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Smolensk Crash Site Was Staged (Part One)

December 14, 2011

reuters 5 14 10 Smolensk crash.preview.jpegMany facts suggest that the Smolensk crash site, where the Polish President Lech Kaczynski and 96 senior Polish officials perished April 10, 2010 on their way to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the Katyn Massacre, was staged. The wreckage was from another plane, Polish bloggers claim. They believe the video that included gunshots was a diversion to disguise a far greater deception.   

"The victims' bodies were flown to Poland in welded coffins, which families were not allowed to open, since it was... apparently inconsistent with Russian law."

by epitwo upon

I do not know where they died, but certainly not in Smolensk
1. "The presidential aircraft Jak-40 has crashed at the Smolensk Airport"-
the reporter of pro-government Polish television repeated several times  since 9.19 a.m. on 10th April 2010. He had this news confirmed by the spokesman of Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. A few minutes later, the same spokesman was already sure that the President was on the board of Tupolev.

There are no photos from Warsaw Airport, showing the Polish President 
boarding any plane on 10th April. The airport monitoring broke down; there are no records at the Airspace Defense Center (Centrum Ochrony Powietrznej), since....It was a time of the routine shift change. Only unclear photos made by industrial camera and contradictory testimonies of two employees of the President's Office (Kancelaria Prezydenta) confirm the fact of departure. The Airport Crew was forbidden from commenting on the events of 10th April.

2. A few days after the event, Polish mass media reported that the flight route of the Presidential Aircraft has been registered by Polish counter-intelligence services. Despite the fact that Poland - as a NATO member has modern radio monitoring systems, till now, these records are still secret. Also, till now, satellite images from Smolensk, officially handed over to Poland by the US authorities were not made public.
3. The aircraft that was supposed to carry the President did not send out an S.O.S signal by means of emergency and rescue radio stations assembled on the board of Tu 154 M. The Polish Government Commission investigating the crash (The Report, page 51) found out, that Chief of Aircraft Technique Section (Szef Sekcji Techniki Lotniczej) switched off these radio stations one month before the event.
4. The Polish journalists covering the event landed at Smolensk Airport at about 7.15 a.m. and were immediately transported few kilometers from the
airport, to the KatyÅ„ Memorial. Most of them, in their later reports, confirmed several alarming maneuvers of an Russian Ilyushin flying over the airport apron, soon after their arrival, despite the fact, that in case of the Head of State visit, the airspace should be totally unobstructed.  

5. The Polish Embassy employees waited for the President at Smolensk Airport approx. 800 meters from the alleged crash site. None of them heard a crash of 90 tons (an equivalent of approx. 90 cars) against ground. Half a year after the crash, it become public, that two months before the visit, Tomasz Turowski, a former agent of Communist secret service, was assigned to the Polish Embassy in Moscow to prepare the visit.

6. Before the flight to Smolensk, the Polish Tupolev went through major repairs at the Aviakor plant in the Russian city of Samara. The plant owner is Oleg Deripaska, banned from traveling to the US, due to his connections to the Russian Mafia.
6a. The Polish Commission disclosed in its report, that three days before the Presidential  flight,  Polish technicians modified one of the Tupolev's elegant compartments in order to have enough room for 18 instead of 8 persons. This fact itself, of such unauthorized work, changing balance of presidential aircraft, as well evident forgery of its proof (a handwritten piece of paper), may indicate an attempt to hide the fact, that it was impossible to fit in Tupolev as many generals as died in this crash, and at the same time to hide the fact that official delegation traveled on board of two aircrafts, not one.

7. At the photos form the official crash site, no one has seen victim bodies, their clothes or language nor hundred of heavy aircraft seats. Such a photos does not exist neither in Polish nor Russian report concerning the crash, despite the fact, that layout of bodies and passenger belongings from the aircraft is a basic data necessary for work of an investigation team.  At the crash site - and this may be seen at the photos- appeared approx. 100 coffins lined with red  pilot-cloth, which were loaded in few layers on heavy trucks. However, no one has seen these coffins in Moscow, where bodies of the crash victims were allegedly transported and their identification was done. The witnesses claim that victims' bodies were brought to Moscow in plastic bags.
8. At the available photos one cannot see any blood, or rescue activities nor active medical services, which suggests that no rescue action as carried out. Two Russian nurses reported in the middle of the first day, that at first there were 5 bodies, and than, suddenly approx. 90,  despite the claim that removing bodies out of the crashed aircraft was supposed to take up to few days. 

The Polish Government did not even send to Smolensk medical rescue teams. Polish Prime Minister - Donald Tusk refused an offer from Polish doctors and scientists, who wanted to help in the crash investigation. 

9. The autopsy of the body of President Lech KaczyÅ„ski was done only at 17.30 pm. However, Speaker of  the Lower House of  Parliament (MarszaÅ‚ek Sejmu), BronisÅ‚aw Komorowski, took over his office already at approx. one pm, on the basis of telephone report of Russian President - Miedwiediew, who told him that Lech KaczyÅ„ski is dead. Despite the fact, that date of publishing was later changed, there are proofs, that Manifesto to the Nation delivered by the President in charge after the crash, was available at the Government TV website on 10th April 201o, at 5.57 am.
 three hour before the alleged crash.

On the other hand, at 9.22 am already, the newspaper „Rzeczpospolita" reported at its website, that Polish President is dead. This news was confirmed by Polish Press Agency (Polska Agencja Prasowa) and - on the phone - by President's Office (Kancelaria Prezydenta) employee present in Smolensk.

10. The victims' bodies were flown to Poland in welded coffins, which their families were not allowed to open, since it was... apparently inconsistent with Russian law. Till now, victims' families are asking for exhumation of their family members, but they are even forbidden to copy investigation records carried out by Polish Military Public Prosecutor's Office (Polska Prokuratura Wojskowa). They were also threatened, that they will have to go to Russia to be heard by Russian prosecutors. Several glaring mistakes were found by Poles in Russian medical autopsy records - short men is described as a tall one, a person, who had had some organ surgically removed - had it.

--To be Continued With 10 More Facts 

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Comments for "Smolensk Crash Site Was Staged (Part One)"

ZZ (author) said (December 15, 2011):

The official filmmaker, Wiśniewski, is a story in and for himself alone. Here you have his entire footage on Russia TV , exactly one minute before airing on polish tv (his company) and CNN, it was 12.28 moscow time 9.28 UTC.

Interesting, because his pictures were the only ones, all motion pictures come from him. Reportedly he shot it with his private camera, he was not a reporter, but only a tv editor. He did not sell his film to any tv chain, but nevertheless it was aired the world over.

How come he did not capitalize on such a historic SCOOP? Copyright of this material is not disputed, he confirmed it before parliamentary commision. Youtube took down many films and sections of his picture after his personal notice (DMCA takedown) He was named personally as Sławomir Wiśniewski, copyright holder. No dispute over copyright licence for his picture was filed. It looks like he was the only, chosen one to make the pictures privately and gave his material away for free. There were professional crews with cameras, floodlights, makeup on location, but no one was allowed to the crash site, only "private" Wiśniewski with his flimsy handycam. Veritable Moonwalker.

It was massive disinfo campaign, thoroughly prepared in details for months.

M about another suicide said (December 15, 2011):

07.12.2012. A secret death of a pilot. He was an expert on Smolensk.

"Dariusz Szpineta, an expert and the chairman of aerial company, was found dead in the bathroom of a leasure center in India.He was found hunged. He spoke out in media several times regarding Smoleńsk, and indicating, that the flight Tu154M was military, writes "Gazeta Polska Codziennie," Polish daily.

He expressed his opinion also on the website in the article -"Operation - Smolensk lie.

He was a professional pilot and instructor. He loved flying and left 2 children. He was only 38. His photo is here:,artykuly,139101,1.html

People in Poland call it now: "The serial suicider emerged again."

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