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Freemasons Barter for Power in Australia

August 25, 2010

Katter Swan Freemasonry Handshake.jpg

The attached photo appeared in The Australian newspaper online today in the following link:
It shows Labor Party MP and Treasurer
Wayne Swan and Independent MP Bob Katter exchanging Masonic handshakes in the presence of ex-Satanic lodge head and toilet vampiress , Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard.

Since the recent election ended in a draw, six independent and Green MPs hold the balance of power.  
This handshake from Bob Katter (on the right with white hair) is a Masonic handshake.  It is described in the following link as a "Shibboleth" handshake, although it does not precisely resemble the sketch displayed:

Notice the following:
Both MPs are looking at their Masonic handshake and not at each other

Wayne Swan is wearing a triangular cuff-link which shows affinity to the New World Order.  Who wears triangular cuff-links???
You do realize, don't you, that opposition to the NWO is really starting to come together with great momentum.  You guys there at Rense are bringing down the house.  It's absolutely fantastic!

Tony Blair & the Pope engage in Masonic handshake.



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Comments for "Freemasons Barter for Power in Australia"

Jake Z said (August 26, 2010):

The Aussies actually look like they are using the tubalcain handshake. the pope does look like he is using shibboleth. love the great work; keep it up.

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