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Why the Jewish Cabala is Satanic

November 26, 2023


allen-dylan.jpeg(The Jew Woody Allen was accused of molesting  Mia Farrow's adopted daughter, Dylan. Sexual depravity is the hallmark of satanic possession.)
"Never in the Jewish tradition was sexual asceticism a religious value." 
How did society become sex crazed? How did sex get separated from love and marriage?  Mankind has been inducted into a satanic sex cult, Cabalist Judaism (Freemasonry.)
Jewish sex addicts like Woody Allen turned us all into sex addicts. They trained us to think sex is the Holy Grail. Cabalist Jews believe that orgasm is mystical union with God. Sex and romantic love became our ersatz religion. 

Judaism is defined by Cabalism, and Cabalism is Satanism.
Why? Cabalist Judaism teaches that God is unknowable (except through a Cabalist Jew.) How can you obey God if you can't know Him? The whole point of a real religion is to obey God. God is the Moral Order consisting of spiritual absolutes (Love, Truth, Beauty, Justice and Goodness.)
We crave these ideals since our souls are connected to God. God is Light. Cabalism is darkness, destruction and depravity.

I reprise one of my most important articles.
Cabala - How Sex Became our Religion Updated from Feb 5, 2013 and Nov 7, 2017
by Henry Makow  Ph.D. 
Sex, love and "relationships" have become the ersatz religion of modern society. The implied message -- Sex is the Way to God -- has been in our cultural drinking water since the 1960's and longer. Movies portrayed sexual intercourse in mystical terms, perfect bodies coupling to a chorus of angels.    


The Illuminati music industry pushed the theme that romantic love and sex connect us to God. Take Kathy's Song (1965) by Paul Simon: "So you see I have come to doubt/ All that I once held as true/ I stand alone without beliefs/ The only truth I know is you."
This was followed by this scholarly exegesis: Man is "alienated" and alone in the universe. Life has no intrinsic meaning so we must invent one. Man overcomes his separation from God through sexual intercourse, which is mystical in nature. In other words, man and God become One by copulation.
Little did we know that the mystification of sex is pure Cabala. Cabala, the Illuminati "religion", is Satanism. 
To begin, only the Cabalist Jew and his disciples are separated from God. They are separated by virtue of their Luciferian rebellion, based on their desire to replace and be God. They have convinced mankind to join their rebellion and feel "alienated." I suspect most dysfunction originates in this revolt which is the essence of "modernism." Instead of reality, we live in a Masonic Jewish solipsism (i.e. self-created reality.) Notice, God isn't part of it. God is a dirty word.
Thanks to their media control, the Illuminati have convinced humanity that sexual union restores unity with the Divine.  This is Cabala.


In "Sigmund Freud & the Jewish Mystical Tradition," (1958) Jewish psychology professor David Bakan writes: 
"The soul, according to the Zohar, [i.e. Cabala] has an unquenchable yearning to be united with its source in God. This union is characteristically discussed in the metaphor of sex. Generally speaking, the union of male and female is taken as the ideal form of existence. Thus, human sexual relations become symbolic vehicles of Divine acts; and the Divine creativity is understood as of a deeply erotic character itself." (p.273) 
According to the Cabala, God has a female side, called the Shekinah. 
Just as man seeks unity with God through sex, so God supposedly seeks union with His female nature. In other words, man both imitates and helps God by having sexual intercourse.
All of this is nonsense. Even Jewish sources dismiss the Cabala as a hoax. 
Nevertheless, this hoax, along with the Talmud, defines Judaism.
(left. David Duchovny, Jewish star of Californication, about a sex addict.)


Cabalism divides God into a Father and Mother figure and adds son and daughter figures.  Despite the incestuous implications, the Cabala is all about the son and daughter Gods having sex which is being prevented by "Satan,"  who is the God of the Gentiles by the way.
 "The duty of pious Jews is to restore through their prayers and religious acts the perfect divine unity, in the form of sexual union between male and female entities. .." The prayers actually enact this seduction. (Israel Shahak, Jewish History, Jewish Religion, The Weight of 3000 Years, pp. 33-34.) 
First, it denies our connection to God who speaks to us DIRECTLY through our Divine spirit (soul).

Cabala preaches that God is formless and unknowable. The whole point of religion is to worship (obey) God. How can you obey something "formless" and "unknowable"? Naturally, the Satanist will convince the unwary that God is unknowable. 
Second, by making the sex act a means for reaching God, the Cabalist sets up a false God. According to the Cabalist,  sexual intercourse is tantamount to mystical union. Orgasm is revelation.


In fact, unity with God is reached by grace, worship, devotion, selfless service, and spiritual discipline, not by copulating. But just as homosexuals use sexual excess to compensate for loss of healthy intimacy between a man and woman, heterosexuals use it to compensate for loss of God. Naturally, the Illuminati want us to imitate homosexuals. 
Third, the "God" of the Cabala combines good and evil. Somehow, good will come from doing evil. This is salvation through sin. Again, this is nonsense. God is Moral. He is perfection. "Be ye therefore perfect as your heavenly father is perfect." (Matthew 5:48)  God speaks to man through our spiritual ideals such as Truth, Beauty, Justice, and Love. 
Thus the Cabala is typically Satanic : making evil appear good, lies appear true; sick appear healthy, and vice-versa.  
Finally, Bakan writes: "Never in the Jewish tradition was sexual asceticism a religious value." (272)  This alone disqualifies Judaism as a religion. All true religions require control over lust and other animal instincts. 
Far from ascetic, the Talmud and Cabala are degenerate, opening the door to pederasty and incest. The Cabala also holds that man is bisexual, which explains Illuminati promotion of homosexuality and androgyny. Anything to overturn the natural order and spit in God's eye. 
The Illuminati used Sigmund Freud, a Cabalist, to convince the world that sexual restraint leads to neuroses and sickness. 
In a speech to the B'nai Brith on his 70th birthday, Freud emphasized his Jewishness. He said he joined the Masonic Jewish lodge because of "many dark emotional forces" that made "Jews and Judaism irresistible."  He was drawn to "the clear consciousness of our inner identity  the intimacy that comes from the same psychic structure." (Bakan, p. 305)
Most Jews have hardly heard of the Talmud and Cabala, let alone read or understand them.  They don't know that Judaism is a satanic cult masquerading as a religion. The same applies to those dupes known as Christian Zionists.

Thus, the Cabala is the reason why pussy is the Holy Grail and young women are idealized as goddesses. Society is besotted with them. They are a fetish. Woman have never been so degraded. They are basically volunteer whores, hoping to estend a one-night-stand into something more enduring. Ever since women were stripped of their natural roles as wives and mothers, they have been lost, twisting in the wind. 

This pagan sex cult is peddled by the Illuminati-controlled media. Here are some recent headlines from the Huffington Post, which puffs up the value of sex and ensures it is always in our face:
Jan 28: "Oops Amanda Seyfried Slips Off Her Undies"
---------   " Did Jennifer Lawrence's Dress Rip at SAG Awards?"
Jan 31: "Chloe Kardasian- My Vagina Smells Like Roses"
Feb 1:  "Jennifer Lawrence Describes her Breasts?"
Feb 3:  "'Girls' Star's Dress Debuts Boob Windows"
Feb 3:  "Fmr Miss France Flashes her Headlights" (breasts)    
Are we adults? Apparently not. "Adult" now designates porn, violence and arrested development. We are their goyim, (cattle) after all. 
The elevation of young women to Goddess status is more than sexual. Hollywood portrays them as warriors and geniuses as well. In "Zero Dark Thirty," a 98-pound Jessica Chastain gets the credit for tracking down and killing Osama Bin Laden. Even lesbians thought the movie was "propaganda." But Illuminati filmmakers think portraying a falsehood as a truth is enough to make it so. As George Orwell observed, when everyone is deviant (sick), deviant becomes the new normal. 
The female focus is also reflected in the obsession with "relationships",  encouraging more woman-worship and co-dependency. "Relationships" are a female preoccupation. None of this means the Illuminati give a damn about women. They are promoting them to feminize men and destabilize society. 
Human beings are strange animals. If they are taught to seek sex instead of love, they believe sexual intercourse is mystical. But eventually, they will realize it was just infatuation and novelty. Sex, in the words of Andy Warhol, is "the biggest nothing in the world," yet another Illuminati Jewish con. 
Nevertheless, society has been totally sexualized. Thirty percent of all Internet traffic is porn. In spite of 50 years of feminism, or because of it, women define their value in terms of sex appeal, just as homosexuals do. 
Society is saturated with sex which degrades all human relationships, including children, to the lowest common denominator.   
Popular culture increasingly is devoted to death, destruction, pornography and the occult. We rarely see a positive and uplifting vision. We rarely feel good to be human. Because of the age-old Cabalist (Masonic) Jewish hatred of other Jews, God and mankind, depravity and occult fantasy pass as culture. "Progress" and "social change" promote social degradation and disintegration. 
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Harvey Weinstein sees himself as "a martyr for 'social change." 
When used by Cabalist Jews, "social change" means instituting the dominion of Satan."
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First Comment by the late Dan Butler:
"Portraying a falsehood as a truth is enough to make it so" is the bottom line of Kabbalah cosmology.
It says there is no such thing as the 'outer world'.  What you think is the outer reality is nothing but the reflection of your own desires.   Anything horrible in the world is caused by deep conflicts within yourself that need correction.   That's what the Kabbalah gurus tell their students.  The tempting 'hook' of Kabbalah is the promise of being able to recreate reality to your liking, ala the Matrix. *  It's what goyim call "black magic".
Of the Kabbalah cults, there's one in particular that exploits the Internet as a tool of remote control of members.  It's guru claims that Kabbalah isn't religious or exclusive to Jews.  Like Scientology, there are hundreds of former members of what they say is a sex cult that drains not only your money but your soul.  There have been suicides, and more who lost their minds, and countless divorces.
With deeper research, I discovered this Kabbalah cult guru in Israel [has] his own department with UNESCO and the United Nations general assembly.  Simultaneously he accuses the UN of 'blood libel' any time a sanction against Israel comes up for a vote.
On the testimony of former members, he abuses hapless young Jewish 'seekers' or goyish seekers 'equally'.  Here's a quote from a Jewish victim.
"We were told it was a "make-believe" game, like children's play. In reality, (the guru rabbi) would say, people are unable to love in this world, they are just beasts. We just had to put an "act" on, as if it were true that we loved, and then... IT WOULD BECOME TRUE???? Apparently yes, although there was never a clear answer to it. Yet followers are under the impression that they will cross the mythical "machsom" (barrier) between this world of "evil and hatred" and some invisible blissful existence, and then everything will be beautiful and justifiable. EVERYTHING!!! Murder, torture, abuse, oppression..."
Other quotes:
"Totally evil Cult, a Sex cult - Kabbalah Disneyland for the sexually immature."
"They even now have date meets at congresses, hookups, to have sex with each other. They tell the girls they MUST go to a congress, leave their husband and family and "connect". MANY MANY girls believe having sex with men ( in the cult ) is the path... "
More... "From congress antics to treating women like dogs and everything in-between."
" of the girls was having group Skype orgies with (cult member) men..."
"For many of the beginning students it is more common to want to "connect" in the flesh..."
"I think I might make a post about one of those nude resorts for hedonism? And say the next congress is there...Kabbalah sex cult in Cabo San might as well be..."
"...the intention of the physical congresses...It's all about the sex...That is what it appears now to me..."
This is not some minor fringe cult run by a common con man without, but it is a world wide organization with tens of thousands of members, with deep connections with several governments.
* Any Wachowski movie is a Kabbalah crash course on crack.  But then, everything that comes out of Hollywood is.  Because film is a Cabalist medium by default.  see  Cloud Atlas - Hollywood's Depraved Occult Fantasy

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "Why the Jewish Cabala is Satanic"

Jane said (November 27, 2023):

I saw your thing about Woody Allen in your latest article and had to tell you about this.

I watched a film recently called Bananas from 1971 that he starred in. There was a scene in the movie where he was buying a porno magazine and when the lady next to him in the queue showed her disgust at him buying it, he said to her "I'm doing studies on perversion - I'm up to advanced child molesting"....
I thought that was truth in plain sight.Jane

Vikram said (April 24, 2023):

Fantastic reprise from Nov 2017.

I have nothing to say, but that I agree with everything in your brilliant article. Brilliant for its candour and honesty, and for cutting through the layers of lies, glamour and ostentatious BS that have literally ripped the balls out of Western society.

It is an exponentially bigger tragedy than WW1 and WW2 combined, plus all the wars since, because it undermines the very fabric of society. War can rend it, but if the soul remains, it can be mended. This Satanic Cabala masquerading as “liberation” has made the human soul its prisoner.

WW1 and WW2 were certainly catalysts in this tragedy – the slaughter of the better part of its manhood made Western societies fertile ground for the Cabalist invasion of the Frankfurt school, and their subversive text of all subversive texts - ‘The Authoritarian Personality’, and then the coup de gras of Feminism, crowned by the cherry on top – the contraceptive pill, made more potent in an atmosphere of rampant permissiveness in the era of flower power and “free” sex - so free, that it’s cost us everything.

It is timely too, as tomorrow is Anzac Day here in Australia, where we commemorate the “sacrifice” of young Aussie soldiers who were led to their slaughter in the Dardenelles by a young Winston Churchill, whose rank incompetence was rewarded by his being made Prime Minister during the second World War by the banking cartel. Failure and incompetence being rewarded up is not a new phenomenon. The Cabal looks after its own – Clinton, Bush and Blair are living proof of that.

James said (April 20, 2023):

Whoever, or whatever, you serve and obey is your god!” (Herbert W. Armstrong, The United States and British Commonwealth in Prophecy [Pasadena, CA: Ambassador College Press, 1967], p. 159).

Therefore, Eve made Satan god when she obeyed him. And Adam made Eve his god when he followed Eve's example of disobedience. And mankind has been pussywhipped ever since.

"As for my people, children are their oppressors, and women rule over them" (Isaiah 3:12).

BW said (April 20, 2023):

With reference to your Cabala-Satanism analysis, a principle I've long found helpful, slightly adapted from the Gospel of Philip (Nag Hamabi):

Neither fear the flesh nor love it. If you do (either) it will consume you.

As I think I understand this, IOW, doing either invests the (abstract) IDEA of "sex" with the power of your own imagination, consequently using that power to wear yourself out by obsessing about it -- the inevitable result of doing so, in the mistaken belief that neurosis is spiritual warfare.

Joel Chandler Harris' Tar Baby illustrates the problem perfectly.

Otherwise, you're just on the flip side of the same coin, still thinking you can make it (SEX) the hinge on which the whole matter turns, only attacking it as the problem rather than embracing it as the solution.

It just is what it is. It can be the most beautiful thing in the world, or the ugliest. It's up to you. it's what you make of it. Your attitude is the key that opens the lock of your own devising.

RH said (April 19, 2023):

It looks to me that the Cabalist have successfully infiltrated our culture at every level. What I mean is that Freemasonry Lodges are everywhere, along with what I call, the baby Mason lodges of the animal lodges (Elks, Lions, Moose et al.).

Rotary is everywhere and though not blatant, I would say it’s a precursor to Freemasonry. How many members of these various lodges attend Christian Churches without a second thought? The courts and law enforcement are thought to run by Freemasons.

Does Cabala influence these organizations? I would say so.

By setting these organizations up, the Jew is allowed freer access through the Gentile culture often under the banner of brotherhood. There’s the rub for the Goyim. The Goy aspires for brotherhood, the Jew for dominance.

This is maybe why assimilated Jews are hated by their own; they know what’s happening and can alert the Goyim. This is treachery in the Jews’ eyes.

Keep up the good work.

Al Thompson said (October 28, 2021):

I've started using the natural law a few years ago. And by taking the time to think about it, it makes more sense to realize that the purpose of sex is to make more children and to properly bond with the mate so that the children grow up in a stable home environment. When I put it in this context, sex doesn’t have the attraction it once had with me and I feel like if I had it all to do over again, I wouldn’t want to have sex until I found my life partner, commonly known as a wife.

John V said (November 7, 2017):

I thought to share briefly with you my thoughts after reading your reprised article, "Cabala: How sex became our religion." I reluctantly watched the film, Rough Night (2017), the other night and I was aghast at the appalling promotion of recreational drug use, oral sex, female homosexuality and other immoral and self-destructive practices. It's not surprising then that these films are targeted at adolescents with the undeniable intention of corrupting our youth.

The ongoing sex scandals breaking out in Hollywood with Weinstein, Spacey and Ratner so far named as sexual predators it has dawned on me that to these Hollywood elite such sexually perverted behavior isn't an aberration it's normal—hence, their determination to "normalize" such throughout society via the medium of film and TV! It's a pity that Michael Medved warned us about this in his classic, Hollywood vs. America over two decades ago now, but so few took note. Truly, the licentious and toxic culture of Egypt and Sodom lives in Hollywood and its wares today.

Tony B said (November 5, 2017):

For those who are aware of the supernatural, the virgin Mary told the three children at Fatima in 1917, after showing them the horrors of hell, that more people go to hell for sins of the flesh than for any other reason. Of course, this includes such fleshly errors as gluttony and undue comfort but no one would deny that sex tops the rest.

Tony B said (November 5, 2017):

For those who are aware of the supernatural, the virgin Mary told the three children at Fatima in 1917, after showing them the horrors of hell, that more people go to hell for sins of the flesh than for any other reason. Of course, this includes such fleshly errors as gluttony and undue comfort but no one would deny that sex tops the rest.

James C said (November 5, 2017):

"All of western paganism was one giant working to stoke up the vernal powers of fertility and reproduction" (Michael A. Hoffman II, Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare [Coeur d'Alene, ID: Independent History & Research, 2001], p. 126). But sex worship itself came from the East, ultimately from ancient Babylon. Talmudic Kabbalistic Jews didn't invent it. They probably adopted it during their stay in Babylonia. Sex worship is as old as humanity itself. Along with sun worship, which it usually accompanied, it is probably the oldest form of religion.

Diane said (February 27, 2016):

Last year, my husband and I went to a psychiatrist to discuss our lower elementary school aged child's night terrors, tantrums, and occasional social anxiety. He had a lengthy ICU stay at the age of two for a severe asthma attack, and his personality changed somewhat from joyful to sometimes fearful after that. The psychiatrist used Freudian analysis, which he believed to be the upmost truth, and brought up during our two sessions that "all children are bisexual" and that our child "secretly wanted to murder us as all children do their parents" and that is what tantrums night terrors are. I told him I was not comfortable with his approach or with all of the theories he believes in and so did my husband. He became very angry and called me twice, saying my child needed psychoanalysis or he would not improve. When I continued to refuse, he called my husbands doctor who had recommended him and told him things I had said in the session. He literally was stalk raving mad that I stood up to his nonsense. He may have even violated my HIPPA rights. This is all without ever having met our child. My child got over the night terrors and all the rest without having an therapy, and because he loves his new nurturing teacher and new school and has had so much success making friends. We are also setting boundaries better at home and cutting out a lot of TV shows, etc.

Eric said (February 6, 2013):

Henry, I've been reading your articles for about a month now and all I can say is holy cow! I really thought I was awake to the bullshit going on around us. Now I truly am. Thank you for such eye-opening information.

Adrian said (February 6, 2013):

Good article as usual. Readers may be unaware of the work of a partially illuminated sage Krishna Gopi and scientist, at one point promoted by the eminent thinker as Carl von Weizsäcker of the Max Planck Institute for the Life Sciences, Germany. Here are some quotes:

What is recommended by some psychologists or by some clinicians about unrestrained sex is therefore not only fallacious but highly dangerous for the race.

Excess of sexual indulgence is also a self-castration.

But since science has no awareness of a phenomenon that has been in evidence for the last thousands of years, that it is the transmutation of sexual energy that leads to creativity, then naturally all current theories about sex are incomplete.

This energy is designed by nature both for evolution and procreation. And evolution must have its share. It would be saner to conserve the energy, even to be a celibate than it would be to overspend it. This is the reason why celibacy has been recommended in religions.

This I do not mean that you have to neglect the sex impulse, or to be celibate. There was no system of celibacy in India in Vedic times. In fact, it was looked down upon in the Vedas.

John said (February 5, 2013):

Very true Henry. The masses are probably not even aware of this "Anti God Psy-op" being imposed on them under the guise of "sex and love".

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at