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Media Bias: Gays Shooting Conservatives No 'Hate Crime'

August 23, 2012

(left. Floyd Corkins, gay shooter outside Family Research Council office.)

When a homosexual shoots up a conservative office, it is "politically motivated."  When the reverse happens, it is a "hate crime." Meanwhile the explosion in AIDs goes unreported because it reflects badly on homosexuals.

By Hayden Fox

A week ago a homosexual tried to shoot up a family values office in DC because he objected to what they 'stand for'.

According to article cited below, cops and media initially failed to mention that the guy is gay or why he did it.

During the annual wave of "Lone Gunmen" shootings, the oddest thing about this case is that it may actually be unplanned and unscripted.

It's like a drunk walked on stage during a play and was quickly whisked backstage by the set crew, and the actors pause in awkward silence, then resume their lines. Right wing-nuts do this kind of thing, not poor, sweet downtrodden gays. 

When I peruse the MSM articles on this shooting, it sounds like the Family Research Council is on trial!

The New York Times says, "Shooting Possibly Driven by Politics".  

Maybe the Southern Poverty Law Center can define the distinction between 'politically opinionated shooting', and 'hate crime' shooting.


from: "Family Research Council shooting: Weighing Motives on Uneven Scales"      by Robert Knight

"According to the FBI, Floyd Lee Corkins II fired a nine-millimeter Sig Sauer handgun in the lobby of the Washington-based pro-family group that had helped draft the federal Defense of Marriage Act. 

familyresearch.jpgCorkins was trying to pass himself off as an intern bringing Chic-Fil-A sandwiches,  but the security guard didn't buy it.  Corkins panicked and pulled his gun and winged the guard in the arm. The wounded guard wrestled Corkins into custody before he could kill anyone. 

Corkins said, "Don't shoot me, it was not about you, it was what this place stands for."

The motto of Family Research Council, prominently displayed over the building's entrance is "Faith, Family and Freedom."

You have to dig deep into most media reports to find out that Mr. Corkins had been a volunteer at the D.C. Center for LGBT Community, a group for "lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender" people.

This contrasts sharply with other media reports, such as the ones about the Swedish mass murderer Anders Breivik, who was quickly and incorrectly identified as a "fundamentalist Christian."

The Family Research Council shooting came in the wake of FRC's defense of Chick-fil-A President Dan Cathy's remarks defending marriage, which had triggered threats from big city mayors against the Atlanta-based fast food chain.

(End of Quote)

The take-away is that hateful liberals want the term "hate" reserved exclusively for their political opponents.
Washington-based homosexual lobby Human Rights Campaign refused to stop calling the family values lobby a 'hate group.'


Meanwhile the Human Rights Campaign suppresses public awareness of  a
steady rise in HIV infection since the last decade.  In fact these organizations spend a hundreds of millions of their 'well endowed' budgets toward suppression of that very information.  The increase in HIV is bad public relations. 

Same goes for the Southern Poverty Law Center, who pose as defenders against racial defamation, but won't report that studies in 2009 and another just out in July 2012 that young black gay men are 12% HIV positive.  

HIV is also on the rise in young black women due to increased undisclosed bisexual activity in young urban males.

"HIV-AIDS is affecting black gay men in the United States on a scale unseen among any other group in the developed world, said a report issued July 18 ahead of the International AIDS Conference.
 So grave is the crisis that in some US cities, one in two black men who have sex with other men are HIV positive, according to the report from the Black AIDS Institute, the only national HIV-AIDS think tank focusing on African Americans.

They won't tell you that HIV is exploding for the first time among underage teens - as young as 13.   This is directly attributable to an entire media and entertainment industry promoting gay and orgiastic promiscuous sex to that age group.

see "International Planned Parenthood kicks off international blitz at U.N. conference on "Sex Rights for Children."

These trends of increased homosexual activity both closeted or experimental and increased ignorance of the HIV/STD epidemic go directly to the massive same-sex popularity campaign led by HRC, GLAAD, and the plethora of NGO's around this 'must be' issue.

HIV Infection Rates Are On the Rise - ScienceDaily 2011

HIV on the rise among Dallas African American women 2012

Health officials concerned about rise in HIV cases among Travis County youth - AUSTIN TEXAS  June 15, 2012

The mass media is committed to promoting homosexuality as the social norm, and will go so far as to suppress information that reflects badly on it.


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