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Smolensk Crash Site Was Staged (Part Two)

December 14, 2011

reuters 5 14 10 Smolensk crash.preview.jpgThe wreckage  does not belong to the Polish President's Tupolev 154M 101. It is likely, that the expert who discovered this deception (Eugeniusz Wróbel M.Sc. Ph.D.), was murdered due to this fact.

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I do not know where they died, but certainly not in Smolensk:

11. Several television crews and a few score journalists present in the crash region were not able to establish a precise time for the catastrophe, despite the fact that Polish journalist, Wiktor Bater, who „4 minutes after the crash" got the phone call from a Russian civil servant, claimed that the crash took place at  8.36 am. Despite this, for a long time the official crash time was given as 8.56 am (and to weeks later 8.41 am). Similarly, the number of the crash victims was initially reported as 132 people which included journalists flying earlier with another aircraft.

12. Witnesses present at the crash site emphasize that they have seen only a few characteristic parts of the aircraft - turn upside down part of undercarriage with wheels and broken part of tail. Photos of these parts were published by mass media all over the world. No one has seen the crater after the crash of a 90-ton machine, although it should be clear, despite muddy ground. The aircraft wreck, according to Polish as well as Russian report, shattered into a myriad of small parts, although it had fallen from height of less than 20 meters.

13. The wreckage seen at the photos from the crash site is incomplete. Among other things, the cockpit is missing although the Russian commission claims that it reconstructed the position of the pilot hands at the control wheel. The parts are spread out in a relatively small area fenced from both sides close to the fence of aircraft scrap recycling plant.
14. At the site of „the accident" there were no traces of a fuel fire, and according to the Russian Commission shorthand notes, there was supposed to be approx. 12 tons of fuel on board. Traces of fuel were also absent at the „battle field" where fire has been extinguished by few people smoking cigarettes.   Some witnesses smelled scent of fuel, others denied.

When crashing, the aircraft did not damage the surrounding forest, nor did it burn dry grass in the area. Despite the fact that the plane engines must have been hot, there are no signs of burned plants in the photos, nor does the wreck show signs of being scorched by fire.

15. As was stated by independent investigators (blogger Albatros), no significant fire sources can be seen
at the satellite photos of the „catastrophe" area. However they are evident  the day before, on 9th April. This is an important claim, that the film of Polish cameramen, shown on TV stations at the entire World, as a unique existing report of the „accident", was in fact registered one day earlier. At this film, one may also hear singing chaffinch bird, whereas fall of 90-ton machine and accompanying crash should shoo birds away!
16. On the wreckage, there are no indents nor dirt traces as result of oil or other liquids from cut conduits. Instead traces of rust and even cuts on part of the wreck may be seen, as well as evenly cut tree brunches lying under parts of the wreck, which suggests that these parts does not belong to the recently crashed aircraft, but this is old scrap, which was arranged at Smolensk glade.

17. The Tu 154M 101 aircraft had a characteristic varnish correction at the
rudder. Bloggers have established on the basis of available photos that exactly this part of the wreck was cut out, in order to conceal this deception. Therefore, it is likely, that control surfaces lying in Smolensk as a part of the wreck does not belong to the Polish Tupolev 154M 101. It is likely, that the expert, who discovered this deception (Eugeniusz Wróbel M.Sc. Ph.D.), was murdered due to this fact.
18. In the presumably muddy to the depth of 1m ground, the gun of BOR (Polish Secret Service) officer as found at the depth of 0.7m, and at the same time, the Polish emblem from President Kaczynski luxury compartment and the cap of Polish aviation General - Andrzej Blasik were found in perfect conditions. The cap was only deprived of its eagle - the symbol of Poland.

19. MP's Team, whose activities are disavowed by the pro-government mass media, is active in Polish Parliament. This team collaborates with several experts working at American universities and NASA. They put into doubt the Russian claim that the collision with birch-tree resulted in breaking off the tail, turning the aircraft upside down and it's smashing it into millions of small pieces. The Polish bloggers called this tree the iron birch".
20. With an aim to set out an international commission to investigate the
catastrophe, Poles gathered 300.000 signatures and appealed to the Prime Minister. Till now, such a commission was not set out and the report of Russian commission - MAK resulted in the situation, that the entire World thinks that the catastrophe was caused by untrained Polish pilots, forced by a drunk general to land in fog.

Although, the Polish Government Commission investigating the catastrophe listed approx. 300 basic documents necessary for the investigation works,  the Russians did not comply.


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