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Why Do the Illuminati Promote Sexual Dysfunction?

August 9, 2019

(left, Former Israeli PM Ehud Barack lurking outside Epstein's home where teenage girls come and go.) 

You'd think that successful and powerful men like Ehud Barack would be able
to attract a suitable spouse to satisfy their sexual needs instead of boinking teenage girls.
Apart from the morality of exploiting vulnerable girls, it exposed them to blackmail and STDs. 

Do they suffer from some kind of arrested development that prevents them from
making successful marriages? Do they see women in dehumanized terms as sexual

Ehud Barack's behavior is typical of the satanic Sabbatean-Frankist cult that spawned the Illuminati. Other cult members: Harvey Weinstein, Dominique Strauss-Khan, Woody Allen, Elliot Spitzer, Anthony Weiner, Edward Heath, Bill Clinton, Donald Trump, Barack Obama, George W. Bush.  

Sexual depravity is how they spurn God and worship Lucifer. 
Their mass media have spread this decadent behavior to society as a whole. Remember, Harvey Weinstein determined what movies were made and celebrated.

The Illuminati demand that people compromise themselves in exchange for success. (Scandal usually results from stepping out-of-line or annoying a big shot.) This article relates how the prominent Jewish leader Rabbi Stephen Wise (1874-1949) was also a Sabbatean sexual profligate. He set an example for other sex addicts like George W Bush and Bill Clinton. 

Marriage is the only dependable way for men and women to satisfy their sexual needs. The Illuminati want to destroy it because they use sex to control people. 

Our Leaders are Sex Perverts
(Updated from Feb 2008) 
by Henry Makow Ph.D

The world is set to drop into the central bankers' outstretched hand like a ripe peach. Illuminati bankers are harvesting the fruit of their centuries-old plot to destroy Christian Civilization and place humanity on a treadmill of greed, sex, violence, trivia and political correctness.

They have succeeded because we have no leaders. They select obedient blackmailed perverts to execute their design.  I always marveled that Bill Clinton betrayed the dignity of his office and the trust of 300 million people for a blowjob. But, in retrospect, a sex addict is the rule rather than the exception when it comes to our "leaders" (i.e. managers.)

"President Clinton has been very helpful to us,"
a banker confided in 1998. "We knew of what character he was before we placed him as president. Exposing him was very helpful in adjusting the moral habits of the youth downward. This is to our advantage. Even more agreeable to us were the vain efforts of those who thought they could remove him against our will. He is useful to us and he will not be removed by anyone until we are ready to have him removed." 


Rabbi Stephen Wise was the most prominent American Zionist and Jewish leader from the 1920's until his death in 1949. On the Rockefeller-PBS he is commemorated as "one of the greatest fighters for democracy and human rights of our generation."

In her book, "Stranger at the Party " Helen Lawrenson describes how, as a 23-year-old reporter for the Syracuse Journal in 1930, she was sent to interview "the most famous rabbi in America."

She made the mistake of saying she admired him: "The next thing I knew he had toppled me backward on the sofa and was making love to me...Before I knew what had hit me, it was over and not a split second too soon either as someone was knocking at the door and calling his name. "My God!" cried Rabbi Wise, "it's Rabbi Bienenfeld," leaping up and buttoning his fly. And so it was, not only the leading Syracuse rabbi, but with him was Mrs. Wise who fortunately didn't have her hotel key." (p.44)

Later, Wise lured her back to his room and forced her to her knees before him saying, "Kneel before me in a prayerful attitude, my darling."

Her worship did not include un-zippering him "at that time" but she assumed "he acted in the same way in every city he visited" and she wondered if he wasn't afraid of scandal. He replied that "every dynamic man had a powerful sex drive and should make the most of it."

shiksa3 (1).jpgThree years later, they crossed paths in the course of her work for Vanity Fair and she found herself "on my back again, this time on the long table in his office, with Wise reciting in Hebrew, "Lift up your heads oh ye gates; and be ye lifted up, ye everlasting doors; and the King of Glory shall come in." Psalm 24:7-10 (45)

Apparently, this is a Sabbatean (Illuminati) prayer after sex. The "King of Glory" is obviously the penis. The  Sabbateans  were a  heretical Jewish Satanic cult  that morphed into Illuminism, Communism, Freemasonry, Feminism, Zionism and "sexual liberation." They were ostracized by Torah Jews for engaging in sex orgies, adultery, pedophilia, incest and homosexuality in the 17th and 18th Century. 

The rulers of the world --Jewish and non-Jewish-  belong to this pagan sex cult, and in the name of "progress," inducted society into it. They were responsible for WWII and for the Jewish holocaust. Rabbi Wise was feckless in rescuing his fellow Jews from this calamity but better at thwarting the efforts of others. The Illuminati have extended this war against their fellow Jews to humanity as a whole. 

Helen  Lawrenson (1907-1982) was a good-hearted, literate, Leftist dupe of the kind the Illuminati liked to have around. The point is she is completely credible. She became the Managing Editor of Vanity Fair, and the lover and lifelong friend of both Conde Naste and Bernard Baruch. She and her husband, labor organizer Jack Lawrenson, were regular house guests of Clare and Henry Luce. Her book was published by Random House in 1975.



According to the late Alan Stang's courageous book
, "Not Holier Than Thou: How Queer is Bush?" (2007) organized homosexuality, with its belief in sex-for-its-own-sake, is an important Illuminati control mechanism.

Stang speculates that Bush is a homosexual and demonstrates that, despite his Christian family pretensions, he has advanced the homo-sexualization of society and "given organized sodomy considerable control over the federal government." (66)

Stang documents that a well-known male prostitute, Jeff Gannon, made dozens of visits to the Bush White House in 2003 and 2004 often staying overnight. Apparently, the President could be easily blackmailed. And this doesn't even include Margie Schoedinger, the black Texan woman
 whose name has disappeared down the memory hole. She formally charged the President with rape (about 2002) and then conveniently "committed suicide."

Stang's book is a thorough laundry list of homosexual activism within the Republican Party. It came out before Mark Foley and the Congressional Pages, Larry Craig and the 'wide stance." It tears the veil off the media's feel-good, sugar-coated image of homosexuality. It is hard to stomach but must be read. Why? Because some homosexuals, 
by their own admission, hate society and have no morality. Thus these particular homosexuals are perfect agents of Illuminati subversion.

Alan Stang was one of the most important journalists in America and I highly recommend his book. By now, you should know that Barack Obama has a homosexual past. Listen to this interview with Larry Sinclair by Jeff Rense. Sinclair who claims he had sex with Obama is being ignored by the mass media, but you can bet that if BO  started to steer an independent course, Larry Sinclair would suddenly be in great demand. I could go on about Hillary's threesomes but enough...


The masses choose which Illuminati sex addict or stooge they want for President and feel they are living in a democracy. The Illuminati banker just smiles:

"Excuse me if I seem to be mocking your system of beliefs, but they are rather outdated. Have you no eyes to see your vain liberties and your righteous pontifications are nothing before us? ...We place our proposed leader before you and you vote for what we want. In that way, we give you the vain voting exercise in the belief you had something to do with placing your president in office."

The bankers can't have it both ways. They can subvert politics, culture, education, and media but they can't make us believe in them, or participate, or buy their products. They can destroy a belief system that tried to elevate humanity in the image of God but they won't like the world they created any more than we do.
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Makow-  "Our "Leaders" Whose Sick Joke?"    and "Illuminati Sex Slaves Paint Horrifying Picture"
 -Sex is a Rite of Marriage 

Jason Charles - Hollywood- Modern Face of Ancient Sex Cult 

An example of occult Sabbatean-Frankist sex practices.

Jeff Gannon believed to be Johnny Gosch, kidnapped for an elite pedophile ring described in John DeCamp's "The Franklin Cover-Up"  Here is mother 
Noreen Gosch's website.
     (warning! nauseating images.)

First Comment from James C

If it all looks like an ancient sex cult, that's because it is.  Beginning with mother Eve, Satan has always realized that one of the quickest way to a man's heart is through sex.  In books like John W. DeCamp's The Franklin Cover-UP, you will find all the practices involved in ancient Baal worship:  child sacrifice, cannibalism, homosexuality, Satanism, etc.  These are the exact same things we are witnessing today.  It's no mere coincidence.

"The religion of the ancient British islands much resembled this ancient worship of Baal, and may have been derived from it" (Peloubet's Bible Dictionary, 1925 ed., s.v. "Baal").

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "Why Do the Illuminati Promote Sexual Dysfunction?"

S said (August 10, 2019):

We don't realize how thorough and detailed this control network is. It's insanely huge and coordinated. Henry even wrote on this an article called "conspiracy to monstrous to conceive", and look at the Holly Greig case for an example.

Theres a reason all these people that were involved against him are now like jeffrey? jeffrey who? There's only one conspiracy when you get right down to it and if we are seeing only a part of it it's for a reason. Even Ted Gunderson was gotten to. This is the biggest story since Jesus was killed.

Ted Gunderson - the cia and satanism:

Elm said (August 10, 2019):

One of the most insightful films about the social context and psycho-sexual etiology of an emergent Nazi psychological profile, is the 1969 classic film The Damned starring Dirk Bogarde. If anyone doubts the Leftist/Corporate affiliation with Nazi fascism, this rare film will help to remedy this misconception. Nazi fascism is not akin to race per se, but is rather a psychological profile evident by degree among all peoples. Ideologically, Communist International & National Socialism were simply variations on a similar State/collectivizing theme.

This film also documents the blood purge of June 30th - July 1st 1934, by which Hitler and his cohorts were able to eliminate their enemies and consolidate power. It must also be recalled, National Socialism was about applied eugenics, which culminated in the factory scale extermination of millions of Jews & other "inferiors." To be sure, the extermination of Jews, Gypsies etc., was preceded by a medical elimination of some 300,000 Germans deemed "useless eaters," as a part of the Nazi "T4" Program -

Today, due to NGO & others' concerns about over-population and so-called "diminishing resources," we are once again at the precipice. As Voltaire writes, "history never repeats itself, man always does." History it seems, has a very short, and often distorted memory. The killing fields are never all that far away. Programs of "soft genocide" in today's West, are already under way in various guises. Sexual "liberation," as E. Michael Jones explains in Libido Dominundi, is simply a nefarious path to a more draconian political control and subjugation. The multitude of problems generated by "sexual liberation," prepare the ground for another 'final solution." In truth, there is neither joy nor "liberation" in sexual bondage, only decline and perdition.

Review of The Damned, Starring Dirk Bogarde

RS said (August 9, 2019):

Your current lead article lists prominent political leaders who are (or were) sexual deviates. It was interesting to me as it highlights the fact that our lasr three presidents, from Clinton to Obama, are on this list. This strikes me as a good index signaling the complete Illuminati control of the presidency. Even Kennedy's sexual womanizing, while extreme, was of a rather traditional kind compared to the later trio. And this corresponds, I think, to the fact that following Kennedy's assassination the Illuminati moved to gain total control over the presidency by installing their own members or assets in the Oval Office. I think the jury is still out as to how Trump does or doesn't fit into all this

Jason said (October 11, 2017):

Most of the women speaking up now didn't come forward until become detrimental not to speak out.
How much pain could have been avoided if...Instead of looking after their own best interests..They cared more about other women. And women still expect mentioned help them when they don't help me achieve other. The minds of a women often times must confuse themselves.

RS said (October 10, 2017):

Regarding the article you've updated from 2008, I find the banker's repeated assertion that their control is complete and that opposition is futile to be highly suspect. It sounds to me like an effort to demoralize and undermine opposition, in the knowledge that their control, strong as it is, is not only incomplete but is actually vulnerable. In short, to me, it speaks of weakness, not strength. The final battle (which Spengler said would be a battle between blood and money, has yet to be fought.

WW said (May 15, 2011):

When I hear of a big shot being arrested, I always assume intracine warfare. All these guys are gangsters and beyond the law—so if they
lose their 'get out of jail free card', that means that someone with more power has yanked their impunity, put them on ice, wants them out
of the way.


Dear WW

Perhaps he didn't organize his impunity in time.
And normal justice took its course.


JT said (May 15, 2011):

Thanks for being so quick with this one. After all, we don't have to hang them by their balls, they are doing it to themselves.

Hopefully the irony of this episode will not be lost on the people who still live in Lalaland and are getting this from the lamestream. That the head of the entity who calls itself International Monetary Fund, which despite its name is NOT pooling your hard-earned cash (globally) and investing it wisely, and wants to replace currencies with its own, this fatso (dick )head of the IMF got caught naked in his lux suite at the Sofitel (which will have consequences for the manager of it) with his cork-sized weener, running naked after a hotel maid yelling stuff like "Viens ici, petite pute, you not know who me, huh? Viens a baiser, pute, come here you ... (Strauss-Kahn tripping over carpet, maid running out of suite ... "CUT!").

Now, can you imagine what kind of phone calls went on since this hit the news? Some CFR pimp calling the chief of police in New York, the guy in charge of those detectives who fished Dominique-Fick from his first-class seat at the airport?

Something like this:

"What is it with you, fucking Irish (Jewish, Mormon, Catholic) prick, don't you know the kind of shit the French have on your Soetoro pimp? This Sarko is totally nuts, imagine if they hit back with the crap they have on him? Aww, nevermind, I'll go with Trump anyway, with the haircut we'll give him, they will quickly forget about the O'bummer. Just watch it man, you're in for a shitstorm. Hey, did he really have his zipper down when you escorted him off the plane?"

Tom said (February 7, 2008):

Great article, i got to know a couple of the Downing St bodyguards, and Tony Blair was known at college as "Miranda" there was a power struggle between Gordon Brown, who just married recently aged in his fifties !

and child rapist Bilderberg Peter Mandlesohn, over who would be Tony's homosexual lover, operation Ore was the investigation into homosexual underage sex which prompted Tony's retirement, one of the other bodyguards i have not met, is rumoured to have an extensive diary ! but who would print it ?

Daniel said (February 7, 2008):

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Here are some links to take into consideration "MUST SEE"
Finally you know it's impossible to stop something that GOD has told us to be a reality in the near future but in spite of this ,we can alert the people to make the better determinations about it


Don said (February 7, 2008):

Your article makes perfect sense.Why would satan put anyone other than perverts and sexual predators in charge of running his countries?
I recently read "Trance Formation of America" which locks right in with your article.
I urge all people that still can think critically to get it and read it...

Greg said (February 6, 2008):

You are absolutely correct about the centrality of sexual domination, perversion, and blackmail within the current highest levels of political leadership. But I would like to suggest a deeper level of evil, a level to which I was alerted by the writings of D.H. Lawrence and Schopenhauer. You will find some of these ideas in Women in Love and The World as Will and Idea.

Normal heterosexual love is both in its literal and spiritual senses life-affirming. It is the physical cause of life and a source of joy, the essence of the life that God represents. Perverted use of the sexual impulse turns it into pain, domination, cruelty, etc. This is the form of sexuality most familiar to those addicted to control.

But the soul can rot just as the body does. The advanced stages of this spiritual disease progress into regions so far removed from those of the life-affirming mind that they must be spelled out explicitly.

As the life-affirming sexual impulse decays, it gives rise to what the Germans refer to as Schadenfreude, delight in causing pain. Some may have had this principle embedded even in youthful sexuality, but as impotence sets in, only the delight in inflicting pain remains, separated from all ostensible sexual content.

What remains is the delight in degrading others, humiliating them, defiling them, and then causing them to die in the most unspeakable agony. That remains the only and highest joy for the completely diseased soul, the soul that is completely incapable of sexual or any other kind of love. As that soul plunges into the abyss of death, it is consumed by the desire to see others precede it over the precipice, particularly the young, the innocent, the beautiful, or anyonecapable of joy. The naive assumption is that this final destructive behavior is financially motivated. How foolish! Nothing that money can buy is capable any longer of filling the void in these dark hearts. They take no pleasure in houses, cars, yachts, jets, or beautiful women, with whom they no longer have any normal relations. Instead, the only consuming, overwhelming desire is what Schopenhauer described as the essence of pure, distilled evil: the desire to cause suffering without the slightest profit to oneself.

This is the final motivation, the highest level of initiation in the worship of Satan.

Pearl said (February 6, 2008):

That thing called a sex drive is strong. Unless there are values, Christian, anything goes. Interesting that these illustrious people want to
get Christianity out of their way - it troubles their conscience. No doubt by now, they have deadened their consciences.

David said (February 6, 2008):

Hi Henry!

So when will you be writing about Huma Abedin? That looks like a bomb ready to go off on Hillary. (but more likely her voracious lesbianism will just remain a convenient lever to keep her in line)

My personal thought a year ago was that it was going to be Hillary and Obama for the dems almost
interchangeable as Pres and VP with Hillary likely
being the presidential candidate.

The other question would be if they were being set-up to win or to lose. If they face McCain, it would seem easy to tear him down in a second and push Hillary in.

However, it really doesn't matter a tinker's damn.
Either way, it is business as usual. How could either ticket stand in the way of any of the likely moves.

hang in there!

Bob on McCain said (February 6, 2008):

I just happened to have found and read an article last night that mentioned the sexual iindiscretions of some of the current front runners .

See "How the Clintons Will Destroy McCain"

When the time is right, the Clintons will see to the leaking of the GRU archives on McCain to the media. Bet on it, just as you can bet they'll
follow it up with media disclosures of the lady lobbyists in Washington having adulterous affairs with McCain. (There are at least three of them; I
know the name of one but I'm not going to put it in writing.)

Maybe McCain will try to fight back by confirming Hillary's well-known bisexuality and her lesbian affair with her beautiful assistant, Huma
Abedin. Google "Hillary" and "Huma Abedin" and you'll get almost 6,000 hits. Turns out Huma is a Moslem who grew up in Saudi Arabia and is
strongly suspected of working for Saudi intelligence.

Charles said (February 6, 2008):

I understand that Sen.Trent Lott suddenly resigned after being fingered as gay recently{re: Google}. Other oft mentioned 'suspects' on the republican side include Sen. Arlen Specter of Warren Commision fame and Sen.Orin Hatch. Notice Specter's current sanctimonious witchhunt vis-a-vis the New England Patriots spygate scandal demanding a more encompassing and far reaching investigation. You can hear his Claude Rains "I am shocked. Shocked!" pantomine. Typical political theater to cover for the War and Banking scandals.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at