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The Responsibility of "Useful Idiots"

April 9, 2011

659px-Julius_and_Ethel_Rosenberg_NYWTS.jpg(left, traitors Julius & Ethel Rosenberg, were executed despite the wailing and gnashing of teeth from fellow "Liberals.")

To what extent is someone who is deceived, responsible for his actions, and his fate?

by Henry Makow, Ph.D.

As I have said before, true world history is the story of the overthrow of Christian civilization by Cabalist Jewish bankers, using organized Jewry and Freemasonry as their instruments.

Their goal is a total control of humanity (Communism), using social engineering, mass media and technology.  Essentially, humanity is being reshaped to serve these bankers in a world government dedicated to their God, Lucifer. This is the real meaning of all the major revolutions. This is the real reason for anti-Semitism.

Revolutionary Jews "are today nothing else but the world's seducers, its destroyers, its incendiaries, its executioners..." Jewish scholar Oscar Levy wrote in 1920. "I look at this world, and I shudder at its ghastliness; I shudder all the more as I know the spiritual authors of all this ghastliness. . ."

You and I have entered this drama at a very late stage. The overthrow is largely complete. We already live under a satanic Illuminati dispensation, one which denies the existence of God, i.e. the inherent Moral and natural design of human life.

The world is redefined and run by the god-usurping agents of these bankers. The modern "alienation" we feel is their alienation, due to their rebellion against God. We have all become Masonic Jews ("humanists") worshiping their pagan gods.

In "The Antichrist," Nietzsche wrote, "Out of their own consciousness, [the Illuminati Jews] have evolved a set of ideas in opposition to all natural conditions of living -- one by one they have taken religion, culture, morality, history and psychology, and converted them irreparably into a contradiction of their natural meaning."

When you deny God, you deny the existence of spiritual absolutes like Truth, as well as Good and Evil. Thus, the world is becoming increasingly bizarre. But at least we know who is turning it upside down and why.


As a Jew, I do not feel that I am damned, nor are my fellow Jews. We are God's children like everyone else.  But the agenda of organized Jewry is damned, and everyone who becomes its unwitting agent is compromised.

Most Jews know little about Judaism. Based on the Talmud and Cabala, which openly reject the validity of the Old Testament, it is not a religion but a satanic secret society.

This means that the rank-and-file is not privy to the real agenda. Instead, it is manipulated by spurious idealistic platitudes like "equality." They are dupes or "useful idiots."

The secret society model was applied to Freemasonry (Judaism for Gentiles) and through Freemasonry to intelligence agencies, government, business, church, military and all important social organizations. The model now applies to humanity as a whole. The upper ranks are opportunists, second-raters who can only succeed by to selling their souls to the devil. The lower ranks are manipulated by these "leaders" according to a secret plan. 

For example, women have been manipulated into abandoning their femininity in the name of "equality." They were not told the true agenda is to undermine gender and family and make everyone dependent on the state.  

To what extent is someone who is deceived, responsible for his actions, and his fate?


Communist leaders used this term privately to describe the people who actually believed Communism was about brotherhood, social justice, and equality. Communism is monopoly capitalism with the State fronting for the Cabalist bankers. Communism, like Zionism, is a Masonic (i.e. Luciferian) order. 

Communism duped idealistic Jews to advance the banker agenda. David Horowitz describes how his Communist Jewish parents, along with millions of other American Jews, were traitors.

Outwardly they were respectable law-abiding middle class high school teachers, liberal and democratic. But like all their friends..they were secretly Communists and this is what "gave meaning to their otherwise modest and unassuming lives."

They served the USSR and even had secret code names for the time when they would abandon the facade of progressive politics and go underground to lead the revolutionary (i.e. authoritarian) struggle.  (Stephen Powell, Covert Cadre, p.vviii)

They were willing to destroy the nation's freedom, which they had enjoyed.
The fact that the CPUSA wasn't banned proves it was already too late. 

Bella Dodd was not Jewish. A member of the National Executive of the CPUSA, she quit when she discovered that the USSR was run by Jewish millionaires who lived in the Waldorf Astoria and operated out of the Jewish Community Headquarters at 35 E. 12th St. She also concluded Communism was a satanic secret society.

Communist Jews and Zionists are idealistic dupes.
I was one myself until 12 years ago (not a Communist but deluded about its true nature.) 

Norman Bethune, a Canadian physician,not a Jew, is considered a great hero because he served the Communist Chinese. Did he know they murdered 40 million people?

Oscar Levy asked if revolutionary "Jews are conscious or unconscious malefactors."

His answer: "I myself am firmly convinced that they are unconscious ones, but please do not think that I wish to exonerate them on that account.
A conscious evildoer has my respect, for he knows at least what is good: an unconscious one -- well, he needs the charity of Christ -- a charity which is not mine -- to be forgiven for not knowing what he is doing."


Revolutionary Jews have never been called to task for their role in creating the New World Order.  This is because when treason is successful, none dare call it treason.

The Illuminati bankers own the government, education and the media. They are able to spin treason as "free speech" and patriotism as "isolationism" and "witch hunts." 

The nature of the New World Order, and Communism, is that ultimately everyone works for the Illuminati bankers, directly or indirectly. For example, the US is being taken down by debt. But hardly anyone in government or the media, not even Ron Paul,  suggests that half of the debt can be eliminated simply by abolishing the Federal Reserve. 

The 9-11 atrocity is another example of the treasonous complicity of the ruling classes in the recolonization of the USA  by a Judeo Masonic world government.

Naturally, everyone adopts the belief-system that ensures their job security. They deny they are useful idiots.  They don't know what they are doing, and most don't wish to know. They are willing accomplices.

The Illuminati bankers are waging a relentless covert war on humanity. 
They are enabled by dupes.
What fate do these useful idiots, or their children deserve?


The Illuminati Exposed (YouTube) by Myron Fagan (Jewish)

Makow - "Liberals are Unwitting Shills for Communism & Satanism"  

Soros Show his Cards  

Comments for "The Responsibility of "Useful Idiots" "

Paul said (April 11, 2011):

Communists are not generous people but people who want to take. If a person wants to give, there is every opportunity in the world to do so because there is no law against giving. If a person wants to take, he has to invent deceit so that those who have will give up what they have thinking they are receiving more. Communism is a master deception created by people who could sell ice cubes to Inuit. I don't believe communists are useful idiots. I believe that they have deception and envy in their hearts that never rests but is an insatiable force that drives them to never give up until they have taken all.

Charles said (April 10, 2011):

Synarchy is the force that unites the Zionist and the Mason and the Catholic and the Fascist. In my opinion, it is a better way of framing the monster than merely discussing the scret organization of Judaism. In fact, Synarchy and Satanism doubtlessly go hand in hand probably begining in the 19th century revival of the Occult.

Al said (April 10, 2011):

Do you think things such as the JFK assassination and 9/11, perhaps are psychological dichotomies, which are done to split public mindset/discourse in much a similar manner as rape victims or child molestation abuse victims?

In my thinking lately, that perhaps these things are perpetrated in such as way, as to be so in your face, so outrageous; that when a rational mind questions it; it is met with instant venomous attacks upon us, that it further isolates us. So much so, that it becomes an acceptable evil, that further allows more ponerologic creep to perpetuate, because our split mindset believes, we shall be further demonized, ostracized, and isolated; if one pursues the inevitable conclusion.

Evil is in control of the mechanisms of government the world over, and is further creating divisions, conflict, through our prejudices, and beliefs, thereby undermining social order, religion, and the fabric of civilization of which we have become accustomed to, for the most part.



Assassinations, terror attacks and war in general are used for mass trauma brainwashing. Within minutes of 9-11 they already pinned the blame on Osama Ben Laden..


Dan said (April 10, 2011):

The Rosenberg case is ironic since the Soviets already had the information Julius Rosenberg had provided. The specific 'secret' regarded the triggering device, which created implosion inside the bomb casing. That information had already been published in the science column of TIME magazine in November 1944. [1]

The release of KGB archives to the world since the 90's revealed the real secrets were channeled to the Soviets from "above top" of British/US intelligence by 'untouchables' such a Baron Victor Rothschild having been the "unknown" ring leader of the Cambridge Five that passed on British/American military secrets to the KGB from 1935-1953.[2] Six out of work KBG colonels who handled the Cambridge spy ring outed Rothschild in 1993, though the British SIS will never admit it because it shows the Cold War was a charade.

[1] Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists Jun 1975, "How Secrecy Played Executioner: would the Rosenbergs have been sentenced to die if the prosecution had told all it knew?"
[2] Was Victor Rothschild A 'Soviet Agent'?

Marcio from Brazil said (April 9, 2011):

Here is a little contribution (you probably know this website or such text):

It is about a talmud translation by a catholic priest (not a faked translation by rabbis, available for useful idiots, according to the Protocols).

It shows the mentality of the ones who follow the Talmud and forget the Old Testament: the anti-Christian, anti-civilization pharisees.

It´s worth reading a few (disgusting, truth-revealing) lines to confirm (once more) the good job you have been doing by opening our eyes, which have been closed by long lasting Godless Illuminati and Freemasonry brainwashing. I am seriously grateful to you!

Like you, I can clearly see the difference between Jews, real Judaism (not Talmudist) and such cabal greedy pharisees (who might be either jews or non-jews as well - the useful idiots). Nothing against this or that religious or ethnical group. Mentality does count, though.

By the way, the story of Delilah and Sanson is also the story of all men who have been seduced, weakened and blinded by a perverted woman or any other kind of idolatry (money, good jobs, promises of an earthly heaven, romanticism, power, etc.). Once a man lays down his power, loosens his watchfulness and is caught by a slut, destruction comes up next. After being trapped like that, all we have got to do is be brave, restore our dignity, tear down the temple of our idolatries (bad women included) and destroy all the bonds that tie us to slavery, no matter if we end up dead or alive.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at