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Is Raelian Cult Signaling Illuminati Intentions?

April 26, 2010

By Steve Thomas


For over 30 years, Rael Maitreya (left) has been the leader of a growing world movement known as Raelism - a self proclaimed 'atheist religion' claiming direct contact with invisible 'extraterrestrial beings' resembling Biblical 'fallen angels'.

My recent research has uncovered numerous personal connections between the leadership of this cult movement, and the top-level world elite - musicians, politicians, gate-keepers of capital, media and culture  - several indicating a more than passing interest in fallen angels! 

Is this Raelian connection a harmless fling or a potential threat to the stability and spiritual well-being of human-kind? Let's examine some of the activities and claims of this group...
On April 12, 2009, Rael Maitreya, the atheist French 'prophet' who claims to be Israel's Messiah,  publicly addressed the nation of IsRael (as he has renamed it): "I, Yahweh, through the mouth of my Prophet, RAEL, your awaited Messiah, am sending you this ultimate message... you all need to unite to prepare the construction of the Third Temple, Our Embassy and the glorious return of our beloved son, our last and ultimate messenger, the Messiah Rael, who will bring centuries of peace on Earth with our return. Every minute counts and remember that you cannot say we did not warn you." 
Not content with stealing the divine titles of the Lord Jesus Christ - Messiah - Beloved Son - Rael Maitreya claims to have been personally contacted by advanced extra-terrestrial beings known as 'scientists', or 'elohim', who have been, he says, universally mistaken for God in monotheism. These 'beings from the sky' are supposedly due to "officially" intervene in the governmental affairs of planet earth very soon, dependent upon the desire of human-kind to receive them!

The group appears to be predicting some kind of alien-controlled Galactic World Government, centred in a temple, or extra-terrestrial "embassy", in Jerusalem: "The embassy will be built, and our parents from space will come..."
This might all be 'pie in the sky', if it weren't for the incredible connections that Rael Maitreya appears to have, that might just make this diabolical scheme slightly more plausible. We have seen the registered public forum links between  senior Rothschild family members and Rael Maitreya in Facebook. This family enabled the Israeli parliament, the Knesset building to come into being in Jerusalem, and the Israeli Supreme Court building with its reported array of Masonic imagery and sinister symbolism... Could an 'embassy-temple' be far behind?
Bible prophecy describes a focused global connection between deluded human rulers of the world, and the deceptive spiritual enemies of God. The book of Revelation describes Satan, the Devil (aka Lucifer - appearing as an "angel of light"), being "cast into the earth with his angels", to deceive the leaders and kings of the earth, who will voluntarily "give their power" to Antichrist for a time, supported by his "false prophet".
Reading this Raelian material reminds us of the New Testament prophecy of the Apostle Paul:    "Let no man deceive you by any means, for that day shall not come, except there come an apostasy first, and that man of sin is revealed, the son of perdition; Who opposes and exalts himself above all that is called God, or that is worshipped; so that he as God sits in the temple of God..." [2 Thessalonians 2:3]
Interesting then to discover that Rael has set up an 'apostasie' website where he brazenly takes on God himself. Devoting his campaign to call Christians to 'apostatize' and 'de-baptize' themselves, a video is presented entitled "Brigitte's blasphemy". Rael's glamorous, if somewhat unhinged spokesperson, publicly states: "There is no God, there is no soul," then she speaks against the Holy Spirit of God, denying his existence. She continues: "most of the God believers of the planet are responsible for the wars that we see - we don't see atheists sending bombs..."  
Brigitte presents here a well worn cliché in her attempt to smooth over the inconvenient fact that a clear majority of genocidal murders of millions have been conducted in the blatant cause of atheism (Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot...), and by megalomaniacs arrogantly claiming a divine right to make war in the name of God (Hitler, Mussolini...) - occultists who had nothing whatever to do with God.
The world-changing ambitions of this group extend to an assault upon family life and sexual morality, as Rael challenges norms of heterosexual monogamous marriage. Not even a case of 'live and let live' here. In an article entitled, 'Divorce can save your life!' Rael states that: "The Raelian philosophy teaches that guilt, frustration and antiquated Judeo-Christian values are at the core of many contemporary health problems". "People are healthiest when they're free to enjoy many sexual partners," explains Rael. "In fact, I encourage people to explore 'polyamory,' which means loving many people simultaneously and without jealousy." 
No mention here of STD's, HIV, or the effect of multiple parental partners on a child's identity and well-being. Nor the loss of cohesiveness to society and the inevitable trauma to innocent victims of infidelity. Instead, we find the following twisted challenge to normal theistic morality: "true spirituality never spawns guilt, shame or feelings of betrayal... The old Judeo-Christian teachings are repressive and anti-spiritual..."  Rael goes further in pushing God-given protective boundaries, establishing a scientific quest to create the first human cloned infant. This, it is claimed, will enable homosexuals to enjoy their own 100% genetic offspring, or replace a 'lost relative'.
This attempt to unite the world under under what are traditionally known as Satan's 'demons' or 'devils' would go nowhere. But the alarming factor is the registered connection between Rael Maitreya's primary link, Igor N.Grata, to the ruling echelons of global society, culture, arts, media, ruling families, big business, courtesans to the nobility, and billionaire financiers.
Igor N. Grata: (logon to Facebook to view details of this intricate and global web, peppered with famous names.)
Displaying Rael Maitreya in pole position (with links to the Angel Illuminati, and the Grandmaster of the Guilderberg / Bilderberg, Van Hausen Guilder), this page connects the Raelian movement to 'the world'. The level of inter connectivity between mutually established friend connections (scroll the friend links on this page to confirm) reveals a well developed network at the highest levels of global society.

If a bid to establish centralized World Government is successful, under the guidance of this 'Maitreya', are we about to witness the Biblical "Great Apostasy"?  The "Time of Tribulation" - the final fling of the unholy Devil, frantically attempting to establish rule over God's earth before Jesus Christ returns to overthrow the ancient Luciferian rebellion, establishing the eternal Kingdom of the true Creator? This may read like a bizarre tale of fantasy - but truth, it seems, really can be stranger than fiction.


Steve Wesley Thomas, 46, is an Organic Gardener in Cornwall, England. See his "Tracking the Illuminati on Facebook"

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Comments for "Is Raelian Cult Signaling Illuminati Intentions? "

Dave said (April 27, 2010):

The article by Mr. Thomas and the comments illustrate that mankind is deeply concerned about its future and is struggling to find an acceptable view of tomorrow. The devil is very aware that men make choices based upon their own desires and whether as esoteric, or in a literal expression the fallen one choreographs each view to meet the variety of man’s expectant fantasy.

Deception is a two-edge sword that serves a plausible and pleasing truth while intoxicating the believer to the point that he is unaware that he is deceived. But yes, a man will come to claim the title in Jerusalem and some will be wise enough to know that he is a fraud while most will surrender their hearts to his ability to serve their desires.

As a result, when Satan said in Isaiah 14 that he shall sit upon the mount of the congregation (Temple Mount) on the north sides (Throne of the King) all of the divergent views will merge in agreement that their god is here. Hence, the better response to the ramblings of this cult can be expressed by this one simple statement: ‘the ability to decide which god is coming can be seen by how he gets there’.

Chris North said (April 27, 2010):

The short and simple answer to Steve Thomas's question, which forms the title of his article, is "Yes"!

Anyone who is willing to open their heart and mind to the plethora of evidence available on the Internet; and who also has both the courage and essential modicum of intelligence to visualize, connect and comprehend the fundamental truths inherent therein, cannot fail to reach the following inescapable conclusions:

1. The 'god' of the Old Testament (YAHWEH, or YHWH) is in fact Lucifer (Satan, the Devil and the Antigod), first revealed to Moses by an Egyptian priest named Hermes Trismegistus in the form or 'personage' of the sun god Aten [], but with a legion of aliases, including (in Hebrew) Abaddon, (in Greek) Apollyon, plus Baal (Balaam) and scores of others, some of which are listed, inter alia, at and

2. God's true 'chosen people' are Christian Israel - NOT the 'modern Jews', some of whom are illegal squatters on stolen Palestinian land; and all of whom are Satan's chosen people, having (a) been descended from Cain, who was the first human progeny of Satan and founded the Kenite dynasty; and (b) rejected and murdered our Creator Jesus Christ.

3. Our Creator pre-ordained that Satan would lead and direct his chosen people (the Kenites) throughout the present 'Age', in accordance with an ancient plan first made known to the Sumerians; and later re-launched in the year 43 AD by the Kenite, King Herod Agrippa, by means of a secret society known as "The Mysterious Force", which later evolved into Freemasonry (and similar Satan-worshiping organizations).

4. Satan's 'primary purpose' is to 'unite the nations' to worship him in place of God, so that he (Satan) can cause humankind to suffer the 'second death' - and thus to sacrifice any hope of 'Salvation' - i.e. eternal life as members of the 'God Family'. Satan has revealed to his initiates and acolytes that the primary nature of the 'end game' will be the 'Great Deception', in which Project Blue Beam (incorporating HAARP and Chemtrails) will be used to 'create' (using "all power and signs and lying wonders" - 2 Thessalonians 2:9) a two part, three-dimensional, holographic and holophonic visual 'performance' in the sky in which, first a UFO-linked alien invasion will be simulated, followed by a universally-broadcast, multilingual appeal, incorporating the false personification and 'embodiment' of each individual's 'sprirtual mentor' (or 'ET' for atheists and agnostics), to unite in the service and worship of the false Messiah (Satan).

Ren said (April 27, 2010):

I see that finally someone on your site is taking notice of the menace being created by yet another contactee with an alien being.

As Stephen Hawkins said the other day, we should keep well away from aliens that are supposedly wanting to help us.

No one that I know of whether Christian or devils advocate will help anyone without helping themselves first to what ever goodies can be extracted from who ever.

This Yahweh the elohim has been nothing but a master fornicator on al levels of life by his own admission and can in no way ever be trusted.
All communications from aliens have been by way of telepathic implantation just as I have been manipulated without full knowledge until the day when I was released from the bondage when I got my own will back.

Although it has been established without doubt that the bible as written was so called inspired by God, who was this GOD? That little fellow in his flying saucer with his mind machine having some fun?

Note that he claims that Rael is Jesus's half brother!!! and Jesus is waiting in the wings to do his job as yet another clone of a clone. The moment you appear with long hair and a white frock, thousands of people fall in line from no other sentiment than the desperation to believe in something because our scientific establishment educates everyone that we are no more than a machine that can be repaired like a motorcar.
I have for years claimed that the Daleks as portrayed in Dr. Who are exactly the way Jahweh thinks.

He was and still is a biological machine without soul. The fact that we have a soul is solely due to yet another alien influence making use of the ability of another dimension interacting with matter on an intimate manner.

Note that research all over the world has established that our soulforce has an intimate connection with every cell in our body and upon death of the body releases back into the dimension from whence it came.

The near death experiences of many people and the likes of me constantly traveling in another dimension quite like this world although appearing to be of an earlier version of this world gives me the impression that our consciousness is a many faceted being taking on what ever form it wishes once released from the bonds of flesh and bones.

I often wonder whether our consciousness is driven by our bones or the meat!

So keep screaming a warning from the roof tops, we need to be aware! David Icke is talking about reptilians and have no doubt that they and Yahweh are of the same brood with one exception, Like Moses, we will never see his proper face because we then realize the deception head on. Our brains can be played like any musical instrument as is now being done by the people engaged in wanting to make us all think one thought only OBEY anything I tell you and if you don't we'll burn your brain out so you have to.

Rael is a prophet from hell and have to wonder if he is still original or already a clone. What ever he is he is being protected by someone with enough power to make him do what they want him to proclaim.

You mention the illuminati. They are being instructed as to what to do so who is in charge?

Liz said (April 27, 2010):

Wasn't until I saw Steve's article that I pieced it all together, thank you. This is the note I added as I forwarded it to friends:
This is not important, as God is not going to let it get very far, but it's interesting to see what they are (probably) up to. The time of the Great Apostasy is about Over, not just getting started; MILLIONS of souls have been lost through this vile Antichrist Vatican II Jewish SECT telling everyone they can believe anything they want.

Looks like the Zionists are going to put this Maitreya up as THE Antichrist they Think is written about in the New Testament. At the Same time God is putting up HIS 'candidate' for we will have Dualing Antichrists?? Stay Tuned.

Dan said (April 26, 2010):

Most cults use sex as a lure, coercion, and blackmail but the Raelians classify as one of the openly orgiastic sex cults like OTO and the plethora of neo-pagans.

Krishna Consciousness used to be known for panhandling and handing out pamphets at airports, The Quebec based Raelians go a quantum leap further. They recruit at strip club and gay 'cruise' bars in Montreal and other cities with a 'scene'.
"They work the bars and the vulnerable ones are caught," said Steve Hassan, a former Moonie who now helps "deprogram" cult members with the Boston-based organization Freedom of Thought.They use free sexuality as inducement and recruiting."'

You may not recall but last year I sent a clip of this news story of the Raelians planning a bisexual/transgender open air orgy in Tel Aviv under the cover of 'World Orgasm Day', which was cancelled due to threats. - Dan

Haaretz, 2008 - quote below

The alien-centered religion of the Raelians (named after leader Rael) had planned a special event to mark World Orgasm Day - a mass orgy for peace in Tel Aviv.

However, the event, scheduled to coincide with the Winter Solstice on December 21, was canceled after organizers received multiple threats.

Raelian spokesperson in Israel, Kobi Drori, said that the orgy would welcome all orientations, as long as participants were over 18, popular culture blogger Perez Hilton reported Friday.

The orgy - intended to "try and bring world peace through mass orgasm, this by experiencing consensual sex and natural, uninterrupted pleasure" - was to be the first of events to take place in Tel Aviv. In January, a conference on sexuality and masturbation will feature experts and writers in the field.

The 'Official Page' for World Orgasm Day is supported by the United Nations Network on Women and Gender Equality (see 'Organizations' link)

Kamran said (April 26, 2010):

This article predicts the events that are going to happen in the very near future with prophetic accuracy.

My own research concurs with all the conclusions of the author including the great apostasy among Christians and Jews, the rebuilding of the third temple and the rise of the Anti Christ the Son of Satan who will attempt to rule over the world out of the temple in Jerusalem.

The secret society Priory of Sion was established by the European Royalties in order to see to the completion of the task of global takeover of all governments and wealth and the establishment of the Anti-Christ, and the rebuilding of the third temple.

Let us not forget that God has throughout history used pagans to establish His purposes; God used Cyrus the Persian king to fund and rebuild the second temple and later used king Herod to expand the Temple mount, so let's not be shocked when God uses the Merovingian/Hapsburg dynasties to build the third temple. Ofcourse there will be cooperation from descent Jews and Christians as well who are looking forward to the rebuilding of the third temple (the number 3 is significant in scripture, i.e. Father, Son and His Spirit)

I would further add that all the major religions, especially Hinduism (Swastika continues to be used in Hindu temples), Buddhism, new age are all being sponsored by the European royal families to usher in the false prophet (possibly Lord Maitreya) and the Anti Christ prophesied in the book of Revelation and other scriptures.

The Merovingian and Hapsburg European royalties which have intermarried to produce the final world ruler prior to the return of Jesus the Messiah (Read "Guardians of the Grail" by J R Church), are currently planning the demise of all currencies in order to produce a one global currency in order to control all nations, tribes, kindred and tongues, as prophesied in the scriptures.

The next events on the prophetic clock will be the total collapse of all currencies which will lead to the global electronic currency in the form of the mark of the beast microchip, followed by the rebuilding of the third temple funded by the European royalties, followed by the coronation of the Anti-Christ in the Temple of God (similar to what Antiochos Apiphanies did in desecrating the temple in 70 A.D.).

The good news is that after all these unpleasant events Jesus the true Messiah will return to destroy the current system of government, commerce and religion, and to establish God's Kingdom for 1000 years and beyond.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at