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Not Being Gay is Now a Crime

May 21, 2012

ravi.jpegDharun Ravi, left, was supposed to endure it while his gay roommate brought rough trade to their  Rutgers dorm room. He faces jail for peeking, which is now a "hate crime."

LATEST!!! (MAY 21)

Duran Ravi gets 30 days in jail and  $10,000 fine -- Since when is "insensitivity" and "invasion of privacy" a crime?

Ask yourself, if someone spied on heterosexuals making out, would they go to jail? There is no evidence that Ravi's act caused Tyler to commit suicide. In fact, there is evidence he took it in stride.

The only people who have "human rights" are those groups sponsored by the Illuminati to undermine the social fabric.  

RAVI PLEASE CONTACT ME [email protected]

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Update: May 5,2012 Sentencing Memo

by Henry Makow Ph.D

Dharun Ravi, 20, is facing 10 years in prison for little more than a college prank because our Illuminati controllers desperately need to find another "homophobe."

His hate crime? In Sept. 2010, remotely he turned on his webcam for a couple of minutes and caught his gay Rutgers roommate, Tyler Clementi, making out with a man. He tweeted about this to his friends.

On Sept 22, he considered doing this again but Clementi, who read the tweets, disabled the computer.

Nevertheless, that night, for no apparent reason, Clementi decided to throw himself off George Washington Bridge. Since he scouted out the bridge earlier that year, he was obviously a disturbed person with suicide on his mind.

Ravi didn't post any video on the Internet; yet on March 16, 2012, he was found guilty of "invasion of privacy" and "bias intimidation" (hate crime) punishable by up to 10 years.  


Illuminati social engineers need to turn Tyler Clementi into a Gay Martyr in order to guilt society into adopting homosexuality as normal and healthy.

And for Clementi to be a martyr, Ravi must be a hater.
Unfortunately for them, Ravi is anything but. He is an intelligent, personable young man who emailed Clementi moments too late:

"I've known you were gay and I have no problem with it. In fact one of my closest friends is gay and he and I have a very open relationship. I just suspected you were shy about it which is why I never broached the topic. I don't want your freshman year to be ruined because of a petty misunderstanding, it's adding to my guilt. You have a right to move if you wish but I don't want you to feel pressured to without fully understanding the situation."

tyler.jpegClementi (left) was also a fine, intelligent young man who played violin in a Rutgers orchestra. But he was socially awkward and often sought friends and advice online. He penned this poignant aphorism, "If opposites attract, why isn't anyone attracted to me?" 


The problem is that a debilitating developmental disorder is being forced on 98% of the population by the Illuminati bankers and their traitorous minions in media and government. The purpose is to subjugate us.

The 98% who have a visceral and healthy distaste for homosexuality have no rights.

If you read, "A Story of a Suicide," a 10,000-word account by Ian Parker in The New Yorker (Feb 6), it becomes apparent that this tragedy was caused by forcing homosexuality on heterosexuals.

Dharun Ravi was a 19-year-old with little understanding of homosexuality but no animosity for homosexuals either.

On numerous occasions, Clementi asked Ravi to give up his room so Clementi could entertain older men that he met online.

Is Dharun Ravi a criminal because he felt imposed upon?

Is he a criminal because he was curious or possibly repulsed? (He literally didn't know why he was being asked to leave. He was stunned when he saw images of the two men kissing.)

Is he a criminal because he was afraid Clementi's "guests" might take his possessions?

Then a normal heterosexual is a criminal.

Forcing heterosexuals to live with homosexuals and be party to their sex acts is the real invasion of privacy and crime.

Dharun Ravi was clearly uncomfortable. He used his dresser to create a private cubicle where he could change unobserved. He naturally feared unwanted sexual advances. 

He came from an Indian family that, unlike degenerate Westerners, was still in touch with reality. 

He worried about what his dad would say: "I don't really care," he said, "except for what my dad is going to say. My dad is going to throw [Clementi] out the window."


The hysteria generated by this case shows that Western society has lost its grip on reality. (Thanks to Ian Parker and The New Yorker for helping to maintain it.) 

The Illuminati mafia is calling for Dharun Ravi's blood. Equality Forum, a national gay rights organization, called Ravi's actions "shocking, malicious and heinous" and urged he be found guilty of manslaughter.

"My heart is breaking for their families, their friends and for a society that continues to let this happen," Ellen DeGeneres opined. "There are messages everywhere that validate this kind of bullying and taunting and we have to make it stop. We can't let intolerance and ignorance take another kid's life."

What bullying? None took place. We are not condoning it.
This is a feeble excuse to impose homosexual norms on heterosexuals. 

Gay and lesbian groups are calling for more attacks on heterosexuals such as removing gender distinctions in campus bathrooms and housing.

This is what satanic possession looks like: People champion and protect what is sick and self destructive, and reject what is healthy and natural.

We are being turned into homosexuals in the sense that, like most homosexuals, increasingly we have sex but not families. Civilization will continue to decline if we allow the nuclear family to be destroyed.

We will prove the Illuminati right: Human beings are too stupid to be free, and must be kept in captivity.

Dharun Ravi isn't buying it, and neither should we.   


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Comments for "Not Being Gay is Now a Crime"

Peter said (March 30, 2012):

This really shows that even when a nine bob note has a moment of sanity and decides to throw himself off a bridge the sick brigade start looking around for the nearest normal person to blame.

Its not just uphill gardeners that are affected in this way when American soldiers return from their overseas murderfest the true enormity of the realization of what they have done leads many of them to hit reset. Of all social groups American soldiers have the highest suicide rate. I don't see any of them blaming Buddhists for the dilemma. That would be bad Karma

John said (March 30, 2012):

Henry-- here's proof that the 'normalization of homosexuality' has been very successful. -- John K.

Scott said (March 29, 2012):

During the mid to late 80's, top stand-up comedians used to include material about gays in their routines. Eddie Murphy and Andrew "Dice" Clay were two of the biggest and best at that time. Both were under pressure from gay groups about their jokes. Now, survey the landscape. Any gay references are either supportive or encouraging.

Hopefully, cooler heads prevail with this Dharun Ravi situation, and he faces nothing more than deportation.

T said (March 29, 2012):

I attended a homosexuality tolerance (read promotion) session here in Pakistan, purely for curiosity.

Since Pakistan is intolerant of gays, apostates and adulterers, these guys would dare not come out. This session was conducted at a private venue, which is supposedly working to alleviate intellectual poverty, but the themes they promote are feminism, atheism and homosexuality. There is zero tolerance for conservative views.

They had arranged for a documentary (on India) about a woman whose successfully lobbied for legislation, seeking rights for homos. The woman of course stars in the documentary, which opens with a doctor being ridiculed for treating homosexuality. It elicited laughter from the audience.

Later a Skype session allowed the woman to engage the audience. The woman was initially afraid to face a Pakistani audience (given our image) but this group was the upper crust liberals, and she got emboldened within seconds.

Let's set aside my personal religious beliefs as a Muslim, or lets say let's set aside all religious injunctions, homosexuality, still makes no sense because:

1) Every single gay in the movie and in the audience present, could be identified by "weirdness" in their facial expression and even in their body. They look perverse!!! If it were natural, it couldn't look perverse.

2) why do homosexuals mimic male and female roles, if male-male or female-female attraction is natural?

John said (March 29, 2012):

In re "Not Being Gay is Now a Crime." I have a few experiences similar to the gentlemen below. Overall, I am a friendly, warm individual and I give people the benefit of the doubt. During my undergraduate and graduate years, I encountered many homosexuals, bisexuals, and transgender.

The homosexuals and company took my personality for granted. For instance, my dorm roommate, who was an open homosexual, made advancement. I immediately countered him and he became upset. Our quarrel was not physical, but I did assert myself verbally. I explained to him that he was getting the wrong impression and misreading signals. He proceeded to tell me that I was a "closet homosexual" and "afraid to show" my true self.

Once more, I told him that he had mistaken my friendly, warm, and open personality. "Just because one is friendly, open, and warm does not make him a homosexual!" I yelled. I wanted to request a dorm transfer but I feared hostile response from him and the University for being "homophobic."

This is what heterosexuals are facing and the homosexual, bisexual, and transgender agenda is rapidly progressing. My former roommate tried to use reverse psychology, that is to say, to make me think I was homosexual and afraid to come out, but I did not fall into his trap. The perversion of the natural order ordained by our Creator needs to end fast.

A said (March 29, 2012):

Through work and whilst at university, I became aquainted with a number of colleagues and students who were homosexuals. I happen to be very open-minded and seemed to establish rapport with them naturally. I had even developed strong and meaningful relationships with them-they were the O's amongst the X's and I could identify with that being an O myself through my faith (muslim).

However, I found to my horror that the only reason why they 'accepted' me as their close friend was because they believed I was a closet gay and needed to come out!!! Talk about abusing trust or what? This just reminded me of how the homosexual agenda is all about usurping heterosexual identity. Needless to say, I terminated all of my gay friendly relationships asap.

Tru said (March 29, 2012):

Yes, we are being forced to accept homosexuality as a normal way of life. To me it may be a psychological problem. Most gays that I have come into contact with have almost the same qualities: Low self esteem, unattractiveness(some more than others), low motivation and unhealthiness (Americas poisons; fast food, fake sweeteners, sodas, junk food, etc)...

I think what they need is some more positive motivation in their lives and a clearer mind. With the media, the papers and television all they see is murder, hate and negativity. Then they turn to entertainment and see lesbianism and gay marriage being pushed and guys begin to feel "hey, since I cant pick up any girls because of my looks, or my shyness, or my other flaws maybe I'm gay, and IF I am, so what, there are millions just like me, I'll be fine". It's all in the mind man. They need someone to tell them, "you may not be gay bro, you might just need your spirit lifted".

And how about the people who say(and are satisfied with it)..."They were born gay".. Really? And their lifestyle's and mind's has nothing to do with it right? It's sick.

Marcos said (March 28, 2012):

his is a worldwide orchestrated strategy.

The family unit and the paternal authority are the last resistance to total control by the State. This has nothing to do with the well being of gays.

Marx said plainly that the family should be abolished. Marcuse in 1950 wrote the strategy for the revolution, which was to manipulate groups of blacks, feminists, students and homosexuals.

Here in Brazil, the agenda is in full force:

- Even though the Constitution declares plainly that marriage is between a man and a woman, a Judiciary Coup from the Supreme Court approved civil unions for gays, against the desire of the population and avoiding discussion in the Congress, the only place where it could be lawfully approved.

- Law project PLC122 is being pushed and if it passes, it will send to jail any person who expresses a moral, philosophical or religious view against gay behavior. This article would put a Brazilian Makow in jail.

- A renown Brazilian psychologist is facing expulsion from the Board and prohibition to work because she is successfully treating gays who want to live a heterosexual life.

- A couple of gay men raped continuously a five year boy. After being caught, the State sent four lawyers to defend them. Good luck if you are a common citizen, probably you will not get any.

- Gays have intentionally provoked people in bars and restaurants, "making out" in front of children and clients, so they can sue the owners later if they complain. This gets immense favorable repercussion in the leftist (the whole) press.

- A famous cartoon designer man who likes to cross-dress sometimes just entered the lady's room in a pizzeria, where a little girl was. The mother complained and all the press was backing the crazy old man. You should see his picture, he was beyond ridicule.

The next step in their agenda is the lowering of the age of consent for sex with minors. Wait and see.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at