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Poles Dispute Smolensk Crash Story

December 9, 2011


polishvictims.jpgl. Polish President Lech Kaczyinski, his wife and some of the 96 senior government officials and crew assassinated April 10, 2010.
Add to this list a dozen Polish investigators who have died under suspicious circumstances since the "accident."

"Shortly after the crash of TU 154M, the bishop received a text message from another bishop, Adam Pilch, who was on the presidential plane. The message said: The plane crashed but we have survived."

Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it. John 8:44

by our Polish Correspondent

In the face of the official coverup, Polish bloggers, university professors, scientists, families of the victims and patriots have undertaken the investigation themselves.

Let's have a look at the lies, which are just endless. First, this video recorded by a Polish reporter Slawomir Wisniewski,(below left) who was there in Smolensk, ran from his hotel when he saw a plane going very low and heard an explosion. He managed to get to the crash site and saw no bodies, and thought the plane was empty.

He was shocked to discover that the plane was Polish. Very quickly he was chased away by Russian security people. Wisniewski said that among the Russians ordering him to leave, there was a Polish man, from whom he expected support, but shockingly, the man ordered him arrested and his camera destroyed.

sw.jpgHe was ordered to leave the place immediately under threat. His testimony was shown on Polish TV right after he recorded the video. Later on, Wisniewski changed his story at least a few times. He said that  the bodies were just in a different place, which he did not manage to reach.

By one blogger:

"That's true about explosions. I knew about it just an hour after the crash. I was on the bus then and I could hear the conversation of a woman whose family called her from Smolensk. They said that they had seen and could hear two explosions when the plane was still in the air. I talked to her about it later. I confirm and swear that this information is true."

Another one says: „Right after the crash, government Polish politicians supposedly  received messages with the instruction on how they have to give one's opinion about the disaster, which said: "The crash was caused by pilots, who went down below 100m in the fog. It needs to be investigated who made them do it."  This and other facts were disclosed during an interview with General SÅ‚awomir Petelicki. He is co-author of the report devoted to explanation of the Smolensk disaster, prepared by the Team of Independent Experts.

Forged protocols of post-Morten examination.

The families of the victims have been desperate to get proper documentation, trustworthy explanation of what happened to their loved ones. The official investigation that has been conducted in Russia and by Russian experts (for goodness sake, who lets the enemy of the Polish President Kaczynski and the enemy of the country for centuries lead investigation on how they murdered the Poland's most patriotic elite ?)

Sadly, the families have been waiting for over the year for post Morten protocols. Many of them received absolutely confusing and lying descriptions of someone they never knew. Some of them received nothing. Were those documents just concocted?

komorowski.jpgThe new President, Bronisław Komorowski, left, says the cause of the crash was simple. He blames the Polish pilots. He whitewashes Russian air controllers and Russia altogether.

But the simple fact of the pilots failure contradicts the facts seen with a naked eye. The plane was torn into  a million pieces which contradicts human logic and scientific reasoning. At the place of the disaster, the mud was almost one meter deep. One of the handguns of the Government Protection Bureau Officer was found at the depth of 70 cm, and on the other hand, the Polish ensign from the President's saloon room was found by chance by a resident in a perfect state.

A packet of undamaged sacred pictures which was taken by Bp Tadeusz PÅ‚oski to the plane was also found. I have one of them.
The army cap of the late Gen Andrzej BÅ‚asik found in a very good state (in the mud) but with the Polish Eagle emblem torn out of it, as well as army uniforms with insignias torn off.  It seems somebody with a fierce hatred took revenge on Polish uniforms even after the death of the victims. The only thing that was missing was the German bullets in the victim's pockets, like it was done by the Russians in Katyn in 1940.
Additionally, there is lack of data about what had happened with the cockpit, which is missing in every photograph. The Russian Committee MAK  "knows" exactly what had happened inside of it, including how the pilots' hands were placed on the controls.

MAK also anounced DNA findings in the cabin of pilots, but WHERE IS THE CABIN? Nobody ever seen it after the crash. As I mentioned before, also the bodies were not seen by anybody who was able to get there, the bodies are also missing in all photographs and videos available. Some shattered pieces of bodies appeared much later in videos uploaded on Internet.
And now the cream of the lies as one of the bloggers says: The governmental plane TU 154 M, a few months earlier went through general renovation, was freshly painted,  washed clean.

However, the wing which was found on the spot has rust-coloured stains. Probably it was taken from some aircraft graveyards. The same way as, the engines, which do not fit this type of the plane but which were meticulously laid by Russians on the apron area. Dubious also are signs of cuttings on the metal sheets of the part of the plane.


The problem of the authenticity of the wreck is crucial. Perhaps because of searching for the truth concerning it, the Deputy Minister of Transport at the PIS government, Eugeniusz Wróbel was murdered.

He was an outstanding specialist in the field of aviation and physics. He was supposedly the author of the thesis that some parts of the wreck don't belong to government's TU 154M plane, with the side number 101.

The embarrassing issue of his death has been covered with silence, "They covered" it with the next victim, Marek Rosiak, who was killed in the PIS Party office in Łódź
What's more, the official version of Mr Wróbel death is full of inaccuracies, beginning with the son who supposedly stabbed the father to death, and then cut him into pieces in frenzy with a chainsaw. Reportedly he was unstable and acted insanely, but just by chance, perfectly cleaned the room, in which allegedly he committed the murder. Grzegorz W. the son of the victim,  right after the arrest, was given psychoactive drugs, under the influence of which he confessed to the crime.

The following day, Grzegorz W. denied his previous confession. He told the public prosecutors: "I didn't kill my father, somebody is setting me up." Later, the public prosecutor's office acknowledged that Grzegorz W. was insane and mentally ill, therefore didn't bring a charge against him at the court, but took legal action to place him in mental institution and Grzegorz W. was locked up. This let them avoid searching for the truth in the courtroom.

Jerzy Polaczek, Minister of Transport at the PIS government says:
Eugeniusz Wróbel was supposed to help analyze the report of the International Air Committee (MAK.) He was, as a matter of fact, the world expert in his field and had as much knowledge about aerodynamics as hardly anyone else. He was able to invalidate immediately, all false statements in the report prepared by MAK.


We don't know if these deaths are all connected with the crash but since 10.04.2010 many more important people keep "committing suicide" or dying unexpectedly in car accidents.

On 2nd June 2010, Polish TVN 24 informed us that the Moscow-based, Polish operator for TVN Facts, Krzysztof Knyż died. The cause of his death is unknown. Nobody was discussing this death in public as if it did not matter. According to foreign press, Knyż was "murdered in his Warsaw flat". He filmed the presidential plane approaching Smolensk airport. The plane had landed in one piece.

Prof. Marek Dulinicz initiated the the group of archaeologists which was to leave for Smolensk and undertake the excavations of the place of the crash. Before it happened, he died in a car accident.
Mieczyslaw Cieślar, Evangelical Bishop died in a car accident late at night with no witnesses, on his way back from Warsaw, after attending the funerals of politicians, who died in Smolensk. In his close circles it was said that shortly after the crash of TU 154M, the bishop received a text message from another bishop, Adam Pilch, who was on the presidential plane. The message said: The plane crashed but we have survived.
Wojciech SumliÅ„ski, Investigative journalist (survived car accident) 08.06.2010. His car crashed into a cemetery wall. A horizontally stuck nail was found in one of the tires of his car. He was lucky to survive because he was driving around a city with only 60 km speed. 

tusk.jpg(Polish PM Donald Tusk,left, is considered complicit in the crime)

About a year before the crash, on 23.11. 2009 another strange thing happened. Grzegorz Michniewicz, Director General of the Office of Prime Minister, Donald Tusk, suddenly died. He hanged himself on the vacuum cleaner cable. He didn't leave the suicide note.

The friend to which Michniewicz talked before his death confessed that Grzegorz had been in awful mental state, as if he was terrified, he simply sobbed. Michniewicz had access to all, even the most secret documents of Prime Minister Tusk.

Our correspondent adds: In the first video there, there is one of the victims' brother, he talks about how he received the post mortem protocol with the description of his dead brother who is described as almost 2 m tall, while he was about 1.68 cm tall, etc and nothing in the protocol suits reality.


I read somewhere that they burried about 200kg of shattered remains of human bodies that were not recognised , ther burried them in one common grave in Warsaw. While the Health mninister Kopacz assured people that they were digging 1 meter deep to search for boddies and they were checking DNA of every piece they found.


It's outrageous what they are doing in Poland Henry, the country is totally devastated and loosing its economic freedom  in every way. Look at the other info there on that blog.

 Its about payment for the gas from Russia.  The British pay 191 dollars for 1000 m3 , Germany and Finns  271 dollars - 1000 m3. Poles are paying 336 dollars - 1000 m3. The highest price, the same as Slovaks, Greeks and Hungarians. Amongst 15 ... states and we  be still paying  more. Donald Tusk Government revealed, that the price of gas supplies from Russia in new "wonderful" contract with Gazprom amounts to as many as 350-370 dollars for 1000 m3.

 And its like this with everything else. The prices in Poland are like in UK but the wages are 5 times or more lower. It has been like this for years. The changes are that the prices are going up continually, so it's harder and harder to survive there. For example, the wages of an average highly educated teacher are about  £ 300- 400 a month ;this is what you pay for renting a flat in a big city.


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Comments for "Poles Dispute Smolensk Crash Story"

anon said (December 11, 2011):

Hi Henry, I think there is much more that needs to be mentioned about that incident.

It seems strange to me that the most seen video on YouTube by Adrie Mendiej, of that crash scene was not mentioned.

It was reported also that shortly after he put his video on the internet, he was stabbed 3 times, and while in the hospital the next day someone went and stabbed him 3 more times and he died. 33! A message and signal to those who it was intended for.

Well worth seeing is this video by Jane Burgermiester:

She gives an excellent report of what may have happened. She was also attacked by the authorities in her native Austria after she made this report. Perhaps because she gives some information indicating the real reason that airplane crash was made to happen, and by whom.

What was not mentioned in the article also, but was clearly seen and heard by the first on the scene video by Mendiej, is that there seems to have been perhaps only four passengers on that flight when it crashed, and those 4 crew survivors were then shot by some Russian "government" individuals, all happening while the video was being made

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