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Author Replies to Defenders of Satanist Child-Killers

January 9, 2013

Pat wrote in response to "Liberals Liberate Child Murderers": I think that these guys may be innocent for several reasons. First of all, they, particularly Echols fit the usual stereotypes regarding Satanism and what Satanists "look" like. As we all know, serious, practicing Satanists usually look like your next-door neighbor, probably go to church or synagogue regularly and look like decent, upstanding citizens.

Secondly, it was assumed from the beginning that teenagers messing around with Satanism must have committed the crimes and no adults, including family members of the boys were investigated. In fact, Damien Echols' was named right away as probably being responsible for the crimes by police officer, Steve Jones.

Again, as we all know, police have a long history of covering up for real Satanic groups. Const. Jones sounds like a "place man" who was there to misdirect the investigation.

In addition, Misskelly was interrogated for many hours before he finally confessed and had a low IQ of 72. There was a lot of evidence that was ignored and not properly investigated. Some of this evidence includes semen, blood and possible bite marks. Much of the other evidence was collected in a sloppy manner and the bodies were removed from the water before the coroner arrived. There was also a good possibility that the boys were killed somewhere else and placed there.

I believe that these three teens could have been fall guys for the real perpetrators and also used later on (being freed from prison) to discredit people who believe that the practice of Satanism is real and make them look like crackpots. 

Misskelley confessed his guilt four separate times! 

by  William Ramsey
(author of "Abomination: Devil Worship & Deception") 

     First point:  Outside of any stereotypes or clothing styles, the actions of Echols prior to the murders are damning.  Exhibit 500 alone abundantly indicates his obsession with witchcraft and his mental instability.  I cite from this evidentiary record in my book.

 Moreover, after the murders, numerous West Memphis citizens offered information to police about Echols's behavior prior to the murders, including him masturbating in a bush while watching two young girls headed to church on a Sunday morning.  This info was not germane to the murders, but provided additional insight into Damien's character.  This information is in my book.

     Second point:  Police were notified almost immediately that Echols and his group were capable of the crime.  Echols was questioned the day after the murders, and the information he provided was used against him at trial. 

One of the more vital statements by Echols to police was that the murderers probably threw the boys in the water to hide the fact they were urinated upon.  Only someone at the scene of the crime could have known that fact, as the medical examiner did not discover urine in the stomachs of two boys until autopsies were conducted.  The results were not provided to police until May 16th---eleven days after the murders.  This is in the book.

     Third point:  Additional police were added to the murder investigation from the Crittenden drug task force.  They worked to eliminate local mental cases, pedophiles and sex offenders from suspicion.  Most of them were interviewed and the records of those interviews exist.  I read them---all of them.  An entire appendix in my book covers the over thirty people interviewed and removed as suspects.

     Fourth point:  This talking point repeated ad nauseam by supporters abundantly indicates the near total ignorance and idiocy of people who think the West Memphis Three are innocent.  Misskelley spent over ten hours at the police station, but half that time was used by police to obtain permission from his father (he was under 18 at the time) and in preparation for his polygraph test.  The actual interrogation lasted no longer than 4 to 5 hours (which is still a long time) and was punctuated by frequent stops.  The record exists, and this information is in my book.

     In addition, right after the trial of Misskelley, which resulted in a unanimous conviction from twelve jurors, who also sentenced him under Arkansas law, he confessed to the police who drove him to jail.  Once at jail, he put his hand on a Bible and confessed again.  Then the prosecutors and his defense attorneys drove to the jail, and against the advice of his attorneys (recorded on tape) Miskelley provided a detailed confession again!!! Then he confessed to his cellmate.  This totals four additional confessions after his conviction.  All recorded, all on paper, all in my book.  

No evidence of coercion--he walked past his attorneys and spoke into the tape recorder and said "I want something done about it."  Moreover, Baldwin and Echols admitted the murders to separate people who testified in their court trial.

The investigation had problems with evidence, and DNA and luminol weren't available for use in 1993.  Misskelley isn't bright for certain, none of them are really.  In my opinion, his defense knew the closer his IQ got to 70, the easier it is to impeach his pre-trial confession.

I would be happy to answer any additional questions you have.  The defense intentionally data-fogged the case record.  I suggest you read the book. lts not my opinion, but based upon information from the investigation and trials.  All my references to the investigation are footnoted.


Ramsey can be reached at [email protected]   Comments for posting should be sent to [email protected]

Reader Praise for Ramsey book:

"'Very hard to put your book down!!!! Thank you much for your research - I now can say without a doubt the justice system failed - there are at least 3 murderers roaming the streets."

"Thank you Mr. Ramsey for this excellent book. I finished the kindle version yesterday. It was about time someone wrote a book about the guilt of the WM3. Now, I hope someone will do a documentary about the truth and counter the very biased untruthful Paradise Lost documentaries.
"I've been following the WM3 case for quite some time and my interest further elevated when the three child murderers were released from prison in August 2011. This book covers the crime and the trials, other occult type murderers which resemble the WM3 case, and educates the reader about the occult and proves that Damien Echols was interested in the occult before, during and after prison. It also delves deeply into the MULTIPLE confessions made by Jessie Misskelley, Jr. and dispels all the myths about the so called "12 hour coerced confession". This book is a very interesting and eye-opening read and an excellent reference to have if you are a serious non-supporter of the WM3. It's about time someone stepped up to counter all the lies that have been perpetrated by the Paradise Lost documentaries, biased books, clueless celebrities, untruthful media and the slick WM3 PR machine.

This is a book you can not put down once you start. How the three were ever
let out of prison is a mystery to me. So many well researched and documented facts and interviews would convince any reasonable person that the three hideously murdered those children. It scares me that these devil worshippers are actually living free among us. God help us!

Comments for "Author Replies to Defenders of Satanist Child-Killers"

William Ramsey said (January 12, 2013):

My response on Vatic Project:

What Anonymous #2 does not seem to realize is that the supposedly developmentally disabled kid, Jessie Miskelley, Jr., confessed four times after he was convicted. He had nothing to gain. The actual records containing facts pertinent to the crime are in my book Abomination. Anonymous #2 is either a shill for the guilty (yes guilty at law, twice) or is repeating canards devised by the defense team like a clueless myna bird. Read the evidence. It's all there on

To believe the guilty WM3 are innocent, you have to believe (among other whoppers) the following:

1. two separate juries of twelve (a total of 24 people) unanimously, and falsely, voted for guilt,

2. that the state Supreme Court, apprised of nine people, found nothing amiss in the case, falsely,

3. that the Supreme Court of the United States, comprised of nine, denied a writ of certiorari, again falsely.

Please read the book or the website, obtain a proper timeline of the facts and evidence collected, and please stop listening and believing the falsehoods concocted by the defense.

Dan said (January 9, 2013):

Pat has some good points that rate further questioning. The case presents an intriguing Catch 22.

I'm not saying Nichols didn't instigate killing the boys, he was clinically sociopathic and possibly capable of working himself into a psychotic break - maybe. But if Nichols and his stooges committed this crime, than it was an isolated act of mental illness, not organized Satanism.

Echols wasn't involved with other Satanists. He was acting out the Satanism he got from record albums and books. He had a copy Anto LeVay's Satanic Bible and Aliester Crowley's 777 which were freely available by mail order in the backs of Goth rock magazines in the '90's, or he could have bought them from a 'head shop' in Memphis. We know beyond doubt that he was connected with no coven or Satanic clubs, no older Satanists. He was what you'd call a 'wannabe' Satanist. His 'followers' were just two losers who would have gone along with anything to have a somebody to hang out with..

It makes sense that if a REAL coven of - say - Memphis Masonic politicians across the river - had slaughtered the 3 little boys, the local Masonic law would simply frame the most antisocial, most impoverished and unconnected juvenile delinquents with the crime. If it happened that way, the motive for releasing the patsies now, is the current campaign to say any accusation of Satanism is "Satanic Panic" and "witch hunt".

Johnny Depp, Metallica, Disturbed, L7, Trey Parker, Jack Black, Winona Ryder, Will Ferrell, Robert Smith, Patti Smith, Marilyn Manson, Shepard Fairey, Tom Waits, Clive Barker, Peter Straub, Margaret Cho, Dan "The Outlaw" Hardy, Patton Oswalt, Sarah Silverman, Axl Rose, Iggy Pop etcetera didn't spontaneously call each other up to say, "I'm sure concerned about that red neck kid they convicted of ritual murder in Arkansas in 1992. Let's form a club to raise public awareness that there are no Satanists!" Their agents were called by an undisclosed public relations firm hired to re-invent Echols as the 'victim' of 'Satanic Panic'.

Now that Echols and his accomplices are freed, has the media bothered to ask "Who murdered Steven Branch, Michael Moore and Christopher Byers on May 5, 1993?"

Robert said (January 9, 2013):

On the basis of what has been published on this case on your site so far, Henry, I don't think you should be getting involved. In particular, this rebuttal is incredibly weak, dealing mainly with matters that go to character rather than to the commission of the crime (about which I know nothing). As for the author's certainty that
confession is absolute proof of guilt, people confess to all sorts of things they have not done, sometimes as a result of threatening interrogations.

If the confessions were specific and detailed they might be credible, but we are not given any information about this. On the business of washing off urine, someone could easily be led into making such a remark.

One has to hope that the guilt or innocence of persons charged with such a serious crime does not depend on the unplumbed superficiality these past two articles have advanced.

William Ramsey replies:

Please read the book. There are multiple confessions by Jesse Misskelley, most detailed and credible, made after he was convicted of the crime.

The West Memphis Three are guilty at law. They have been convicted of murder in 1994, and the Alford plea they took in 2011 is a guilty plea, at law. This cannot be in dispute.

The legal standard provided for a jury of judge to find a guilty plea is beyond a reasonable doubt. Two juries in Arkansas, in two separate trials, found Jesse Misskelley Jr., Jason Baldwin and Damien Echols guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. This cannot be in dispute either.

As to the issue of guilt in fact, there is an overabundance of facts, contained in my book, that in my opinion verifies and even bolsters, the findings of guilt determined in Arkansas. In fact, my book is currently suggested reading on the State Supreme Court Books website. Top of the list.

Unfortunately, in my opinion, many of the positions taken by the supporters of the West Memphis Three are based on unplumbed talking points and superficial analysis of the actual facts and evidence.

The confessions of Misskelley are detailed and specific. The records are voluminous---see My book has no unplumbed superficialities----it's chock full of timelined dates and facts---based on the police and court records.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at