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Satanist Reiterates WW3 Forecast

January 23, 2012

ww3.jpg"There will be a war between America, some of its puppet government Arab States and Iran. This will be horrendous - but it can't be helped. Already the American public is frantic in its calls for action. We are merely answering those calls. China and Russia will be involved. Enjoy! You vote for the people who call the shots and press the buttons."

Jan 23, 2012 EU Embargoes Iran Oil, Central Bank Assets

Fozydye replies to reader criticism.

by Aloysius Fozdyke

Perhaps I didn't make myself clear. It's interesting the hate that my writings engender. I try so hard to tell the truth without giving away details that would cause problems and I'm attacked.

I told which political party would win the last Australian federal election some time before the events unfolded but it's suggested that I work as a 'hamburger tech' at McDonald's! I've spelled out what Our plans are and how we've achieved what we have, yet I'm allegedly a Slurpee engineer at 7-Eleven. If I call your impotent and mad redeemer by his proper name more idiotic accusations are hurled at me. By the way, I'm not Jewish (if that means anything).

My life as a Satanist has been one of spectacular fulfillment. I'm not at all fearful of death because I have some idea of what's on the other side. This has come about from occult workings which are part of the Alpha Lodge curriculum as well as direct communications from my Lord. There's no point in providing further information on these metaphysical points because it would very much be 'casting pearls before swine' or as you would believe, false pearls before real swine.

It's hard to get the truth through to those who use their bibles as a shield. Whether I'm believed or not is of no concern to me. I told you on the 30th of November, 2010 that there would be full body scanners in all government buildings and that these were currently being manufactured".

And here's how it'll be done.  (Although the illustrious Mark opines, "And let's face it, most of the info he's letting us in on, can be found on the net without really trying to [sic] hard.")

Again on 30th of November, 2010 I advised that Hilary Clinton "said that the process of the American dollar's destruction had started some time ago and was 'proceeding nicely'". Well guess what Bozos, it still is. It's basic economics that if you keep printing currency, you'll get inflation. This is obvious. So why do you think that the American government is continuing to do it? Because it's part of Our plan to bring about "a perfect storm facilitating societal change". It's working.

I disclosed that Tom Driberg was a Satanist. That wasn't something that could "be found on the net without really trying to [sic] hard," although it was subsequently confirmed as suspected by someone else whose suspicions where raised by his years of research. I mean credit where credit is due. I've given explicit (if perhaps overlooked) details on the use and mechanics of Magick. Meanwhile Xtains - in their intellectual recliner chairs - have insinuated that We are merely following a biblical script.

I stated facts about several American Presidents' sexual preferences, facts hardly well known but see Alex's comments on the 6th of October, 2010 article 'Satanist Says Financial Collapse Still On'. How do you think I know this stuff? O! That's right, you don't think.

So try to understand this:

There will be a war between America, some of its puppet government Arab States and Iran. This will be horrendous - but it can't be helped. Already the American public is frantic in its calls for action. We are merely answering those calls.

China and Russia will be involved. Enjoy! You vote for the people who call the shots and press the buttons.

Our system is a hierarchical one. We are putting this in place now: see Italy and Greece. Notice how America is a little more than patriotic and just a little less than fascist? Not long to go. Notice how government uniforms (including police) are now more military in style?

I've told you that riots are coming this year and that we have planned for these.
I've also told you a lot more.

Now excuse me whilst I go and fry a burger and pull a soft-serve single cone.

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "Satanist Reiterates WW3 Forecast "

Irish Dan said (January 25, 2012):

Does the all knowing, inside track, Mr. Fozdyke have any observations or comments to make on the current Irish financial, Catholic Church and other situations ?

Frank said (January 24, 2012):

"Regarding the veracity of Aloysius Fozdyke, from my research I would say he is genuine . He has 'confirmed' many of my suspicions which would not be public knowledge .

The other thing I would like to say is that his comments come from desperation . He and his friends must know the game is nearly over . He mentions death in his article - he's probably
hoping for death before everything crumbles " .

Maybe you could cobble together one comment from the two e-mails . I'll leave it up to you .

Ty said (January 24, 2012):

Mr Satanist.

True believers in Christ Jesus;

1. Know your being duped.
2. Know many of us will be delivered up to be murdered.
3. Know WW3 has already started.
4. Know your ilk is being allowed to rule right now.
5. Know your master will be allowed to rule for a short time in a completed world Government..
6 Know our master wins in the end with true believers ruling with him.
7. Know what is really on the other side.
8 Know this and look forward to all of it because it is our victory, not yours.

Ryan said (January 24, 2012):

In Fozdyke's most recent article, he states: "You vote for the people who call the shots and press the buttons." Fozdyke knows, as does every awake American, that national elections are utterly meaningless, and have been for some time now. I'm no more responsible for Obama (or Bush jr. or Clinton or Bush sr.) being in the White House than I am for causing the meltdown at Fukushima.

In fact, Fozdyke repeatedly claims that Americans and indeed the entire human population have been begging for anal rape, nuclear and biological warfare, worldwide poverty and misery. The only way in which people 'ask' for such conditions is that in which they have been brainwashed and mind-numbed by the various media (music, 'Holy'wood, television, internet, etc)... in fact the message used to deprave the people has been produced and sponsored by Fozdyke's fellow groupies. If humans are asking for it, they are doing so from already diseased minds. The insane are not to be held responsible for their actions. Indeed, their opinions should carry no weight.

In Alex's letter below Alex mentions reading Brzezinski's 1997 book and the fact that much of what he wrote then has already come to pass. Well of course! Brzezinski is the brains behind the Obama/Clinton administration, just as he was the man pulling the strings behind Carter's. I have no doubt Brzezinski is of similar mind and temperament as Fozdyke. Brzezinski has been eager to draw Russia into war with America (or vice versa) and should, in a sane world, be locked away as the mad man that he is.

I'm always intrigued by Fozdyke's letters even though I find myself against everything he represents. I encourage him to continue writing in and sharing his perverse acrimony for his fellow human beings.

Csaba in Poland said (January 24, 2012):

Mr Fozdyke, if you are a real Satanist, what is your goal to inform us at Henry's website about "Your" plans? In my knowledge the main goal of the sabbatian-frankist Satanist is to destroy the world and exterminate the Mankind, for some perverted theological reason (to cause "Redemption through sin"). If so, why not You just go ahead with this plan, what is your business in informing us? Or you just play the "Satanist"?

Marcos said (January 24, 2012):

Our friend Aloysius keeps saying absolutely nothing of importance or original, which can't be found on the Internet or known for a very long time by Christians.

Hey, the devil has made you a little rich and you get some sex. In few years you'll be with him in the lake of fire. What a deal. Even children know one can't trust the devil. Repent while you can, man, time is running short for you.

CHRIS said (January 24, 2012):

At least we now know that even satanists are still sensitive and can be emotionally hurt by what is said. That means that somewhere beyond his outlook for destruction and the words used of hate, there is still a heart that has feelings. Mr Fozdyke, you and your ilk will be in my prayers. God Bless.

Adam said (January 24, 2012):

Again, I thank Mr. Fozdyke for sharing his insights. It is sad but true that so many spew hateful messages, not just on internet message boards; but also, in their daily lives. Hate begets more hate! People are trying to change people with hate and mean-spirited vitriol (redundant, I know). While I am not of his "religion" (figured I better say that lest someone thinks that is my motive for writing this) I have witnessed the hate and meanness of which I speak through-out our society -- which is why our society is faltering.

Matt said (January 24, 2012):

Found it most coincidental with the release Fozdyke's commentary that a former member of the Australian Liberal Government from 1996 - 2007 would suddenly post the article below in our state's most read newspaper, beating the drum for war:

Andreas said (January 24, 2012):

As Fozdyke correctly states this is a year of reckoning, and choosing. Scrutinize and test your beliefs wisely. Above all don't try to bullshit a bullshitter! (Lucifer). The same applies to Left-Path Satanists: search the fear inside yourselves, and follow it to its source. Know that people don't hate you for your materialism, hedonism, fierce individualism, barbarism, 'doing as thou wilt' or categorical imperative to give the ferret a run. They hate you because you violate the freedom of others, especially the more weak and vulnerable members of society (like cowards), and because you appear in many ways to hate the human race. Stop lying to yourselves. The sheeple is what the farmer wants! If you haven't got the balls to cross Lucifer then you'll just have to keep leaking the agenda. If he grills you about it just say its a 'psych-op'.

Alex said (January 24, 2012):

It is all very interesting: I am currently reading Zbigniew Brzezinski's "The Grand Chessboard" (published in 1997) and a lot of what Brzezinski has been predicting about this whole situation is coming to pass.

In the book, he strongly hinted at a Russo-Sino-Iranian alliance (something that I also considered) and a lot of the book's focus is also on Russia's reawakening. One point Brzezinski made was about the "Eurasian Balkans". This is the area around the (resource-rich) Caspian Sea. Each of these countries encircling the Caspian Sea has a significant Russian population (except for Iran). I believe Russia will initiate a little ethnic chaos here and there as a pretext to seize the former Soviet states. It is entirely possible that Russia will use this "Balkanization" to take initiative by first seizing the nations of Georgia, Armenia, and Azerbaijan. This invasion will be met with very little resistance (remember Georgia and the whole South Ossetia crisis in 2008?). This would secure Iran's north perimeter, since it would seal off any Western (or NATO) access to the Caspian Sea. The Council on Foreign Relations (through its publication, "Foreign Affairs") is hyping this war as well. One of its featured articles this month is titled- I kid you not!-, "Time to Attack Iran".

Of course, if one were to look at Brzezinski's quotes about foreign policy and his own "achievements" one could only conclude that this man is a complete sociopath. There is also speculation that he used his young daughter, Mika, for certain "diplomatic services" back in the 70's, and Kubrick knew about this (see 9:27 at

These are very scary times, indeed.

Alex (the same one Aloysius mentioned in your article)

Austin said (January 23, 2012):

Fozdyke needs to clean his glasses with VINDEX

I've not emailed in for some time for various reasons, but I must admit, Fozdyke gets me going! While it may be true that he is privy to some information, he obviously doesn't understand that every single prophecy in the Bible has been fulfilled on time, every time (almost 7,000 of them - just a few more left to go now.). The rise and fall of great kingdoms and individuals have been inscribed on the pages of holy writ down through many centuries, but of course AF thinks that he and his satanist mates have the handle on the past as well as the end times. Here's a challenge of Biblical proportions for you Fozdyke - Revelations 17:12 - 13:

"And the ten horns that you saw are ten kings who have not yet received royal power, but they are to receive authority as kings for one hour, together with the beast.These are of one mind, and they hand over their power and authority to the beast."

A 'beast' in scripture is a political kingdom, (see the book of Daniel for clear examples of this interpretation) and the 'ten kings' will no doubt prove to be (in the minds of the top notch occultist, Illuminati families) the restored ten kings of a new Atlantis, who will then give their power to 'Posieden' or Satan incarnate - your Vindex, as the final manifestation of that archetypal spirit of the antichrist.

As for your blasphemous ramblings, no amount of flattery will get you anywhere...

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