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"I know Jeff Rense as a Predator" - Part Two

April 15, 2012


Suezan is one of a long trail of women maimed by marriage/engagement to Jeff Rense (left in 1976)
Here she concludes her recollections of a "predator" who parades as an "American Treasure...known as a consummate journalist and patriot and equally known for his kindness, loyalty, sensitivity, compassion and intelligence."     

by Suezan (Wife #3)

Since coming out with my story, I have been labeled "prostitute" and "drug addict with a zero IQ" by Jeff Rense (JR) in a smear campaign to discredit me.

 Apparently, I am dumber-than-dirt...and maybe I am to have come forward with my story.

 I was taught right from wrong at a very early age by excellent parents and I should not be made afraid or intimidated by speaking true facts. 

 None of what he has said about me is true.   Matter-of-fact, the JR I knew [in 1976] was a "hater".  

First and foremost  he is a "hater" of women... starting with his own [birth] mother who he described to me as a "whore
."  She had many men....he could hear them having sex....when he was a young boy.  

He was also... back in the time I knew him.... a racist.....all ethnicities.

 As I remember, he was a pompous ass type, a mouthy antagonist.... name-calling ("niggers," "Jews," "chinks") in conversations with his father and myself. [He was] always better, smarter than everybody else, especially other races.


I was his third out of nine wives...his "eye candy" and "sex object".

 Believe me when I say I was young and innocent.   He exploited my "heart" in the "name of love" and then at gun point got what he wanted.... [my] land in Santa Barbara and then moved on.  

JR's "lust" for younger women goes way back too. He is a 65 year old man advertising for 36-43 year old women. 

 Shortly after moving to Las Vegas (l976) with JR, he invited one of his "girls" (he had a fan-club of girl ex-students from a year he had spent as a 6th grade girls sports coach) to visit our house. 

She was very young.   I prepared dinner for the three of us in an attempt to be a good "girlfriend".  

Later in the evening, I was told to go to bed..   As I lay in bed, the house became very quiet.  I got up to find JR and his young friend....the house was dark....all lights a corner in the kitchen I found them in a "sexual encounter". 

Upon my appearance in the kitchen, there was a lot of "scrambling to get apart".  

One thing for sure....he is a cheater.   My brother  moved me back to California and shortly after JR in his slick conman charming way convinced me to return to LV to be with him again. 

You know the rest of this story.   STAY TUNED!

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Comments for ""I know Jeff Rense as a Predator" - Part Two"

Nicole said (April 16, 2012):

Many thanks to you Suezan for telling the truth!

I have to tell you, Mr. Makow, the more I see of this nightmare,

the more I am convinced of how right you are to expose J Rense.

As I said, I can relate to Suezan, as I had my own abusive, lying psychopath,

who is STILL stalking me after 3 years. If I had told people the truth about him,

he may not have been able to convince so many people of his lies..

Keep on keepin' on you two!!

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