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The Truth about Diversity

August 24, 2018


("Inclusive" means no white males) 

"Diversity" is a devious Illuminati (Masonic) trick to disenfranchise and dispossess the white, heterosexual Christian majority in the West

by making them a minority. The Masonic Jewish central banking cartel is behind diversity whether it takes the form of multiculturalism, migration, miscegenation or the attack on gender. Its proponents are globalist (Communist) traitors.

(From June 2006, and Dec 2013.)

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

We are all affected by "Diversity" but few understand its true nature. 

Warning: It isn't pretty.

"Diversity" is a massive long-term behavior modification program that weaponizes minorities to disinherit the majority.

In English, "Diversity" means acknowledging different races, religions and "sexual orientations."

In New World Order Doublespeak, "Diversity" is a devious way to dilute and discriminate against the white, heterosexual Christian majority in Europe, Canada, Australia and the US.


(l.Canadian football league bludgeons fans with propaganda message) 

While it pretends to advocate equality, its real goal is to guilt mainly heterosexual White males into yielding position and power. The object is to prepare North America and Europe for inclusion in a "world government" run by the central banking cartel based in London.

This private cartel's power is measured by the fact that virtually every major corporation, educational institution, and government agency provides "diversity training" (i.e. political indoctrination) to its employees. Even though studies show it has zero economic benefits, they spend eight billion dollars a year on it. Toyota alone plans to spend that much in the next ten years.

Here is an example of the shaming of Whites that takes place in these sessions. It is from the text, "Seeing Ourselves: Exploring Race Ethnicity and Culture" (1999) by Carl James.

A participant, Greg tells the group:

"As for my race, I am white but I never really had to think about it before. I don't feel that it ever affected the people with whom I associated or talked to. My two best friends are Black and (Canadian) Indian. I was brought up in a family that didn't believe in prejudice and I'm proud of that. If I don't like a person, it is because of their personality, not their race or heritage."

Now you'd think that Greg would pass with flying colors.

You didn't consider the hidden agenda. The author, a Diversity trainer, chastises Greg for assuming he is "the norm." Greg fails to acknowledge his "race privilege," that "invisible package of unearned assets" that is the "white colonial legacy." Whites like Greg deny "the ways in which they socially, culturally and politically produce relations of domination." (p.44)

In other words, Whites naturally oppress other people. That sounds like vicious racism to me.


(London Mayor, Sadiq Khan) 

Can you see what's happening? These Diversity sessions lay guilt trips on Whites, especially males, so they will yield power to compliant & grateful minorities who have not earned it. This is a scam. Anyone who objects to this political agenda commits career suicide. That's political persecution.

I want to be clear that I think the human race is one family and God loves all people equally. Like Greg, I believe people should be judged on their individual merit alone, regardless of race, gender or sexual orientation. I prefer a black jazz genius to a white petty thief.

I have no problem with "minorities" winning positions of power so long as they do it on the basis of merit. I welcome the rich contribution immigrants make. I came to Canada when I was a baby in 1951.

But "Diversity" is not about fairness or enriching society. It promotes minorities not for their own sake, but as a way to undermine and control the majority.


It's ironic that the central banking clique should lay this guilt trip on Whites when the bankers are responsible for imperialism and wars past and present. They grew even richer through the slave and opium trades, and they control organized crime today through their agents.

The US population is more than 75% White and Christian. The plan is for Whites to become a minority by 2050 or sooner. Whites are expected to stand by and become guests in their own house.

When Whites are a minority, no one will champion their rights. There are two million more females than males at US universities. Have you heard of any affirmative action programs for males?


"Diversity" is practically unheard of in China, Japan, Israel, India and Latin America. These countries are allowed to keep their racial character. But because people of European origin have a sense of material, spiritual and political entitlement, they are the hardest to absorb in the New World Order. They are the targets of the "Diversity" program.

The central bankers use the tactic of "divide and conquer" to demolish the four pillars of our human identity: race, religion, nation and family.

First, they pretended to champion the workers to get rid of the Tsarist regime in Russia. Then they pretended to champion women and homosexuals to undermine heterosexual values and the family. Finally, they are duping Whites to passively accept discrimination and diminished status.

They use the same dog-eared playbook. (Select one) Workers, Jews, Blacks, homosexuals, women -- have been oppressed for centuries. Let the bankers put their (select one) front men (or womyn) in power.


The central banking cartel is the real "colonizer," and people of European Christian origin are being colonized. "Diversity" is part of this program.

The banking cartel creates money using our national credit. As a result, society has been subverted by an alien power with a satanic agenda. Our political and cultural elites consist of traitors who, for example, allowed 9-11 to take place and covered it up. We are subjected to a constant stream of lies from these sanctimonious self-serving pawns.

In a poll taken Oct. 18, 2007, by the Toronto Globe and Mail, 63% answered "No" to the question: "Do you think Canada's multiculturalism policies have been a success?" The sample was roughly 11,000 and Globe readers tend to be liberals.

The founding peoples of the West have a right to maintain their national character and see it flourish. Immigrants expect to integrate while retaining their heritage. They don't expect to be used to undermine the majority.

global-citizen.jpeg("Global citizen" Trudeau, NWO traitor) 

So, let's not fall into their "divide and conquer" trap by focusing our indignation on minorities. They are manipulated as much as we. Let's focus on the central bankers and their lackeys, in politics, education, business and the media.

I know this goes against the grain for some. Ask yourself where your attitudes came from. They were dinned into you by the media and education. Our society is essentially colonial and collaborationist. To succeed you need to be complicit in the banker scam, or at least not openly oppose them.

May I remind you: the term "politically correct" originated in the Communist Party of the USSR in the 1920's. It is no coincidence that the term is part of our lexicon today. The same bankers who controlled the USSR then, secretly control the USA, Canada, and Europe today.

RelatedDiversity is a hammer to club the majority. In practice, minorities often are discriminated against by politically correct. 

-------------------- Bewitched gets "Diversity" Remake --      (Also black 007 coming) 

Reader Comments:


here you go = "diversity" being dictated to the plebeans,  right from the very top of the hierarch of government in Canada = the Clerk's Table on Diversity. That'd be the Michael Wernick, Clerk of the Privy Council,  The Executive Council aka The Cabinet. The people who actually run things, regardless of the trained seals on the floor of the House of Commons. Did you vote for Mr Wernick? One of the very most powerful officials in the whole country?

amusingly, it has a button to click "How government works"

did you vote for "more diversity" ? in the last election?  I doubt if you can find one elector in a thousand, who remembers the Multiculturalism Act RSC coming in to force  ... let alone, there wasn't one in a million who was consulted about whether they wanted the white Christian nation of the Dominion to be overrun by non-white, non-Christians.  

today, the City of Vancouver is over 50% ethnic Chinese, and that's by official census. Be assured that the proportion much more than that, from all the ILLEGALs.  Most of those people grew up under Communism.  Hong Couver is now a colony of Red China. But saying so is an offence against the BC Human Rights Code. Maybe even section 319 of the Criminal Code.

but the good news, is : the pendulum reached its apogee the day before Maxime Bernier made his dramatic announcement. With a genuine alternative, we're going to see a real sea-change in the attitude of white folks.  It's going to be fun


Thanks for your recent article on Diversity. I was just fired from a government contract job for refusing to participate in the companies diversity training program. I spent 12+ years in the same facility, received excellent annual reviews every year and gaining the respect of my fellow employees. My immediate manager, site manager, and program manager all tried to convince the company not to fire me, but to no avail.

Anyone who stands against the diversity indoctrination while employed by a major defense contractor is, as you said, committing career suicide. When the corporate leaders don't care what their managers say about keeping a good employee, it becomes obvious that they serve the purpose of the central bankers.

Do you know what was interesting about the diversity training in my former company? When the requirement to complete the training was received in our email box, every male in my group griped and complained about it. They all hated it! There is something inside of a man, deep in the gut, that is repulsed by all this diversity training garbage. It is offensive and insulting to a man's intelligence and honor to have to sit through some stupid training video that acts like it is speaking to first graders.

I am a white, married male with strong Christian principles. I am also fortunate to have a wife who supported my decision. She has told me many times how proud she is that I was willing to lose my job with all the benefits for my principles.


Another insightful article Henry that really hit home for me.

I am a student in Australia who has had the misfortune of studying the social sciences at a so called 'Catholic' university here in Melbourne. My misfortune is even greater as I am often one of only two males in my classes. From day one I have had to listen to lecture after lecture slamming anything good and decent and praising all things feminist, anti-family and anti-Christian (that's right, in a Catholic university!). I watch as the other students lap this poison up and take every word of it on board as if it was gospel.

Every one of my lecturers are women and all are militant feminists. I have kept my thoughts pretty much to myself for the first two years (as hard as that's been) but have had to draw the line at a reading that we were presented with written by a homo-sexual activist who questioned the innocence of children. I wrote, in a journal that was to be assessed, that this sort of writing did nothing to dispel the fears of the pederast nature of SOME homo-sexuals.

The response (from the head of the sociology department no less) was a 200-word rant (the rest of my work hardly got a mention) branding me as homophobic and warning me in no uncertain terms that this type of writing was unacceptable. All this in a journal that was structured to be a 'critical response' to the readings provided! 

Thank God for 'diversity' and 'freedom of thought'...oh, as long as you think their way that is.

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Comments for " The Truth about Diversity "

JJ said (August 26, 2018):

I am a White male and have worked with almost every race on earth. I've noticed one thing over and over again. When I work with other White men, we can almost always establish a system. It doesn't matter the religion or political view. We develop a system and become part of that system as equals with no feelings of inferiority for being one cog in a wheel or filling one role in an assembly line. We think linearly.

For the most part when I work with other races, there is disunity, because other races think circularly. Circular thinking is not wrong but, in my opinion, it's a much harder and slower process with the end goal sometimes disappearing in the midst of the emotions. Can other races as homogeneous groups complete tasks? They can until the circle of shareholders becomes too big. Then it becomes cumbersome. Does diversity ever work? Never.

Peter S said (August 25, 2018):

Henry, it’s all in the Mind. This is War. And this War, is against Logos. Its against Human intelligence. Its against all that makes Man, a Human being, and not a dog. It’s a war to make dogs out of men. It’s a war to make men compliant. It is Communism! For now, the effects are not as brutal as they were when communism was brutally installed in China of Russia, or may be as they will be in future (God forbade)

However, I cannot for a second doubt that its ultimate aim is one, to get rid of all people who are intelligent! So, let us not look at diversity as if it were just one irritant. Let us look at it for what it is, the manifestation of the brutality awaiting everybody, not very far in the future.

Those who benefit from this scam will also be is victims. The issue of this scam being “Anti-White” is neither here, nor there. Its not an attack against "Men" it is the destruction of gender distinction. It’s not an issue of destroying the “White Race” it’s an issue of destroying all races! Just because it is not happening in China or Japan, does not mean that it won’t happen. Probably "they" know that it will not be difficult to communize these communities. Why, precisely because “Whites” were used to colonize (or if you will communize) the rest of the World, and they accepted the lie that they were “more intelligent” than those whom they were allowed to "colonize" or if you will, communize. The evidence is there for all to see. The same brutality that the Communists perpetrated is no different from the brutality the "Whites" were allowed by the same "Hidden Hand" to perpetrate in the name of "Colonialism"

America and Canada belonged to the Red Indian. They were massacred. By who? “White Race” Australia belonged to the Aborigines. The “Whites” were allowed to destroy them. In South Africa, and even the rest of Africa, the game was the same! The “Whites” were allowed free reign, and they accepted it, even if it was to the disadvantage of the local communities. They accepted the “White Privilege”

Well, the shoe is on the other foot now! Its time to pay the piper. So, those who were elevated, "The Whites" are now being brought low! Its not pretty. I agree with you. However, you do not accept anything from the Devil and then start complaining when it comes to "Pay" It is not an attack on the “White” per se. Its an attack on Reason! So, if the “Minority” the “Blacks” or “Hispanics” or “Immigrants” now accept the “privilege” “withdrawn” from “Whites” wait them down the road. THEY TOO, WILL PAY! The only way out, is to refuse to be in the Game, by use of Reason!

Robert K said (August 24, 2018):

"Guilt" is a paralyzing emotion, which undermines one's ability to assert oneself. The expert psychologists who manipulate the population understand this well and, like all sophisticated powermongers, pour on ever more reasons for everybody to feel guilt. They use agents such as Justin Trudeau--who, as a product of special conditioning, regards Canadian history as primarily a succession of failures and persecutions requiring perpetual atonement--to effect their scheme.

Marcos said (August 24, 2018):

It starts early. 10-year-old kids in private schools in Brazil are following a curriculum from UNESCO because of the International Decade of Afro-Descendants (2015-2024).

The whole year is about projects, homework and trips focused on how blacks are a special group deserving protection and privileges because they are exploited and suffer prejudice from whites.

The official school's guideline says:
(the objective is) "to establish relations between the past and the present, debating changes and the permanence of social relations."

Id est, to tell the kids there is still slavery, make them feel ashamed and guilty for something that ended 130 years ago. This is indoctrination and Maoist-like guided the fake debate, where there is only one side.

Of course, the rest of education is deficient in science, philosophy, logic, foreign languages, etc. There is feminism in activities about the CIA psy-op Malala and her fight for girls education, though.

Fortunately, some parents are challenging the system, but they are few and far between.

James C said (August 24, 2018):

The truth about diversity is that the various races were never meant to live together. They cannot live together successfully, and if left to themselves, they will naturally segregate. We see this phenomenon in nature, and we see it among human beings. This is why we have ethnically designated areas of major cities such as "China Town," or "Little Italy," etc.

Likewise, prison populations naturally segregate themselves along racial lines. Integration has to be forced upon people; it is not something that occurs naturally. Miscegenation and integration are satanically inspired attempts to destroy racial distinctions. Egalitarianism is pure b.s. All men are not equal; they are separated by vast differences, in their intelligence quotients, their temperaments, etc. Were we to have a true meritocracy, this fact would become evident quickly, which is exactly why we will never have a true meritocracy.

Rich said (December 19, 2013):

What diversity really is is simply the exact same agenda as feminism, except this time instead of white men being guilted for having power, strength, smarts, intellect or authority, now we're supposed to feel guilty for ALLEGEDLY oppressing every race too, instead of just women.

Feminism teaches the exact same garbage about how men have oppressed women, which is used by radical and goddess feminism to try and convince white men and society at large that this is why women need to be granted special privileges, hiring quotas, be PUT into positions of power than they are not or barely qualified for, all because they were "so horribly oppressed" in the west for the past 200 or 2000 years.

It's all part of the same BS MEME that the Rockefellers, Rothschilds and other ruling illuminati families have been spewing now for the past sixty plus years, brainwashing white males to not be men around women, to train men to BE women and women to be men.

So now whites are supposed to feel guilty because their ancestors worked their collective asses off, sweated, labored and died to built up the US into the greatest single nation in the history of the world, as God prophesied in the bible it would be in Genesis 49. Yea, other races were used to do a lot of heavy labor and slave labor, a lot of which was also begun and perpetrated by those same ruling elites, yet the average white male is supposed to take the blame when most of them were also nearly just as oppressed as the others.

For it while women couldn't vote, neither could the majority of white men. Only the wealthy and rich were able to vote for hundreds of years. So IF women were oppressed and other races, whites were very often just as oppressed as the rest of them, sometimes more because they were the majority and often the largest threat to the ruling classes occult power.

Joyce said (December 17, 2013):

I am a Caucasian former U.S. government employee with two employment discrimination lawsuits in progress against the U.S. government for race discrimination and other issues. I have alleged that the Internal Affairs unit that conducted my Background Investigation was staffed only with African Americans who are being used to discriminate against Caucasians and that my African-American supervisor was also used to discriminate against me. Oh, and by the way, my son, who recently graduated from law school, told me that I couldn't sue for race discrimination because I am white.

Carl said (December 17, 2013):

Henry. I am a white person living in South Africa. I read your site
weekly. I am not interested in pushing doctrine down somebody's
throat. Therefore I am contacting you on a mere friendly basis to
share what we believe. To us, prophecy is indeed coming true for the white races of the world. We see the mighty "jewry" as those who proclaim to be "Israel" but are lying to the world and are indeed the synagogue of Satan (according to Revelation 2:9).

God told Abraham that his seed will be many nations. And according to Acts 17:26 those nations will have the same blood. Many nations that will still be family for they will be of one race. Only the white nations share the same blood, but are still divided in many nations (french, dutch, germans, americans, irish, boers etc.) the "jews" are but one nation and were never divided into many nations. Can you see how the whole"jewish" agenda corrupts the apartheid law of Moses? (Nehemia 13:3)

The whites are the only people that are accused of having that law in themselves. Because they are Israel. Scattered across the earth in
many nations sharing the same blood according to scripture. They do not know who they are. But we in South Africa know who we are.

That is why Mandela is seen as a god. Because he "destroyed" the last bastion of the law of moses (apartheid). But we still believe. Through His grace. Through these dark times the whites are going through.

CECIL said (December 17, 2013):

Diversity is just a codeword for anti-white.

Think about what the word diversity means. Diverse from what??? Well it means diverse from the standard and society and race they are trying to genocide--white people.

IN this PC speak rhetoric, diversity means anything non-white that is other than the culture, standards and model for the society they are trying to destroy. Anything will do as long as it other than white. Hence 'Diversity'.

No one says a country that is 100% Black needs more diversity.
No one says a country that is 100% Asian needs more diversity.
No one says a country that is 100% Oriental needs more diversity.
They are already 100% diverse.

All White countries and only White countries always need to be more diverse. White countries only stop needing to be more diverse when there are no White people left in them.

It is Genocide and those allowing it, doing it and promoting it need to go to jail for--elected or not.

Steven said (December 17, 2013):


Everybody says there is this RACE problem. Everybody says this RACE problem will be solved when the third world pours into EVERY white country and ONLY into white countries.

The Netherlands and Belgium are just as crowded as Japan or Taiwan, but nobody says Japan or Taiwan will solve this RACE problem by bringing in millions of third worlders and quote assimilating unquote with them.

Everybody says the final solution to this RACE problem is for EVERY white country and ONLY white countries to “assimilate,” i.e., intermarry, with all those non-whites.

What if I said there was this RACE problem and this RACE problem would be solved only if hundreds of millions of non-blacks were brought into EVERY Black Country and ONLY into black countries?

How long would it take anyone to realize I’m not talking about a RACE problem? I am talking about the final solution to the BLACK problem?

And how long would it take any sane black man to notice this and what kind of psycho black man wouldn’t object to this?

But if I tell that obvious truth about the ongoing program of genocide against my race, the white race, Liberals and respectable conservatives agree that I am a naziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews.

They say they are anti-racist. What they are is anti-white.

Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.

Tyron said (December 16, 2013):

It is a simple fact that the elite Jews control America's finance, media, education centers and by proxie, the US Gov. Their common law is talmud and they ipose its tenents upon us. America's is Common/Christian/Natural law which is different from the over 60 million legal fictions that are now employed unlawfully.

The person with the most "rights" in America would have to be a rich, black, jewish, handicapped, marxist, lesbian and if she had a hair lip, she would most likly get extra brownie points.

The person who has the lest "rights" in the present de facto system would have to be a poor, white, Christians, able bodied, heterosexual male and if he is blond with blue eyes, he is especially hated.

There is a literal war against whites/Christians in all what is left of Christendom. Soon (look at what happened to Russia, Germany, SA) an all out genocide against us will commense.

Our rights are inherient. They are IN-ALIEN-ABLE (cannot be contracted, taken, given or transfered away). These are rights granted to us as birthrights of the Ephraim and Manassah- Joseph's Son's who have ruling authority over the rest of the tribes of Israel in this present age. Stand on your birthrights! Exorcise them and know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, we, the founding stock and belief system of America will win this war at home, and soon, 12,000 from each of the tribes of Israel making 144,000, will take over this JWO when the true Messiah Jesus, our kin, returns, after the false messiah rules a short time.

JG said (December 16, 2013):

The whole "diversity heresy" began back in the 1970's. It is form of "covert warfare" against Western European and American Christian Civilization.

They really are having a "field day" with MSM media created white guilt. It has had so much success and has allowed the WASP (White Anglo Saxon Protestant) to be "whored" in so many ways.

The end result will be catastrophic for general humanity when all heritage and culture is dissolved in the process.

K said (October 22, 2007):

The Truth About 'Diversity'

'We must realize that our party's most powerful weapon is racial tensions. By propounding into the consciousness of the dark races that for centuries they have been oppressed by whites, we can mold them to the program of the Communist Party. In America we will aim for subtle victory. While inflaming the Negro minority against the whites, we will endeavor to instill in the whites a guilt complex for their exploitation of the Negros. We will aid the Negroes to rise in prominence in every walk of life, in the professions and in the world of sports and entertainment. With this prestige, the Negro will be able to intermarry with the whites and begin a process which will deliver America to our cause.' Israel Cohen, A Racial Program for the Twentieth Century, 1912

Mr. Cohen was an avid Zionist, Internationalist, and communist. So you can see by this statement their true intent. We call it 'conspiracy', but they have let their intent be known. The only thing Mr. Cohen got wrong was the 'exploitation', it was the elitist (Judah Benjamin) that exploited blacks as they still do today. Entitlement systems lead to another form of slavery, pawns of the political world, there is no freedom in being cannon fodder for elitists. When multiculturalism has run it's course, we will see how much elitists really love 'minorities', or all of us for that matter. Thanks for the articles.

David said (October 21, 2007):

I am an African American male, and I totally agree with your article, "The Truth about Diversity". The black community blames whites for all of their problems i.e. lack of education, poverty, etc, and they do not take responsibility for their lives. It's a shame that we have all these opportunities to better ourselves, and make ourselves productive citizens in today's society, and don't take advantage of them at all. The Black community looks to people like Obama to save them from themselves.

Gregory said (October 21, 2007):

Your weekly essays have been excellent. I'm now located in North VA
(NOVA) about 6 miles north of IAD, the major Intl. airport here in the D.C.
area. It's good to be back really. Point is, I use Yahoo mail at the office
so as not to utilize company network for personal stuff. Each day (and
often different occurrences each day) there is some form of
`diversification´ message with accompanying graphic. Have been collecting
them, and you'll find that it's just like you describe!!
I can attach and sent these images to you on Monday evening. Thing
is, not 1 in 100 (or 1000) can see or understand what they are. BTW, there
are pyramids, triangles, eyes, and sun-splash symbols all over the area
here in Loudoun County!!

Nader said (October 21, 2007):

When I was growing up in Canada I increasingly felt an urge to go out of my way to promote my identity and flaunt it (I'm Palestinian btw). However, as I grew up I realised there was something wrong with the entire culture that encourages minorities to act like ethnic gangsters (even spoiled middle class brats who never lived in an ethnic ghetto) or to encourage them to be ultra-liberal dupes that support crap like affirmative action.

Frankly the politically correct affirmative action culture that has evolved is sickening. The other day my friend was happy to tell me about some place in Scotland or somewhere where they forced the workers not to eat in public during Ramadan out of respect for Muslim workers. I told him that's bullshit man (we're Muslim too). Because first of all, I told him do you think the establishment in the UK, which engages in Imperialist wars and the media establishment which is continously degrading Muslims and creating an irrational fear of all Muslims, sincerely cares about the interests of Muslims or any minority for that matter? I mentioned that this is a deliberate agenda to create ethnic and religious tensions in most western countries (why else, with the so-called Muslim threat, do thousands of Muslims immigrate to Canada every year?).

Besides, as Muslims living in a non-Muslim country, we have to put up with the fact that most people don't follow our customs and traditions - but who cares as long as we can do them ourselves? Frankly, I wouldn't feel comfortable imposing my values on co-workers and I know also that it would piss them off. But on the other hand it is easy to dupe minorities because white people themselves have either been duped into supporting this agenda, or these minorities have experienced the occassional rascist incident (which isn't really a big deal as long as it's not systematic or serious like the old days) making them more receptive to this diversity crap.

I'm sorry to say Henry, most white people I've encountered are complete dupes that lack self-esteem with regards to their culture (maybe cause of the continuous media and education campaign against them). When I was in university, sometimes I'd throw the question to some friends like 'How come it's ok for minorities to make fun of white people and not the other way around.' Most people would stay quiet since the question was kind of innapproriate or they would mumble some crap about it being okay since they are the majority or because of their history (i.e. treatment of black people or natives).

As Muslims we believe that everyone is accountable for his own actions and every one is born sin-free. Therefore, it is wrong to blame the current generation of 'whites' for the actions of their ancestors. One more creepy incident comes to mind. I knew this Palestinian girl once who was born and raised in Canada. A typical ultra-liberal lost soul. Anyways, one day me and my friend on our univeristy campus were pretending to be a gay couple mocking the recently legalised gay marriage in Canada. A coach in the University saw us and said 'so...they're lettin' fags into the University now!'. Man, I felt like shaking his hand for calling me a fag (I was just pretending of course). I thought people like him were extinct. When we told that girl about him she had the gall to say she would have reported him had she been in our place and she would have had him fired! WHAT THE HELL IS THAT SHIT?!?!?! IT SOUNDS LIKE SOME CREEPY AND SURREAL AND FLOWERLY VERSION OF BIG BROTHER'S TOTALITARIAN THOUGHT & SPEECH CONTROLLED STATE!! Fucking dupes. So to conclude, as a minority, I agree with you, enforced diversity is a load of crap.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at