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Putin is Jewish Pawn, says Russian Patriot

January 3, 2013


"Put'in on the Ritz"

Vladimir Putin is held in high regard among dissidents in the West. Russian patriots like Tamara contrast the general poverty and discontent with rumors that Putin has $40 billion stashed away.

 Tamara: "The photo at bottom left shows Opposition to Putin saying Putin is 100% a Jew ( his mother is a Jew and his father is a Jew). In Russia many Jewish people hide their  Jewish origin  or they do not know or do not want to know.  Putin is a person who hides his Jewish origin but uses it in the  corruption nets. Historians tried to find his ancestors but failed.  Common Russians think that Putin is an ethnic Russian. If they understood that  Putin is a Jew they would not vote for him. The picture bottom right shows Putin's resemblance to a Jew from Tsarist era." 

"In Russia, the eternal question is: "Who Lives Well in Russia?"  At different times, they were different people, but now everyone knows that life is only good for the super-rich oligarchs, mostly Jews."

(Editor Note: This article expresses a view little heard in Western circles, that with a few exceptions, Putin is a front for Jewish oligarchs, and is Jewish himself.
I cannot confirm these claims but present them for discussion. Clearly, Putin has done nothing significant to thwart veiled NATO aggression in Libya and Syria.) 

by Tamara 

The World asks, "Who is Putin? 

A boy, "Vova,"  from a very poor family in Soviet Union became an uncrowned Tsar of Russia (1/6 of Earth's land), or rather the new global Shah of Oil and the richest man in the world. 

It is not wise to be too curious about how the rich got their fortune, but many Russians wonder why they are so poor?

Why are they poorer than in the most difficult years of Soviet power, and why does Russia have so many orphans, as if in war?

The Russian economy is in decline, and almost nothing is done. Everything is purchased from abroad, even military equipment, although the Soviet Union was a leading exporter. 

Russia has become a third world country, a raw materials appendage of the industrialized world.

In Russia, hydro power plants fail, ammunition depots explode, aircraft crash, ships sink, and trains collide.  Islamic terrorists blow up houses, and kill Russian children. The audience of a whole theater was taken hostage. 

streetscene.jpgFire and arson, floods, countless natural and man-made disasters. Human relationships and families are degraded. The level of science, culture, health, education is in decline.  Meanwhile palaces and luxury yachts are built for the super-rich. 

In contrast, the housing of the poor is not repaired. There are more slums, and the countryside is depopulated. In the past  20 years, more people have died than from the invasion of Nazi Germany. Russia  is losing one million people per  year, mostly among the Slavs: Russians, Ukrainians, Belarusians. 


Russia excels some African countries in terms of corruption - 154th place out of 178th. The Russian press mentioned that Vladimir Putin has secret savings of more than 40 billion dollars. 
People wonder how comrade Vladimir Putin  could make a huge fortune and where he, a former Communist and KGB spy keeps his dollars?  In the Kremlin?

The eternal question is: "Who Lives Well in Russia?"  At different times, they were different people, but now everyone knows that life is only good for the super-rich oligarchs.

(Putin's pal, Russian chief rabbi Beryl Lazar. In a speech he told how Jews adopted the hungry Putin as a child.)

In Russia, most of new super-rich people are non-Christian descendants (the Jews), the ancestors of many of them lived in settlements of  Hasidic sect in the West of  the Russian Empire,in the small towns of Poland, Belarus and Ukraine, the present Smolensk region of Russia.

In the USSR  there were hundreds of thousands of people honored and respected. But they were excluded from the new "Russian"  super-rich,  who appeared at the right time and the right place in Moscow in the entourage of President Yeltsin.  

Who gave many millions and even billions of dollars to  these Jewish oligarchs to take advantage of privatization in 1993 after the Soviet Union collapsed? Silence. 


The majority of Russians are not Jewish. 80% of the country's 140 million people belong to Russian (Slavic) ethnicity , but due to inaccuracy of  population census, only 80-90 million (about 65%) of population are considered Russians. Who are the other 35%? Most of them are Asians. 

protest.jpg(George Soros support for Russian opposition may be designed to give Putin credibility.)  

Political power is beyond the grasp of  ethnic  Russians. Putin's plan is to deprive them of  jobs and governmental  funds. Putin and his administration hire illegal cheap workers from the former Soviet Asian republics, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan to change  the ethnic composition of the country.

 In the streets of St. Petersburg and Moscow, Muslims hold their mass prayers, and sacrifice a  sheep. The Muslim extremists have a dream to  subjegate the ethnic  Russians.

 Putin has a plan to complete the extinction of ethnic Russians. "Russia needs about 50-70 million migrants (Muslims),"  the chairman of the State Duma Committee on Nationalities  Gadzhimet Safaraliev (a Muslim)  said.

Common  Russians still believe that Putin is an ethnic Russian guy,  one of them and give the votes to him  and his party of super-rich Jews. 

 Putin is hiding his Jewish origin and  supports not only Chabad, but the Russian Orthodox Church (ROC). The majority of the Russian people (Russian Orthodox believers)  are afraid of war, hunger, loss of homes, jobs and instinctively votes for the super-rich Thieves and Crooks of Putin's Jewish United Russia Party.

Makow comment: The ultimate proof is the role Putin must have played in the decapitation of the Polish nationalist elite at Smolensk (Katyn2)  in April 2010. Search this site for "Smolensk"


Makow  ---  Why I am Not on Putin's Bandwagon

----------   Jan 3,2013  Putin Extends Citizenship to Fellow Rich 

Note from Tamara -

Since 1991 Russia  has many deaths  among  ethnic Russians because   of lack of food and homes, jobs. Since 1991   Russia   lost   about 30 million of  ethnic Russians . Every year  1 city of a million disappears  from a map of Russia. 

Russia lost 27 million people  during WWII , most of them were  civilians ( ethnic Russians, Belorussians and Ukrainians)  in territories  occupied  by the Nazi.

Here is more about  Putin's criminality what explained by Putin's opponent,  a  writer Boris Mironov
Boris Mironov and his son Ivan  were imprisoned by Putin for a  hate "crime" of Putin's regime.

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Comments for "Putin is Jewish Pawn, says Russian Patriot "

Shane said (January 5, 2013):

The European Union Collective" by Christopher Story is a must-read in order to understand what is happening in Russia. Mr Story, who was a British Intelligence Analyst, proves beyond reasonable doubt that the collapse of the Soviet Union was a strategic deception in accordance with Lenin's long-range plan for world revolution. The CPSU still exists despite having been officially banned, and controls all political parties in Russia and the "former" Soviet republics. Putin is their man. No doubt about it.

John G said (January 4, 2013):

At the time that Putin was in the KGB, had it not become a de facto ethnic Russian organization? Would not Putin's origins have been established prior to his joining?

You ask when Putin has stood up to the 'West'. It was Medvedev as President who was duped over Libya through the UN, not having been aware of the subtle shift in US policy from sabre-rattling and shock-and-awe to more discretely aiding 'rebels' to overthrow 'tyrants' under the guise of promoting the protection of civilians through no-fly zones etc. (Same policy, different tactics).

The response over Russia to Georgia's attack on S. Ossetia was entirely unequivocal and it remains to be seen how Putin, now back in the Presidential driving seat plays Syria and Iran.



The Illuminati have their differences, feigned and real.


Tony B said (January 4, 2013):

Of course, I can't know for certain but this article to me has the now familiar odor of disinformation to a very high degree. Putin is treated as a God by the majority of the Russian people but he is daily demonized by the "West." The suffering of the Russian people after the collapse of the USSR was due to the weakling and drunk Yeltsin. Once the rape of Russia by the west, including many American "businessmen," that Yeltsin allowed was stopped (mostly by Putin), life has gradually gotten better for the average Russian.

It is interesting that all the "draconian" election, etc. laws recently put into practice in Russia have to do with foreigners attempted misusing and lying about Russia's elections for "western" advantage. By now we should all know how the Western media will lie in every way to make it appear that their traitorous lackeys being used to destroy some other nation are the true "patriots" of that nation, even when they are not even citizens of it.

In my lifetime no one on earth, other than Putin, has stood up to the Rothschild empire, more or less telling them that if they really think they own Russia's oil business to try and get it. Would that American presidents would be such "Jews!"



Where has he stood up? Tripoli? Damascus? Remember how the USSR made Israel withdraw from Sinai in 1956? Putin hit a couple of Jewish oligarchs, all the more for himself and his other Jewish allies. Don't be naive. He is a front man.


Steven said (January 4, 2013):

I suspect that Gene is correct about Putin and I am inclined for the time being to give Vladimir Putin the benefit of the doubt.

Next to the monstrous Jewish Bolshevik criminals that ran the USSR from 1917 to 1990, Vladimir Putin stands 10 feet tall.

All that being said there are always problems to be fixed and recovering from 73 years of Jewish Masonic communist barbarism will take time. After what the Russians have been through the Jews ought to be grateful that they have not been sent on a one way trip to Siberian labor camps.
Pay back could have been severe.

Gene said (January 4, 2013):

Putin's fruit says that he is not what this author claims. Putin has systematically been castrating the oligarchs and reclaiming control of their domains. This past November, Putin and the Dumas stripped the power of the Rothschild owned central bank to set interest rates.

Most of the data contained in the article concerning Russia is pre-Putin.

Brother Nathanael says, according to a conversation he had with Putin's wife, that Putin was secretly baptized as a Russian Orthodox Christian by his mother when he was a child and that his primary duty is the same as the Tsars, protection of the Orthodox Christian Church.

In my opinion, Putin practices the old adage of keeping your enemies closer than your friends.

MJ said (January 4, 2013):

Fear only Mini-Pute and his evil cohort Mini-Fein!!! Mini-Pute will bite off your kneecaps and Mini-Fein will sell them on the black market…

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