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Rudolf Steiner Actually Opposed Satanic Cults

June 16, 2010

Rudolf-Steiner.jpg(On June 5, "Alice Shapiro" wrote of her suspicions that Steiner's Anthroposophy was a satanic cult. "W" believes this did a grave injustice to Rudolf Steiner.)

by "W"

"Soon after the year 2000 has been written, a law will go forth from America whose purpose will be to suppress all individual thinking. This will not be the wording of the law, but it will be the intent" [GV,p98].

Rudolf Steiner spoke these words in 1916, in Berlin, during WWI, in a lecture on the secret societies. A precursor of David Icke, Rudolf Steiner began warning the world about these secret societies during WWI.

"The circle of conspiracies of these societies begins in London, stretches over Western Europe, reaches into southern Europe, enters into the Balkans, and ends in St. Petersburg." [GV,p76]

He mentions numerous secret societies -- Freemasons, Jesuits, Illuminati, and others. It is especially the Ahrimanic societies of Britain and America that he speaks of, that seek to bring in a world dictatorship (the "New World Order.")

In the Bible there is mention of Lucifer and Satan. One of Steiner's important revelations is that these are different spiritual beings who tempt mankind in different ways. Lucifer is literally the "light-bearer", the fallen angel who tempts humans with egotism and pride. Satan is Ahriman, the name the ancient Persians gave to the Father of Darkness and Lies. The secret societies have become Ahrimanic (Satanist).

During WWI, Steiner began researching the spiritual causes of the war.  He says that in the British occult societies always taught that the Anglo-Saxons are to rule the world -- "behind the external politicians, who are just straw men, stand the real leaders (secret society members,) with the conviction that it is the mission of the Anglo-Saxons to exercise a real world rulership, for many centuries into the future".

"Anyone who is not aware of this cannot possibly understand the course of current events". [GH,p358]

"The goal striven for is to establish a caste of masters in the West and a caste of economic slaves in the East, beginning with the Rhine, and extending eastward all the way into Asia" [CT].

Fast forward to 2001, 9-11, the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan, the ring of NATO bases surrounding Russia. Even the bailout is part of the plan to make people work to obtain US dollars that were printed from nothing.

During WWII, when the Nazis occupied Paris, they despoiled the Freemasonic lodges of their sacred documents and regalia. They held a public exhibition of their signs, symbols, diagrams, books, swords, rituals, and manuscripts. According to an eye-witness (O.M. Aivanhov), they were "pure Hebrew kaballa" [V,p30].

Steiner says that these societies originated in antiquity, and have preserved much ancient wisdom in their signs and symbols, but lost the understanding of them. The signs and symbols used in their rituals act on the human ether body. The result is that the members are "made into excellent instruments for all kinds of plans" [GV,p89].

The rituals bring them into contact with the spiritual world. Steiner says when a person enters the spiritual world without adequate moral preparation, he is met by Luciferic and Ahrimanic entities.

"They stick to his chakras." The result is that the person in question becomes controlled by these entities, and becomes their agent. He then "manifests great egotism and a love of deception". (Think of our western leaders.) These very qualities of egotism and deception can allow us to recognize members of the secret societies.

In the "Karma of Untruthfulness" he says that the karmic consequences of lies and deception will be wars of increasing devastation and misery.


In 1914 the GNP of Germany was fast catching up with that of the entire British empire. The Berlin-Baghdad railway  would have made the oil fields of Iraq accessible to Germany. Russia was meddling in India. Germany and Russia were obstacles to the New World Order, and had to be crushed. Today Iran, Russia and China are the main obstacles.

Although Freemasons and Jesuits "are worthy opponents of each other" in the lower grades, in the higher grades they work together. "Just think what you can accomplish when you have an organization like that at your disposal!" [GV,p104] (Think of the political parties from which we must choose secret society members to be our leaders -- at a higher level, they are all controlled by the same organization.)

According to Steiner, when these societies bring about assassinations, mediums in the secret societies follow the souls of the victims through the spiritual world immediately after death. By being in contact with the departed soul, they are able to put questions to the entities of the spiritual world, eg. "how can we control masses of millions of people" -- answer: "by means of debt financing and consumerism".

Make sure everyone is in debt. The Federal Reserve was created in 1913 partly for this purpose, by President Woodrow Wilson. Wilson is also the architect of the Versailles treaty ending WWI, which led directly to hyperinflation in Germany, the rise of Adolf Hitler, and WWII.

Annie Besant, President of the Theosophical Society, offered in 1909 to announce to the world that Rudolf Steiner is the reincarnation of St. John the Evangelist, if he would support her claim that Krishnamurti is to be the new incarnation of Christ. Rudolf Steiner rejected this "swindling" [GV,p79], which led to his exclusion from the Theosophical Society.

Steiner's uncompromising devotion to truth makes it clear that he was not a member of the secret societies. He exposed their plans and was attacked for it. His building, the Goetheanum, was burned down, and he himself was poisoned. The Nazis tried to assassinate him.

Part of Steiner's mission was to reveal the workings of Reincarnation and the laws of Karma, in a Christian setting. He also turned his clairvoyant gifts to a study of the Gospels, resulting in a series of wonderful books.


Rudolf Steiner, The Karma of Untruthfulness, vol 1 and 2.
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Rudolf Steiner, The Fall of the Spirits of Darkness,
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[V] Omraam Michael Aivanhov, Vidélina #89 (lecture of Aug 23, 1960), Prosveta Publishing, 2001

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Comments for "Rudolf Steiner Actually Opposed Satanic Cults "

Bruce said (June 17, 2010):

I salute you for your latest article on Rudolph Steiner, which appropriately balances out Alice Shapiro's myopic and erroneous analysis, and illustrates the fact that any movement or organization can stray far from it's roots and become corrupted. I was raised a catholic and always strongly identified with the original message of Christ, but I am appalled at what has happened to the church as an institution. And a careful reading of the teachings of either Jesus or Steiner would show that they both largely talked about a similar brand of directly experienced personal mysticism. It is part of the overall strategy to control people that insists we need an hierarchy of intermediaries in our spiritual lives. And while the Waldorf schools in general may well be infiltrated by dark forces, I can only report that the one local to my area seems to turn out well-rounded, thoughtful kids. Around here, it's the public school children who get indoctrinated and hammered.

Steve said (June 17, 2010):

Stacy has a list of "Ooga-Booga" things that are in direct opposition to Christianity. She "forgot" zionism. But of course these days zionism is not prohibited by the church; it is the hidden cancer within.

Stacy said (June 16, 2010):

Channeling, spiritism, karma, and reincarnation are in direct opposition to Christianity and have always been prohibited by the Church. Anyone who is participating in such acts, especially while trying to "mask" them with a veneer of Christianity, is NOT Christian. You trying to present some sort of "positive" spin on occult practices by Steiner does nothing to rehabilitate his image to those who see the truth, and only serves to undermine your own credibility.

Andrea said (June 16, 2010):

Henry thanks for all the good articles.
I’m glad you have given us this positive information on Rudolph Steiner.

As the article mentioned Annie Besant, she also had a partner, a man named C.W. Leadbeater who also headed the Theosophical Society with her, and as the article states, they wanted to announce to their members that Steiner would be claimed the reincarnation of St. John the Evangelist if he would support claims that Krishnamurti was the incarnation of the Christ.
And to his credit Steiner rejected their offer.

And it should be mentioned too, that Krishnamurti, who they had basically adopted and educated since he was a small boy from India, was given the leadership of the Theosophical Society by Annie Besant and C.W. Leadbeater. And in France I believe it was to be announced at a special grand meeting to all the members of that society from all over the world that he was their new leader. And all the members arrived for that important meeting.

On that day at that event Krishnamurti was claimed leader of their society, and then he announced to all there, that as their leader with his first ruling he was dissolving the whole Theosophical Society order.
That ended the Theosophical society.

And Krishnamurti went on to become one of the great world teachers.

Max said (June 16, 2010):

hank you very much for posting the ''positive'' article on Rudolf Steiner. I myself feel that Mr.Steiner was a positive being/soul with good intentions. I feel that both W and Ms.Shapiro ar correct.

As I stated I feel that Mr.Steiner and his teachings are positive, but at the same time his Waldorf Schools and other organizations he founded have been ''hijacked'' by the Illuminati and the corrupt Anglo-Saxon movement, and so I would not recommend anybody to send their children to Waldorf Schools. I would recommend to read some of Steiner's books, but not join any organizations associated with him, since they have been taken over and are being used to brain-wash and mind control people, esspecially the upper middle-class worker bees of the Illuminati.

For a short while when I lived in Muinch, Germany I was associated with a person who claimed to be part of the Rothschild blood line, he was a very weird guy, but I feel the information he shared with me, for the short time we were friends, was mostly accurate. One of the things he shared, was that the Waldorf Schools teach the children attending the schools nothing they need to survive in the ''real'' world. When you meet Waldorf School students they are very loving and good-hearted, but also very naive and easily-manipulatable. The Rothschild guy said that many Waldorf School graduates get taken advantage of after they go out into the real world because of their compassion and good-heartedness, and they end up being prostitutes (esspecially the females), drug-runners etc. for the Illuminati.

It is fascinating and very sad at the same time, how much the Illuminati/Power Elite of this world has perfected their infiltraition and manipulation techniques, and has twisted negatively to their adavantage, the positive teachings of benevolent people like Rudolf Steiner.

Scientology and L. Ron Hubbard are another example of this. His techniques really helped people in the beginning, but then his organizations and he himself were infiltrated, taken over and then negatively manipulated. Today the Church of Scientology is probably one of the most dangerous and efficient arms of the Power Elite.
There are still some ex-Scientologists out there, that use Hubbard's techniques without being associated to the church, they are called Free Zone, here the link toe the wikipedia page:

Again thank you very much Dr.Makow for letting different opinions be expressed on your website. The Truth can only be known if we look at the whole bigger picture and then connect the dots and get a clear vision fo what we need to do to return Truth, Justice and Freedom.


Jon said (June 16, 2010):

Thank you for showing the other side of Steiner. He was a fierce opponent of

Satanic cults and sought to expose them . This based on 30 years of study of his writings.

I am so happy you have presented the other side . I almost lost faith in your loyalty to truth

Until I see you had this article. I like much of your other writings .

Steiner was devoted to Christ and encountered Christ directly. The majority of his work

Is based on Christianity . His wish in one of his last lectures was that the destiny of his work was one with

The destiny of Christianity . He is always attacked for decades . But to come out and say he or his work is part of a satanic cult

Is just ridiculous and a pure lie .

Thank you again for presenting this other side of the story.

I highly recommend you get a copy of Building stones for understanding the Mystery of Golgotha .

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