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Hollywood's Sabbatean Sex Propaganda

January 8, 2011

For more than 40 years, Illuminati Jews in Hollywood have trashed marriage and pounded the drum for sexual promiscuity.

by Henry Makow Ph.D,

In a fit of nostalgia,
I watched
one of my favorite movies again, "A Touch of Class" (1973). I had fond memories of a sophisticated romantic comedy starring George Segal and Glenda Jackson that had influenced me.

What a shock! I quickly realized why I was so messed up as a young man. 
The movie presented a man betraying his wife and children as the height of sophistication and fun. It presented random sexual intercourse as if it were the Holy Grail.  As an impressionable 23-year-old, I adopted these attitudes which ultimately undermined my ability to form healthy relationships with women. (I am now on my third and I hope final marriage.)

Then, I happened to see a trailer for an upcoming movie, "No Strings Attached"  which teaches young people that promiscuous sex is the ultimate in modern thinking.

Both these movies were made by Jews. Although almost 40 years apart, Hollywood Jews are pumping out socially destructive agitprop in the guise of sophisticated comedy. If "A Touch of Class" hurt me, I can't imagine the damage Hollywood is now doing to the new generation.

Illuminati Jews Melvin Frank and Ivan Reitman directed the two movies respectively. Their sex for sex's sake dogma is hardly the "latest thing." The Illuminati are a continuation of the Sabbatean-Frankist Jewish heresy dating back to the 17th and 18th century.

The Sabbatean-Frankists were satanists who believed in "redemption through evil." The believed the Messiah would return when the world had descended into chaos. They advocated the destruction of marriage and family, and engaged in adultery, orgies, incest and pedophilia. 

They have enormous power because the Rothschild banking syndicate belong to this cult.  Sabbatean-Frankist (Illuminati) Jews were behind Communism and Zionism. Long story short, Satanism and Communism is spewing from our movie theaters and TV's, and no one has a clue.


touchofcrass.jpgIlluminati Jews who own Hollywood have been making home movies for decades and passing them off as entertainment.

"A Touch of Class" is really "A Touch of Crass." (That's what they do, present crass as class.) George Segal plays a typical narcissistic Jew yet the "J" word is never mentioned.  There is no explanation of why anyone would find him attractive, except for his money. His friend "Walter Menkes" played by Paul Sorvino, is also a Jew. The movie oozes self-serving "Jewish humanistic" values yet the audience is totally unaware.

Glenda Jackson plays the Gentile divorcee looking for uncomplicated sex on the side. Since Segal is married, there is no danger of "falling in love."
Which of course always happens. But on Menkes advice, Segal summons up the strength to end it for her sake, because he really loves her and doesn't want to hurt her any more.

Based on the trailer, "No Strings Attached" seems to follow the same theme. "Uncomplicated sex" leads to "wanting more." 

"Monogamy goes against human nature," Jewish actress Natalie Portman exclaims. "Why can't we just just have sex?"   In fact, it is promiscuity that is against human nature. They want "more."

It seems like Illuminati Jews are obsessed with having sex as long as it is out of wedlock. The "falling in love" part is a fig leaf to cover making sexual promiscuity pervasive and socially acceptable. People who have developed a habit of promiscuity do not stop on a dime when they marry. Combined with feminism, it effectively kills the institution of marriage. The habit includes homosexuality as Kutcher, in the trailer, awakes and wonders if he had sex with the guy.  

Recently I walked in on someone watching "Hot Tub Climate Change,"
directed by another cabalist, Steve Pink. The scene was pure porn, interracial at that. A naked white girl with ample jugs is having intercourse with a black guy in a hot tub. Mainstream movies today would be banned as obscene as recently as 20 years ago.   

Some of these movies are just Jewish navel gazing. Recently I rented "Greenberg" with Ben Stiller, directed by Noah Baumbach. The title character is a self-obsessed middle-aged Jew at loose ends. The tiniest thing he does for anyone is treated as earth shattering. He is of no interest to anyone yet his sense of self-importance is staggering. He says he's the "funniest person he knows" yet there is zero evidence on display. Nothing happens except that he has sex with a Gentile girl, avoids commitment and helps her get an abortion.

When you own Hollywood, it appears you can inflict your vulgar home movies on the world, even if they are derived from Sabbatean satanism.


Movies and TV determine mass taste, values and behavior. Monkey see, monkey do. It's remarkable that a country that was ostensibly Christian would let a tiny cult of Illuminati Jews (and Freemasons) have this kind of power.

I'm going to be accused of anti-Semitism. I'm a Jew myself and the behavior of Sabbatean Jews embarrasses and jeopardizes decent Jews. The days are over when Illuminati Jews can spread sickness and use us as their human shields.

We suffer from a cancer we won't even speak about. The world is in the malignant grip of a satanic cult.  Hollywood and the entertainment business in general are a big part of it.


To be fair, Noah Baumbach has made some fine movies, "The Squid and the Whale" & "Margot at the Wedding."



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Comments for "Hollywood's Sabbatean Sex Propaganda"

John said (January 10, 2011):

ve been reading your website for about 2 years now and enjoy learning about what the media never covers. One reason I am contacting you is that I am curious if you've noticed the increased sexual humor being used in the script of Saturday Night Live. Almost every sketch I've seen in the past few years has been fairly sexual. If you were not watching this week and choose to write a column on this, go to and look for this week's episode guest starring Jim Carrey. Every single sketch had sexual humor and several had homosexual scenes. The former late night FOX series MadTv never stooped to these levels, which may be the reason the series ended.

Just curious if you have any comments on Saturday Night Live and how it has changed since it started in the 70s.

Thanks John

I have written about SNL on a couple of occasions. here is one

Graham said (January 10, 2011):

Setting up my new computer I downloaded Real Player. It comes with a package of free movies and games. Take a look at the movies offered

Sex, violence and puerile ‘humour’ (‘Shut Up and Kiss Me’; ‘All Babes Want To Kill Me’). It’s raining here and the neighbours’ kids (on school holidays) are inside watching this stuff all day. The girl is 13, her little brother 7.

For High School sex education homework the girl was required to write down 20 different ways of ‘having sex’. That’s not different positions; that’s different ‘ways’, the implication being that they are all of equal legitimacy. As for ‘parental guidance recommended’, their parents adore Lady Gaga. They thought the dress made of animal flesh was ‘really funny’. Regardless of who wrote the Protocols, they certainly are in an advanced stage of implementation.

Robert said (January 9, 2011):

Once you realize that Hollywood (and indeed the entertainment industry as a whole, including the Jesus-as-sacrifice-for-our-sins Christian entertainment industry) has an agenda that is set by the Money Power and carried out by its mercenary minions, you no longer view its products passively. When you start to analyze the psychological impact that mainline and "successful" indie movies are devised to be having on their audience, and understand that they are in all instances (even if only through some suggested sub theme) attempting to subvert your ability to think decently and autonomously, the entire film industry reveals itself to be a debased boondoggle.

Marshall said (January 9, 2011):

A “No TV” policy would definitely improve your odds, as you have obviously figured out…but look how long it took for you see it for what it is!!! I’m 46 and just NOW starting to think back about all the programming I have digested over the years.

Sabbatean Frankists are a particularly strange group, but Kabbalah types are messed up in the head from the beginning. Apparently their ultimate “revelation” is Ain Soph, the endless unknowable light. Spare me. Don’t ask me for any money, or to wear some goofy freaking red string bracelet. I can see the behavior of Kabbalah types and that’s all I need to see.
Sarah Silverman, enough said.

David said (January 9, 2011):

What are your thoughts on lalawood drivel such as The Graduate? Hoffman has to be one of the original poster boys for the Ashkenazi Jews who run the place. I could wax nostalgic on that piece of junk film, but still find thoughts of it disturbing. Then there were the perverted tomes like Harrad experiment, I think that great piece of lit may have been produced as a b porno as well. I would also classify movies like the original Bond series (with the illuminist Connery at the helm) as one of the vanguards for degrading human sexuality to pure hedonism and objectifying the female body. It seems to me that the real downturn in our society began with the 60's flower power movement as headed off by the gang of pervs from Liverpool, the entertainment industry in general has been going downhill ever since.

Richard said (January 9, 2011):

Apropos your latest, this very funny and very true article by Joel Stein from the LATIMES in Dec 2008, entitled How Jewish is Hollywood? PS He was fired 2 1/2 months later for having written it (a 'decent interval', to throw one off from the connection between the article and his firing).,0,4676183.column

Debra2 said (January 9, 2011):

You want to talk about sick, take a gander at "Black Swan." I just returned from viewing it; it's the closest mainstream attempt at a snuff film to date. And . . . the critics L-O-V-E it!

Richard said (January 9, 2011):

That clip from "No Strings Attached" is insipid, sleazy and dumb, and vaguely disturbing all at once - like Ashton Kutcher himself. I've noticed the "orgy" meme is really being sold hard to the under 25 market - which in Hollywood targeting translates to the puberty market.

The 'rite of passage' to the Orgy Grail in these movies seems to be submission to humiliation by the males.

If you ask me the sexual dynamics between Kutcher and the girl is as vacant as it was in the 1971 movie "Summer of '42" in which a 15 year old named Herbie loses his virginity in a one hour stand to an emotionally disturbed Playboy pinup incarnate, or Dustin Hoffman's emotionally arrested Benjamin in the 1967 classic, The Graduate. The interpersonal relationship dynamic in both those movies was basically a 15 year old boy's fantasy of "scoring" with the sexy 'MILF' on his paper route. Except now the female character is the same age, single, and impossibly empowered by being a busy brain surgeon or whatever.

Discussion has come up for years of how we were all taken in by movies and rock stars. Over a decade ago a woman told me that when she was 14, she watched a TV drama called "Go Ask Alice", which portrayed an ordinary suburban girl being slipped LSD without her knowledge at a party, going on to become a drug addict and prostitute and hippie -- until she's raped and murdered after hitch hiking to San Francisco. The woman told me "I wanted to BE that girl".

Why? That's the power of glamor. It's Satanic.

Dan said (January 9, 2011):

I know how it feels to realize most of my favorite movies, books, authors, musicians were in the business of messing young minds up. Even a few years ago I admired the character William Holden played in "Network". A couple of years ago it hit me that although he spoke a great deal about honor and 'human decency' he was simultaneously destroying the trust of his wife and daughters by having a pathetic mid-life crisis sex affair with the Jezebel who stole his career.

We can file these characters in the same drawer as "Jenny" in "An Education". As you observed, modernist anti-heroes and anti-heroines glamorize the selling of soul for self-gratification.
If there is a sense of a vacuum when throwing out those old 70's 'hip' movies along with the Doors and Jefferson Airplane records, there's a good side to maturity. Tossing all that adolescent rubbish out of mind frees it up for reading the real prophets and sages of the ages with comprehension.

Scott said (January 8, 2011):

A couple of weeks ago, I DVR'd a supposed teen comedy off Encore Network, called "Sex Drive." Thinking this might provide some sort of entertainment along the lines of John Hughes films from the 80's, it seemed worth a look. Although there were some legitimately funny parts, Seth Green leading a team of talented Amish mechanics was hilarious. However, most of it was shallow script that leaned heavily on gross-out "humor." You didn't have to guess about the types of names on the credits for the production crew. A lot of this grew with the "American Pie" series, which did feature some memorable comedy with identifiable characters, but it contained aspects that continued to accelerate the downward Hollywood spiral.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at