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The AIDS Hoax

April 12, 2012

duesberg.jpegProf.  Peter Duesberg, left, says AIDS is really a cancer caused  by a recreational drug used by gays, and is exacerbated by
the popular AZT treatment. 

There are a lot of conspiracy theories floating around about AIDS. The notion that AIDS is a money-making hoax is rarely discussed.

by David Douthit

This is the story of Peter Duesberg. Duesberg is a professor of molecular and cell biology at the University of California, Berkley. He is a cancer researcher who has formulated a theory that HIV does not cause AIDS.

According to Duesberg what is known as AIDS was originally caused by the use of Alkyl Nitrate in the homosexual communities. Alkyl Nitrate is a recreational drug that creates some euphoria, and also loosens the anal spincter making anal sex easier.

s_6buckf.jpgHence its use by homosexuals. Alkyl Nitrate, like some other nitrates, causes Karposi Sarcoma, a virulent cancer. When homosexuals in the late 70's and early 80's started surfacing with Karposi Sarcoma the possibility of a new epidemic disease was proposed.

Causes for the new disease were explored. HIV, a retrovirus present in many of the homosexual community that had Karposi Sarcoma was identified and labeled the possible cause of AIDS.

The extremely toxic cancer drug AZT was resurrected from oblivion, because it had been banned for chemotherapy cancer use.

AZT was approved for treatment of HIV infection. AZT itself causes many disease conditions commonly associated with AIDS. Merely detecting HIV infection was cause for "treatment" with AZT.

Once AZT treatment was initiated a whole myriad of AIDS symptoms surfaced, not just Karposi Sarcoma. Lots of money was made from causing more disease conditions, which of course had to be treated with other expensive drugs as well.


Africa has suffered from many tropical diseases like malaria, and malnutrition because of wars, revolutions, and famine. These conditions  were labeled as AIDS, even though HIV positive test results were not  obtained in most cases.

The AIDS figures were always greatly inflated by this sleight of hand. This resulted in huge amounts of money allotted for AIDS research. Many "researchers" and pharmaceutical companies profited greatly.

Duesberg contends that HIV is a harmless retrovirus. That is why a person may be infected with HIV for years and never experience any symptoms associated with AIDS, until of course treatment with AZT is initiated.

Doctors will then say, "good thing we started treatment just in time as symptoms started to surface."

Huge sums were made from the AIDS hoax. It could never be "cured", just treated indefinitely at a high cost, and AZT caused many more disease conditions.

duesbook.jpegDuesberg's theory was totally ostracized by the scientific community, and personal attacks were made. It was the classic kill-the-messenger approach. Duesberg wrote a book "Inventing the AIDS Virus" that details his theory.

Duesberg's theory has never received much press even in conspiracy circles. I believe that is because it is probably the closest to the truth.

I wrote this article for anyone infected with HIV, which could be almost anyone homosexual or heterosexual, so that they could have necessary information before starting any AZT regime for "treatment".

I am not a homosexual, but I certainly do not wish any harm to come to anyone. Promoting the theory that AIDS is really an epidemic disease is the exact MO of the "Powers That Be" to keep the population in a perpetual fear state.

I know for a fact that drugs used to treat "Autism" actually cause many of the symptoms labeled "Autism". I have witnessed it with my own two eyes. That is going to be the topic of one of my subsequent articles.


First response from BG:

Re: 4/12/12:  "The AIDS Hoax": 

The comment by "R" 4/12/12 re what his wife learned 30 years ago from the gay activists THEMSELVES is a jewel of a truth worth shouting from the rooftops.  He also mentioned:

"...making the general public feel guilty and "DOUBLE-MINDED" (the mental state of all who come to consciously accept that which they instinctively hate)."  (caps added)

I remember well the progression from single-mindedness to the double-mind in the AIDS Scam:

1.  First, the general opinion was basically that, "If you live a life of debauchery, you will reap what you sow." (Gal. 6:7) [1]

2.  Then the fear propaganda re AIDS/HIV was poured on thick & we began hearing of care agencies, schools, businesses, whatever, refusing to allow HIV &/or AIDS people in their midst.

3.  Step 2 was necessary so they could then turn the tide & begin "shaming" everyone with such (purposely manufactured) "fears" & calling them cruel, heartless, haters, etc.

4.  Then they threw in a few celebrity case stories to seal the sentiment that "Not everybody is bad who gets AIDS" (Rock Hudson, that famous basketball guy, etc.)

5.  Then, Politically Correct Public Acceptance (consensus) is reached... the "Six Step Attitudinal Change Plan" was complete.[2]


Documentary about AIDS Myths

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Comments for "The AIDS Hoax"

Roland said (April 13, 2012):

After researching the topic for many years, I'm absolutely convinced there are no simplistic answers about what causes "HIV" or "AIDS".

The main reason for this is that both are in fact fuzzy definitions. It's almost impossible to cover all aspects of this hoax in a few sentences without sounding like a complete idiot, but I'll try anyway and recommend to everyone affected or interested to delve deeper into the subject.

Here is what I discovered:

1. The HIV virus has never been truly isolated. See This is a serious issue, and BTW this is true for every other virus as well.

2. Therefore you can only speak of a "HIV status", which is defined by the fuzzy HIV test. But you can't really say you're "infected by a virus". It's only a "surrogate marker" defined by common proteins mistaken for "antibodies". If blood samples aren't properly diluted, everyone is "HIV positive", because everyone has those "antibodies". It's just a question of quantity. Similar for the "viral load test", which is only a quantitative PCR and does not detect viruses (nor does any other PCR test, no matter what anyone tries to tell you).

3. A positive HIV status is "positively correlated" with health problems. This means it may indicate there's something wrong with you - possibly. Or not. This is long known and unsurprising, because high protein ("antibody") levels in the blood are generally indicative of cell decay.

4. There are literally thousands of HIV+ people living for 20 years or more in normal health without meds - but you'll never hear about them in the mainstream media
5. The "HIV status" is not sexually transmissible in monogamous, heterosexual relationships (Padian study). Unprotected anal intercourse may be a risk factor, though.

6. Once you are labeled HIV+, the most serious threats are your doctors, prescribing you deadly drugs and giving you the "death spell". If you're gullible enough to believe them, you don't need much more to die. Consciousness determines (and in this case: terminates) existence.

7. Apart from that, every case of AIDS/HIV is caused by individual factors like "psychosomatic" ones, lifestyle, (sex) drugs, poisons and other diseases of known or unclear origin. This may or may not include "engineered" agents propagated by vaccines, drugs, aerosols, food, water or any other means. The problem with the "AIDS" and "HIV" definitions are that they are obfuscating all these individual causes, simply giving them a common label.

8. Avoiding the deadly AIDS drugs (and any other pharmaceutical poison) is generally recommended. If you know to be HIV+, take this as a sign of warning and take charge of your life, but please don't believe you have to die soon. If you don't know your HIV status and think about taking a test, don't do it. There's nothing to gain. You don't want to take the drugs anyway. Look at your life, look at your health, not at laboratory tests. If you're already suffering from symptoms, drugs may give you relief, but handle them with care and don't expect that they can cure you. They can't. Only you can, with God's aid.

Recommended viewing: "House of Numbers"
Recommended reading and community:

anon said (April 13, 2012):

This very interesting article hits many important points. I agree that HIV does not cause AIDS, just because it is present does not mean it is the cause.

If you look into the emotional profile of AIDS patients, you will find common denominators such as sexual shame and soiling. Other attitudes such as "my life is not worth living", intense feelings of inferiority, self-rejection, feeling defeated and worthless.

Homosexuality is a mental illness, a very difficult illness to bear and most homosexuals do not want to be homosexual. The Illuminati insist there is no cure for homosexuality thus adding fuel to the fire of hopelessness. (BTW the Illuminati know this) Curing their homosexuality will cure their AIDS.

The devastated economies of Sub-Saharan Africa also are a major contributing factor to the above attitudes. It is also pretty much the same with AIDS patients in developed nations.

The vast majority are living on public assistance and see no way out of poverty or any future worth living. Few experienced employers will not hire homosexuals because of the turmoil and dramas they constantly stir up in the work place.

As the world's economy and morality continues to break down, AIDS will continue to increase.

The above emotions are also a common factor with Kaposi's Sarcoma, thus both conditions can occur simultaneously.

Marcos said (April 13, 2012):

I knew very closely a person who never took AZT and died from Aids, a very sad and painful death. She passed HIV to her husband, who also died. They were both poor and didn't have access to the drug cocktails we see today.

To say that AZT may be harmful and that Big Pharma profits from Aids is one thing, but to say that all AIDS is caused by AZT is ridiculous and irresponsible. There is a lot of conspiracies around the origins of Aids, but there is no doubt that it is a very contagious and deadly disease. Gay men have from 44 to 86 times the level of infection of a straight male. (

Jim said (April 13, 2012):

Excellent article David. This interview with Peter Dusenberg on Red Ice earlier this year is utterly fascinating and compelling.

Sebastien said (April 13, 2012):

Dr Luc Montaigner, who was awarded a Nobel Prize for his work on the discovery of AIDS has himself admitted that clean living would clear AIDS out of your system:

All that money spent on AZT for Africa would have been better spent on distributing fresh water, but UNAIDS don't do plumbing.

B said (April 13, 2012):

Kudos David, for spreading word of the AIDS hoax. As you say, even in conspiracy circles, there's a LOT more disinformation present, claiming HIV is an engineered virus, which only serves to fuel the notion that HIV is a deadly virus, even among people who like to see behind media lies. Thus, they are served just another lie, which only serves to reinforce the main lie. One of the most clever hoaxes ever, for sure.

Here's some good links on the HIV hoax:

R said (April 12, 2012):

My wife took part in a counseling movement (Reevaluation Counseling or RC) almost 30 years ago, and one evening she was with a small group of leaders who were also gay activists.

She was astonished when she heard them saying that the AIDS phenomenon (which was relatively new at the time) was going to be the wedge that would propel the gay rights movement to victory over straight society.

Her assumption had been the opposite, that AIDS would damage the movement, but she wisely kept her mouth shut. It wasn't long before it became apparent that they knew a lot more about mass manipulation, social engineering, and the array of social forces at play than she did.

Your readers may remember that this AIDS campaign took several years before it was assured of success. But in the days before talk radio and the Internet, the mass media was almost completely in the hands of pro-homosexuals and the propaganda was unrelenting.

Gays with AIDS were invariably treated as "victims," and opposition to the AIDS agenda was scorned as ignorant or attacked as malicious.

In the end this succeeded in traducing those who were actively opposed and in making the general public feel guilty and "double-minded" (the mental state of all who come to consciously accept that which they instinctively hate).

AIDS has no doubt made some people a lot of money, but more importantly it has been one of the stellar hoaxes responsible for the "re-education" of the public mind and the transformation of our world.

Wade said (April 12, 2012):

Anyone that is interested in the truth about Aids needs to go to Amazon and type into their search engine (Doctors of Death)

The book is written by a M.D. and is the truth about how Aids got started. The exact title I believe is "The Origin of Aids Doctors of Death".

I just checked and the book is still available. The M.D. who wrote the book has personal inside information to the effect that Aids was created in a military lab by mutating a rare virus found in cattle. It was injected into male homosexuals on the pretext of being a vaccine for hepatitis first in NYC, then San Francisco, then San Diego, and finally to the general public in Africa in what was suppose to be a vaccine for smallpox.

The truth is always stranger than fiction. And once we know our also makes more sense.

Anthony Migchels said (April 12, 2012):

I think it is very safe to say AZT causes all the AIDS deaths.

- It's the standard Big Pharma MO. For instance: most people die from chemo before the cancer gets them. I know several people written off by the Doctors having stopped the chemo who are still alive. They are all bragging they are medical mysteries. But they are not: they just escaped murder. 75% of Doctors claim they will not undergo Chemo when diagnosed with cancer.

- They give it to society's losers: gays, prostitutes, blacks, drug users. I.e: the people who are not missed, who do not protest.

- One's got to love the cynicism of 'human rights activists' deploring Big Pharma not exporting the drug to Africa, because these people cannot afford the 'medication'. Because of the uproar, one now has 'charities' 'subsidizing' the poor black people. You know, those people not worthy of the expensive 'state of the art' drugs of the West. How good we all feel donating to that cause.

- The article did not mention Duesberg actually injected himself with so called HIV infected blood.

Big Pharma's murderous cynicism is so bad, it's really very, very hard to stomach, even for a seasoned observer of Satan's ways.

PS: nobody has ever seen a HIV virus. There is no test showing HIV. There are only a set of 'symptoms' in the blood, combined with a candidate's societal status that can lead to a AIDS diagnosis.

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