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The Spiritual Nature of Cancer

August 28, 2011

Treated-late-Difficult-Cancer-Cured1.jpgHow the patient takes the news will determine if there will be metastasis and if other cancers form in the lungs, liver or kidneys. (Metastasis is very rare in animals.)

by Stephen Coleman

In response to
the many differing cancer cure claims, I wish to address the ignorance surrounding this class of dreaded diseases.

The science of oncology is based upon certain unproven assumptions, thus obscuring the understanding of the true nature of cancer.

Assumption #1: Cancer is a physical condition, therefore it has only physical causes. This has lead to endless research looking for environmental, genetic, dietary or nutritional causes.

Assumption #2: Cancer is a physical condition, therefore its cure must be physical. This brings us the overwhelming market of nutritional supplements, diets, herbs and the various chemical and radiation therapies used in conventional medicine.

Assumption #3: The emotional state or mind has nothing to do with cancer or even health in general. Medical studies use their most rigorous efforts to screen out mental effects on the participants.

Assumption #4: Metastasis is caused by escaping cells from the original cancer to plant themselves in other organs or tissues. Any histologist will tell you that prostate cancer cells are not growing on the lungs or bones. Likewise lung cancer cells don't spontaneously generate into liver cancer cells.

Assumption #5: Untreated cancers will grow continuously until it kills the host. Did you know that all benign tumors were once malignant?

Assumption #6: Viruses, bacteria or fungi and mycobacteria cause cancer. There is a strong association of microbes and cancer. But they do not cause cancer anymore that rain drops cause clouds; these organisms are in fact like a clean up crew.

( as defined by Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer)

Class #1: Conflict Active Cancers: these cancers grow while a person is burdened with strong emotional upsets or traumas. Once the emotional issue is resolved the cancer will begin to break down.

Every type of cancer has own specific meaning. Stomach cancer cells can digest food 10 times faster than regular cells to digest indigestible discord. Lung cancer cells process oxygen more efficiently to enable one to escape life threatening danger.

Pancreatic cancers digest the most vile and ignoble events that life has to offer. Breast adenocarcinoma produces greater quantities of milk and of higher nutritional benefit for the loved one that needs desperate nurturing.

Examples are: cancers of the digestive system, breast, kidney, lung, melanoma, prostate or uterine cancers.

Class #2: Healing Phase Cancers: These cancers grow after the emotional upsets or traumas are resolved.

During the conflict-active phase these tissues become necrotic or like mini Swiss Cheese, which is painless and is rarely noticed. When resolution comes, the holes fill back up; swelling and growths occur repairing the necrosis.

These growths rarely can cause the crowding out vital functions.

Once maximum repair growth is done the unneeded tissues break down.

Some of the more common healing phase cancers are lymphoma, leukemia, cervical, bone and interductal breast cancers, most bladder cancers, palate cancer, ovarian and testicular cancers.

Many cancers when found, are already in the breakdown or healing phase. The client goes to the doctor because he feels terrible.

Cancer may get broken down with the aid of microbes. This can be unpleasant with fever and infections. Bleeding or coughing up blood and tissue can occur. This is the time for a high protein diet and not to panic.

This is when chemo, special diets, supplements, Rife, bug juice or dancing the tango all seem to cure cancer.

A cancer diagnosis is a virtual death sentence, a very personal form of terrorism. However, how the patient reacts and if he panics will determine if there will be metastasis. (Metastasis is very rare in animals)


I work with cancer clients by helping to see the emotional conflictual connection to their disease. Once the connection is seen, I help them to resolve the root conflicts. Most often these conflicts involve fear, lack of forgiveness, rancor, judgment and/or shame and guilt.

When the conflict is resolved, the body begins to heal naturally.

The sorry fact is people survive cancer from alternative methods because conventional medicine didn't kill them. But many also die while using alternative methods because the alternative community does not understand the true nature of cancer.

I know people that have died on carrot juice, Essiac tea, B17, Hulda Clark or chemotherapy. All of these methods are outright dangerous if the psyche is not taken into account.
Then there are some within alternative health community that are just as corrupt as any within the industrial medical complex. Some write against the truth for purposes of self promotion and profit and they are fully aware of it.
You can't look at this division in medicine as good guys vs. the bad guys. Lackeys for the Illuminati are are masquerading within the alternative health community as well.
The reason for the increased prevalence of cancer and illness is plain and simple. Most people would rather not accept nor think about it. It is the moral decay within the family and community. Disease is first created spiritually before it manifests physically.

If you cheat on your spouse, are promiscuous or arrogant, steal from your neighbor, hold onto grudges, abuse drugs, back stab your coworkers or don't love yourself and your neighbor, you are participating in the cause of disease and the soon coming destruction of civilization.
Stephen Coleman is an alternative therapist in California. His first article on Dr. Hamer and cancer appeared here.  

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Comments for "The Spiritual Nature of Cancer"

Carl said (September 3, 2011):

Gina: "Looking for a reason and answers as to the why's Jack Layton was taken with a new cancer on the second round, of which came pretty suddenly?"

Gina, I have compassion for everyone on this earth but since you asked the question: The combination of Mr. Layton, working hard as a politician for many years, while secretly apart of inside information such as the true nature of Canadian sovereignty (or lack of it) and the supporting of or silent approval of the bombing of Libya would be a place to start. Sound over the top? When you combine this with the modern bbq'd meat and potatoes diet typical of his generation in conjunction with his desire for bath house visits, you have a recipe for distortion of the lower chakras and an environment of discord. As Beauchamp teaches us, (someone who brought humanity gifts of medical knowledge but was intellectually buried by Pasteur's crap) any overtly acidic, discordant lifestyle will compromise cellular change and lead to a host of diseases. The law of harmony and discord gets everyone eventually unless they discover the ability to manipulate key note frequencies which effect the issue/area in question. Genetic disposition dictates when it will happen and how.

My heart goes out to any person who suffers from modern soft kill diseases, they should investigate Beauchamp and Rife. Eat alkaline and keep the mind free of bombing religious people.

Hans said (August 30, 2011):

Once again a great article by Mr. Coleman. If you can explain the root cause of cancer - and GNM can explain in detail the cause of every kind of cancer - you have the ultimate "therapy". Of course GNM is more than just another therapy, it puts the medicine, which works until now only with statistics and probabilities, onto a scientific foundation. And the 5 Laws are 100 % reproducible in any hospital.

Carcinogenic substances like nicotine are a myth. Also that herbs can cure cancer (but of course herbs do no harm in contrast to chemotherapy).

It is possible that the statistical probability of surviving cancer is higher if you eat sauteed asparagus. Or dried bat wings and other funny stuff. But with the same statistics you can prove that the likelihood of survivng cancer is higher if you drive a red car,
wear green wellingtons on Sunday or listen to buddhistic monks chants. Such statistics are all nonsense and they don t address the cause.

Concerning alternative medicines is the emperor as naked as concerning the mainstream medicine. They also don t know the reason why a cancer start and think that it is something evil
which must be fought against.

You don t need Mumbo Jumbo like Herbs or bizarre devices if you
can precisly say what is the cause, how will it go on with the started programm ("disease") and if everybody who likes can reproduce the statements and see them on a CT.

The reason why today more people die on cancer compared with recent decades is simple.

We have today more preventive checkups that means more people fall unnecessarily victim to chemotherapy.
As soon as doctors go on strike death tolls are declining.

Andrew Thunderdog said (August 30, 2011):

When I first saw the title of this article I was excited to read it but soon became dismayed at the dismissive approach Mr. Coleman took regarding alternative modalities of treating cancer, and his condescending attitude towards clinicians and traditional healers.

Much of the premise of his article is unoriginal and has been more thoroughly explored by the medical intuitive Louise Hayes over 20 years ago. His definition of “spiritual” is vague and is better described as psycho-somatic.

My background is in indigenous medicine that utilizes herbs and ceremonies, a tradition inherited from my family. I also utilize and research the frequency resonant technologies of Dr Royal Rife in conjunction with the use of nutritional and orthomolecular medicine. I am also a licensed paramedic and educator with post graduate studies in cell biology, genetics and psychology.

Mr. Coleman does an injustice to all who practice a holistic approach to treating serious and life threatening illness. Rather than adding to my knowledge, I was repelled by his “new age’ rant that reinforced my perception that there is too much glibness in alternative medical circles. Cancer can and is triggered by many factors, both physical and non physical. Ionized radiation is without question a carcinogen, as is demonstrated in countless examples across the world. Likewise, chemicals found in many industrial waste dumps are without question carcinogens, i.e. PCBs, benzene etc.

I suggest Mr. Coleman address the people living in the shadow of Fukushima, or those living on the gulf of Mexico, or perhaps Iraqis and Serbs who have been bombed with depleted Uranium that their issue is one of spiritual malaise rather than environmental degradation. From an indigenous point of view; our physical environment reflects our inner environment, this is self evident, but our world is filthy with industrial toxins and our food is corrupted genetically with foreign proteins. It’s very hard to live as a true human being in a world that does not value truth nor human dignity.

I would appreciate if Mr. Coleman would describe his medical and therapeutic background before preaching to us about the failures of oncology. If he reads “Confessions of a Medical Heretic” by Dr Mendelsohn M.D., a past AMA president , he will learn what is already known, that cancer is a business and that the money is in treatment not cure.

In regards to European cutting edge medicine, I would direct you to the work of Priore and his technology. I have traveled and lectured in Europe and found that there is an enormous hunger for an indigenous approach to medicine, but this involves the use of herbs and ceremonies, something you ridicule in your article.

Cancer is only a small part of the dis-ease that afflicts our species, we are obligated to help each other and to help our world if we are to call ourselves human beings. I practice medicine with this spirit in mind and would hope you do too.

Suresh said (August 29, 2011):

Hello Dr Henry, I just read the article on your website by Stephen Coleman. I was really surprised to read that article and the information about Dr Hamer's work, because I have always strongly believed in many of what is written in that article and thought nobody talks about these things openly anymore!

There is so much of this information on this website that I have seen. Will be interesting to see what you and Stephen Coleman think of the information on this website -

Bert said (August 29, 2011):

A brave and important article ... in addition to being related to cancers and other diseases, the "matrix" of emotional and spiritual traumas are also inflicted by the Illuminati for purposes of mind control. The effectiveness of their psyops operations depends on our inability to digest their traumas. Thus, the imperative of the Illuminati to break down the family, since families help us digest trauma, and find a way to get grounded, regroup and grow, individually and collectively. Starting with women's "liberation," families are now mechanisms to inflict new traumas, especially on children. The technologies that the Illuminati use for this purpose is precise, and involves cultural pessimism (porn, violence, other media trauma), medical trauma (circumcision, for example), dietary trauma (food for profit, with less nutrition), smells (to overstimulate the libido). The main health issue of our population is the economic destruction of the family.

Coleman mentions that "... often these [emotional] conflicts involve fear, lack of forgiveness, rancor, judgment and/or shame and guilt." To my amazement, I have observed that people today don't really know where their sense of fear, bitterness, anger, shame, guilt, anxiety, bad family relations, etc. is coming from. Their inability to digest false, psyops-inflicted conflicts is slowly killing them. In a future article by the author, I would love to hear two sentence examples of his patient's experiences. What are the roles of anger and justice (or resolution of injustice)?

Gina said (August 29, 2011):

I read your articles with interest in particular the several article of late by Stephen Coleman on cancer., and I agree, in Dr. Hamer's conclusions on make sense to me.. .I read however the article thinking of [ late Canadian opposition leader] Jack Layton's cancers, is first, being prostate, and the second of which we do not know at this time, and the one that took him away.

Jack did not look like he had a conflict of any kind? he certainly seemed to embody what we are often told to be, positive, hold no anger, do not take things personally, no resentments, live in the moment, and so on...Either Jack knew how to hide is conflict well, or this conflict was well hidden from himself, or else, the cancer came back through no fault of his own, but by other means?

In any event, in Jack's case the profile of cancer does not seem to apply on the surface?..In short what you saw with Jack is not what you got even in spite of what everyone who knew him said of him? The only other reason it seems, is that Jack did not know of his inner conflict or conflicts...too busy in looking after others and not himself even it seemed that he did....

Looking for a reason and answers as to the why's Jack Layton was taken with a new cancer on the second round, of which came pretty suddenly?

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at