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Rense & Icke - Birds of a Feather?

April 28, 2012

Jeff RICKE.jpg(left, Jeff Ricke, disinfo specialist?)

David Icke couldn't defend JR's suppression of the Fukushima conspiracy theory. He posted it himself. Instead he stooped to ad hominem attacks. L.C. Vincent reports on a topic Icke won't touch.  

"The DI specialist intertwines approximately 15% bogus information with 85% true and verifiable information.  Since the preponderance of information on the site is true, the false information is then absorbed and perceived as true."  - L.C. Vincent

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by L.C. Vincent

Dear Henry,

I knew your dispute with Jeff Rense involved the tragedy of Fukushima but I did not know the details. Even leaving out his nine ex-wives and his psychopathic personality, just assessing the bare bones of his edict (not only can't you post Jim Stone's Fukushima story link on his site, but you will not post it on YOUR site!) is simply absurd!  

This is nothing more than a blatant, dictatorial attempt at censorship of a theory Rense doesn't like, and of course his stooges, underlings and lapdogs (David Icke in particular) trot along behind him and carry his doggy bag of turds because he allows them to continue to post their drivel on his disinformation site.

There is only one possible explanation for Jeff Rense's dictatorial edict: this story cuts to the bone and far too close to the truth for Zionist interests to allow it to see the light of day.  So not only must it be suppressed on the Rense site; it must also be suppressed on YOUR site!  Utterly incredible!

For someone who claims to wear the mantle of a Champion of Truth,  Rense's duplicity and agenda are clearly revealed for all who have eyes to see.

Highly instructional and amusing, too, to find the vaunted David Icke siding with this closet psychopath.  Birds of a feather, no doubt.  Even more amusing is Icke's defense of the indefensible.... he therefore attacks you, as a man, while totally ignoring the crux of the argument to which he instinctively knows there is no genuine rebuttal. 

His "logic" is jejune and laughable.  Icke, despite his valuable work on the linkages of institutions, royalty and the spiritual/economic conspiracy, is  revealed to be nothing more than a tool of the forces he pretends to oppose. 

In the final analysis, his fervid attempt at insulting you becomes nothing more than a parody of his vapid arguments in favor of Rense's censorship, and the stifling of your freedom of speech, thought and inquiry because Rense supposedly has more valid bona fides as a revealer of the conspiracy against Mankind. 


As for David Icke, I had tried to keep on open mind about his Royal reptilian fantasies for a very long time, but began to question his sanity when he produced a three-part video of his interview of an African witch doctor who solemnly informed him of how he had witnessed the transformation of lizards to human beings and back again.  Icke's reverence for this Black con artist left me with only one of two alternatives:  either Icke was a fool or a charlatan.   His defense of Rense actually proves he is both.

Beyond that, you will notice that rather than address the actual issues of the rift,  David Icke's "arguments" are nothing more than personal vitriol against Henry Makow.  Not once does he address the ethical implications of Rense demanding that Makow delete the story from Makow's own website.  He does not make this argument because it cannot be made.  There is no ethical justification for it, other than the control of information, something in which the 'image' (but not the reality) of Rense is supposed to be in diametric opposition!

As for David Icke and his reptilian fantasy agenda, I've always cut him slack in this department because I know from personal experience that there is far more to our reality than the perception of three dimensions.

Nevertheless, think of the ammunition David Icke provides the Powers That Be!  On the one hand, he deftly reveals complex linkages between authoritarian control mechanisms like the Tavistock Institute, the Royal Family of England, and the international banking cabal.  On the other hand, he accuses Bush and The House of Windsor of being shape-shifting reptilians.

Now ask yourself this question:  if you presented the average intellectual investigator with the first aspect of David Icke's reportage, would not those revelatory linkages raise eyebrows and curiosity? 

However, after presenting those linkages, (all of which are provable and verifiable) and you now mix into this stew the concept that the people on the thrones of power as well as the powers behind these thrones are shape-shifting reptilians, do you not negate the entire first part of your argument intellectually, and consign both to the loony bin?

Of course you do, because that is what most honest intellectual inquirers into alternative explanations of socio-political reality would do; throw the baby out with the bath water, and relegate Icke's ground-breaking revelations as spurious due to their contamination by association with Icke's so-called "Reptilian Agenda."


My own encounter with David Icke's criticism was revelatory in and of itself.  I had posted a story to the "Before It's News" website entitled "Hitler Survived!"   This was actually written in reference to a book review which had appeared earlier on the "Before It's News" site by an author who claimed that Adolf Hitler not only survived the war and escaped Germany, but that he and Eva Braun lived comfortably in South America until his death in the early 1960's.  I must point out that this author was not the first to posit an escape plan for Hitler, nor the first to provide evidence of his survival.

As a board member of the internationally reknown submarine research group, Sharkhunters (, our organization, which has over 6000 members in 73 countries, many of them high ranking admirals and military men from all branches of every military service, (including moles planted in the secret military archives of Russia, England, the United States and Germany) has access to original documents that no other research organization can dream of.  Over the past 28 years, Sharkhunters has become the "go to" organization and final authority on any question of submarine warfare and history.

The President of Sharkhunters, Mr. Harry Cooper, also authored a book entitled "Escape from the Bunker" which details the drugging of both Hitler and Eva Braun, and their removal from Berlin under the orders of Martin Bormann.  From there the couple were transported to Spain at the port of Vigo, and thence via German submarine to Argentina.  We have documentation from multiple sources for this story.

When I posted my story of Hitler's survival on "Before Its News", David Icke deigned to offer a one word retort:  "Bullshit."

I thought that his response was highly indicative of his thought process and his own personal "integrity."  For here is a man who asks us to accept, without verification, that the Bush family and The House of Windsor are comprised of shape-shifting reptilians.  Yet when a story appears on Hitler's survival, which can be traced and documented thru four different books and authors, as well as the secret intelligence services of the four major participants in WWII, Mr. Icke's only intellectual response is to project the contents of his own mind onto the internet.

"Bullshit" -- and perhaps Bullshit Artist -- succinctly sums up the relevancy of David Icke as yet another agent of disinformation. Jeff Ricke sums it up!


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Comments for "Rense & Icke - Birds of a Feather? "

Debra said (April 30, 2012):

Finally, an article on Makow's website exposing Icke's nonsense
regarding reptiles/shape-shifters.

The author shows how Icke's lies works to trash truths he mixes with such utter nonsense (lying).

As far as Rense, he's a mainstream news guy, bringing money-making skills to a truth-movement. Though with a bushel of "personal" errors, he has not caused massive public damage like D. Icke.

Exposing Rense's private relationship issues has a tabloid effect
Makow should think twice about.

Expose David Icke for diversion and delusion; but give Rense a break for now. Enough is enough.



You weren't "married" to Jeff, but I was for 11 years, in a fruitful collaboration.

So were nine wives and more fiancees who he abused and often exploited financially.

And so are an estimated 100,000 people who are being duped by his act.

I love Tabloids. Jeff Rense is a fascinating character -- huckster, cheat, liar wrapped in a coat of truth and freedom -- and I intend to tell his story.

Jerry said (April 30, 2012):

Dr. John Coleman --

"David Icke of course copied all my work letter for letter"

Icke "one of the worst plagiarists of our era."

Hana said (April 30, 2012):

The globe is undergoing a controlled demolition and these "intellectuals" are having a pissing contest like a bunch of narcissistic primadonnas! Who is an "agent", who is a "perp" ... shapeshifters, despite being included in all lores/cultures around the world for thousands of years - well, they don't exist, but Hitler lived happily in Argentina up till the 1960s!

Henry - you should be ashamed of yourself!



You deserve to be led by charlatans; you are a fool.


Ron-2 said (April 30, 2012):

L C Vincent downplays the significance of the so called "African witch doctor" as the fellow he is referring to is a one Credo Mutwa the main historian of the Zulu Nation. He is a descendent of Dingaan - the Zulu King who massacred Piet Retief & his 70 member delegation & later over 500 Boer civilians in Natal when they were double crossed after an official ceremony in February 1838 which was aimed at ceding the vacant land south of the Tugela River. The actual African witch doctors do not like Mutwa very much as he remains true to their original teachings & reveals secrets that they do not want him to reveal. He has had numerous death threats from them for revealing the information that he does. If all of the information about the Reptilian elite were disinformation - then they would not be trying so hard to suppress it. Furthermore: no one talks about "shape-shifting" reptilians as that is not possible. What "shape-shifts" is the viewer's conscious awareness [ similar to learning to see auras ] - not the actual "shape-shifting" of the given individual. Dr. Bill Deagle among others have pointed this out. Vincent is incorrect in his understanding as Rense was not trying to stop you from posting the Jim Stone story on your own web site: he was simply opposed to posting it on his own web site which is what the furor was all about to begin with.

Ron said (April 30, 2012):

The whole reptilian elite topic is quite complex because it is not just David Icke who occasionally talks about it [ despite his initial reluctance as he too taught it might have been a disinformation campaign ] but many others like John Rhodes [ who was talking about it years before Icke popularized the notion ] / Michael Tsarion & of course the aforementioned Credo Mutwa among others. The peculiar thing about this topic is that it was discerned from the numerous people around the world coming forward giving their accounts so if this topic is indeed disinformation - then there area lot of disinformation artists out there spreading a similar tale for no clear reason.

I myself did not know what to make of this issue [ that I first heard about on a radio program over twenty years ago & dismissed it out of hand back then ] until I too started meeting people who have told me that they can see reptilians & other assorted aliens - among which they claim even benevolent or neutral humanoid aliens they often call Paleidians. All these witnesses from around the world certainly cannot all be mad or disinformation artists. There is also the MASSIVE indigenous records spanning the globe which mention the reptilian traits of the "gods" [ construed as aliens by ancient astronaut theorists ] which significantly lend credence to the notion of an alleged reptilian elite ruling mankind.

David said (April 30, 2012):

The Illuminati probably manufactured Icke's reptilian BS. It's counter intelligence, a way to render harmless the good research people like you do.

In this video, a NWO activist confronts Lionel De Rothschild in his Hampshire garden. He turns his video recorder on him and accuses of various crimes.

Rothschild's response? 'O yes... I remember one man accused me and my family of being aliens.' Then he giggles.

Don said (April 30, 2012):

I read the latest article posted on your website about Rense and Icke. A couple of years ago a story was on the internet about Icke’s resemblance to John D. Rockefeller Jr. I have read a couple of Icke’s books and listened to his talks and actually saw him live (a present from my wife). He has some interesting information, but the reptilian shape shifters stuff is too far out there for me. He seems to be more of a feel good cheerleader.

have wondered how he (really) got his start, and how he has time to write and research everything. However after reading about his possible Rockefeller connections, I have a lot of doubts about him now and wonder if he really gets paid to spread disinformation such as reptilians so people will dismiss any information about the elite as being garbage. If he indeed is a Rockefeller that would explain much, and would make him Bill Clinton’s cousin - if Clinton is the illegitimate son of Arkansas Governor Winthrop Rockefeller.

In both cases they came from supposedly humble beginnings and against the odds have all the right doors opened for them. I have little problem believing either as history has many examples of rich and powerful men fathering many children out of wedlock. Their money and status allows them many opportunities for affairs and they have the means and position to help their bastard children as they grow up. In case you missed the story about Icke when it came out, I’ve attached a link to a short video that pretty much sums it up. There is more detailed information still on the web. Whatever the truth is, the resemblance is remarkable and makes you wonder.

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