital relationship. That was upside down from previous generations who's mothers advised their daughters that 'you grow to love' through sharing a history together. I'm 'baby boomer' generation so I grew up believing the romantic love myth, which was shattered for that generation by the 'sex revolution' and feminism. But experience in life taught me the old forgotten traditional advice was the real truth. Romantic love isn't real love at all. It's an emotional knee-jerk response which evaporates over time, rather than forging 'the bond which can never be broken'.

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