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My Lifelong Struggle With Freemasons

June 16, 2017

The first obligation of government is to ensure that society isn't
taken over by a satanic cult. Our government itself has been taken 
Freemasonry deliberately corrupts and subverts society
and makes every non-Mason a second-class citizen.
In a seven-part series, first posted in 2010, Roger Barbour 
describes how this works at street level.

Roger Barbour describes his "lifelong contest of wills with a very elusive foe." 

1. A Youth Learns About Freemasonry (below) 
2- My First Experience of Freemasons
3. Advancement Hinged on a Hand Sign
4. Freemasons Control Local Commerce
5. Outwitting Local Freemasons
6. Freemasonry- Racketeering Run Amok
7. Why I Didn't Join the Masons

Makow Comment: Ever wonder why so many white men seem so cold and soul-less? Society has been subverted by this satanic cult which literally steals souls, o
ne at a time. Ultimately the conspiracy is spiritual in character.

From Aug. 18, 2010

by Roger Barbour

As a toddler living in the remote reaches of Oregon, I had limited contact with other children. My closest friend was my dog Trinket.

By age four, my father let me roam freely through the surrounding forests and fields with our trusty canine. Under his tutelage, I attuned myself to the sights, sounds and smells of nature as well as imbibing the dog's instinct for sensing danger and imbalance. Little did I know at the time that these basic skills would develop into the ability to perceive what was lurking in the minds of those I would meet during my life.

My school years included the normal peer pressures associated with growing up. I quickly learned to avoid certain people and came to understand that there were various social cliques where I was not welcome.

In the eighth grade, I befriended a lad I'll call Bob G. His father was the caretaker of a very large estate and after school, I'd spend the afternoons helping Bob with his chores.

For some reason I always had the feeling that something was out of balance with Bob's dad. Although I helped Bob as a favor, his dad never acknowledged my presence and referred to me in the third person. The situation with his mother was somewhat similar and even though she was civil to me, I got the feeling that I was a square peg in a round hole when either of his parents was there.

One Friday, I invited Bob to go skating with me the next day and he told me that his Saturdays were reserved for something called DeMolay. 

Puzzled I asked my dad about this. In my eyes he was a war hero, teacher and sage all rolled into one. That evening, after supper, I said, "Hey dad, what's DeMolay?"

To my surprise, he seemed to turn into a pillar of salt for about thirty seconds then, he looked me straight in the eye and asked, "Where did you hear that?" 

At that point, I knew for sure I was in for one of dad's serial styled lectures. 

That night's introduction to Freemasonry covered the basic aspects of secret societies in general as well as the deleterious reasons for their existence.

Although not a Mason himself, his knowledge of their passwords, signs and handshakes was quite expansive. When I inquired as to how he knew all this "stuff", his answer made it quite plain that he'd learned it "the hard way", primarily from being on the "wrong end of the stick" as he put it.

I went to bed with a million thoughts bouncing around in my head. True to fashion, during the subsequent weeks and months, my dad would pick up the discussion of Masonry whenever something we passed on the road triggered his thoughts.

One time he pointed out a window sticker on a car ahead of us and explained that the funny symbol shaped like a golf club with a ball on each side of it was a secret Masonic sign indicating that the owner was a member.

Suddenly Masonic signs and emblems seemed to be everywhere yet nowhere at all unless you knew what to look for. Masonic Temples and Lodges, cloaked in windowless anonymity, melded seamlessly into their environment. Members of the organization seemed to be everywhere; government, the clergy, the trades, business, sports and law.

Each one of them appeared to be the same as any other man unless you could detect the subtle spoken phrases that passed between them or the fleeting, seemingly innocuous gesture.

A simple handshake, if watched closely, seemed to have a completely different meaning when shared between Masons. For the observant non-Mason, the act of a handshake with a member of a Lodge could be quite revealing.

All of this information and more came to me at the ripe old age of thirteen. Further study and reading prompted by events that took place later in my life have given me a measure of insight into what I can only describe as a conspiracy of the grandest proportions.

My eternal thanks to my late dad are in order at this point. Without his insight and his willingness to pass it on to me, I would never have been able to assemble the arsenal of knowledge required to survive in a world where the Masons seem to hold sway.
----------------   The Masonic System of Control 
-----------------Freemasonry: Mankind's Deathwish 

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Comments for "My Lifelong Struggle With Freemasons"

David said (February 1, 2015):

I notice the same "imbalance" in the US grand and petit jury systems. Whenever a government agency or the police are defendants in a lawsuit, they always seem to be found not guilty. If the government or police are the target of a grand jury investigation, it always seems no indictment is returned.

Mike K said (February 1, 2015):

Henry, Where would this world be without what the Freemasonic, Illuminist, NWO types? THEY BUILT EVERYTHING ! Where were the Christians? Where was the church? THEY DIDNT DO IT. THEY DIDNT TAKE DOMINION !!!!!!! In thier AWOL performance, they built nothing much

FB said (February 1, 2015):

This is all fine and good, but I detect he was at times looking for a fight. Cattlemen know if you step on a dried cow-pie it will stink. They try to avoid them.

My father warned we boys of Masonic influence at a young age. We took note and lived accordingly. To us they were nonentities to be avoided, not feared OR deliberately provoked.

For example my father had a court case in small claims court. He came home after the case was heard and said he knew he lost. Asking why he said "everyone in the court from judge on down was a mason, except me." He lost. The witnesses had memory loss.

We had a friend to decide to take on the Masons locally and often talked of them and used their codes and such. I warned him he would find himself without a job with All taste insurance. He laughed and said he had a contract and he wasn't worried. Do you need to guess what happened?

John Carton said (February 1, 2015):

I am currently involved in some complex personal ligation in British Columbia where I have alerted both the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court and the Court of Appeal ( I am at both levels on 2 different but related cases) that I do not want any Freemasons assigned to my cases.

It didn't do any good at the Supreme Court level because Jusitce Leask, a known Freemason, was put on the case for a while and thoroughly screwed things up before stepping aside when things started to get a little hot for him. He may lose his job as the case moves forward but he is not my biggest problem to I am keeping my powder dry for a while.

I have posted a new 8 minute audio on our Water War Crimes web site talking about the corruption in the BC court and I make specific mention of the problem of Freemasonry in the BC courts which you might find interesting.

Keep up the battle, Mr. Makow, you are doing the good work.

Yours truly,

John Frederick Carten

British Columbia, Canada

[email protected]

Support our fight for justice and help us clean out the criminals in our government structures.
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Doug P said (January 31, 2015):

re "If my experience with the Freemasons has bolstered your suspicions or served to enlighten you in any way I feel as though I've done something worthwhile."

You have done this. Thank you very much.

Cory said (August 19, 2010):

My dad is a "porch mason." Third degree. They call the lower degrees porch masons because they don't really understand what is really going on in the higher levels (that they worship Lucifer).

The lower levels are there to fool the public, since they themselves are deceived. They do "good works" for the community and many of them are members and deacons of local churches. The masonic secret symbols are definitely everywhere as one other commentor noted. The Freemasons practice Babylonian Mystery Religion (lucifer worship) and this Babylonian religion dates back at least as far as the time of the ancient Babylonian King Nimrod who attempted to build the tower of Babel and institute a One World Dictatorship.

Nimrod is known as the "first Antichrist" to many Christians. The Freemasons control apostate Christianity. That is why it's apostate! They control the Catholics as well as the Protestant denominations. Martin Luther was a secret masonic infiltrator.

The Rothschilds (Illuminati masons) own the Vatican. The steeples you see on top of most "churches" irrespective of denomination, are Freemasonic symbols of obelisks which represent Nimrod's phallus. These "churches" were long ago infiltrated and corrupted with false doctrines and the steeple announces to the "unprofane" that they are in control of these institutions. The profane who attend these "churches' are mostly clueless, including the pastors most of the time.

They were trained in Bible seminaries that are also owned and influenced by the Freemasons, so it's all under their control. True Christians are a scattered flock who are "outside the camp with Jesus" Heb 13:13. As He said, His sheep won't hear the voice of "strangers", they only follow Him and He is not welcome in these so called "churches". Just go into any one of them and begin to preach what the Bible really says and see what happens!

Victor said (August 19, 2010):

My first job as a watchmaker saw me being asked to join the lodge.

The owner's father would ask me regularly.

Every small town in Ontario seems to have a 'lodge'. Many masons run the local councils from behind the scenes as documented by at least one old mason who exposed their numbers in Guelph, Ontario.

They are satisfied to operate this way thinking they are 'successful' in doing so.

On the other hand, they aren't very bright. i know of one township where the masons allowed a farmer to build a livestock barn without permit even though it is only some miles away from Ontario's Walkerton disaster where barn runoff resulted in many deaths and 1,000 sick people from the e-coli water back about 1998.

The water testers in Walkerton admitted they drank beer on the job. I can't help wondering if they were masons too. Ontario's premier Harris at the time defended them and they weren't punished.

Ontario's legislature entrance has a 'Baphomet' symbol over the large entrance.

Pam said (August 19, 2010):

My father was in the Coast Guard. He retired after 20 years of service in 1966.

I don't know if it's still the same way nowadays.. but he would tell my mother that only 'those who wore the ring' (Freemason) would be advanced any further than Warrant Officer.

He probably would have spent his life in the Coast Guard if it wasn't for the fact that only Masons.. and definitely not Catholics, received higher promotions.

Eric said (August 19, 2010):

What's up with the Police.

Then i watched a video series called:Inside the Brotherhood the Secrets of Freemasonry

This might be the reason why there's corruption within police department and the US is turning into a Police State.


Also if you really want to know about Freemasonry and the history,you must listen to the William Cooper series called:Mystery Babylon.
William Cooper does a out-of-this-world job of documenting Freemasonry from it's beginnings and he gives you boatloads of info:

Or type in keywords William Cooper Mystery Babylon on youtube

Pat said (August 19, 2010):

But I wanted to share my story about entering a Glasgow shipyard as a sixteen-year-old hoping to become an electrical apprentice. They take you in after you pass an exam and then they decide which trade you will go to, i.e plumber, pipe fitter, welder, electrician, etc. I was given the task of helping out at the main security gate until they decided where to put me.
This was in John Brown's at Clydebank where the QE2 and other large ships were built. The QE2 was being built at the time and I was on it for about an hour.
On my third day a man came into the security office and the guard told me that this was the man I needed to talk to. He was the boss of the electricians.
The man gave me a nod and said "what's your name son?". I said Pat O'Donnell.
He said "what was the first thing you learned at school Pat?" I said it was probably writing alphabet letters.
He said "No - it was your prayers you little Catholic bastard."

So ended my three day career in shipbuilding because this freemason decided that I was a Catholic when I was not very religious at all. I learned later that he was a mason.

I came to Canada qualified as an electrician after working on the receiving end of the stick. It was all uphill for me while others had a much easier time. I had top marks at college for the four years at Clydebank Tech.
I thought that I would build a better life in Canada and this was true for most of twenty years in Alberta where I knew many freemasons but never joined their ranks.
BC is different. The masons here seem to have a lot of much bigger scams going on. Believe me when I say that I know of many Alberta scams. Some of these involve fake insurance claims by masons who are accident victims and who have an insurance adjuster who is also a mason. I take comfort in knowing that the masons can take nothing with them when they die. They should also know this since it is part of their ritual. (the request for a penny or coin). My day will come but probably not on earth.

Marshall said (August 18, 2010):

Bill Clinton was a Demolay as a boy. That’s the only Masonic info I have on him, but I think it’s safe to assume he didn’t stop there. After all, what do Rhodes Scholars study anyway? Other famous Demolays-

Walt Disney

John Wayne

Buddy Ebsen

Paul Harvey

Burl Ives

Pete Rose

John Steinbeck

Fran Tarkenton

Edgar Mitchell

Gary Collins (the actor)

That “two balls and a cane” symbol Roger sees represents “Tubalcain,” one of the passwords of Masonry. Get it? How droll!!! You can’t help but see some phallic stuff going on with that either. Are you not in awe of their genius? LOL

They seem to associate themselves with “Cain” hmm…

Jerry said (August 18, 2010):

After having lived in a number of small towns {Vancouver Island} and now cities {the lower mainland} I discovered that most if not all of the Lodges of this cult are located right smack in the middle of downtown. That is right on main street, two specifically in fact are almost identical to each other being located where all of the major economic activity goes on and that practically in the same block. One was on the island and the other out in the Fraser valley! Incredulous!

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