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Society's Hypocrisy Over Pedophila

January 9, 2010

(till.jpgEric Tillman, left, helped Saskatchewan win the Grey Cup in 2007.)


is a powerful satanic cult which practises pedophilia, incest and every sort of  sexual deviance. It tries to make society adopt its degrading behavior.  Illuminati-controlled media and entertainers saturate us with pornographic images and sexualize children.   Schools are promoting anonymous sex to children beginning at age six. Homosexual techniques are taught in high school.

However, pedophiles are still severely condemned, as well they should be.

The question is, given the Illuminati agenda, how long can this taboo against pedophilia last? I am interested in instances where the satanic underworld surfaces and how these cases are treated.


Increasingly, mature men, pillars of the community, are humiliating themselves, their families and business associates.

Last week, Eric Tillman, 52, the General Manager of the CFL Saskatchewan Roughriders, resigned after pleading guilty to a sexual assault charge involving a 16-year-old babysitter.

He grabbed her from behind and groped her while she was bent over spoon-feeding one of his children. He claimed to be doped up on pain medication and didn't know what he was doing. The judge let him off without any penalty because he admitted guilt and was very repentant.

Tillman, who hails from Mississippi, had a distinguished career in Canadian football and was well respected.

Also last week, William Wanner, 67, a prominent Minneapolis consulting engineer and GOP donor, was charged with sexual assault after fondling a 10-year-old girl at a swimming pool on two occasions. He told her the "massage" would feel good.

The girl had been entrusted into his care by her mother. A witness reported the act and it was confirmed by video camera. The story made headlines in the Twin Cities and you can bet this man's reputation is ruined.

Closer to home, here in Winnipeg, Dr. Ross Brown, 71, the deputy head of radiology at St. Boniface General Hospital was forced to retire after being charged with possession of 5,000 pornographic photos involving children as young as two engaged in explicit sex acts, including bondage and bestiality. Brown also had 30 videos and a PowerPoint presentation on child pornography on two home computers.

drrossbrown4.jpgBrown (left) was sentenced to only 45 days in jail and three years' probation after police bungled the case. He was charged in 2006 but police failed to provide disclosure in a timely fashion.

Brown was another "pillar of the community," president of the community-owned Winnipeg Blue Bombers in 1988 when the team won the Grey Cup. Brown was also a member of the 1991 Grey Cup planning committee. He was inducted into the football club's Hall of Fame in 2006.

One wonders if the (Masonic?) establishment went to bat for Brown. For example, we know the mental health profession is subverted. Dr. Jeffrey Waldman, a psychiatrist at Health Sciences Centre, said Brown suffers from "paraphilia."

"Paraphilias are recurrent, intense sexually arousing fantasies, sexual urges or behaviours that can involve non-human objects that occur over a period of at least six months," Waldman wrote in his report. "The behaviour causes clinically significant distress or impairment in social, occupational or other important areas of functioning."

In this case, sexual images of children were the "non-human objects?"

Brown was charged in 2006 as a result of an FBI investigation into the sexual exploitation of a 12-year-old Georgia girl who was being used for pornography and prostituted by a "family friend," Wilbur Caldwell, 52.  Six other men were charged with raping the girl. This follows the pattern in Illuminati circles.   

The girl's photos were on a website run by Ross Brown, who even listed his Winnipeg address. This shows the link between between the producer of child porn and the consumer.

CONCLUSION live in a society where pornography and obscenity flourish and where children are sexualized.

Yet when people succumb to these messages, they are ostracized and punished. 

Obviously, the solution to this hypocrisy is not to legalize pedophilia. (Then, the Illuminati couldn't blackmail politicians.) 

The answer is to criminalize all pornography, except for tasteful nudity, and clean up the mass media. The media provides the mental stimulus that makes sexual  exploitation and addiction flourish.

They used to say, "Don't force your morality on us."

 It's time we say to Satanists, "Don't force your immorality on us."

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Comments for "Society's Hypocrisy Over Pedophila"

Ben said (January 11, 2010):

I think another problem we face is that nobody knows when they have achieved the transition from "child" to "adult" in the U.S. because there are so many consent ages for so many different acts. There are different ages for sex, drinking, smoking, getting tattoos and piercings, marriage, and so on, and I think this is part of their program of pacification. You are able to drink at the age of 21, but not able to smoke until you're 18? If anyone can find even the most rudimentary LOGIC in this arrangement, please let me know. I would like to know HOW ages of consent are formulated. How do lawmakers decide what is "old enough" for certain acts and decisions? I think the whole issue would be solved if lawmakers would simply establish ONE AGE for ALL ACTS considered to be indicative of the transition from childhood to adulthood.

Dora said (January 11, 2010):

That picture of Britney Spears reminded me of her at around 1998 when she was about 16-17 years old (I was about eight). I wonder if her lyrics had any effect on me at all, lyrics such as “I'm a Slave for U” what do you think it does to a little girl? And her Baby One More Time video (picture see above) a high school teenager dressed up provocatively with a mini-skirt and piggy tails, perfect picture of a Lolita character...

How can there be laws against having sex with a 16 year old yet it is OK to show those videos on MTV? Britney Spears was supposed to be the next Madonna, but she deviated from the plan the Illuminati had for her. Spears married young and in a Christian wedding and not to mention she got pregnant too quickly. I believe she's at 'peace' with them now though, after her tour and new album she's made a lot profit and done more brainwashing for them. I also remembered that incident of Miley Ray Cyrus (Hannah Montana) pole dancing at one of her concerts... and not to mention her half nude picture, the 'peculiar' picture with her father... and more.

The illuminati's idea is to sexualize children so that society doesn't think of these young girls as 'girls' but women who are consciously provoking them. Maybe in a few years these young girls, guided by a Miley Ray Cyrus-like star, will demand “rights” to “express themselves freely” and “love each other as human beings” (statements similar to the ones the “homosexuals” make) all promoted by the Illuminati.

Ben said (January 10, 2010):

There was strange synchronicity today (eh, maybe not so strange) as I read your latest article. I got a call from my mother telling me to read a horrifying story in the Houston Chronicle. The article was about Dr. Earl Bradley

a pediatrician who is suspected in over 100 child molestation cases.

The level of depravity at which these individuals operate is impossible for any person with an ounce of moral fiber to comprehend. I submit that knowledge of the satanic mindset is rudimentary amongst even the most learned of uninitiated men. Who, besides the “illuminated”, can really master or understand the deceitful, abhorrent nature of Lucifer?

There are weird parallels between the way the doctor enticed children and Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch, in the sense of carnival imagery. It may be suggested that these thematic elements are used in traumatic sex rites/ brainwashing performed on young children. Indeed the symbolism cannot be ignored. It would also be interesting to delve into the accused doctor’s fraternal associations. It would be implausible to suggest this incident was isolated.

Apparently Dr. Bradley’s own sister suspected his deviant tendencies but her complaints were unheeded by the state medical society. One can only speculate why (higher levels of complicity, anyone?). As if on cue, his sister claims the doctor was bi-polar. Of course, that is necessary, as it will most likely be used in his defense.

This is a warning to all parents to take heed. You, you alone are your child’s advocate. As the parent of an autistic child, one can only imagine the horrors visited amongst those unfortunate, disabled children that cannot speak for themselves. If your child is incapable of speech (as mine is), never allow them to be examined out of sight. Never enroll you child in any therapy that does not have video documentation of every session. To do so is to your child’s detriment.

Robert said (January 10, 2010):

Brown was sentenced to only 45 days in jail and three years' probation after POLICE BUNGLED the case. He was charged in 2006 but police failed to provide disclosure in a timely fashion."

What a coincidence. Just yesterday I commented on an article in the London Daily Mail about about the Priklopil child abduction and imprisonment case--in which Austrian prosecutors have been concerned to insist, on the strength of a comment by an acquaintance(!), that the culprit acted alone, but the police have admitted to making mistakes in dealing with the matter--that for some reason blunders on the part of the police investigators almost always divert or subvert the evidence in these cases. The Canadian Cornwall farce is one instance. The Dutroux case in Belgium.... The USA, France, Portugal... The list could easily be extended. Are the police actually protecting powerful individuals by this continual "blundering" in child sexual abuse cases?

AMN said (January 10, 2010):

You have proposed in your article that pedophiles are still severely condemned, but this is only a superficial condemnation. As a survivor of incest, including rape, by my father, I have to disagree with your belief that pedophilia is still severely condemned. Countless sexual abusers get away with their crimes because family members, neighbors, and fellow church members ostracize and vilify the victim and embrace the "sick" perpetrator. They silence the children with their denial and the need to believe that the child rapist 'isn't himself' and just "needs help," while the victim is condemned for revealing the abuse.

Judges constantly award custody to sex offending fathers, and child sexual abusers are often only given two years for severely molesting or raping a child. Some are given probation and many perpetrator fathers are given probation and allowed to live with their victim because their offense was against their own child, not someone else's child. In addition, look at that beautiful blond teacher, Debra Lafave, who admittedly sexually abused one of her male students. Lafave was portrayed as "too pretty" to go to prison.

And one more thing, the over-use of the word "pedophilia" is misleading and often in error. Pedophiles are people who prefer pre-pubescent children. Not all pedophiles molest children and not all who sexually abuse children are pedophiles. Pedophiles will occasionally have sex with adults, even though they prefer children. People who are not pedophiles and prefer sex with adults will sometimes molest a child. Pedophiles are usually preferential offenders. Preferential offenders are most often pedophiles, and are the type of molester who will seek out children by becoming a camp counselor, Boy Scout leader, a teacher, or the helpful neighbor.

“Situational” offenders are usually fathers, mothers, and other relatives that end up committing incest upon children who happen to be available because they are family members. Unlike pedophiles, situational offenders do not have a preference for pre-pubescent children. They are usually not aroused by child pornography but will still sexually abuse a very young child if the conditions allow it. Preferential offenders deliberately set themselves up to be in a situation with children and are more likely to have multiple victims. At the same time, the two types of abusers can share the same pattern of behavior and motives. Preferential offenders are more likely to be deviant in their behavior and are over twice as likely to molest only male victims.

Ben said (January 10, 2010):

Excellent article Henry.

Hypocricy definitely exists. Underhand messages conveyed by manufactured popular culture promote the opposite of what the authorities pay lip service to.

It took quite a few years for the media to implant the false belief that homosexuals are the healthy norm. The same is happening with sex with children. In a few years there might be workplace harassment laws protecting pedophiles. I agree, ban porn.

Having said this, I do think that looking at a physically developed 16-year-old female is a far cry from pedophilia.

Magna said (January 10, 2010):

I cried like a baby about the scanners and the body searches> our personal liberties are out the window.
"Every religion has its special characteristic and the characteristic of Islam is modesty" prophet Muhammad peace be upon him said this.
This modesty is practiced by all believers male or female. For example why do the men of the Taureg tribe in Mali and Niger cover their bodies and heads? Modesty is not oppression but being chained to one's desires is oppression.

I thought you would like the recitation since it addresses subjects you discuss.
(i) Surah Baqarah verse 102 - reminder about the dangers of "sihr" or black magic ( also about Prophet Solomon)

(ii) Surah Hadeed verse 12 to 16 - these ayahs are a reminder for the not just the disbelivers to change, but the sinning well!
Copy and paste please.

David said (January 10, 2010):

he satanic/judaic fold is not about to lay down and die. You have to understand that they are dark siders. They will establish their evil empire or die trying. The dark side is nurtured by stimulations. Take that away and they are zero. Tight crevices are what they want. Money is what they they throw around to get that. No amount of pontification will stop them. Guillotines will, though!

Leslie said (January 10, 2010):

I just do not understand pedophilia. How can these men do this?( I know women do it as well, but not so much). I will never understand having sexual feelings for children or animals. We must remember that this is truly perverse. We cannot forget that this is not matter what our current sick society puts before us.....

Thank you for exposing this most heinous crime.

It sickens me to my core.

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