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Elizabeth II's Achilles' Heel

January 22, 2011

queen_elizabeth_ii.jpgElizabeth II and the missing Stone of Destiny

"The proof of Elizabeth's fraud is the fake stone sitting in Edinburgh castle right now for anyone to go see."

by Debra Siddons 

Truth-seekers often know Fritz Springmeier's classic, Bloodlines of the Illuminati, and most people on Earth know Elizabeth Mountbatten (also known by criminal aliases Windsor and QE2).  Unfortunately not many know about Elizabeth's ancient bloodline and why, out of all the Illuminazis, hers is perhaps the most timely to consider at present.

To start, Elizabeth Mountbatten, the woman claiming to be the queen of Britain, is, without doubt, descended from the ancient King David whose story many will know from the Bible.

It's too much to include here, but the true and verifiable genealogy of the British royals has been published in many books for over a hundred of years and is also widely available for viewing online. For reference: King David to "queen" Elizabeth.

The "royal" family knows their own history full well, including that they and the British people are part of the "Lost" tribes of Israel (Ephraim.)  However, they certainly don't go out of their way to educate the "commoners" about these facts (quite the opposite really.)  But, despite all the disinformation over the years, this ancient heritage of the British royal family is true and bullet-proof.

Elizabeth's great great grandmother, the legitimate queen Victoria, was so proud of her lineage that she had a large poster put up in Windsor castle, showing the family bloodline back to David.  It is far too expansive a subject to discuss here, but knowing what became of all the "Lost" tribes of Israel helps to understand this overall subject and plenty of others.  That information can be easily looked at here: Twelve Tribes of Israel.

As a disclaimer, it should be stated and understood that the royal line of David has almost never produced good stewards to the people of Earth.  This is stated clearly in the Bible and has been proven by history.  Even David's infamous son, king Solomon, is recorded as having turned to witchcraft and occultism by the end of his life, and many practitioners of the occult know of Solomon's contributions to their "religion".  History is rife with other examples showing this ancient Israelite bloodline's consistently despicable actions, including their working with other "black nobility", such as the Rothschilds, to bring about the satanic New World Order.

In the brilliant book by John Coleman called, The Conspirator's Hierarchy: The Committee of 300, he states that, basically, Elizabeth (or whoever holds the British monarch) is at the top of the NWO-pyramid with only a small handful of evil peers.  So, those that may have fallen for the disinfo that Elizabeth is just a figurehead should think again.  Her and her family are far from just figureheads.

The reason that Elizabeth and her family are of timely importance is because her power is probably the easiest to take away out of all the top Illuminati families, and taking her down would shake the NWO super-structure to its core.

Then there is the "Stone of Destiny", which very few people outside of Britain have ever heard of.  The absolute shortest version of events is that it was the rock Jacob, the Biblical patriarch of Israel, used as a pillow when he slept in a cave outside Bethel and dreamed of angels ascending and descending to Heaven.  Upon awakening from his sleep, Jacob anointed the Stone with oil and turned it into the seat, or Throne, of the Israelite people (not the modern-day Khazarian "Israelis").  History has now shown and proven that absolutely every single legitimate king or queen of Israel has been crowned sitting or standing upon this Stone/Throne.

Every single one of them--except Elizabeth.

In World War 2, when the Nazis were bombing London, it was not the crown jewels that were taken to safety; it was this Stone of Destiny.  .

To the great dismay of king George (and his daughter Elizabeth -- now "QE2"), the Stone was taken from Westminster Abbey on Christmas Day of 1950 by a group of four Scottish nationalists, lead by a brave man named Ian Hamilton.  Mr. Hamilton authored a book recounting the endeavor called, Taking of the Stone of Destiny.  In it he wrote: "Privately we learned that he (George VI) had a superstitious fear that the loss portended the end of his dynasty."

After the four Scots took the real Stone of Destiny back to their homeland and hid it safely, they took a fake sandstone block that had been used to practice and train with, then wrapped it in a Scottish national flag before leaving it at the symbolic Arbroath Abbey in Scotland, where the English authorities found and retrieved it.

The real Stone has not been seen publicly since 1950, but a valid picture of it prior to its removal from Wesminster Abbey, along with a film on the subject and a far more detailed account of the Stone's true history, can be seen here: The Lia Fail - Stone of Destiny.  Unfortunately the only pictures available are black and white, but many first-hand historical accounts all recorded the same thing, that the real Stone was a reddish/purplish type of porphyry rock.

The similarly sized block of sandstone that was only acquired to practice on, not even made to look like a qualified replica and substitute for the real thing, is the "stone of destiny" now wrongly on display at Edinburgh castle, and this is a picture of it: fake stone in Edinburgh.

So, anyone that had seen the real Stone would have immediately known this sandstone block was a fake, including both king George and his daughter Elizabeth.

The linked pictures, alongside the aforementioned quote from George (of which there are others), all help prove the royals knew the returned stone was a fake.  But it was Elizabeth's actions surrounding her 1953 Coronation that really drove the point home.

When her father George died, Elizabeth did everything she could to stop her Coronation from being televised, because she was terrified that people would see that the stone being used for her coronation was a fake.  It was perfectly obvious to her, so she feared it would be obvious to everyone else too.  Public demands forced her to relent, but a strict rule was passed that absolutely no close-ups could be shot.

More recently, and because this information was pieced together by prolific researcher John Hill (who is now in prison because of his discoveries,) the fake sandstone that Elizabeth was "crowned" on has been sent to Scotland because Elizabeth wants to get rid of the evidence of her fraud.  If she still had the real Stone of Destiny it would be under 24-hour armed guard, and would never be given to anyone else, but she doesn't have it.

For those interested in prophecy, the book of Ezekiel talks about these events, saying:

21:25 And thou, profane wicked prince of Israel, whose day is come, when inequity shall have an end,

21:26 Thus saith the Lord God; Remove the diadem (sovereignty), and take off the crown: this shall not be the same: exalt him that is low, and abase him that is high.

21:27 I will overturn (1st), overturn (2nd), overturn (3rd), it: and it shall be no more, overturned (4th) UNTIL he come whose Right it is; and I will give it him - Shiloh (Gen. 49:10).

To understand all the details of the Stone's full history, the reference link above will need to be looked at, but three of the overturns have already come and gone, and the fourth overturn began in 1950 when the Stone was taken from Elizabeth, but has not been completed yet.

Overturn 1: From Jerusalem to Ireland (Hill of Tara) in 6th century BC.

Overturn 2: From Ireland to Scotland (first Argyll, then Dunstaffnage) around 5th century AD.

Overturn 3: From Scotland to England (London - Westminster Abbey) in 1296 AD.

4th and Final Overturn: Began when the Stone was taken from Westminster Abbey in 1950 AD.

If you look again at Elizabeth's royal genealogy, you will see that the valid and legitimate royal bloodline of David follows the path of the Stone perfectly, because ALL of the people/royals in that bloodline knew of the origins, prophecies, and great importance of the Stone of Destiny.

If more people know about this, and start demanding answers with one voice, it could turn into a nightmarish scenario for Elizabeth, because it has the potential to drag her down and put her in prison for fraud, theft, and treason.  "Off with her head!" 

People have spent a huge amount of time demanding Obama's birth certificate, but Obama is just an interchangeable pawn, whereas Elizabeth is a major, life-long Illuminati figure, heading one of Earth's most evil but influential families.  Without access to Hawaii state records, we don't really have bullet-proof evidence of Obama's ineligibility.  Fortunately for us, the proof of Elizabeth's fraud is the fake stone sitting in Edinburgh castle right now for anyone to go see.

So, please share this with everyone. :-)

Because of the highly covered-up nature of this story, finding factual information on this subject is very difficult, which is why this is a must read for those with further interest: Stone of Destiny.

Debra Siddons works as a freelance reporter and Truth activist,
covering topics of religious, political, and historical importance.
She can be contacted at

Note- all the comments are on the archived page.

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Comments for "Elizabeth II's Achilles' Heel"

Tim said (January 25, 2011):

The article on British Israelism is complete bunk but it represents some of the most important propaganda being spread today. The British monarchy are gentiles and making false claims about descent. Yet another class of people making claims to be God's "chosen" so that they can intimidate the people into submission and assume their "divine right" to rule over them.

They'd love for you to believe that the British throne proceeds back to King David. Antichrist will make the same claim, that he's the descendant of this dynasty through Jesus Christ. DaVinci Code propaganda makes this clear.

They make these claims to validate their authority and legitimize world rule - they are LIARS! It's all a big con. The British royal family are in competition with Rome. Papal bulls in the past gave the pope temporal authority over all the earth. These competing structures are going to eventually collide.

the Jesuits/Illuminati will eventually overthrow this royal family and put the real false christ on the throne to utilize the power system that's in place. The current monarchy will be demonized and promoted to the protestants as being the antichrist; Rome is going to destroy them - current antiNWO sentiment will be galvanized and given an enemy.

This will likely be the role of prince charles/williams in the next 5-10 years, that of a fall guy. After they are deposed then we will likely see the Maitreya figure take the helm as the legitimate heir of power to begin the antichrist millennium - the fate of this "throne" in the future won't be good. It is the hub of corrupt global power structure whose influence is deep and pervasive.

There's so much that can be said about this lie in it's totality. It's very romantic - I think that's why people are so hypnotized by it, the whole story makes for wonderful fiction.

John said (January 24, 2011):

Dear Henry---I find it rather eerie that Keith Richards was one of the 3 vocal-soloists, age 9 1/2, at QE2's coronation. Coincidence? Or Grand Joke? Something tells me it's more the latter…..greetings, a big fan in the Netherlands (human-being social-experimentation laboratory)

Randy said (January 24, 2011):

The genealogy of Mary in Luke traces the lineage of Christ through Nathan, the son of David, rather than through Solomon (Luke 3:31). [Rather than through Solomon to Joseph in Matthew.]

- John F. Walvoord, Major Bible Prophecies (1991), p. 59.

[The Scottish Constitution from the 1500's (?) declare that the Scottish people are from ancient Israel.

Many Welsh words have roots in the ancient Hebrew language.]

William said (January 24, 2011):

I read with interest your article on the Stone of Destiny.

You clearly believe that the Royal House is willingly and proactively involved in the conspiracy against God and mankind. Whilst I would not argue too strongly about this, I believe the destiny of the British Throne is a good one. Two Things to bear in mind. The prophet Zechariah prophesied an end-time cleansing of the House of David, resulting in it being a blessing to the people. Also, the Throne of David is the Throne YHWH intends Jesus to sit on so the institution itself is not evil. Sure, we have had many duds on the Throne but also some exceptional monarchs. All are flawed, though.

Please see:

William McMurdo

Julian said (January 24, 2011):

If Elizabeth II is direct descendant of King David, what about Jesus?
The Bible says he is from the House of David.
Can you elaborate on this issue please?

--Debra replies:

David has probably had a billion different descendants since his time on Earth.

The Bible records the lineage from David to Christ Jesus.

The Bible, in tandem with secular genealogical records, shows the
lineage from David to Elizabeth.

One does not exclude the other at all. Just like these people talking
about all these other royal Houses Elizabeth is descended from does
exclude her from also being descended from the Israelite king David.

How many grandchildren does you're grandpa have? Also, you have two grandpas, who each share the same grandchild. Genealogy can be a difficult thing that gets messy quickly, and so it is best that people worry about what is right and important about the article written, not
look to confuse matters that don't need to be.

Jeff said (January 24, 2011):

After reading some of the responses to the article it is apparent why the world is in the state it is. Debating the lineage and/or coronation details of hereditary rulers borders on sheer lunacy. No wonder the ungodly rulers of the world openly laugh at the masses.

The truth is that any group of people living even close to how Jesus commanded us to live would simply scoff at the idea of hereditary rulers and special "stones".

The religious whack jobs debating such nonsense wouldn't know Jesus if he were standing in front of them. It would actually be funny if it were not so damn sad.

Lynda said (January 23, 2011):

There is much of merit in this essay by Debra Siddons.

There are many Davidic lineages through Solomon and his idolatrous wives - royalty of all nations. This is where the Illiminati bloodlines entwine with the House of David. Because, of course, their gods (the fallen angels, the b'nai h'Elohim, the Watchers, etc) coveted the promises given to David. The gods of the Gentiles are devils. Psalm 96:5, 1 Cor 10:26.

Look at the archeology of the ancient world and the record of human sacrifices (esp children) required by 'the gods' is v clear. In a work like The Iliad, we see that men feared the gods, propitiated them and even cultivated a sense of humour about them because they knew them to be capricious, vindictive and lustful. Ancient men had a sense of the doom about the gods. Oddysseus states "the gods envy men because we are mortal."

King Clovis of the Franks (Frank means free) was of the lineage of David. And Israelites of the diaspora were in NW Europe since before the time of Christ and all thoroughly idolatrous. The people of the Britons - Britain, Brittainy, Bretagne called themselves B'rith - (Brit) - covenant ish (people). They were completely pagan in those lands having turned to the worship of 'the gods'. But they knew who they were and where they had come from. St Irenaeus of Lyon writes about the Israelites of the diaspora in the Midi in the South of France. Some were Israelites of the diasporas holding to the Torah of the prophets, some were Israelite Christians, some were Judeans of Roman Palestine: Idumeans, Israelites etc holding to the Traditions of the Elders (later codified as the Talmud). This latter would have been Jewry.

Israelites and Israelite Christians of the House of David came to the Midi after the Temple was destroyed.

The Marquis de la Franquerie has written extensively on the Davidic lineage of the French kings - in the Merovingian, Carolingian and Capetian dynasties:

La Mission Divine de la France
Ascendance Davidique de Rois de France

And he mentions this in Lucifer Et Le Pouvoir Occulte.

When Clovis (466 - 511 A.D.)was baptised by St Remy, the House of David was established in the Church. The French kings always had kindred in the Midi and it was from this region that those who secretly held to the Babylonian Tradition of the Elders and its magic (Kabbalah) began the slow work of entwining themselves with the French nobility. Many of that kindred were Christian - St Bernard of Clairveaux. Their great families established the Ordre of Sion in Jerusalem in the 10th century - the Poor Knights of the Ordre of the Temple was the military arm. Later found to be all cryptos and suppressed by Phillip the Fair and the Church. Yet the work of Solomic infiltration proceeded apace and the Capetian Dynasty and its aristocracy became v corrupt - far more interested in the occult than in anything pertaining to Christianity.

King Louis XIV couldn't even be bothered to answer the desparate call for arms to defend the entire Christian West against the Ottoman Turkish invasion that was turned back at Vienna by the Holy Alliance.

The corrupt French aristocracy founded secret lodges under the control of the Templars for the overthrow of Church and State in France. With the Rothschilds, they fomented the French Revolution against the French nobility they had not been able to penetrate. They ethnically cleansed Brittainy and the Vendee with cruelties and atrocities that were later repeated in their Bolshevik Revolution.

QEII is only one Davidic lineage. But the Davidic lineage that is most of interest is entirely secret and eludes even AJF. God save them all.

Austin said (January 23, 2011):

this article is full of furfies. The writer seems to justify the 'divine right of kings and queens' - an ancient right, mainly promoted by european monarchs themselves. Such claims have only justified their often despotic rule down through the centuries. As for the doctrine of 'British Israelism' it too seeks to take away the kingship of Christ and replace it with men, who are not devine.

As for the Windsors - the book "The Antichrist And A Cup OF Tea" seeks to portray the Prince of Wales as a likely contender for the throne of Antichrist, and this would seem to fit the bill should this biblical character gain the throne of Europe. For such an event to take place, Prince Charles would need to be able justify his lineage from ancient times, and seek that throne under an "as of right" condition. Thus the bloodlines connections to the Hanoverians etc.

British Israelism is taught by two main groups here in Australia - the Christian Revival Crusade,(CRC) and the Revival Centres International (RCI). While the CRC is acknowledged as a mainline pentecostalist group, the RCI is regarded here as a borderline cult by many cult watchers, and they are a breakaway group from the early beginnings of the CRC movement anyway. Hardly a great recommendation...

How anyone can put so much energy and attention towards the finding of the 'correct' stone is beyond me. Such a search may seem interesting, but is borderline idolatry - an act that is strictly forbidden to God's people in both the Old and New Testaments. As a Christian my only search is for the (true) rock - Jesus Christ. Those who would rise up in defense of such false teachings as BI have missed the point - it's not about a man, or an intergenerational line of men and women, it's about a coming king!

Charles said (January 23, 2011):

A great article by Debra Siddons, and I knew you would end up with a load of nay sayers in answer to it, but they know nothing and they always hold forth on a subject they have never thoroughly researched.

When The Lord Jesus Christ returns He WILL TAKE THE THRONE OF HIS GLORY here on this earth and that THRONE OF HIS GLORY IS KING DAVID'S THRONE.

Here's my article, amongst others, on this subject. Feel free to publish the link.

William said (January 23, 2011):

Please note that the English Monarchs had no right to the Stone of Scone, they stole it from the rightful heirs - the Scottish Kings. So they were claiming a false legitimacy any way. It was the Irish and Scots - Gaels - who were the descendants of Tea Tephi.

Also, the stone that Elizabeth returned had previously broken in half, which was an ill omen for the English.

There is a color photo of the coronation chair with the stone in it at: Don't know if it is of the real stone or not.

Mark Owen said (January 23, 2011):

Queen Elizabeth owns 1/6 of the planet's surface.
She is the wealthiest person on earth. David Rene de Rothschild is a piker compared to her.
Real wealth has always been vested in land ownership.
For example, all physical land in Canada (2.5 billion acres, give or take) is the property of Elizabeth Windsor.

There is no provision in the Canada Act or in the Constitution Act of 1982 which amends it.

All that Canadians may hold, in conformity with medieval and feudal law is an interest
in an estate in land in fee simple.

Freehold is tenure, not ownership. Freehold land is held, not owned.

Bruno said (January 23, 2011):

This time around Debra's story about QE2 is just amazing. Naturally as a German born American I always tried to figure out why the English would be at the center of the destruction of the Germans who were so closely related to them historically and by royal connections. Not to mention the American who have a large German immigrant population. Lately there are many stories that shed light on these dark and perverse mysteries. Even given all the masonic, Illuminati connections that on the whole operate on a rather superficial level of self interest of a mere few centuries that do not justify long historical survival energies. Now Debra uncovered this 'queenly' connection to a very old history. There you have hit on a historical dynamic and mystical-magical power phenomenon that far exceeds our short time memory of a few decades at best. Awesome story, Debra.

Vojco said (January 23, 2011):

Elizabeth II's Achilles' Heel

Pure b.s. E(lizard)beth is not from the House of David or the 12 lost tribes of Israel.

Nobody can trace a genealogy that far with any degree of accuracy.

According to this website:
you and me Henry are descended from Adam and Eve.

We humans are descended from an aliens (or fallen angels) DNA mixed with human DNA. We are ruled by satanists (fallen angels) and maybe still
the giants (nephilim) who didn't perish in the flood.

The 'divine right of kings' to rule is b.s. Only God and his son Jesus Christ have the Divine right to rule.

You and me have the same right to sit on the British throne as Elizabeth does.

Robert said (January 23, 2011):

What a nonsensical distraction from serious matters. Can't you just imagine Jesus saying, "I've come to show you which rock your king must sit on." Pursuit of the "truth" behind such arcana is the road to obsession and madness.

Mick said (January 23, 2011):

"All the people talking about this European dynasty or that are apparently forgetting about the extraordinary cross-breeding and/or in-breeding these royal houses partake in.

Nothing stops Elizabeth from being part of elite families in Germany, Russia, Africa, and China all at the same time. Aren't most of the people who read this site from America, the land of the genetic muts? Most people on Earth at this point have sporadic and varying familial genetics, but that does not change anything stated in this story.

-The poorly informed woman that claims the Israelites were black is flat wrong.
-"G", the guy speaking about "British Israelism" as people have wrongly coined the term, is just a knee-jerk reactionist that didn't take the time to think about what he was saying before he said it.

-Jeff, who clearly doesn't understand the issue either, actually sees almost the exact same thing as the Satanist he calls out and claims to be smarter than. Hypocritical much? All that the blind and arrogant will see is a some rock, just like Debra says. Shameful response to an intriguing story and this Marco fellow is in the same boat.

These people make nothing but illogical, loud-mouth points, using irrelevant "facts", completely devoid of logical deductive reasoning. So the origins of their attacks must be questioned. We know trolls are everywhere and these points are clearly not made by considerate, rational Truth-seekers. Disinformationalists are unleashed whenever something of real importance pops up. They never attack the things that they know can't hurt them.

Henry, I think it is a very good sign for this article that it provokes such opposition. It's already being subjected to baseless and un-considered attacks, so a person like me has to start wondering.... What if...?"

[Ed Note-all comments are on the archived page.]

Stephen said (January 23, 2011):

I read with immense interest your latest article entitled 'Elizabeth II's Achilles Heel' and have to fully agree with the comments in the article about Queen Elizabeth Windsor II. The British Royal Family (Saxe-Coburg-Gotha) genetically originally from the German Royal House of Hohenzollern, that is connected to the Hanoverian Blood Line of Saxony, Northern Germany. Interestingly, the Rothschilds have one of the palatial residencies in Bavaria, Germany. Prince Philip Mountbatten is Queen Elizabeth Windsor II's handler and controller, and within Scottish Rite Freemasonry has complete control over the British Royal Family and the UK, even though she is the Queen of England and Monarch of the British Isles. The UK ideally should be ruled and controlled by the Original Royal Blood Lines and not the ones we currently have who despise and hate the British People.

Princess Diana Spencer was the last Matriarchal Celtic Blood Line of the Royal House of Stuart and essentially was the True Celtic Queen of England, Scotland and Wales and therefore the British Isles. When she passed away on 31 August 1997, Princess Diana Spencer then had left her DNA and genetic heritage within the blood lines of Prince William Windsor and Prince Harry Windsor. Therefore the British Royal Family at best is really a Celto-Germanic Royal Family with clear and direct genealogical roots traceable back to Ancient Germany and Northern Europe but they are not of Ancient Celtic Blood Lines or Ancient Anglo-Celtic Blood Lines. The last realistic British Monarch was King George Plantagenet III, the namesake of the Madness Of King George who was slowly poisoned with mercurial sulphide by Hohenzollern Saxony Royal House infiltrators at the Royal Court of the English Crown.

Marcos said (January 23, 2011):

QEII is in fact an heiress from the Hannover dinasty.The first Hannover king couldn't even speak English. It is amazing the lengths that British people go in order to create myths about their kings. To think that the stone is real...please. What's next, the throne is made from wood from the cross? And worse, that it would make any difference to God.

According to genetics and statistics, everybody alive now descends in part from David. Jesus, on the other hand, was directly descendant from him in a straight paternal line, in a time when the population was minuscule, with no external marriages. After Jesus proved prophecy by his lineage, genealogy means shit. Salvation is individual.

The Illuminati wants us to believe that Jesus didn't die and that they are their descendants. Hogwash. They just sold their souls to the devil 3 or 4 centuries ago. That's how far their genealogy and their curse goes. Satan can use any family, whichever works best for his goals. Kingdoms are taken by a family from the other. If blood was so regal, England should be ruled by the heirs of Queen Boadicea.

Don't be fooled by old wives tales.

Jeff said (January 23, 2011):

This has to be one of the silliest articles I have seen on your site. With all the problems that the world is facing today, this author believing that QE2 standing on the wrong "rock" at her coronation is one of them is simply laughable. Who cares? It is absolutely meaningless. The issue is, and always has been, the evil that is done by those with power and money to those without. The pompous windbag is no doubt a major entity of the world elite, but the problem is not the details of any coronation, but the fact that humanity even allows "nobility" such as her.

The message of Jesus is and always has been simple. And it is this. How do we treat each other? With love, kindness, compassion, and sharing? Or with hatred, violence, and injustice? Follow the way of Love and you will find the Kingdom of Heaven, which is a spiritual state of your soul, not some place you go to because you got "saved" or you were lucky enough to be born into the "right" group. This is really the only problem that faces any of us, finding the way of Love. It is a path open to every soul, no matter the "religion" one is born into.

As for your Satanist insider AJF, until he renounces his lust for power and perverse pleasures, he is nothing but a lost, miserable soul, only worthy of pity. The power he believes in is nothing compared to the power of Love. Absolutely nothing.

Carolyn said (January 23, 2011):

Hi Henry,I was just reading your article about queen elizabeth written by Debra Siddons.Debra Siddons definitely don't read the bible or believe in it.Her information is false all over the board.Queen Elizabeth is a satanist,and a satanist isn't a bloodline of the most high.She certainly doesn't come from the 12 Lost Tribes of Israel.The 12 Lost Tribes of Israel are the so-called blacks of today.Read Duet. 28.Was Queen Elizabeth a slave or any of her ancestors?I don't think so.What race on earth fit Duet.28?the so-called black race.

G said (January 23, 2011):

Cmon Henry. British Israelism! She's mainly German. She sure as hell isn't related to some mythical sheperd! She isn't even English. Look at all the so-called English Kings. Germans-House of Hanover and it's offshoot House of Saxe-Coburg/aka House of Windsor. Scots-The Stuarts,Dutch-William of Orange. The Tudors were Welsh psychos. Plantagenants- French,the Normans-Frenchified Vikings. Hebrews...balderdash!
Do the Brits have some kind of rule against having a true English King rather than all these pretenders,

AJF (Satanist Insider) said (January 22, 2011):

It'll take more than a stone to get rid of Our Queen!

Ever heard of Ian Stuart Vernal?

No! No one else has either.

He could be sitting in QEII's place but the British government didn't want a regent so soon after the war. He is the true King of England, Ireland, Scotland and Jerusalem. He has the jewellery to prove it (silver plated during the French revolution). He has the genealogies. We know of him. The Freemasons know of him. And the current British royals definitely know of him.

But the Alpha Lodge and our Freemason Brothers have ensured that no one else does.

Problem wasn't his bloodline. Problem was his Presbyterian nature and the fact wouldn't comply.

There was some talk of having him replace Elizabeth, but the man is immovable and as King of Jerusalem he could easily have upset things.

When he dies he has a female relative next in line in Scotland. We all know about her as well.

Rollin said (January 22, 2011):

The article on QEII and the Stone of Destiny is well written, and the subject is potentially of great importance. However, I think it needs further clarification. Why does the fraudulent stone delegitimize Elizabeth's position as the British monarch? As I understand it, while it is customary for the monarch to be crowned while seated above the Stone, it is not a legal requirement. The legal basis for the monarchy is hereditary, based on the law of primogeniture (which goes back to King David and the Israelites).

If King George VI was the legitimate monarch (as the article indicates), then Elizabeth was next in line for the throne, even if the Stone (and/or the sceptre and/or the throne itself) was stolen. A related question that needs clarification is this: The quote from Ezekial, as well as other passages from the Bible, indicate that David's throne will be legitimately occupied until Shiloh (the Messiah or Jesus Christ) comes. If this is so, then there must be a legitimate monarch at the present time. And if this is not Elizabeth, then who is it?


Debra replies:

To answer very briefly right here, the people of Brit-ain (as part of
true Israel), do not choose their own monarch, and definitely not via
legislation. God chooses, and He can, and will do, what is best. For
instance, when the real Stone was taken from the Scottish back in the
1200's, the Scots still crowned royalty (on a different coronation
throne), and those people could still trace their bloodline back to
David, but they were not the official, God-chosen monarch of Israel
and continuation of David's royal line. God has made His choice on
this matter clear, and given us proof, but Elizabeth is doing her best
to cover that proof up. Obviously she will fail because a rotten old
woman cannot go against the Hand of God and live. I know this
response is far from all-inclusive, so please read the much more
detailed article at the link provided, which should clear things up.

In response to AJF (the satanist): unfortunately the immense ego and
arrogance of a satanist's brainwashing blinds them deeply. They
develop tunnel-vision so they can't see how stupid what they are
saying or doing really is. So, all you see is a Stone, which, as even
your limited vision understands, will not take Elizabeth down by
itself. What you and other satanists don't see, is that the Stone is
just one of MANY "Signs" that the Hand of the REAL God Almighty is at
work against Elizabeth (and you). Failure is therefore guaranteed. I
feel pity for you as someone that has gone through so much
psychopathic brainwashing, but you still have to live with your
choices, same as the rest of us."

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at