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Hoffman - Vatican a Cabalist Front Since Renaissance

August 30, 2012

vatjews.jpegFar from being a break from elite Roman Catholicism since the sixteenth century, the Judaic policy of the 'Vatican II Church' as it emerged publicly after 400 hundred years, is the fulfillment and culmination of the centuries-old crypto-Kabbalism and Talmudism of the Roman Catholic hierarchy

re: Roman Catholic Church Not Crypto Jewish

by Michael Hoffman

With regard to the rivalry of competing elites, it is true that in general, the Vatican, from the 16th century onward, served Talmudic-Kabbalistic Judaism in a manner radically different from that of the British Crown.

But to mistake tactical differences and smokescreen rhetoric for a genuine war between an anti-Judaic Vatican Catholicism and a pro-Judaic British Crown, is an enormous blunder.

From the Renaissance onward, the Roman Catholic Church hierarchy had been infiltrated by Talmudic/Kabbalistic forces, even though, on occasion, individual popes, cardinals, bishops, saints and laymen attempted to reverse the trend, without success.

One of these, the Dominican Savonarola, was hanged and burned for his trouble. While it is true that Giordano Bruno was also immolated, Bruno was killed for the same reasons that the Cryptocracy did away with Mormon founder Joseph Smith, not because the cartel disagreed with his masonic philosophy, but due to his overweening ambition, whereby he was becoming a threat to their leadership. Observe too that Bruno's cult is very strong today, while Savonarola's memory is shrouded in ignominy.

In October of this year my pamphlet on this and cognate subjects will be published: Renaissance Roman Catholicism: Three Points of Departure From Magisterial Dogma. My thesis is that, far from being a break from elite Roman Catholicism since the sixteenth century, the Judaic policy of the 'Vatican II Church' as it emerged publicly after 400 hundred years, is the fulfillment and culmination of the centuries-old crypto-Kabbalism and Talmudism of the Roman Catholic hierarchy.

This is the solution to the riddle of the resistance of the popes from Paul VI onward, to naive -- though sincere and often heroic -- traditional Catholic calls to the recent occupants of the papacy, to be 'loyal to the Church of all Time,' and 'repudiate Vatican II,' and 'return the Church to as she was before the 1960s.'

popecross.jpg (Left. Pope John Paul outed himself and his Roman Catholic Church as Zionist flunkies by sitting on a throne with an inverted satanic cross during his visit to Israel in 2000.)

The popes of the late twentieth and twenty-first centuries know what these uninitiated traditionalists do not: the Roman Church before Vatican II had been serving the kings of Kabbalah since the time of the Florentine Medicis. As startling as this datum will appear to most, the historical record will show that this was the case. From this occult root grew the accursed fig tree we see today.

I anticipate the protests of some: 'but I have this church document that excoriates Masonry;' and 'in such-and-such a city the Talmud was burned by ecclesiastical order during the Renaissance.'

Yes, indeed, and if these acts were part of a seamless theology and statecraft from on high, then this would be significant evidence contradicting my thesis. But those who cite these anti-Judaic tactics without being cognizant of the pro-Judaic strategy that informed them, are lost in a wilderness of mirrors.

As Lenin stated so succinctly: "Two steps forward, one step back." In order to preserve the secret of the Renaissance and post-Renaissance Vatican's fundamental orientation to rabbinic ideology and mystical Kabbalistic gnosis and suzerainty, sometimes the hierarchy appeared to discipline or repress Judaic elements, to placate either the Catholic mob or restless intellectuals and holy persons in its own ranks. I will have much more to say about these chess moves in Renaissance Roman Catholicism.

A call to a return to the dogma and praxis of the medieval Lateran-era Church would be truly Catholic and anti-rabbinic, and this should be the banner of the "traditionalists."

Anything else plays into the hands of the current Vatican adepts who know better than the "traditionalists," that revolutionary change commenced in the 1500s, and that 1960s Catholicism is merely the natural child of an unnatural parent. Until Catholic "traditionalists" know what these Vatican initiates know, they will be privately mocked in Rome as gullible and ignorant enthusiasts of something that hasn't existed for more than 400 years.

Our ignorance only evokes contempt. The conversion of modern Rome requires that we negotiate from a position of knowledge. To do this we must dispel our illusions and learn the clandestine history of the serpent that grasped hold of the Catholic Church and subjected it to revolutionary change, beginning from one of the great citadels of the Money Power, the moral sewer that was Florence -- the magnificence of its art works being no kind of absolution -- but rather, a Dorian Gray-like cover for the filth that flowed above and below, and soon spread throughout the Church at its most stratospheric levels; as presaged in The Inferno by that other Florentine, the truly Catholic Dante Alighieri.

Don't be hoodwinked!

(Hoffman is the author of Judaism Discovered (hardcover, 1100 pages), and Judaism's Strange Gods). His website is revisionist

Comments for "Hoffman - Vatican a Cabalist Front Since Renaissance"

Mike said (September 3, 2012):

God bless Michael Hoffman for having the courage to stand up nearly alone in the Roman Catholic world. I am not a scholar but just about everyone in the world can see that the current Roman Catholic Church has become a wicked parody of a church. Forced clerical celibacy - 1000 years ago, spinning Jesus with beads - 800 years ago (original spin doctors?) .Is it any wonder that one Martin Luther was able to create such damage to a termite infested Church? At least his last book warned of the Talmudic peril. In 1870 the Church devolved into Club Infallible and the Marian Mystery Detour. Pius IX approved of three Marian apparitions. Once popes are considered infallible, that means errors become permanent . All Catholics have been demoted by this infallible nerve gas that acts like spiritual aids. Defending traditional no contraception, no abortion becomes difficult when the pedo protecting pope and clergy have lost their credibility by preaching a new and strange Talmudic gospel.

I am still waiting for a true Roman Catholic revival. Hoffman has got the tradionalist's number - trying to pin the donkey's tail on Vatican II shows extreme naivety. Fatima and Medugorge will probably end up making billions of Catholic skeptics. The Church was instructed to preach the gospel, not fairy tales and liberal lies. The Protestants have their Rapture theory, we have apparitions and theories of the infallible man. Meanwhile the ugly reality of truth is ready to come crashing down.

Will said (September 1, 2012):

My comment on the catholic church. Linkage that address the following points:

Peter as 1st Pope, Infallibility and clarification on the keys to the church as well as his equal position with the other Apostles:

Virgin mary:

Their Misconception of communion of the saints:

A worker in Christ

YouTube - Videos from this email

Tony Cooper (author of Robin Hood Revealed) said (September 1, 2012):

"The Church" is anyone that continuously "does" God's Will. Not by following a pagan, ritualistic, non-scriptural "church".

Rod, it was the Catholic Church that created the canon of Scripture incorporating the Old and New Testaments which you know as the Bible, so how can it possibly be "non-scriptural" ? It is the only legitimate teaching authority, deriving that authority from Christ, through the Apostles and down to the present day by the apostolic succession. From whom did you derive authority to teach the Christian Faith?

Michael Hoffman has let the 20th century coup by Freemasonry at the Vatican cloud his judgement of Church history. The Catholic Church may be infiltrated by Freemasonry but the true Faith will never be overcome by them, as Christ Himself promised. Hoffman should reflect on Christ's promise.

Tom said (August 31, 2012):

more on the upside down cross ...
definitely satanic

"make note of where it is being used, and what direction it is coming from, so you will not be tricked into following those who use it"

as part of the peace symbol

Imran said (August 31, 2012):

Years ago a friend told me that a female acquantice of his family told Pope John Paul about the persecution of Christians in India.

The Pope admitted he did not know. Soon after he made his trip to India and spoke up for persecuted Christians there. I believe that conversation might have been a key factor in him visiting India.

Now maybe Pope John Paul might be used. But I believe he is sincere in his attempts for helping believers in the Lord.

Just thought I would give a balanced portrait.

And like another person's comment said the inverted cross is based on a story that Peter was hung upside down.

Rod said (August 31, 2012):

Can someone wake up the people of catholicism please.

William said below, "The Church is of, and belongs to Jesus Christ Himself – she is a divine institution. He is the Head of the Church, the Pope is only His Vicar on Earth, though with divine powers given to the Church to bind and lose, forgive sins, and perform the works which our Lord gave her to do."

Christ would surely rebuke this statement. The pope is not His "anything" . The Lord did not come here and say, "hey everyone, become a catholic and you'll be safe".
"The Church" is anyone that continuously "does" God's Will. Not by following a pagan, ritualistic, non-scriptural "church". How people blindly follow this and many other churches baffles me. Pray that the veil be lifted from your eyes, people. Read the scriptures. Ditch this rich money grabbing vulture that calls itself "The Church".
Read .

Richard said (August 31, 2012):

I agree it was no accident that John Paul II posed on that throne designed to look like a grave headstone with an inverse cross. He knew exactly what that was about. He was an adept of duplicity. His papacy consisted of planned non-events and photo-ops. An examination of these reveals he was as sinister a showman as Ronald Reagan. Where do they get these guys?

John Paul II remains a virtual saint to church people. Behind his photogenic features he was MOCKING them. The trick was that he oozed the illusion of being the Grand daddy everybody wanted but he posed in heretical situations.........such as a Masonic handshake with Fidel Castro, and posing before the Satanic inverse cross.

It just goes to show that image is everything with the majority of people. People make excuses for what they see flaunted in front of their own eyes.

I have started using the word 'sheeple' again.

Dan said (August 31, 2012):

in my humble opinion, Michael Hoffman's later work suffers from certain biases which have calcified. One is an ancestral Anabaptist extreme prejudice against the entire history of Roman Catholicism, which is only paralleled by a native hostility to the entire history of Jewish cultures so deep it could almost be attributed to genetics.

He gets a lot of it right, but I think the degree of bias leads him astray occasionally.

Having said that, I'm very interested in reading his "Renaissance Roman Catholicism: Three Points of Departure From Magisterial Dogma" . Christendom definitely went through an 'unholy' paradigm shift during the (so-called) Renaissance. The history of Savonarola illustrated that the Seven Deadly Sins had overtaken the ruling classes of Florence by the late Quattrocento. Savonarola's party tried to reverse this by force with majority public support. His 'Bonfire of the Vanities' was a direct assault on the Medici's resurrection of the forgotton pagan society of Rome.

However, Jewish influence in the neo-Platonist (pagan) revival was - to my knowledge - marginal. For instance, I know about Count Giovanni Pico della Mirandola, who started a Kabbalah and Talmud study fad among the wealthy Florentines. He went so far as to try to sponsor a public debate between scholars to be held in Rome to popularize heresy, but Pope Innocent VIII halted it and called for an Inquisition into the orthodoxy of the material. His papal bull Summis desiderantes was a crackdown on witches and magicians (ie, Cabbalists). This 15th century pope also confirmed Tomas de Torquemada as Grand Inquisitor of Spain. - the most notorious persecutor of Jewry during the height the Spanish Inquisition.

The jig was up for Pico and he fled to France, only to be arrested in Vincennes. Here we learn that non other than Lorenzo de' Medici used his clout with King Charles VIII of France to get Pico released. Pico returned to Florence under de' Medici protection until something terrible happened when Pope Innocent the VIII died in 1494. Rodrigo Borgia hijacked the Papacy for himself. (He is now officially an 'anti-Pope').

Pico may have been appalled by explosion of evil that proceeded to emanate from the Borgias, and the Medici. After Lorenzo de' Medici died, Pico recanted his interests in interest in Chaldean magic and burned his incantations, gave his fortune to charity and became a follower of Savonarola.

Pico and a fellow former humanist Angelo Poliziano suddenly died, with the funeral oration delivered by Savonarola himself. 2007 exhumation of the men show they died of arsenic poisoning, a standard practice of the Medici for dealing with anybody who broke with the 'family'.

I could go on and on, but it's my understanding that attempts at "Judaizing" had always been well understood by the Roman Church and didn't last.

It was through the Rosicrucian backed Reformation that Christian Cabala and all the rest of it formed their own sects that sprang up in Germany and the Netherlands. (With due respect to an esteemed writer. )

Alexandre C said (August 31, 2012):

Peter, the first bishop of Rome, was crucified upside down, because he felt unworthy to die in the same way as Jesus. This is the reason for the inverted cross. Nothing to do with satanism.

Thanks Alex

They always have a plausible explanation.


William said (August 30, 2012):

The fact of the matter is that the Catholic Church has been infiltrated by her enemies all through history. This is nothing new. One need only read “The Plot Against The Church” by Maurice Pinay [] to understand this constant warfare of the world, the flesh and the devil and his minions against the Church of Jesus Christ.

There have been more than 20 officially recognized (by the Catholic Church herself) anti-popes sitting in the Chair of St. Peter. There have been massive upheavals of heresy, rebellion, and schism. Yet through all of this, the Catholic Church remains under the same management since Christ founded the Church. How can this be?

Simply because the Popes and Councils are not the Church, neither are the Faithful. The Church is of, and belongs to Jesus Christ Himself – she is a divine institution. He is the Head of the Church, the Pope is only His Vicar on Earth, though with divine powers given to the Church to bind and lose, forgive sins, and perform the works which our Lord gave her to do.

So, while we, as mere mortals, must live through all these onslaughts by enemies of the Faith, wherever they may originate, we have the divine promise that “the gates of hell shall not prevail.”

There is a saying that illustrates this well. “The Church buries her enemies.” The heretics of Vatican II are dying off rapidly, and Pope Benedict is killing off their works that so terrified the Faithful. The Mass is being restored, and the Faithful re-catechized. Protestants are returning to the Church, and the returning Anglicans have even been granted a personal prelature from the Pope to establish an Anglican Use Rite based upon the historic Catholic Sarum Rite of the pre-Henry VIII church in English.

We tend to see the negatives and ignore the positives. It is up to us, as the Faithful, to be good Catholic Christians, to maintain our personal faith, follow the authentic historic teachings of the Church and to save our souls.

On the higher level of the visible Church institution, there is much good being done under the table by an authentic renewal of the Holy Ghost in the Church. It may take time, but the Church has existed for over 2000 years, and she does indeed “bury her enemies.” Christus Vincit, Christus Regnat, Christus Imperat!

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