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My First Experience of Freemasons

August 20, 2010

NavyLogo1024_WP.jpgFreemasons  espouse human brotherhood but in practice they  discriminate against non-members and persecute them. 

by Roger Barbour

(Second Installment in a series on "Freemasons in My Life."  First here.


After graduation, I attended a trade school and began an apprenticeship for Marine Engineers. The demanding curriculum left scant time for anything else and after six months in classrooms, they placed me aboard ship for a year of hands-on training augmented by a massive correspondence course. This would prove to be my first, eye-opening experience with the Freemasons.

A ship at sea is a cloistered society where the vessel's length determines how far you can distance yourself from your tormentors.  Being the new guy, I seemed to attract my share of tormentors and the fact that I was the only "Yankee" aboard a ship full of Southerners seemed to exacerbate the situation.

The Southerners, as I would soon learn, had a propensity for gravitating toward secret societies of all type and description. Perhaps this resulted from the South's inherently low educational standards or the desire of the few to gain control of the many through clandestine means.

The probing began on my first day aboard. Masonic passwords, gestures, handshakes and body language accompanied several of the introductions to my new shipmates. Each meeting with a Mason quickly became an unspoken test to determine the status of my priorities. In many cases, the person I met would try several different tactics to induce the proper response before giving up.

Their reactions to having an "unknown value" who probably wasn't a Mason in their midst clearly demonstrated their disappointment. 

These first encounters set the tone for my six-month stay aboard this particular ship where an obvious Mason/non-Mason schism existed among the vessel's occupants.

This schism was notably evident in the officer's mess where I shared a table with two cadets from another school (neither of whom were Masons) and the radio operator who was an overt Mason.

His demeanor toward us was always condescending and he made it a habit to engage in "Mason Speak" with an engineer named Willie who sat nearby. This really irked me and occasionally I would make a casual comment that made them question whether I was indeed a Mason. Eventually, my off hand remarks got under Willie's skin and affected my training program.

As an apprentice, I was supposed to work with the experienced engineers like Willie, ask questions and learn by doing.

One day, in our second week out, he veered away from technical talk and began to question me about my background. When I mentioned that I had been brought up Catholic and attended parochial schools, he underwent an amazing transformation.

His first reaction was to narrow his eyes and say, "Uhhhgh", then he immediately turned and walked away. From that day on, Willie would only grunt or nod to recognize my presence. After this incident, I began receiving the same "cold shoulder" treatment from the other Masons aboard and it was obvious that my fate had been sealed by Masonic decree. 

Shortly thereafter,  my assistance aboard the ship ceased to exist. Upon reporting for work each morning, I would be told there was nothing requiring my participation. I had been summarily ostracized and disenfranchised from the training routine.

This continued through the remainder of the three-month voyage leaving me no recourse but to learn the ship's systems on my own and work on my correspondence course. It was plainly evident that my tormentors expected me to leave the ship before the end of my six-month assignment and thus disqualify myself from the training program. Imagine their chagrin when, upon our return to the States, I signed on for another three-month voyage!

By the time I left the ship, I had successfully submitted the entire correspondence course, a contrivance designed to occupy a student for a whole year.

To this end, the Masons unwittingly did me a favor. The next six-month assignment put me on a ship where, to the best of my knowledge, there wasn't a single Freemason among the crew. Without the encumbrance of the correspondence course, my new shipmates were able to take me under their wing and set me to work full time.

After the infusion of their knowledge and experience, I returned to school, completed the final phase of classroom study and graduated near the top of my class.

This brief sojourn into the world of the Free Mason's would prove to be a harbinger of things to come. As the years wore on, my dad's lessons, coupled with experiences like this furnished me with a box of very valuable tools. I quickly found myself in the process of using these tools to great advantage in what would end up being a life-long contest of wills with a very elusive foe.

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Comments for "My First Experience of Freemasons "

Gary said (August 23, 2010):

It seems that the lower level Freemasons serve as unwitting pawns, many of these sincere folk do good and do not realize the evil agenda of those at the highest levels. This gives their organization a deceptive cloak for the real agenda of the higher level Freemasons and some people will scoff as it just being another "conspiracy theory" without bothering to do any serious research.

Even though modern Freemasonry seems to have relatively more recent roots in history, the basic evil beliefs can likely be traced back to ancient times, even as far as the tower of Babel and also the ancient mystery religions. The names of the groups may have changed and somewhat evolved thru history, but the basic core beliefs have remained fairly consistant. The "New Age" is simply the old lie with a fresh coat of paint.

(On a side note, the hierarchy of the catholic church has had a lot of freemasons in their ranks, I have seen a list of over a hundred including cardinal Bea)

Here is an excerpt from an article that gives an excellent overview of the history of the New World Order, this excerpt focuses on the Freemasons:

"As a result of their incomprehensible network of influence, the Illuminati has infiltrated virtually every Palace, every Statehouse, every Parliament, every Congress of note in the world. They have courted Kings, Presidents, Prime Ministers, Lords, Congressmen and movers and shakers from every strata of society. Through the Free and Accepted Masons, and the 32nd degreed Masters, Luciferianism has spread into every city and hamlet of size in Western civilization.

In the United Nations, the Lucis Trust (originally the Luciferian Trust), founded by Luciferian Alice Bailey, has secured a permanent chapel for religious observance within the UN walls.

Among the most prominent globalists of our time, countless of them can be linked to Freemasonry, Adam Weishaupt, Alice Bailey, Illuminati, etc., etc." Here is the complete article:

Tom said (August 22, 2010):

On your reference to the Masons being a satanic secret society, I can only say horse apples. Every lodge in the US has a Bible on the alter and all lodges opens and closes with a prayer to God and or Jesus Christ. And if any of you really research the facts and read the complete Bible, you will see all of the three degrees references are in the Holy Bible. And each state in the US has a slightly different "Ritual book ". Duncan's book is no longer used in the US as it is 55 years out of date. I cannot speak for Canada. If you have Satan Worshipers there, your churches and the media need to step up.

I find most of the bad talkers of American Masons are either men who did not meet the moral standards required to be a Mason or were members ejected for bad morals. You cannot ever had any problems with the law, believe in God and Jesus Christ and be a good family man and well spoke of by your neighbors. We check you out first.And remember we do not ask you to be a member, but you must do the asking. I had to say something, but I really think you will not care either way, since you seem to have your mind made up on Masons. American Masons are totally different then the "British Brothers" and the further South you go the stricter the moral standards are. DUI? you're out, Hit your wife, gone! Thief? Gone! Abuse any privileges and you are out so fast, the door misses you.

One other thing. Women are not allowed to join the Masons in the US. And a judge who was a member would ignore a woman making any so called "signs". Sounds like someone was looking for a excuse for losing a case.

Arthur said (August 22, 2010):

I have just read some of your articles about Freemasonry, and to tell u the truth people like you is what gives it a bad name. There is always good n bad in everything. A lot of mason try their best to hold themselves to higher standard by being more active in school n community. To help people in their time of need, n not disgrace because they any type of religion. I have many roman Catholic that are mason n I’m Baptist n we have been friends for over 10 years, before I even join the fraternity. We give to the family’s who can’t afford thanksgiving or buy present for their kids. It might be small but you always remember when someone goes out of their to help u, so that one day you might be in the position to help someone else out.. We believe in love, faith, hope, and not the devil kind.. we try to walk more like Jesus for it better to give to receive.

John said (August 21, 2010):

I came across your interesting material on Freemasonry and I think your readers might benefit from reading some of my story which includes an agent of the Government of British Columbia, a female lawyer, apparently using Freemasonic signals to attempt to wrongly influence a judge in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, when the Government had brought a malicious prosecution against me.

If the judge was a Freemason, as I suspect he was, to his credit, he refused to participate in railroading of me that was the obvious purpose of the gesutrres the Government lawyer covertly made from the back of the courtroom where she obviously thought she was out of sight.

The incident was verified by affidavits of two witnesses and was, in my opinion, the criminal offence of attempting to obstruct the course of justice. I gave copies of the sworrn affidavits along with my version of the events to both the Victoria City Police and the RCMP. The Victoria City Police have declined to investigate my complaint and the RCMP have not responded to my correspondence and I have now filed a complaint with the Commission for Public Complaints Agaisnt the RCMP

So while some Freemasons - like the lawyer - (as you know Freemasons do admit women these days) apparently use their skills contrary to law, others, like the judge, are not drawn into such unlawful conduct.

The story can be viewed online at the Water War Crimes web site by going to the Link to the Page entitle The Soviet State of British Colubmia,

which is reproduced below for your convenience.

You may identify me as the source or this information.

I have no hesitation in telling the wicked truth about people who try to harm me and others through the misuse of their knowledge, positions or power.

Kindest regards

John Carten, B.A., L.L.B.
British Columbia

Anon said (August 21, 2010):

I was reading Mr. Babour's story about Freemasonry and thought your readers might benefit from reading hte story of Karl Eisbrenenr and how he was destroyed by the thegang around Premier Gordon Campbell. which can be found online at

There are two interesting passage about Freemasons on that site story which I am quoting below for your convenience.

The story of how Eisbrenner was taken out by crooked psychiatrists is a disgrace.

Please keep my identity secret. I have enough problems with Freemasonry in BC as it is.


British Columbia and Freemasonry

There are some who say that Freemasonry controls British Columbia. The symbol of Freemasonry has now been formally adopted by Premier Campbell as the provincial logo to tell the world who really controls the province.

As Karl Eisbrenner crossed the street to approach the courthouse in Kelowna, British Columbia, to attend a hearing involving his 188 senior citizen clients, a biker on a Harley Davidson morotcycle, the symbol of the Hell's Angels, pulled up beside him and handed him a book entitled "The Secret Signs and Passwords of the Freemasons" and said, "Here, take this. It is for you and you are going to need it today."

In 1914, Scottish Rite Freemasonry in British Columbia gave up its independence and agreed to submit to rule by the United Grand Lodge of England - from that moment forward British Columbia lost its freedom and became, again, a colony of England, by stealth, instead of a free province within Canada - the true north.

Freemasonry in British Columbia is no longer Freemasonic. It has lost its direction and, instead of being a school of moral philospohy that teaches by metaphor and symbol, it has become a criminal gang, a menace to society, that corrupts justice and the institutions of good government.

Some of this mis-direction can be attributed to the use of drugs - such as cocaine and marijuana. Freemasonry, in British Columbia, is both cracked and stoned. Metaphorically, it has become nothing but an assortment of cracked bricks and crude stones that are useless for constructive purposes.

Pat said (August 21, 2010):

So far in my life I have only met one man that I know of who owned a handgun. I have seen police men who use hand guns but this was the only so-called normal guy.

He was the same mason who told me many years ago that I would likely get a surprise within my lifetime by finding out that Britain still owns America and Canada. Both are still part of the empire. He was drunk at the time in a pub. I was sober and driving others home. He kept babbling about the Star and Garter and how there would be a repossession during my lifetime. I just laughed and his buddies ushered him away from me then removed him from the pub.

Later the same night as another mason became a bit drunk he kept repeating to me (with his arm around my neck so that he thought he was whispering) "what if Jesus isn't the son of God. eh, what about that?". I replied that a lot of people would be disappointed. He said it several times then finish with a sign. He was surprised when I told him that I had a copy of Duncan's Ritual of Freemasonry. You can read this book and others online at

My other memory is of a friend who was not a mason but who was brother-in-law of one. He was to take the Alberta journeyman plumber exam and he was having trouble converting from UK to Canada. I was in his house when a mason came by and gave him a copy of the exam that he would be writing three days later.

There are several sets of questions and the mason knew exactly which exam paper he would be writing.
From the point of view of the brother-in-law he probably thought that he was doing a good turn. Yet it is another example of how unfair the world can be. It will all balance out eventually.

Christopher said (August 20, 2010):

There is competition between the various secret societies which is often overlooked. Yes, these societies work together and sometimes share a hierarchy but serve different purposes. Conflict is thus necessary to give their lower level members a sense of exclusivity and power while they serve what they do not truly understand. Also, conflict such as in this piece reinforces the public perception that the Masons are the main or exclusive secret society which is what I believe is their current purpose, to give the public something to focus on. Then their actions show them to be fools and minimize any serious concern by the public. We are seeing more and more celebrity types joining and using their imagery. If the best way to hide something is to deny its existence, the second best way to hide it is to make it seem like tomfoolery. Roger Barbour’s experience as an ostracized Roman Catholic illustrates this. He had no problems in a non-Masonic environment like he escaped from adolescent fraternity boys.

As an example, I will highlight my experience amongst the Jesuits partaking of their higher education offerings. They are a secret society and one finds this out if you contemplate conversion to the Roman Catholic faith and make overtures to join their order. In their elite secondary schools they even have an “Order of the Owl” fraternity for those that assumed the proper positions and will find themselves in influential positions later in life. And I can illustrate the same scenario that Roger does amongst Roman Catholic orders as those who progress on from Jesuit educational institutions to another Romano Catholic institution run by a different order (cult) are in all of the cases reported to me and in my own personal experience subjected to ostracizing or isolation of varying degree.

Same excrement, different orifice.

William said (August 20, 2010):

My neighbor is a Freemason. He is very courteous to my other neighbor but doesn't acknowledge my existence. What I find most interesting is that the lodge he is a member of(his father is a member also) has on their website that they are dedicated to making good men better. If this is the case, then they should be more open about their practices and more community leader and leading by example. Instead they ostracize those who are not members of their secret organizations and operate in secret.

Jeff said (August 20, 2010):

I sure hope Roger Barbour's installments about Freemasonary get more interesting than they have been so far. His "torments" are nothing more serious than what most of us have faced, at some point in our lives, when we have been on the outside of a clique.

And I don't understand the dumb Southerner angle. What harm have they done in comparison to secret organizations (CIA/Skull & Bones) filled with Yankee elite from Ivy League Universities?

I only mention this because I believe this to be a great website and, so far at least, this series hasn't been up to the usual standard.



I think you underestimate the importance of a satanic secret society subverting and controlling every institution. In an era when we are so sensitive to discrimination and bullying, I find it strange you would blow this off.


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