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Is Sex about Porn or Procreation?

November 28, 2010

I'd-Rather-be-Destroying-Heterosexual-Marriage-Gay-Pride-Flag-colors.gifI would teach my daughter to consecrate herself to her future husband and children. That means cultivating the qualities of a good wife and mother, not  prostitute or porn star.

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

I have a friend whose 16-year-old daughter has sex with her boyfriend at home.

He feels this is better than doing it on the sly. She is strong-willed and has a foul mouth. He has quit trying to influence her.

I don't have a daughter. But I wondered what I would say to one. This applies to all young women. You must choose between sex for procreation and sex for pornography (furtive short-lived titillation.)

I would teach her that the difference betyween heterosexuals and homosexuals is procreation. Heterosexuals have sex to procreate. Thus they confine it to marriage in order to celebrate their love and establish a secure foundation for children.

I would teach my daughter that Illuminati satanists who control the mass media are blurring the lines between 
heterosexual and homosexual.

Despite the propaganda, the vast majority of homosexuals don't want children.  They want sex. The media is intent on turning us into homosexuals, even in terms of encouraging same-sex attraction.

The Illuminati don't want us to have strong marriages or families because these make us strong and independent. They prefer we degenerate and become extinct.

Anonymous sex is degrading and unfulfilling. Even many gays would agree. Nonetheless, it is presented in a positive light because this is how Satanists cast their baneful spell.

I would ask my daughter to consecrate herself for future husband and children. That means cultivating the qualities of a great wife and mother, not prostitute or porn star.

Heterosexual knowledge and behavior have been suppressed. Our primary focus should be on having children. If we remembered this, we would insist on making courtship and love prerequisites for sex.

Hopefully I would reach my daughter in time to fortify her against the onslaughts of a satanized and decadent society.

I have said these things before but the truth is vague and hard to grasp. We are barraged with programming and advertising that encourage promiscuity.

This morning it hit me with clarity. God gave us sex to procreate. Heterosexuals procreate. Homosexuals don't.

We must decide which we are, and stop behaving like the other.

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Comments for "Is Sex about Porn or Procreation?"

Nu On said (December 2, 2010):

You're a third-rate, racist, anti-Semitic, sexist little boy who is a legend merely
in his own mind. It's always the weakest of men who waste time whining about
the position of (Aryan) white men, while attacking everyone else.

Moreover— your a disinformation pseudo-specialist ("pseudo" because you're
only fooling a tiny group of morons). You pretend to stand against the
establishment but in fact your just a propagandist for the same old corporate,
capitalist power elite of white (Aryan) men.

And guess what: I'm far from the only one who can see right through you.

Dear NO

I feel your pain.


JCW said (November 29, 2010):

My daughter is raising her daughter in a "Godly" fashion as well... She is home schooling her and they don't have a television hooked up to a cable network... But my daughter still lives in elements of fear and intimidation, because she is ridiculed by those around her about the way she is raising her daughter even some family members feel that home schooling her daughter is emotionally restrictive. These same family members lament about how the system of education is destroying the morality that has been instilled in their children. They don't see the contradiction.. The system in itself is intimidating as well. Our system of education is okay with a 60 plus percent drop out rate and sending students into society barely more than functional illiterates, but the system has zero tolerance for home schoolers when it comes to grades and progress...

There was a time when a spirit over shadowed the land that gave the human soul life, I'm not saying there wasn't injustice and evil; however.we now live in a time when a spirit over shadows the land (world wide) that robs the human spirit of life. So what happens when the lights go out...

Steve said (November 29, 2010):

As you Henry had a light bulb moment about "God gave us sex to procreate. Heterosexuals procreate. Homosexuals don't. We must decide which we are, and stop behaving like the other." I had a light bulb moment in that Satan is limited by God, he can't get at human beings with his twisting and perverting of truth of God's way without going through human beings who are willing to be his agents first. Without those willing human agents his influence would be greatly diminished for mankind. Accordingly he has set up a system whereby those agents who have sold their souls to him, get rewarded with power and earthly and material pleasures.

As a father I can see with hindsight now that parents have to begin influencing their children from an early age and consistently, for Satans agents are hard at work doing the same (TV, movies, music, prostitute style fashion, etc). Further, parents need to join a God fearing and bible teaching organisation so that our children see this as normal and acceptable and rewarding with true happiness and joy, not to mention at times with our physical needs well provided most of the time. I have learned that our children need good wholesome influence and education from infancy to early adulthood - any long break in-between can lead to this world gaining a big foothold. I certainly don't mean cotton-wool children, but keep up the positive guidance and example right through. In addition parents need to keep their image without too much tarnish so their kids will respect them when they need adult advice in dating, remaining as sexually pure as possible, being honest, hardworking, etc.

In this highly Satanic Elite controlled world, with its sham, illusions of democracy and freedom - the above is extremely hard to do as life for both parents who usually need to work and carry out thousands of other duties to survive. Even the bible warns, "Satan will wear out the saints (believers)".

I try to do my part and occasionally send in a complaint to local TV stations about showing lesbianism or crudity during peak viewing times but its such a huge onslaught from the elite rulers that it does wear me out. Nevertheless I have had some successes, the lesbianism was cut out after I complained about a TV series and I received replies from the TV station involved and the media regulatory body. I told them I had two daughters that I did not want accepting lesbianism as normal behaviour - it was eventually respected, probably because the law is in place to control some of this filth, but it needs maintenance from decent people otherwise there will always follow an avalanche of perversion.

Tom said (November 28, 2010):

When you look at this in the cold hard light of day, as you have Henry, it is so obvious. These satanist are relentlessly destroying all that is wholesome and is almost as if they have declared war on God, Himself and will use any covert means, with no respect for anything, to see their agenda through.

I think we, as those on the side of truth and light, have been too polite and accomodating, with good intentions (ie compassion, empathy), of the grassroots people (ie the flambouyant 'gay' at work) that promulgate this sexual propaganda because that is how we, that DO care about people, are wired through faith in the Divine...we like to give everyone the possibility of redemption (afterall this is what we recieve from God).

I think it is time to get into the trenches, way overtime, and to get down and dirty. I'm not calling to persecute 'gays' but to articulate our position, whatever the consequences, whenever we can, with whatever moral and ethical means we collectively have at out disposal. You are doing your bit and you cut a path that we can follow.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at